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I have promised several of you on Instagram an update on how everything is going with me quitting the birth control pill (I’m also having some lovely conversations with others doing the same thing, it’s so nice to be in the same situation and have someone to share it with).

So, it’s time for a little update on how everything has been going so far. And I’m well aware that it’s only been a short amount of time and that things can change quickly, but then I’ll of course update upon this if that happens.

The last day I took the pill was on November 14th 2017, and as usually my menstruation came a few days after, but that was just as anticipated because that would also have happened if I continued to take the pill. So I wasn’t really that nervous about the first menstruation. The one I had been a bit nervous about was the first “natural” menstruation. I have heard several stories where people go 1-3 years without getting their menstruation. And I certainly didn’t want that, because I view having my menstruation regularly as a clear sign of having a healthy functioning body, and that is what I want to have.

But no need to be nervous, my first natural menstruation came only 1-2 days “behind schedule” (according to my menstruation apps). I had a little bit of headache on the first day, but not as bad as it has been for the many past menstruations (crossing my fingers that this will only improve).

Have I experienced any symptoms?

I got my menstruation at the right time, and I still haven’t had cramps or anything. I’ve gotten a few more blemishes in places where I don’t usually get it, but not that many. So I cross my fingers that it won’t get worse, and I do my best to make my body function as well as possible, and I believe that over time this will improve my skin as well.

But one of the best things is that I can completely feel it on my mood! I feel so much happier and healthier now that I’m not filling my body with disturbing hormones. I want to listen to music and dance around, and I just feel so much better than I have done in a long time.


What I am doing to stabilise my hormones

Vitex supplement
As already mentioned I’ve been taking a supplement called vitex which is supposed to help you stabilise your hormones.

Maca powder 
I’ve also been putting 1 tsp of maca powder in my oatmeal every morning, this also helps to stabilise hormones.

I’ve learned a lot through reading the book womancode* and from an online workshop with Carolina, and one of the most important things when it comes to stabilising your hormones is simply learning to just relax. Don’t stress too much, take it easy and just relax. So, I’ve been drinking lots of tea, tried not to have too many things scheduled in my calendar and I’ve also just been laying on the couch and been relaxing completely.

Eating vegetables!
One of the best things you can do for your body to make it function as well as possible is to give it a lot of fibre! Eat a lot of vegetables, in a variety of colours (but especially those dark green ones such as kale, broccoli and spinach!). So I’ve tried to do some more meal prepping and made sure to eat plenty of vegetables. This is also one of the best things you can do for your skin!


So, what do I use for protection now?

You might wonder, “well, if you quit birth control and you are still in a relationship, then what do you use for protection for not becoming pregnant?“, Quiet simple and very old fashioned, condoms. I’ve also invested in a Lady-Comp machine (another blogpost about that another time), but it takes a little while before the computer really “knows you”, and therefore it will take a while before it says that it is safe to have sex without condoms. I should also mention that this machine is of course not protecting against unwanted sexual diseases and is therefore only recommended to use if you are in a committed relationship. If you are not, then condoms is of course the best way to protect against these kind of diseases.

I’ve also started to really try to learn more about my overall cycle through reading the book Womancode and through the apps Clue and MyFLO. I find it extremely interesting to try to live more in alignment with my own cycle, so I’m all about learning more about that and myself at the moment.

Questions for you: I would love to know if you’ve ditched the birth control pill as well? Or perhaps you’ve never been on it? Or if you are considering it? What have your experience with it been? Let’s talk about it!

*Affiliate links have been used, which means that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy through this link.

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Som i måske, måske ikke, har læst i dette indlæg – så har jeg (i lang tid nu) gerne ville stoppe med at tage p-piller. Nu er det snart ved at være lige oppe over, jeg skal bare lige have investeret i sådan en maskine her efter jeg kommer hjem fra Thailand i oktober. Hvis man ikke vil bruge penge på sådan en maskine har jeg også hørt godt omkring app’en ‘Clue’.

Men jeg tænkte at jeg kunne lave en lille mini føljeton af min oplevelse med p-pille stop.

Her vil jeg først beskrive hvad jeg gør som forberedelse inden jeg stopper med pillerne for bedst muligt at balancere min hormonbalance, i forhåbning om at den ikke går for meget amok (for jeg vil virkelig gerne undgå ikke at få min menstruation i lang tid og også undgå vildt udbrud af akne – som er nogle af de bivirkninger jeg har læst om kan komme når man stopper med p-pillerne).

Herefter vil jeg efter noget tid komme med en opdatering om hvordan det hele er gået, og om jeg har haft nogle af ovenstående bivirkninger.

Hvis i selv har erfaring med p-pille stop og har gode tips og tricks, så må i endelig dele dem med mig i kommentarfeltet!

Forberedelse til p-pille stop

Jeg har læst mig frem til, at ens hormoner kan ryge fuldstændig ud af balance når man stopper. Hvilket jo giver rigtig god mening, eftersom de har været totalt påvirkede af en lille pille fyldt med hormonforstyrrende stoffer i så lang tid.

Derfor har jeg fundet ud af, at noget af det bedste man kan gøre, som forberedelse op til at man stopper, er at indtage noget der kan stabilisere ens hormoner.

Maca pulver
Maca kan hjælpe med at balancere ens hormoner og give fornyet energi. Det virker ved at regulere produktionen af de overordnede hormoner i hormonsystemet fra hypofysen.

Vitex Agnus Castus kostilskud 
Dette tilskud hjælper kroppen med at danne progesteron igen. Det er ofte dette som kroppen er i mangel af efter at have været på p-piller. Kosttilskuddet kan hjælpe på PMS-symptomer, menstruationssmerter og ømme bryster og kan være en god hjælp hvis man lider af hormonel akne.

Ro og afslapning
Udover dette, er der selvfølgelig også noget så simpelt som at tage det hele med ro og undgå stress. Stress kan påvirke kroppen virkelig meget, og kvinder der er meget stressede kan opleve at deres menstruation fuldstændig udebliver, og først kommer igen når de er afslappede og kan tage det hele med ro igen.

Jeg håber at du kunne bruge nogle af disse råd hvis du selv overvejer at stoppe med p-pillerne, og skriv endelig i kommentarfeltet hvis du også skal til at stoppe med dem!

Jeg vil selvfølgelig opfordre til at man undersøger sagen selv rigtig grundigt før man stopper, og at man beskytter sig på anden vis når man har sex, især hvis man ikke har en fast partner.


As you may, or may not, have read in this blog post – then I’ve been wanting to (for a long time now) stop taking the pill. And now it’s almost time to stop, I just need to buy this machine when I get home from Thailand in October. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money on this machine, I’ve also heard good things about the app ‘Clue’. 

But I thought that I would make a little serie of blog posts regarding my experience with stop taking the pill.

Here I will first share my preparations leading up to the stop in order to balance my hormone balance in the best possible way, in the hope of it not getting too much out of control (because I would really like to not having to live without my menstruation for too long or avoid getting serious acne – which are some of the side effects I’ve read people have suffered from when getting off the pill again). 

After a little while I will come with a little update about how everything has been going, and if I have gotten any of the side effects.

If you have any experience with stopping with the pill and have some good tips and tricks, please share them with me in the comment section!


Preparing for quitting the pill

I’ve read that your hormones can come completely out of balance when you stop taking the pill. Which makes good sense, considering that your hormones have been affected by this little pill filled with hormone disturbing stuff for such a long time.

I’ve therefore tried my best to find out of what to do as preparation before stopping with the pill, and that is to take something which can stabilize your hormones.

Maca powder
Maca can help balance your hormones and gives you new energy. It works by regulating the production of the superior hormones in the hormonal system from the hypophysis. 

Vitex Agnus Castus supplement 
This supplement helps the body to create progesterone again. This is often what the body is lacking after having been on the pill. The supplement can help on PMS-symptomps, menstruations pains and sore breasts and can be a good help if you suffer from hormonal acne. 

Quiet time and relaxation 
Besides the above, something as simple as taking it slowly and avoid stress is a major contributor in order to balance your hormones. Stress can affect the body tremendously, and women who get stressed can experience not to get their menstruation for a long time, and experience that it first comes back when they are relaxed again.

I hope you could use some of these tips, and if you are going to stop the birth control as well, leave a comment and we can share our experiences!

I of course want to recommend that you do your own research regarding this topic before quitting the pill, and I’ll recommend to use some other protection, especially if you do not have a permanent partner. 

Balance i hormonerne efter p-pille? af Carolina Ellie 
The book ‘Taking charge of your fertility’

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Dette emne har jeg ville skrive et indlæg om i laaaang tid. Men jeg følte at jeg havde behov for mere viden og information om emnet, før det var noget jeg delte ud af, og også noget jeg selv kastede mig ud i. Det handler nemlig om p-piller.
Og det er et emne som jeg har diskuteret med mig selv om hvorvidt at jeg skulle dele herinde, da jeg synes det er ret grænseoverskridende at dele ud af. På den anden side, så synes jeg også bare at det er enormt vigtigt, og jeg håber at det kan sætte nogle tanker og overvejelser igang.

Konsekvenser ved p-piller
Der er mange konsekvenser ved at tage p-piller, og det er lidt skræmmende at man ikke bliver mere oplyst om dette før at man får adgang til dem. Jeg kan huske at det eneste jeg har fået at vide af min læge omkring ulemper ved p-piller det var at nogle kan få blodpropper (hvilket allerede er ret slemt), og det skulle jeg bare komme ned og få tjekket op på engang imellem, ellers var der ikke noget. Men når jeg nu har læst mere omkring p-piller har jeg fundet ud af, at der er virkelig mange konsekvenser ved at tage dem. Man kan også få slemme hovedpiner, nogle tager meget på i vægt af dem, du kan miste sexlysten og meget mere. Derudover kan man få enormt uren hud når man stopper med dem, og der kan gå lang tid før man får sin menstruation igen.

Alternative Metoder
Det startede egentlig med at jeg så nogle youtube videoer om piger som ikke var på p-piller længere, men som istedet brugte denne maskine kaldet ‘Lady Comp’. Selve maskinen bruger du til at tage din temperatur hver morgen, og så giver den dig rød/gul/grøn signal om hvornår at det er sikkert, eller ikke sikkert at have sex. For det viser sig faktisk at man kun kan blive gravid i 5 dage i ens cyklus! 5 dage! Og jeg som altid har troet at man kunne blive gravid hele tiden – det siger vidst lidt om min seksual undervisning i skolen.

Nå, men jeg så altså disse videoer og tanken om ikke at fylde ens krop med hormonelle piller hver evig eneste dag virkede bare så rigtig. For jeg synes at det virker så forkert at proppe sin krop med hormoner, og også bare det at man kan kontrollere sin menstruation og faktisk kan springe menstruationer over med p-piller, det virker bare så forkert. Især når jeg prøver at være sund på alle andre områder i mit liv, så virker det bare virkelig modsigende at man tager en lille pille hver dag som så ødelægger hele ens krop og system.

Men for at være ærlig har jeg ikke turde stoppe med p-pillerne endnu – for jeg skal i hvert fald ikke være gravid nu og her. Derfor har jeg ville være sikker på at jeg først lærte en masse omkring disse alternative beskyttelses metoder. Så jeg lånte bogen ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility’ af en veninde, og læste alt det vigtige information og tog masser af noter. Derudover har jeg lyttet til en masse podcast og youtube videoer om selvsamme emne (og jeg skal nok linke til dem allesammen i dette indlæg). Jeg er nu ved at nå til det punkt hvor jeg føler at jeg snart er ‘mentalt’ klar til at prøve at stoppe. Dog er jeg også lidt skræmt, for der er mange skræmme-historier fra folk der stopper med p-pillerne (hvilket mest af alt viser hvor ekstremt meget at pillerne påvirker vores krop). Nogle oplever at der går flere år før de får deres menstruation igen, andre oplever at de får enorm uren hud. Problemet er jo så også, at man ikke kan stole på disse ‘alternative metoder’ (FAM – Fertility Awareness Method) før man har regelmæssig menstruation. Derfor skal man indtil da bruge kondom eller anden form for prævention.

Det skal lige nævnes at denne naturlige metode jeg snakker om (FAM), selvfølgelig kun er brugbar hvis man er i et fast forhold. For da man ikke bruger kondom eller andet til at beskytte sig med, så er man altså stadig modtagelig overfor kønssygdomme.

Min Plan
Jeg har lagt mig en plan for forløbet. Jeg skal først lige spare lidt op, for jeg vil gerne købe ‘lady comp’ computeren til at kunne tracke min cyklus med, og dermed også bruge den som redskab til at vide hvornår det er sikkert at have sex uden at der er chance for at man bliver gravid. Det er altså step 1 at få skaffet mig denne computer først. Derudover skal jeg have læst mere op på de forskellige kost tilskud jeg kan tage inden jeg stopper med at tage pillerne og efter, i håbet om hurtigt at kunne balancere mine hormoner, og forhåbentlig ikke få alt for mange bivirkninger (uren hud og fraværende menstruation). Når jeg har fået disse ting på plads og er et sted i mit liv hvor jeg føler at jeg er klar til det, så er planen altså at stoppe.

Mit Råd
Jeg anbefaler selvfølgelig ikke at man bare pludselig stopper med at tage p-piller. Man skal sætte sig ned og lære omkring andre metoder, og sætte sig ind i det. Men jeg ville måske anbefale yngre piger at de ikke bare skal til at begynde på p-piller bare for fx at kunne styre deres menstruation, eller fordi nogle siger at det kan hjælpe på uren hud.

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Redskaber til at holde styr på din cyklus:
Lady Comp (computer)
Clue (app)
Monthly-Cycle (app)

This is something I’ve been wanting to write about for a looooong time. But I felt like I needed more knowledge and information upon the topic before I shared anything, or started throwing myself out into it. It’s about birth control pills (the contraception pill).

And this is a topic I’ve discussed with myself whether I would share in here or not, since I find it to be a very ‘crossing-the-boundaries’ topic. But on the other hand, I just find it so important, and I hope that this can get some thoughts started and make you consider some things.

Consequences of birth control pills
There are many consequences when it comes to the contraception pill, and it’s quiet scary that we are not told about these when we first get access to the pill. I remember that the only thing my doctor mentioned about the pill was that some might get higher blood pressure and have a risk of getting blood clots (which is already pretty bad), and I just had to come down to the doctor once in a while to get my blood pressure checked, and that was all. But now that I’ve read about the birth control pill, I’ve found out that there are so many more consequences. You can get really bad headaches, you can gain weight, you get the risk of decreasing your libido and much more. Besides that you can get really bad skin and break out once you stop taking the pill, and there can go a long time before you get your menstruation back.

Alternative Methods
It all started when I was watching some youtube videos about some girls that did no longer take the pill, but instead used a machine called ‘Lady Comp’. This machine you use to take your temperature every morning, and then it will either give you a red/yellow/green light about whether it’s safe or not to have sex. Because it turns out, you can actually only get pregnant within 5 days of your cycle! 5 days! And I who always thought that you could get pregnant the entire time – that says something about my sexual education in school.

Well, but these videos and the thought about not filling my body with hormonal pills every single day just seemed so right. Because I truly think it’s wrong to fill my body with hormones, and also just being able to control your menstruation and skip some with the birth control pill, it just seems so wrong. Especially when I’m trying to be as healthy as possible in so many areas of my life, then it just seems very contradictive to take  a little pill each day which messes up your body and system.

But to be honest I have not had the courage to stop with the pills yet – because I certainly do not want to get pregnant right now. Therefore I wanted to be sure to learn a lot about these alternative methods of protection before I stopped. So I borrowed the book ‘Taking Charge of Your Fertility’ by a friend, and read all the important parts and took lots of notes. Besides that I’ve also been listening to lots of podcasts and watches youtube videos about the same topic (I’ll link them all below in this post). And I’m about to reach the point where I feel mentally prepared to stop. But I’m still a bit scared of the stories I’ve heard from people getting off their birth control (which once again shows how extreme these pills affects our body). Some experience that there can go several years before they get their menstruation back again, other experience that their skin break out. And the problem is also that you cannot rely on these alternative methods (FAM – Fertility Awareness Method) before you get your menstruation back regularly. Therefore you need to use a condom or some other protection in the meanwhile.

I just want to mention that this natural method that I talk about, is of course only useful if you are in a committed monogamous relationship. Because since you do not use a condom or anything else to protect yourself with, you can therefore still get sexually transmitted diseases.

My Plan
I’ve made myself a plan for this process of quitting with my birth control pill. First I want to save up and buy the ‘lady comp’ computer to track my cycles with, and also use this device for knowing when it’s safe to have sex without having the risk of getting pregnant. This is step 1. Besides that I want to read more about the different supplements that you can take before stopping with the pill, in the hope of balancing out your hormones, and hopefully not get as many side effects (skin breaking out and loss of menstruation). So when I got these things in place and when I’m at a place in my life where I feel ready for it, the plan is to stop.

My Advice
I of course do not recommend that you just all of sudden stop taking your birth control pill. You need to put yourself into this stuff and learn about the different methods and understand them. But I would advice younger girls not just to begin taking birth control pills just to fx being able to control their menstruation, or because it might help get clearer skin.

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Natural Birth Control (youtube video)
5 Tips for Healthy Fertility on a Vegan Lifestyle (youtube video)
Taking Charge of Your Fertility (book)

Devices to keep track of your cycle: 
Lady Comp (computer)
Clue (app)
Monthly-Cycle (app)

Health Inspiration


Jeg ville lige dele nogle inspirerende podcast episoder som jeg har hørt i den pågældende uge, måske det kunne være noget for jer derude også.

1. The Melissa Ambrosini show  – Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life

Dette er en fantastisk episode som handler om vigtigheden af at have en sund og funktionel tarm, da dette er fundamentet for at vi har det godt rent sundhedsmæssigt. Det er enormt spændende, og bestemt noget jeg skal lære mere omkring. Men basically, så handler det igen om at spise sundt og sørge for at din krop får det den har behov for.

2. The Melissa Ambrosini show – The Pill, Periods and Fertility with Dr Nat Kringoudis

Denne episode handler om naturlig præventionsmetoder, istedet for at bruge p-pillen og andet hormonforstyrrende. Man kan gå nok så meget op i sin sundhed, men hvis man fylder sin krop med p-piller stort set hver dag, så er det lidt dobbeltmoralsk, og det er hertil at jeg er kommet til. Så pt. prøver jeg at lære så meget som muligt om mere naturlige præventionsmetoder, så jeg i fremtiden kan føle mig sikker ved at stoppe med at bruge p-piller, og derved kan gøre noget super godt for min krop.

3. Martiny Podcast – Soloshow / En karriere med klare mål eller flow? 

Denne episode handler om det med at skulle vælge karriere i sit liv, og hvilket enormt pres at man kan føle at det er, og tankerne om ‘man vælger det rigtige’. Jeg synes at Emma’s syn på dette er lige nøjagtig sådan at alle burde tænke – ikke stresse over noget, men at følge det der føles rigtigt for en. Mange fine tanker, og især et relevant podcast for unge mennesker der enten skal videre fra gymnasiet, eller fra en videregående uddannelse.

I wanted to share some good podcast episodes that I’ve been listening to this week, it might be something for you out there as well. 

1. The Melissa Ambrosini show  – Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life

This is an amazing episode which talks about the importance of having a healthy and functional gut, which is the fundament for us feeling well and healthy. It’s extremely exciting, and definitely something I want to learn more about. More basically, it’s about eating healthy and making sure that your body gets what it needs.  

2. The Melissa Ambrosini show – The Pill, Periods and Fertility with Dr Nat Kringoudis

This episode is about natural prevention methods, instead of using the birth control pill or other hormone disturbing things. You can care so much about your health, but then fill your body with birth control hormone pills almost everyday, that seems a bit contradictory, right? And that’s what I’ve come to. Therefore I’m currently learning more about natural prevention methods, so that I in the future can feel sure and secure with stop taking the birth control pill, and thereby do something which is so much better for my body.

3. Martiny Podcast – Soloshow / En karriere med klare mål eller flow?  
(this podcast is in Danish)

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