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Today I want to give you a book recommendation. I absolutely love reading books and I love when others share some of the books that has really made an impression on them and learned them something, and I hope you can find some inspiration as well through the book recommendations that I give here on my blog.

The book ‘Chinese Holistic Medicine‘* by Steven Cardoza is a great book if you are interested in holistic health and how to heal the body with more natural means and before diseases starts to rise, thereby with a more preventative focus.


Holisme means to look at the whole person, both mentally and physically. To figure out what is causing the imbalance and which bodysystems that are getting affected and thereby figure out what have created the underlying reason for the disharmony or sickness that is occurring in the body. Thereafter, the holistic praxis uses this information to help the person to get back into balance again. But the holistic praxis also has focus on prevention – they will rather focus on giving advices for diet, lifestyle etc. which will help a person prevent any diseases from arising, and not just treat the sickness once it is there.

I am such a big believer of this way of thinking. Because why wait until we are sick to do something, if we can do small things in our everyday life which can help prevent us from becoming sick in the first place?


Chinese medicine is holistic and takes the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit – into account, instead of just focusing on the visible sickness


If you are interested in topics such as:

  • The Qi flow
  • Meridians
  • Yin & Yang
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Emotions and their influence on our health
  • Herbal medicine
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle

..  then this is the book for you. It covers all the basics of traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is really interesting and fascinating.

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If you have any good book recommendations (especially within health, holistic living, growth and self development), then I would love if you wanted to share them with me in the comments!


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Books Holistic beauty & skincare


It’s time for another book recommendation, and this one I read in like 1-2 days, it is exactly what I LOVE to read about: health and beauty and natural ingredients which doesn’t harm you or the planet. The book is called Naturally Gorgeous and is written by Charlotte Vøhtz which is also the creator behind the brand Green People. I really find Charlotte’s story inspirering, she started her brand Green People because her daughter got eczema and they couldn’t find any products which she could use, so Charlotte created her own brand.

I got this as a birthday present from my sweet friend Ida, and she really knows me, because if I should have written a book, then this is basically what I would have written. It’s all about avoiding toxic ingredients in your skincare and food, eating nourishing food, drinking water and herbal teas, lots of suggestions for natural skincare, recommendation for dry brushing, DIY recipes for skincare products etc. You get the drill.

If you love natural skincare and beauty as much as I do, and I almost bet you do if you follow me either here on my blog or on Instagram, then you would for sure love this book as well.


English version of the book: Naturally Gorgeous – Essential Health and Beauty Secrets*

Danish version of the book: Sund og Smuk – uden tilsætning*

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Books Inspiration


It’s time for another book recommendation, and this time I want to recommend you the book “Earth is Hiring”.

I recently finished the book “Earth is Hiring – the new way to live, lead, earn, give for millennial and anyone who gives a sh*t* by Peta Kelly the other day, and wauw. Amazing! If you are interested in sustainability, changing the world for the better, creative ways of working and living – then this book is for you.

It is such a down-to-Earth book which tells all about how to live a better life in alignment with new values, which is what the Earth needs to survive. It’s all about how we can create businesses and lives which makes us and Mother Nature thrive, and which doesn’t cause harm to the Planet, and in that way ensures that there will be a planet for future generations.

I don’t want to give away too much of the book, because you should read it and enjoy it. But Peta surely is one amazingly inspirering human-being and while reading the book I got so inspired, and uplifted and ensured that I can literally do and work with whatever I want – and I want that to be something positive, healthy and something which helps humans and the Earth.

Quote from the book:

“How does it get any better than this? With this question, you will invite in more of all that is good. You’ll invite in more love, more success, more abundance, and more happiness and joy. You’ll keep yourself on your super highway to alignment and in your flowing tap”


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Books Holistic & Spiritual living Inspiration


A little while ago I read the book “The Four Agreements*” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and wauw. I’ve had this book on my reading list for such a long time, and it is such a light an easy read so I don’t know why I’ve waited so long, but I do believe in timing, and it was the perfect time to read it, it really got me.


Don Miguel Ruiz writes about 4 fundamental life lessons in his book “The Four Agreements”, which in all its simplicity are some very simple life lessons, yet this is something we tend to forget about all the time. But, getting reminded of these things and seeing them in such a simple way really makes a difference. It lights you up and makes you feel good, and really shows you how you can change your own world by changing your perception about life.

I don’t want to give away too much, or say what these life lessons are, because I do believe there was something very special about reading the book and seeing these for yourself, and I don’t want to give that away. But, I will give you a little inspirering quote from the book:


“The word is pure magic – the most powerful gift we have as humans – and we use it against ourselves”


All I can say is that I definitely recommend this book. It is beautiful and so full of wisdom which we could all benefit from becoming aware of and knowing (and using).


Have you read the book? What did you think about it? If you have any other book recommendations, please let me know and I’ll add it to my never-ending-reading-list!

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Today I want to share the book Womancode with you. It’s already been a while since I read it, but it has been on my list to write a little recommendation about it for you, because I loved that book!

What’s it about?

The book Womancode* written by Alisa Vitti is a book all about the woman cycle and how to best support your own health and hormones during the different phases of your cycle. I have learned so incredibly much about the woman cycle, and my own cycle, through this book which I had no knowledge about prior to reading it.

My knowledge about the woman cycle before reading this book was mainly that you had your menstruation once a month, and that I was aware of ovulation also happened. But besides that, I had no knowledge at all, neither did I really know how we could live our lives more in alignment with our cycles and thereby improve our health, hormones and overall wellbeing.

I have now learned that we have 4 different phases which we go through throughout our cycle:

  • Follicular phase
  • Ovulatory phase
  • Luteal phase
  • Menstrual phase

I have also learned how to better stabilise my hormones during the different phases in the form of what to focus on (relaxing, organising, exercising etc.) and what kind of food to eat. Fx to eat more healthy fat during the menstrual phase, such as avocados, chia seeds and flax seeds etc.


“The path is this: align with your hormones, allow your body to restore its own balance, and watch your symptoms clear up” – Womancode


The book actually contain meal plans which you can follow for the different phases, however I’m not much for following plans strictly, so I’ll probably never do that, but I have started to pay more attention to what to eat more of during the different phases, and learned the importance of keeping a stable blood sugar level by eating regularly.

I read this book at the same time as I was quitting my birth control pills (and I also did some other research as well), but I personally haven’t experienced any problems with getting my menstruation back (so far) after having quit the birth control – which I’m truly grateful for!

I can for sure recommend this book, especially if you are quitting the birth control pill and want to stabilise your hormones and get your cycle back on track, but also just if you want to learn more about the female body and how it functions.



I can definitely also recommend using the app MyFLO which is created by the author behind this book. Through this app you can see which phase you are in and it gives you tips on what to focus on during the different phases every time you enter the app, which I really love!

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Books Health


I was asked the other day if I wanted to share some of my favourite health books, and of course I want do! Health is one of my biggest passions in life. I LOVE to read about it, watch documentaries about it etc. and learn new information. I’ve read several books about this subject, but these are some of my absolutely favourite ones. There are books about hormones, what food to eat to make your skin look beautiful, what food is good for improving digestion, natural contraception methods, yoga and ayurveda, herbs and just learning more about what food to eat, and what food to eat less of, if you want to have a healthy body.


1. Womancode – Alisa Vitti*
I read this book recently, and I love it. I feel like I’ve learned SO much about women’s cycles in it, and how to stabilise hormones and avoid hormonal imbalance. Definitely a must-read for women, especially if you are just getting off the birth control pill and want to stabilise your hormones back to normal again.

2. Beauty foods – Sally Walker & Laura Bonné*
I love to read about what specific foods does for our body, our health and how we look. This book goes into depth with different food which is amazing to eat for our health and how we look.

3. Hormonel harmoni – Caroline Fibæk & Stine Fürst*
If you want to learn more about stabilising your hormones, or finding out what kind of hormonal imbalances you might have, then this book is great. It also has a little test where you can identify where you might have a hormonal imbalance.

4. Taking charge of your fertility – Toni Weschler*
When I first started thinking about quitting the birth control pill, I lend this book from my friend, and wow. This was when I started to learn about more natural ways of protecting yourself from getting pregnant, and just in general learn more about the female body and the cycle.

5. Et Pukka Liv – Sebastian Pole*
The founder behind the Pukka tea brand wrote this lovely book (A Pukka Life) about health, ayurveda, herbs and their benefits.

6. Food Pharmacy – Mia Clase & Lina Aurell*
A lovely book about what food to eat if you really want to be healthy, you’ll learn a lot more about probiotics, vegetables and much more.

7. Begynderyogabogen – Karen Pallisgaard*
If you are new to yoga, or want to learn about ayurveda, then this book is amazing. So easy to read, and yet filled with so much good information. I’m such a fan of Karen’s books, also Langsom Livsstil.

8. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods – Anthony Williams*
This book is also about how food can change your life and make you healthy. It describes different food and how it affects your body and your health.

9. How Not to Die – Michael Greger*
If you’re interested in a plant based diet, this is probably one of the books most people will recommend you to read. Michael Greger is one of the ‘big nutritionists’ in the plant based field and have written this amazing book. The book comes with so much scientific evidence for how only a diet can prevent and reverse many of the causes of diseases-related death. Another one is The China Study by T. Collin Campbell & Thomas M. Campell, which is about a study made in China which showed how diet affected health.

I hope you can find some inspiration, and please also share your favourite health books with me – I’m constantly on the hunt for new amazing books to read!

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Holistic beauty & skincare Inspiration


It’s Wednesday, and I have thought about it and I’ll not just go for sharing interesting links these days, but rather share 5 inspirering or interesting things. Whether that be books, movies, documentaries, food etc. Today I’m going to share 5 inspirering books! I hope you can find some reading inspiration. Also, please share some of the inspirering books which you’ve read in the comments below, cause I’m already on the hunt for a great book!


So here they are, 5 inspirering books!

1. “The 5 Love Languages” – Gary Chapman 
The 5 Love Languages* is one of the best books I’ve read about how to improve your relationship with your partner. We all have different love languages, and by identifying your own and your partners, you can learn to show more love and receive more love in a way that is perfect for you and your partner, which will only make your love for each other grow.

2. “Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear” – Elizabeth Gilbert
Big Magic* is one of THE most inspirering and encouraging books about creativity I’ve ever read. If you love being creative, but have a fear of what others might think of you – then you should go pick up this book and read it right away.

3. “Food Pharmacy” – Lina Nertby Aurell & Mia Clase
Food Pharmacy* is about how to get a healthy gut, a better digestion system and much more. It’s all about how you can use natural food to become even healthier.

4. “Mastering Your Mean Girl” – Melissa Ambrosini 
Mastering Your Mean Girl is a book that every young girl should read. We all know the feeling of feeling stupid or ashamed and talking ourselves down. This book will help you get rid of that evil “inner voice”, and become the best version of you.

5. “Beauty Foods” – Sally Walker & Laura Bonne
Beauty Foods* is all about different foods and how they can help you get stronger hair and nails, better looking skin etc. It’s all about how you can use natural food to enhance your beauty from the inside and out.

*Affiliate link: If you buy through this link this means that I will get a percentage of the sale 

Health Holistic & Spiritual living Inspiration


Since I haven’t found many interesting things and links from the past week for today, I thought that I instead could share some of the books which are currently on my ‘want to read list‘. These are books within the categories of health, spirituality, visualization, ayurveda and self development (the topics I just love to read about).
I hope you can find some inspiration.

1. How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body – David R. Hamilton

2. Yoga & Ayurveda – Self-Healing and Self-Realization – David Frawley

3. Creative Visualization – Shakti Gawain

4. Ayurveda and the Mind – The Healing of Consciousness – David Frawley

5. Spiritual Growth – Being Your Higher Self – Sanaya Roman

Also, if you have any great books, please share them with me!

Inspirering people


Jeg er netop blevet færdig med bogen Mastering Your Mean Girl af Melissa Ambrosini. Jeg har jo allerede skrevet en del om denne fantastiske kvinde og flere af hendes podcast episoder herinde. Denne bog er intet mindre end fantastisk, og alle, især unge piger, burde læse den. Den handler i bund og grund om at stoppe med at kritisere sig selv så meget og være så hård mod sig selv, men istedet for lære at elske og acceptere sig selv.

I bogen fortæller Melissa Ambrosini en masse om hendes eget liv, og åbne op for hvordan hun har fået vendt sit liv fra at gå fra ikke at lytte til sine instinkter og følge kærligheden, til at ende med at gøre dette og dermed få alt det hun har drømt om.

Derudover er der en masse gode små øvelser i bogen, masser af visdom og gode tanker, som kan hjælpe en med at udvikle en selv, ens forhold til andre mennesker, til penge, til sundhed og meget andet.

Jeg vil i den grad anbefale andre at læse bogen, og jeg skal bestemt genlæse den engang imellem og gennemgå de forskellige øvelser og blive ved med at huske mig selv på mange af tingene, og dermed blive ved med at udvikle mig.

I just finished reading the book Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini. I’ve already written a lot about this amazing woman og several of her podcast episodes in here. This book is no less than fantastic, and everybody, especially young girls, should read it. It’s about learning to stop yourself from criticizing yourself and being too tough on yourself, and instead learning to love and accept yourself.

In the book Melissa Ambrosini shares a lot about her own life, and opens up for how she turned her life around, going from not listening to her instincts and following love, to begin doing the opposite and thereby getting all she had ever dreamed of.

Besides this there is a lot of great small exercises in the book, lots of wisdom and great thoughts which can help you develop yourself, your relationship to other people, to money, to health and much more.

I will definitely recommend others to read this book, and I for sure have to re-read it more times and go through the different exercises and keep remembering all the things, and keep developing myself.

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Education Inspiration


Til min fødselsdag havde jeg ønsket mig en masse gode bøger, og så heldig som jeg er, så fik jeg hver og én! Jeg glæder mig så meget til at læse dem allesammen, og få ny viden, eller blive godt underholdt. Jeg tænkte at jeg ville dele dem med jer, hvis nu i kunne få noget bog-inspiration til jeres næste læsning.

For my birthday I had wished for a lot of good books, and lucky as I am, I got each and everyone of them! I look so much forward to read them all, and gain new knowledge, or be entertained. I thought I would share them with you, in case you could get some book-inspiration for your next reading.

1. Papmaché-reglen – Hella Joof *

Ja, denne bog kan man jo nærmest ikke komme udenom i Danmark i øjeblikket! Enten har folk læst den, eller også står den på deres læseliste. Og jeg er blevet fanget af hypen og bliver simpelthen nødt til at læse den. Men nu elsker jeg også Hella Joofs fantastiske væsen, så jeg tror bestemt at jeg vil blive godt underholdt, og få nogle vigtige livslektioner igennem denne bog.

/ This book is in Danish

2. Mastering Your Mean Girl – Melissa Ambrosini *

Melissa Ambrosini er kvinden bag podcastet The Melissa Ambrosini Show, som jeg er stor fan af. Og da jeg fandt ud af at hun havde skrevet en bog, omkring det at lære at være sød og rar mod sig selv, og dermed få mere ud af livet, så måtte jeg da eje den.

/ Melissa Ambrosini is the woman behind the podcast The Melissa Ambrosini Show, which I’m a big fan of. And through that I found out that she had written a book about learning to be kind towards yourself, and thereby get more out of life, so I had to own that book. 

3. Den Plantebaserede Kost – Maria Felding & Tobias Schmidt Hansen *

Maria Felding (klinisk diætist) fandt jeg igennem al min nye veganer-viden jeg har fået via nettet og facebook. Maria er nemlig diætist, og stor fortaler for at få inkorporeret masser af grønt, og spise en varieret kost. Hun har slået hovedet sammen med læge Tobias Schmidt Hansen, og vejleder i denne bog omkring hvad man kan opnå rent helbredsmæssigt ved at spise en optimal kost. Denne viden glæder jeg mig til at lære.

/ This book is in Danish

4. Perfect Health – the complete mind body guide – Deepak Chopra *

Efter en af mine snakke med sødeste Ida, lærte jeg et helt nyt begreb – ayurveda. Jeg havde aldrig hørt om dette før, men det er en form for alternativ behandlingsmetode der især har været brugt indenfor hinduismen. Her går fokus ud på at behandle sygdomme og andre sager ud fra et holistisk synpunkt. Det handler altså ikke bare om at tage en pille og få tingene til at gå væk, men tværtimod snarere finde ud af hovedårsagen til at man har det som man har, og gå ind og behandle dette. Dette er en enormt fascinerende tankegang, og noget jeg gerne ville lære endnu mere om, så jeg googlede hvilke bøger der havde skrevet omkring dette emne, og så kom Deepak Chopra frem, som jeg har læst en del om førhen i tiden. Dette emne glæder jeg mig til at dykke endnu dybere ned i og blive klogere på.

/ After one of my lovely talks with sweet Ida, I learned a new term ayurveda. I had never heard about this before, but it is a form of alternative treatment method which has especially been used in hinduismen. The focus is on treating the sicknesses and other things from a holistic point of view. It’s not just about taking a pill whenever you feel sick and then it will go away, but rather about finding the root cause for why you are feeling the way you are, and then treat this. It’s such a fascinating way of thinking, and something that I want to learn much more about, so I googled which books talked about this topic and came to Deepak Chopra, which I have already read a little bit about in the past. I really look forward to digging deeper into this subject and get some more knowledge within this field.

5. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods – Anthony William *

Denne bog hørte jeg om gennem en af Ellen Fisher’s youtube videoer, og da jeg elsker sund mad og er enormt fascineret af hvor mange fantastiske egenskaber diverse frugt og grøntsager har, tænkte jeg at dette var en bog jeg bare måtte eje!

/ I heard about this book through one of Ellen Fisher’s youtube videos, and since I love healthy food and is highly fascinated by the magnificent powers that different fruits and vegetables have, I thought that I simply had to own this book!

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