Camilla Tromborg is a blog about health, happiness and living a more holistic and sustainable life.

About me

I am a 25 year old communication student and life enthusiast named Camilla Tromborg. I absolutely love to explore new places and read books. Besides that my main interests are within living a holistic and healthy life, loving and taking care of nature by trying to live a sustainable life, inspire and motivate people, being happy and fulfilling my dreams!

In my everyday life I am studying MA in Intercultural Marketing at CBS, living in Copenhagen together with my boyfriend and cat and loving life.


If you are a company and would like to collaborate and work with me, please contact me on my mail which you find below, or send me a DM on Instagram. However, do notice that I only want to work with brands who shares the same values as I do (sustainability, health, happiness and a holistic lifestyle). I want to work with brands who take a sustainable approach and who take good care of the Planet while producing their products.



Feel free to follow me, and ask me any questions if you have some.

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    Daniel Oxholm
    juni 16, 2018 at 23:00

    Fedt at se din blog!

    Interessant med hjemmedyrkning og specielt sammen med børn!

    Jeg kiggelige lige rundt på din side og opdagede at linket til din youtube ikke virker – tænker jeg du gerne vil have rettet.

    Jeg har selv startet en blog sammen med min kone og har netop skrevet vores første store blogpost – den ulitmate guide til reduktion af CO2 – måske du vil give os noget feedback og råd til hvordan vi kan få den bredere ud.


    Vi glæder os til at høre fra dig.

    God vind

    Olya og Daniel

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