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It’s January and a new year, and there’s no better time to start getting into lots of healthy habits to live your best life! I fully agree that we are all different, and that it might not be in your interest to get into healthy habits, I completely respect that. But, I do want to say that if you want to feel better, look better, feel more energised and productive and hopefully also feel much better once you get older – then these are some of the tips that might help you achieve all of that!

Here you go, some healthy lifestyle tips:


Get enough sleep

Preferably 7-8 hours each night, and the best is to get to bed before 10pm. Turn of the television and electronics at least 1 hour before going to bed since the electric blue light disturbs your body and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Read a book, or have a good talk with a loved one instead.


Eat alkaline food

Eat plenty of vegetables and beans! Especially the green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale etc.).

Highly alkaline food: 
– green vegetables
– green salad and seaweed
– potatoes
– sprouts, nuts and seeds
– sesame- and flax seeds
– almonds and brazil nuts
– pumpkin seeds and coconut
– garlig, turmeric and ginger
– avocado
– herbal teas, green and white tea
– olive-, coconut- and flaxseeds oil


Avoid acidic food

Meat, sugar, candy, sodas. If your body gets too much acidic food it creates an unhealthy and inflamed environment in your body where sickness, pain and overweight can grow.

Very acidic food: 
– meat
– eggs
– sugar and honey
– artificial sweeteners
– vinegar
– dairy products – especially cheese
– industrial processed food
– junkfood
– margarine
– frying oil
– candy and cakes
– alcohol
– black tea and ordinary coffee
– sodas
– fruitjuice
– energy and sportsdrinks


Drink lemon water 

When you wake up in the morning drink some hot water with the juice from half a lemon. This helps the digestion and it detoxes the body. After drinking this wait at least 1/2 hour before eating breakfast.


Drink lots of water during the day, but not while you are eating 

Drink 2 litres of water or more during the day, but not while you are eating since this disturbs the digestion process and the absorption of the nutrients from the food.


Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly 

Chew your food until it becomes liquid before you swallow it. If you don’t chew the food enough, acid will be created in the body.


Exercise – move your body 

Move your body, get your pulse up and sweat out all the toxins from your body. Moving, fx through yoga, also massages your organs and makes your body function better and creates more blood flow and improves digestion. It also releases endorphins which is a “happy hormone”, which makes you feel happier.


Drink herbal tea 

Switch the coffee out with some herbal tea (fx green tea).


Mental health

Think happy and nice thoughts about yourself. Start to really love yourself and your body just as it is right now. Think that you want to take good care of your body by filling it with lots of healthy food, so it will be fresh and healthy all your life. Look yourself in the mirror each day and tell yourself that you love you <3


Do things that you love 

Read, relax, go for a walk in nature, dance, talk, go to a spa a sauna – do things that makes you happy and spend your time with people who makes you feel good and who you love.


Take care of your body 

Use natural products, and smear your body into oils. Drybrush your skin. Give yourself a nice oil massage on the body, in the face and your scalp Take a nice bath, scrub your skin. Just relax.


These were some of my favourite health tips for taking good care of oneself and ones body. I do want to notice that it’s all about balance. There’s no health in restricting yourself to only eat vegetables all the time, listen to your body and treat yourself once in a while as well, that is also healthy for your soul.
Please share some of your favourite health tips as well! 

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I bund og grund har jeg længe vidst hvad der er sundt, og hvad der ikke er lige så sundt, at spise for vores krop. Men for nylig lærte jeg et helt nyt term, som jeg aldrig havde hørt om før: alkaline (eller på dansk: basisk) mad.

Hele tankegangen bag alkaline mad, er at den mad vi indtager har forskellig pH-værdi. Den kan enten være syreholdig eller basisk. Kroppen har det bedst hvis den er basisk, og skal derfor gerne ligge på en pH-værdi på 7 eller derover.

Hvorfor er det så lige, at vores krop helst skal være basisk?

Hvis vores indre er fyldt med for meget syre, så er dette grobund for inflammation i kroppen. Og inflammation er IKKE godt. Hvis du har for meget inflammation i kroppen, så har du større risiko for diverse sygdomme som hjertekar-sygdomme, kræft, type 2-diabetes og mange andre. Man kan bekæmpe inflammation ved at spise mere anti-inflammatorisk mad (hvilket jeg også vil skrive et blogindlæg om på et tidspunkt), og ved simpelthen at holde sin krop basisk, hvilket gøres ved at indtage basisk mad.

Hvad er basisk mad så?

Generelt er grøntsager, og især de grønne af slagsen, basiske. Nogle af de bedste ting du kan indtage er avokado, spinat og andre bladgrøntsager, kål, agurk, broccoli, peberfrugter og bladselleri. Derudover er citron også rigtig basisk, og et godt tip er at starte hver morgen ud med varmt vand med noget citronsaft i.

Hvad er syreholdig mad?

Syreholdig mad er blandt andet kød, slik, kager, sukker, kaffe og alkohol.
På skemaet nedenfor kan du se en oversigt over de forskellige fødevarer og hvor de ligger på pH-skalaen.

Noget af det jeg især har fundet interessant ved de alkaline bøger jeg har læst (Alkaline kuren af Dr. Stephan Domenig og Alkaline Living af Bettinna Delfs) er, at forfatterne har taget et meget holistisk synspunkt når det kommer til at leve et sundt liv. De fortæller også om hvordan at søvn, motion, frisk luft, glæde og glade tanker er en lige så stor del, af det at være sund.


I have known for many years what is healthy and what is not healthy for our bodies. But recently I just learned a new term which I had never heard before: alkaline food.

The philosophy behind alkaline food, is that the food you eat can have different pH-values. It can either be acidic or alkaline. The body functions best if it’s in an alkaline state, and therefore your pH-value should be 7 or above.

Why is it that our bodies should be alkaline?

If our internal is filled up with too much acid, this will be a soil for inflammation in the body. And inflammation is NOT good. If you have too much inflammation in the body, you have a higher risk of getting diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2-diabetes and many others. You can fight inflammation by eating more anti-inflammatory food (which I’m also going to make a blog post about soon), and by keeping your body alkaline, which can be done by eating alkaline food.

What is alkaline food?

In general it’s vegetables, especially the green ones, which is alkaline. Some of the best things you can eat is avocado, spinach and other green leafs, kale, cucumber, broccoli, peppers and celery. Besides that lemon is really alkaline, and a good tip is to start each morning with a cup of hot water with some lemon water.

What is acidic food?

Acidic food is meat, candy, cakes, sugar, coffee or alcohol.
On the chart above you can see where the different foods are on the pH-scale.

Some of the things I’ve found especially interesting in the books I have read about alkaline living (Alkaline diet by Dr. Stephan Domenig and Alkaline Living by Bettinna Delfs) is that the Authors take a very holistic approach when it comes to living a healthy life. They mention how sleep, exercise, fresh air, happiness and happy thoughts also plays a big role in determining your healthy state.

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