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“Julen er hjerternes fest ❤ Hvis dit julehjerte banker for bæredygtighed, bevidst forbrug, klimavenlige hverdagsvaner og inspiration til et grønnere liv, så er Sustain Daily Julestafet til dig. Vi viser dig hver dag i december, hvordan du kan tage dine grønne værdier med ind i juletiden.

Dette er låge nummer 13 i Sustain Daily Julestafet, og i dag skal det handle om at finde tilbage til hvad julen virkelig handler om.

Julen er efterhånden godt over os, og for mange betyder det julestress og jag. Det synes jeg er noget så ærgeligt. For dengang jeg var lille, så var julen den bedste tid – og der var ingen stress, ingen gaver der skulle nå at købes, eller noget med at man skulle nå dit og dat.

Dengang handlede det bare om at nyde den der helt specielle stemning der kun er i julen. Det var magisk, og selvom jeg også var glad for gaverne, så var det mere det med, at det handlede så meget om nærvær som virkelig var det vigtige. Alle de aftener man sad og så julekalender sammen med sin familie, julebag med familien, juleture i Tivoli, og at drikke te og spise gode julekager og snakke.

For det er i virkeligheden dét, som at julen virkelig handler om. Nærvær. At bruge tid sammen med dem man holder af og elsker.

Julen er for mange blevet en årstid der handler om gaverne og det materielle, og at man skal finde den rette gave, huske at få pyntet op, og stresse over at gøre klar til gæsterne kommer juleaften – så man kan hurtigt komme til at glemme hvad det egentlig er det hele handler om. Og det er synd.


Derfor vil jeg gerne opfordre alle til at tænke lidt over, hvad julen egentlig betyder for dig. Prøv at lade være med at stresse over de mindre ting, som alligevel ikke er helt så vigtige. Vend istedet for tilbage til det vigtige – tilbage til hyggen og nærværet.

Brug mere tid med familien og vennerne, og det behøves ikke indebære at du disker op med hjemmelavet konfekt og julesmåkager, hvis det ikke er det du har lyst til. Så køb istedet for nogle, eller smut en tur på café og bare nyd hinandens nærvær og selskab.

Happiness Personal


It’s Monday and I feel so good! I handed in one exam last Monday, and was at another exam Friday, and now I only have 2 more left, but now there’s more time for relaxing and Christmas. I’ve had a lovely past week, how about you?

And I’m looking forward to the upcoming as well. Today I’m going to spend time with a good friend, on this week it’s also time for Christmas in Tivoli with mine and my boyfriend’s families, and I am thinking time for a lot more relaxing and being in the Christmas spirit!

I’ve been journalling and reflecting about the past year and what I have learned, and also about some of the things I want to pursue for the New Year. Ps, I’m trying to get more into the Bullet Journal thing, and Emma has made a lovely blogpost about it (Danish) if there’s others who are interested!

I received this beautiful bronzing powder as an early Christmas present from the sweet girls from Miild, and it really helps my skin to look more glowy rather than pale and white during the winter time, I love it!

I’ve been drinking matcha latte’s and snacking while preparing for the exams <3


This Sunday was oh so lovely! (Especially after 10 hours of work at Saturday). First I slept for a long time which was so lovely, then I found a winner for the competition about a giftcard to Bleschu, and I felt beyond grateful for how many wonderful people who had participated in the competition! Then I participated in a lovely workshop held by sweet Carolina, where I learned a lot about the skin. And not long after that my mom, grandma and littlesister came by with Christmas cakes (æbleskiver) and for a cup of tea <3

Happiness Personal


Monday and the last week filled with everyday happiness (and a lot of exam preparations), nonetheless it was still very lovely with lots of matcha latte’s, tea, cozy indoor time, tea with my mom and Christmas coziness with my friends!

I’ve been practicing yoga at home in my living room because I just seem to be a bit too lazy to get myself outside in the cold weather…

I’ve written gratitude lists and also full moon reflections about the past years on December 3rd

I’ve used some of all my lovely natural products! I also received the most beautiful bronzing powder, from the sweet girls from Miild, as an early Christmas present – which I’m so grateful for <3

I’ve been doing some more yoga in my new Yogamii yoga clothing (which I was gifted), and I still have a discount code for you for their clothing. Use the code “Camilla15” and get 15% off on all items on Yogamii’s website.

I’ve been drinking lots of matcha latte’s and tea this week. Btw, I spilled matcha latte all over my plant after taking this photo (but I guess if it’s healthy for my, then it’s probably also good for the plant 😉 )

How was your week? And are you up to any exciting things this week?

Happiness Personal


It’s Monday and time to look back at the past week which consisted of a lot of homeworks and exam preparation, but also time to relax and drink lots of tea and matcha latte’s!

Last week I wrote a blog post about Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse to make the transition period from conventional shampoo to shampoo bar easier – and I’m still loving how soft my hair gets after I use it in the shower!

Speaking of Apple Cider Vinegar, I’ve also tried to make my own ACV toner for my face which I’m currently using every evening and I really like it so far – update will come later!

I’ve started to look more into Bullet Journals and writing down and tracking lots of things, if you have a good bullet journal ‘theme’, then please share it with me!

This is how I’ve spend most of my days the past week – cozy socks and matcha latte and reading homeworks!

I visited LØS market to stuck up on a few things, and don’t “zero waste” grocery shopping just look amazing? I’m completely in love with it!

I’ve also been eating hella-healthy the past week, after having been so inspired by the book WomanCode which I’m currently reading. I’m feeling amazing after having followed some of the flo-living guidelines in the book (fx keeping your blood sugar stable by eating regularly), and I’ve been so inspired that my lunch and dinner have looked like the above plate for most of the past few days!

How was your past week? And are you up to anything great for this week?

Happiness Personal


Monday and time to look back on some of the happy moments from the past week!

On Tuesday I was out with Cathrine filming yoga videos all day – keep an eye out, exciting things are coming!

I received my Gua Sha from greenbeautysupplies and have been using it to give myself a facial massage every morning, and I love that little self-care ritual <3

I’m telling myself that this (dates, peanutbutter and peanuts) is a healthy snack, however, considering the amount of these that I’m eating, it probably ain’t that healthy any longer, but I just can’t help myself they are seriously soooo good!

I finally threw out my old, torn apart phone case where I kept all my cards in and invested in a beautiful cork wallet where I can now keep all my cards

How was your week?

Happiness Personal


Monday and that means time to look back at some of all the everyday happiness I’ve found in the past week!

I’ve been so grateful for my and my boyfriend’s apartment – it is truly a lovely place and just HOME, I love it <3

I’ve started using a shampoo bar, and if you’ve been following along in here, you also know that I was just about to quit it after having tried it the first time – read more about that right here!

I’ve been drinking matcha lattes with sweet Cirkeline at the most lovely café in Copenhagen called Yellow Rose which has a vegetarian/vegan menu <3

and I have of course been drinking ton of tea as always, especially nettle and rooibos tea these days are my absolute favourite!

In the weekend I was half a day at work at Saturday and then directly home to my parents and littlesister, to celebrate my sister’s birthday. And on Sunday it was time for work all day again.

How was your week? 



Then it became Monday and time to look back at some of the everyday happiness moments from the past week! I haven’t gotten pictures of everything, because I also had some lovely time with a chai latte with a friend, a chai latte with my mom (yes, chai latte is just lovely at this time of the year if you ask me), and I spend Friday night home at my parents house just chilling and relaxing – lovely week.

I’ve been drinking plenty of water from this giant glass, and I’m also trying to add lemons and cucumbers into my water as well these days

I’ve had some relaxing evenings with candles, crystals and journalling <3

I made a little insta post to encourage people to remember their own reusable bags whenever they are out to minimise the amount of plastic bags we use – take care of the Planet through this very simple action <3

I’ve had a meeting with Cathrine and catched up after I’ve returned home from Thailand and she has returned home from her yoga retreat at Bali

Most of my Sunday was spent on the couch relaxing and drinking tea, but I also took a little trip to LØS Market in Copenhagen to stock up on a few things (I am in love with that place!)

How was your week?



Så blev det mandag og tid til at kigge tilbage på sidste uges glæder. Jeg har ikke vildt mange billeder, da en del af ugen også blev tilbragt i Thailand, hvor vi først kom hjem fra sent torsdag aften og jeg har været på arbejde både lørdag og søndag.

/Then it became Monday and time to look back at the past week’s small happy moments. I do not have many pictures from the past week since I was still in Thailand, and first got home late Thursday evening and both Saturday and Sunday I was at work.

I Thailand købte jeg den fineste lille elefant ved den Store Buddha, hvor pengene gik til et nyt byggeprojekt lavet af den buddhistiske organisation, samt en fin træ kam lavet af en mand i Phuket Old Town

/In Thailand I bought a little elephant near the Big Buddha, where the money went into a new building project made by  the Buddhistic organisation, and a lovely tree comb made by a man in Phuket Old Town

Da jeg kom hjem fra ferie blev jeg ovenud begejstret for de mange fine nye blade der var kommet på min plante!

/When I returned home from holiday I got overly excited about the new leaves on my plant!

Efter at have fået en skuffende kanelsnegl i Thailand havde jeg sagt til min kæreste at når vi kom hjem skulle vi altså ud og hygge os og have fat i en rigtig kanelsnegl, disse skønne kanelsnegle blev indtaget på Espresso House sammen med en skøn kop chai latte på havremælk <3

/After a disappointing cinnamon bun in Thailand I had told my boyfriend that when we got home we needed to go out and get a real good cinnamon bun. So we went to Espresso House and got these lovely cinnamon buns and a lovely chai latte on oat milk <3 

Og vi er i sandhed kommet hjem til noget rigtigt vådt efterårsvejr, men jeg klager ikke. På flyturen hjem fra Thailand mellemlandede vi i Rusland hvor der var -3 grader(!), så det danske vejr er jo ingenting i forhold til derovre.

/And we have truly returned to some wet fall weather, but I’m not complaining. On our flight back home from Thailand we had a transfer flight in Russia where there was -3 degrees(!), so I’ve nothing to complain about here.

Hvordan var din forgangne uge?
/How was your past week?



Så blev det mandag, og jeg kommer lige med en lille update hernede fra Thailand af, hvor min kæreste og jeg nyder solen, vejret og vandet! Lige lidt glimt fra den forgangne uge her i Phuket, hvor vi stadig har et par dage endnu, vi rejser nemlig først hjem på torsdag.

/Then it become Monday and time for a little update from Thailand, where me and my boyfriend are enjoying the sun, the weather and the water! Just some small moments from the past week here in Phuket, where we still have a few days left – we are traveling back home again on Thursday.

Det her er udsigten fra vores resort, som er det fineste, idylliske sted! Det hedder Mangosteen Resort & Spa. Er det ikke en fantastisk udsigt?

/This is the view from our resort, which is the most lovely place! It’s called Mangosteen Resort & Spa. Isn’t the view just stunning?


Jeg får brugt masser af kokosolie og mandelolie til at smøre kroppen godt og grundigt ind i efter den har været ude i solen, så den får godt med fugt og pleje!

/I’m using a lot of coconut- and almond oil to moisturize my body with after it has been out in the sun!

Og et lille glimt fra vores pool på hotellet

/A little glimt of the pool on the hotel

Prøv lige at se denne her vask som er i hytten. Den er jo helt overdådig! Og jeg føler virkelig at jeg har gang i et eller andet helligt ritual når jeg vasker mit ansigt

/Just take a look at this sink which is in our bathroom. It’s majestic! I really feel like I’m doing some kind of sacred ritual whenever I’m cleansing my face

Her er udsigten fra Ra wai beach, simpelthen så smuk! Vi spiste på en lille hyggelig restaurant kaldet Nikita, som lå helt ud til vandet, og så solnedgangen imens vi spiste – skønt!

/This is the view from Ra Wai beach, so beautiful! We ate at a cozy restaurant called Nikita right on the beach and saw the sunset while eating – amazing!

Min kæreste og jeg på Ra Wai beach <3

/My boyfriend and I on Ra Wai beach <3

Nai Harn beach – fantastisk flot strand!

/Nai Harn beach – such a beautiful beach!



Så blev det mandag, og sikke mørkt og gråt det er udenfor, men så er det jo dejligt at kunne kigge tilbage på sidste uges små og store glæder!

/Then it became Monday, and what a dark and gloomy weather it is outside, but then it is wonderful to look back at last week’s small and big joys!

Jeg har spist skønne rodfrugter.. mhmmm, dét og lækre græskar eller kartoffel supper er noget af det bedste spise på denne årstid!

/I’ve eaten lovely root vegetables .. mhmm that and lovely pumpkin or potato soups is just one of the best things to eat at this time of the year!

Jeg havde tænkt på jeg skulle samle kastanjer, men havde ikke lige fået gjort det – sjovt nok lå der en KÆMPE bunke på jorden nede ved stationen da jeg parkerede min cykel, så der samlede jeg lige en håndfuld op og tog med hjem 😉

/ I had thought about finding chestnuts, but haven’t gotten around to do it – but funny enough, then I found a HUGE pile of them lying on the ground at the train station when I parked my bike – so I picked up a handful and brought them home with me 😉

I torsdags var jeg inviteret til det fineste og hyggeligste event med MIILD make-up. Her mødte jeg søde Tanja og Tine som står bag mærket, og en masse andre søde piger, og lærte en hel del mere om deres skønne naturlige produkter

/Thursday I was invited to a lovely and cozy little event with MIILD make-up. Here I met the sweet founders Tanja and Tine, a lot of other sweet girls, and learned a lot more about their lovely natural products

Jeg fik også stjålet min cykel i sidste uge… det kommer ikke med som en af ugens glæder (tværtimod), men jeg fik smukke blomster af min søde mor, og jeg fik købt en ny cykel (som mine søde, søde forældre så mobilepayede mig beløbet på bagefter <3 )

/I also got my bike stolen… which is not a part of this week’s joys, but I got some beautiful flowers from my sweet mom, and I bought a new bike (which my sweet, sweet parents then mobilepayed me the entire amount of money afterwards <3 )

Noget der dog også hjalp lidt på at jeg fik stjålet min cykel, var at jeg endelig modtog min fine nye Atelier Aarhus kalender til 2018! Den er noget så fin, og jeg glæder mig til at tage den i brug. Jeg har jo haft deres kalender for 2017 og har været rigtig glad for den

/Something which helped on the fact that I got my bike stolen, was that I finally received my new Atelier Aarhus calendar for 2018. It is so pretty, and I’m looking very much forward to using it. I’ve had their calendar for 2017 and have been so happy about it

Så blev det lørdag og den startede ud med et skønt lille hyggeligt yoga event afholdt af Cathrine, og efterfulgt at smoothies, te-hygge og snak sammen med dem som deltog. Efterfølgende tog jeg hjem og slappede, og senere kom mine forældre og søster forbi til lidt te og hygge <3

/Then it became Saturday and that started with a lovely little yoga event held by Cathrine, followed by smoothies, tea-drinking and some talking with those who participated. Afterwards I went home and relaxed, and later my parents and sister came by for some tea and a cozy time <3

Søndag stod på endnu et skønt yoga event afholdt af Cathrine i samarbejde med OrganiCup (som jeg også har skrevet lidt om her). Det var sådan et fint event med en masse mennesker. Efterfølgende smuttede jeg og nogle veninder hjem til vores veninde til te, kage og fødselsdagshygge <3

/Sunday it was time for another lovely yoga event held by Cathrine together with OrganiCup (which I’ve also written about here). It was such a lovely event with a lot of people. Afterwards my friends and I went home to our friend for tea, cake and birthday celebration <3

Hvordan var din forgangne uge?
/How was your past week?