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If you’ve read my blog post about transitioning to using a shampoo bar instead of a conventional shampoo, then you know that my hair felt so weird after the first time I tried it. After that first time I did some research on how to make the transition period easier, which resulted in that blog post. And one of the tips that I found was to use an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) hair rinse after you’ve used your shampoo bar, as kind of a ‘conditioner’ for your hair. And, oh my, it helps! My hair doesn’t feel dry after using the shampoo bar any longer as long as I finish off with an Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse.

I just take around 1/3 cup of organic Apple Cider Vinegar (I use this one*) and then fill the rest of the cup up with water. Then I pour this over my hair after I’ve finished using my shampoo bar and rinsed that out. I let it sit for about 3 minutes and then wash it out.

My hair is still adjusting to the shampoo bar, but this method seriously helps a lot – and, I’ve also found that there are quiet a few benefits to using an Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse!

Benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse:

– it functions as a natural detangler
– it is antibacterial and great for your scalp
– it adds shine to your hair
– it stimulates hair growth and prevent hair loss
– it prevents split ends

10 reasons to wash your hair with Apple Cider Vinegar 
Apple Cider Vinegar hair rinse
How to use Apple Cider Vinegar for beautiful hair and skin 


*Affiliate link has been used, which means that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy from this link.

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Toxins are small molecules, peptides or proteins that are capable of causing disease on contact with or absorption by body tissues. Toxins are something which affects you and your body’s health and you should strive for avoiding them as much as possible in your everyday life if you want to be as healthy as possible. However, it can be difficult in our age today, because we are exposed to toxins almost all the time without us even being aware of it. But, if you learn which things you can change in your everyday life in order to get less exposed to toxins, then this is a great way to begin if you want to live a healthier life.

Here are some of the different areas in your life where you should be aware of toxins.

Skin, body and hair products
Some of the first things to look at when trying to eliminate toxins from your life are all the products you use on your skin, hair and body. Such as shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, cremes, body lotions, toothpaste, deodorant, make-up etc. You can strive to buy products with more natural ingredients, or you can simple make your own natural products and in that way be completely sure that they only contain natural and pure ingredients.

Cleaning products 
This is an area many people might forget about when trying to clean out in their products at home. But this area is so important, since you clean everything with these products, the sink, your food plates, your kitchen surfaces where you prepare food etc. All these cleaning products that you use in these places will somehow get in contact with you as well.
Here you can find some of the natural cleaning products you can use instead.

Go for organic food and thereby avoid food which is sprayed with a lot of pesticides. Pesticides does absolutely nothing good for your body.

The clothes you wear is in constant contact with your body, and regular clothes is also full of chemicals. Therefore you should go for buying organic clothes if you really want to avoid as many toxins in your life as possible.

Have you thought about these things before? Or, is there any other area that you think should have been included as well?


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Der er intet værre end ikke at kunne sove, eller at sove dårligt og slet ikke være frisk dagen efter – har jeg ret?
Og modsat, er der heller ikke noget der er meget bedre end at vågne og være helt frisk og veludhvilet efter en god nats søvn.

Men, skal man bare overlade det til tilfældighederne om man får en god nats søvn? Nej, ikke nødvendigvis. Der er utrolig mange ting du kan gøre for at forbedre din søvn, og mange er dem er små enkle ting, som alligevel kan vise sig at have stor betydning for dit generelle helbred. For søvn er afsindigt vigtigt hvis man gerne vil have et godt helbred og være sund og rask.
Manglende søvn er blandt andet blevet kædet sammen med større risiko for udvikling af depression, et forværret immunsystem og at man har nemmere ved at tage på i vægt.

Tips til en bedre søvn

Frisk og ren luft hjælper gevaldigt på en god søvn, og man siger at man gerne skal sove i et værelse som er mere til den køligere side end til den varme.

Man bliver bare altid lidt mere træt hvis man har været udenfor i den friske luft, også derfor ovenstående tip virker.

At få bevæget kroppen, gør også at du bliver mere træt, og derved har lettere ved at kunne falde i søvn.

Koffein er selvsagt noget som medvirker til at få dit energiniveau op, og det skal du jo helst ikke hvis du gerne vil kunne falde i søvn om aftenen. Skift derfor eftermiddagskaffen ud med en kop urtete istedet for

Lavendel te, lavendel olie eller en lavendel spray – skaf dig noget lavendel, da lavendel er en duft som er med til at berolige kroppen. Lav eventuelt lidt aromaterapi med æterisk lavendel olie, og en god kop te (uden koffein) om aftenen

Det blå lys fra henholdsvis computer, tv og mobilskærme er med til at forvirre vores krop og får den tværtimod til at vække ydereligere op og ikke falde til ro. Skift derfor computeren og tv’et ud med en god bog, snak eller lidt aftenyoga inden du skal sove. Du kan også sætte din mobil på ‘nat tilstand’ om aftenen, på den måde er lyset mere gult end blåt og er ikke lige så hårdt for øjnene. Sæt også gerne din mobil på fly-tilstand om natten, eller fjern den helt fra soveværelset, da strålingen fra mobilen også kan forstyrre din krop.

Har du andre gode råd til hvordan man kan få en god nats søvn? Så del dem gerne nedenunder i kommentarfeltet.


There is nothing worse than not being able to fall asleep or have a bad night’s sleep and not feel fresh at all the next day – am I right? And on the opposite, there is nothing much better than waking up feeling fresh and rested after a good night’s sleep.

But, should you just leave it to coincidence whether or not you get a good night’s sleep? No, not necessarily. There are so many things you can do to improve your sleep, and many of the tips are very simple things, which also can have a big impact for your overall health. Because sleep is extremely important if you want a good health. Lack of sleep is connected to a bigger risk of developing depression, worsen the immune system and makes it easier to gain weight.

Tips for better sleep 

1. Fresh air in the bedroom
Fresh and clean air helps tremendously on a good night’s sleep, and it’s recommended to sleep in a room which is leaning more towards the cold than the warm side.

2. Get outside in nature through the day
You always get more tired after having been outside in the fresh air, which is also why the above tip works.

3. Move your body
Moving the body makes you more tired and makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

4. Avoid caffeine in the evening
Caffeine is of course helping to get your energy level up, and therefore you need to avoid this in the evening if you want to be able to fall asleep. Switch your afternoon coffee out with a cup of herbal tea instead.

5. Lavender
Lavender tea, lavender oil or lavender spray – get some lavender, since lavender is a scent which helps to calm the body. You can, for example, make some aromatherapy with lavender essential oil, and make a nice cup of tea (without caffeine) in the evening and wind down.

6. Avoid screen lights before bedtime
The blue light from computer, tv or mobile screen is confusing for our bodies and makes it wake more up rather than calm down. Therefore try to switch the tv out for a good book instead, some talk or some evening yoga before going to bed. You can also switch your mobile to ‘night mode’ in the evening, in that way the light is more yellow instead of blue and is not as harsh for your eyes. Put also your mobile on flight mode in the night, or remove it completely from the bedroom since the radiation from the mobile can be disturbing for the body. 

Do you have other good tips to get a good night’s sleep? Then share them below in the comment section.

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Health Holistic & Spiritual living Inspiration


Since I haven’t found many interesting things and links from the past week for today, I thought that I instead could share some of the books which are currently on my ‘want to read list‘. These are books within the categories of health, spirituality, visualization, ayurveda and self development (the topics I just love to read about).
I hope you can find some inspiration.

1. How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body – David R. Hamilton

2. Yoga & Ayurveda – Self-Healing and Self-Realization – David Frawley

3. Creative Visualization – Shakti Gawain

4. Ayurveda and the Mind – The Healing of Consciousness – David Frawley

5. Spiritual Growth – Being Your Higher Self – Sanaya Roman

Also, if you have any great books, please share them with me!

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Som i måske, måske ikke, har læst i dette indlæg – så har jeg (i lang tid nu) gerne ville stoppe med at tage p-piller. Nu er det snart ved at være lige oppe over, jeg skal bare lige have investeret i sådan en maskine her efter jeg kommer hjem fra Thailand i oktober. Hvis man ikke vil bruge penge på sådan en maskine har jeg også hørt godt omkring app’en ‘Clue’.

Men jeg tænkte at jeg kunne lave en lille mini føljeton af min oplevelse med p-pille stop.

Her vil jeg først beskrive hvad jeg gør som forberedelse inden jeg stopper med pillerne for bedst muligt at balancere min hormonbalance, i forhåbning om at den ikke går for meget amok (for jeg vil virkelig gerne undgå ikke at få min menstruation i lang tid og også undgå vildt udbrud af akne – som er nogle af de bivirkninger jeg har læst om kan komme når man stopper med p-pillerne).

Herefter vil jeg efter noget tid komme med en opdatering om hvordan det hele er gået, og om jeg har haft nogle af ovenstående bivirkninger.

Hvis i selv har erfaring med p-pille stop og har gode tips og tricks, så må i endelig dele dem med mig i kommentarfeltet!

Forberedelse til p-pille stop

Jeg har læst mig frem til, at ens hormoner kan ryge fuldstændig ud af balance når man stopper. Hvilket jo giver rigtig god mening, eftersom de har været totalt påvirkede af en lille pille fyldt med hormonforstyrrende stoffer i så lang tid.

Derfor har jeg fundet ud af, at noget af det bedste man kan gøre, som forberedelse op til at man stopper, er at indtage noget der kan stabilisere ens hormoner.

Maca pulver
Maca kan hjælpe med at balancere ens hormoner og give fornyet energi. Det virker ved at regulere produktionen af de overordnede hormoner i hormonsystemet fra hypofysen.

Vitex Agnus Castus kostilskud 
Dette tilskud hjælper kroppen med at danne progesteron igen. Det er ofte dette som kroppen er i mangel af efter at have været på p-piller. Kosttilskuddet kan hjælpe på PMS-symptomer, menstruationssmerter og ømme bryster og kan være en god hjælp hvis man lider af hormonel akne.

Ro og afslapning
Udover dette, er der selvfølgelig også noget så simpelt som at tage det hele med ro og undgå stress. Stress kan påvirke kroppen virkelig meget, og kvinder der er meget stressede kan opleve at deres menstruation fuldstændig udebliver, og først kommer igen når de er afslappede og kan tage det hele med ro igen.

Jeg håber at du kunne bruge nogle af disse råd hvis du selv overvejer at stoppe med p-pillerne, og skriv endelig i kommentarfeltet hvis du også skal til at stoppe med dem!

Jeg vil selvfølgelig opfordre til at man undersøger sagen selv rigtig grundigt før man stopper, og at man beskytter sig på anden vis når man har sex, især hvis man ikke har en fast partner.


As you may, or may not, have read in this blog post – then I’ve been wanting to (for a long time now) stop taking the pill. And now it’s almost time to stop, I just need to buy this machine when I get home from Thailand in October. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on this machine, I’ve also heard good things about the app ‘Clue’. 

But I thought that I would make a little serie of blog posts regarding my experience with stop taking the pill.

Here I will first share my preparations leading up to the stop in order to balance my hormone balance in the best possible way, in the hope of it not getting too much out of control (because I would really like to not having to live without my menstruation for too long or avoid getting serious acne – which are some of the side effects I’ve read people have suffered from when getting off the pill again). 

After a little while I will come with a little update about how everything has been going, and if I have gotten any of the side effects.

If you have any experience with stopping with the pill and have some good tips and tricks, please share them with me in the comment section!


Preparing for quitting the pill

I’ve read that your hormones can come completely out of balance when you stop taking the pill. Which makes good sense, considering that your hormones have been affected by this little pill filled with hormone disturbing stuff for such a long time.

I’ve therefore tried my best to find out of what to do as preparation before stopping with the pill, and that is to take something which can stabilize your hormones.

Maca powder
Maca can help balance your hormones and gives you new energy. It works by regulating the production of the superior hormones in the hormonal system from the hypophysis. 

Vitex Agnus Castus supplement 
This supplement helps the body to create progesterone again. This is often what the body is lacking after having been on the pill. The supplement can help on PMS-symptomps, menstruations pains and sore breasts and can be a good help if you suffer from hormonal acne. 

Quiet time and relaxation 
Besides the above, something as simple as taking it slowly and avoid stress is a major contributor in order to balance your hormones. Stress can affect the body tremendously, and women who get stressed can experience not to get their menstruation for a long time, and experience that it first comes back when they are relaxed again.

I hope you could use some of these tips, and if you are going to stop the birth control as well, leave a comment and we can share our experiences!

I of course want to recommend that you do your own research regarding this topic before quitting the pill, and I’ll recommend to use some other protection, especially if you do not have a permanent partner. 

Balance i hormonerne efter p-pille? af Carolina Ellie 
The book ‘Taking charge of your fertility’

Food Health


Jeg har ikke lige fået noteret nogle interessante links i den forgangne uge, så istedet for tænke jeg, at i kunne få nogle af mine nuværende sundhedsfavoritter!

Matcha pulveret* er helt fantastisk og har 137 flere antioxidanter end normal grøn te, og så er det rig på fibre, klorofyl, vitaminer og det hjælper med at holde blodsukkeret lavt. Der er tonsvis af fordele ved at indtage det skønne matcha pulver, og jeg kan kun anbefale at prøve en matcha latte! (1 tsk matcha pulver, 1 dl plantemælk, 1 tsk kokosolie, lidt ceylonkanel, lidt vaniljepulver og 2,5 dl kogt vand – blendet sammen og voila, en skøn matcha latte!)

Gurkemeje* er et andet vidunderkrydderi, og ligesom matcha kan gurkemejen også bringe dig masser af sundhed. Det er antiinflammatorisk, sænker risikoen for hjertesygdom og kræft og meget, meget mere. Gurkemejen kan både bruges i mad retter, og ellers i en skøn ‘turmeric latte‘ – men husk lige at proppe peber i også, for det øger indtagelsen af stoffet curcumin med 2000 %!

Maca pulver* har en positiv effekt på hormon balancen samt øger fertiliteten hos både mænd og kvinder, og kan derfor anbefales til kvinder der vil stabilisere deres hormoner, på energiniveauet og er en sundhedsbooster der forbedrer immunsystemet. Jeg er selv begyndt at bruge det i min havregrød om morgnen og det kan også tilføjes i fx en matcha latte.

Eller surkål*, er fyldt med probiotika. Probiotika er fantastisk for din tarmflora, og hjælper med at gøre din fordøjelse og dit immunsystem bedre. Jeg prøver at snige lidt surkål ind når jeg spiser salater engang imellem. En anden god måde man kan få probiotika på, er i form af kombucha. Selv tager jeg også et probiotika kosttilskud hver morgen for at vedligeholde en sund tarmflora.

Hvad er dine sundhedsfavoritter?

*Affiliate links. Men du kan også finde alle sagerne i næsten alle fysiske og online helsekost butikker


I haven’t written any interesting links down in the past week, and therefore I thought that I instead could share some of my health favourites with you today!

Matcha powder* is amazing and has 137 times more antioxidants than normal green tea, it is rich in fiber, chlorophyl, vitamins and it helps to lower the blood sugar. There are tons of benefits to taking the matcha powder, and I can only recommend you to try a matcha latte! (1 tsp of matcha powder, 1 cup of plantmilk, 1 tsp of coconut oil, pinch of ceylon cinnamon, pinch of vanilla powder and 2,5 cups of boiled water – blend it all together and voila, a lovely matcha latte!)

Turmeric* is another wonder spice, and just like matcha can turmeric also provide you with a lot of health benefits. It is anti-inflammatory, lower the risk of heart disease, cancer and much, much more. Turmeric can both be used when cooking, but also in a lovely turmeric latte – but remember to put some pepper in it as well, since this enhances the cur cumin with 2000%!

Maca powder* has a positive effect on the hormonel balance and enhances fertility in both men and women, it can therefore be recommended for women who try to stabilize their hormones, on energy level and it is a real health booster which improves the immunesystem. I have started to use it in my oatmeal in the morning, and it can also be added into fx a matcha latte.

Sauerkraut* is filled with probiotics. Probiotics is fantastic for your gut, and it helps improve your digestion and your immune system. I try to add some sauerkraut whenever I eat a salad once in a while. Another good way to get probiotics is in the form of kombucha. I also take a probiotic supplement each morning to maintain a healthy gut.

What is your health favourites?

*Affiliate links. But you can also find almost all of the above things in most health stores.

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Food Health


Jeg tror de fleste af os har hørt på et eller andet tidspunkt i vores liv, at vi skal huske at tygge maden og ikke bare kaste den i os. Men hvorfor er det egentlig?

Hvis man bare kaster maden i sig, så når kroppen ikke at forberede sig på, at den skal fordøje noget, hvilket gør at de store klumper mad du kaster ned i maven har svært ved at blive nedbrudt.

Hvis du derimod tygger din mad, så signalerer dette til kroppen at den skal fordøje noget.

Nedbrydningsprocessen starter altså allerede i munden. Jo mere du tygger maden og gør den flydende inden du sluger den, jo bedre er det for din fordøjelse og din krop, da du gør arbejdet meget lettere.

Det er også bevist, at folk der spiser langsommere spiser mindre. Undersøgelser har vist, at folk der spiser deres mad meget hurtigt, også typisk er de folk der har tendens til at blive overvægtige.

Så et lille godt råd, er at have mere fokus på at tygge maden til den er flydende inden du synker den. Man kan også prøve at have mere fokus på ‘mindful eating’. Prøve at være mere til stede når du spiser. Lad være med at sidde på din mobil, computer eller se tv. Prøv at koncentrere dig om din mad, nyd den og tyg den godt og grundigt.

I think most of us have heard at some point in our life, that we need to chew our food and not just throw it into us. But why is that? 

If you just throw the food into your stomach, the body is not prepared to digest something, which makes the big food limo you just threw into your stomach very hard to digest. 

If you instead chew your food, this signals to your body that it needs to digest something. The breakdown process already starts in the mouth. The more you chew the food and make it more liquid before you swallow it, the better it is for your digestion and your body, since you make the work much easier.

It has also been proven that people to eat more slowly eat less food. Studies have shown that people who eat their food very fast, are typically also people who have a tendency to become overweight. 

So a little tip is to chew your food until it is liquid before you swallow it. You can also try to have more focus on ‘mindful eating’. Try to be more present and mindful when you eat. Stop looking at your phone, computer or at the TV. Try to concentrate on your food, enjoy it and chew it thoroughly.

Why slow eaters may burn more calories
Why chewing your food can change your life

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Health Holistic & Spiritual living


At have tid til sig selv, og tid til at lave lige hvad man gerne vil, er essentielt hvis man gerne vil have det godt. Hvis man ræser rundt fra det ene til det andet, kan det være svært at finde ud af hvad man egentlig gerne vil, og man kan blive helt stresset og udmattet.

Det kan jeg i hvert fald. Derfor prøver jeg så vidt muligt ikke at lave alt for mange aftaler hver evig eneste dag, men at prøve at have lidt fri tid i kalenderen, så der også er plads til ro, afslapning, fordybelse og selvforkælelse.

Mine bedste måder at slappe af på, og have mig-tid, er ved at:

– drikke en dejlig kop varm te
– fordybe mig i en spændende eller interessant bog
– gå ture udenfor i naturen
– lave yoga
– tænde lys
– lave noget lækkert og god mad (eller snacks, de her sunde snickersbidder er min all-time favourite snack for tiden!)
– drikke en god kop te eller kaffe latte med en god veninde, eller min mor, og bare snakke
– se spændende ting på youtube, eller en god dokumentar
– tegne eller male
– skrive mine drømme ned
– tage mig af min krop, ved at tørbørste den, give den et dejligt varmt bad, eller en god gang oliemassage

Hvad bruger du din mig-tid på? Og husker du at holde mig-tid? Hvis du har det med at glemme det, så vil jeg anbefale dig, at du bruger nogle timer i denne weekend på at gøre lige hvad du har lyst til, og husk at nyde det!


Having time for yourself, and time to do what you want is essential if we want to feel good. If you run around from one thing to the next, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually want, and you can get stressed out and exhausted.

Well, at least I can. Therefore I try my best not to schedule too many things every single day, but instead try to have some free time in my calendar, so there is also room for quiet, relaxing and some selfcare time.  

My best ways to relax, and have some me-time, is by:

– drinking a cup of nice warm tea
– dive into an interesting or fascinating book
– going for walks outside in nature
– doing yoga
– lid a candle 
– making some delicious and good food (or snacks, these healthy snicker bites are my all time favourite at the moment!)
– driking a cup of tea or caffe latte with a good friend, or my mom, and just talk
– watching interesting videos on youtube, or a good documentary
– painting or drawing
– writing down my dreams 
– taking care of my body, by dry brushing it, giving it a nice warm bath, or a lovely oil massage 

How do you spend your me-time? And do you remember to have some me-time? If you tend to forget about it, then I’ll recommend that you spend some hours this weekend to do exactly what you want to do, and remember to enjoy it!


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Food Health


Man kan spise mad som enten er inflammatorisk, eller anti-inflammatorisk. Inflammatorisk mad skaber inflammation i kroppen, som gør at kroppen bliver dårligere rystet. Det danner grobund for sygdomme (fedme, hjertesygdom, kræft), svækker immunforsvaret og meget andet. Derfor er det super vigtigt at størstedelen af ens madindtag er anti-inflammatorisk, da disse fødevarer kan bekæmpe inflammationen i kroppen.

Kort sagt, hvis du gerne vil være sund og rask – så skal du spise mest anti-inflammatorisk mad.

/ You can eat inflammatory food, or anti-inflammatory food. Inflammatory food creates inflammation in the body which lays the foundation for diseases (obesity, heart disease, cancer) and weakens the immune system and much more. Therefore it is very important that the majority of the food we eat is anti-inflammatory, since these foods can fight the inflammation in the body. 

Simply said, if you want to be healthy and well – you need to eat mainly anti-inflammatory food.

Anti-inflammatoriske fødevarer / Anti-inflammatory foods:


Spinat / Spinach

Rødbede / Beets

Blåbær / blueberries

Ananas / pineapple

Tomater / tomatoes

Valnødder / walnuts

Chiafrø / chia seeds

Hørfrø / flaxseeds

Gurkemeje / turmeric

Ingefær / ginger

Hvidløg / garlic

Grøn te / green tea 

… og mange, mange flere. Hvis du vil lære mere omkring antiinflammatorisk mad, så bare søg på google og der kommer et hav af bøger frem.
/ … and much more. If you want to learn more about anti-inflammatory food, just search on google and a ton of books will appear.


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Food Health Sustainable & Conscious living


Lige et hurtigt tip!

Her i weekenden er der Vegetarisk Festival fra d.25.-27. august, og det bliver holdt på Tiøren ude ved Amager Strandvej.
Jeg skal selv derud i morgen sammen med Ida og høre et oplæg omkring om alle mennesker kan brødfødes bæredygtigt med en plantebaseret kost, og til en ayurveda workshop – og ellers bare tulle lidt omkring og se på hvad der er af spændende sager derude.

Du kan se det fulde program lige her.

Just a quick tip!

This weekend there is a Vegetarian Festival from August 25th-27th and it is being held at Tiøren at Amager Strandvej.
I’m going myself with my friend Ida to hear about whether all people on the planet could be fed sustainably on a plant based diet, and for an ayurveda workshop – and else just walk around and see what interesting things is out there.

You can see the full program here