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Winter is just around the corner, it actually snowed a little bit in Denmark the other day! That calls for lots of cozy times and self-care practices, to help with the mood and make the cold and dark Winter times a bit more enjoyable.


Here are 7 Cozy Winter Self-Care Practices

1. Drybrush your Skin

During Winter your skin tends to get a lot more dry. Something that can help with this is dry brushing your skin (preferably every day, or just before you take a shower). Dry brushing helps mildly exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells.


2. Use a Moisturising Body Butter

In coherence with dry brushing, what your skin would really love during the Winter is to get massaged into a really moisturising body butter after having taken a shower. I have a delicious and very easy recipe for a body butter right here, and you can also find a simple guide to it under ‘highlights’ on my Instagram.


3. Take a Footbath

Is there anything better than snuggling under a blanket, with a cup of tea, and a warm footbath while watching a good movie? I absolutely that I love this. Winter is the perfect time to give your feet some love, especially now that they are locked inside big boots for many months. I like to make a footbath with some epsomsalt and lemon juice.

5. Light a Candle

Winter time calls for candles. Am I right? It just creates such a cozy and comforting vibe to see candles lit inside your home.


6. Time for Tea

I can basically drink tea all year long, but Winter time especially calls for those warm drinks. Whether that be herbal teas, hot cacaos or a delicious smelling chai lattes. Pour yourself a warm drink, grab a blanket, light the candles and engage in a lovely book, your favourite movie or have a great talk with your best friends.

7. Yin Yoga

I might be a bit biased here, but Cathrine (my boss) has really showed me the wonders of Yin Yoga. Yin yoga is a very slow and deep yoga practice. You stay in each pose for 3-5 minutes, and you thereby get really deep into the stretches. It feels amazing, and it is so relaxing and it really calms you down. Yin yoga also calls for warm clothes and you usually finish off with a blanket over you in Savasana. You can either take a physical yin yoga class, or you can do it at home by fx using Yogavivo.


What are your favourite things to do during the Winter, to make life a little bit more enjoyable? Share them in the comments, and let’s inspire each other!


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I dag blev det så tid til at jeg skulle lave min egen body butter, eller body lotion, for første gang. Denne body butter kan du bruge til at smøre dig ind i efter et dejligt bad, og få blød og skøn hud – og så er den kun fyldt op med naturlige ingredienser! Man kan følge mange forskellige opskrifter, og jeg skal bestemt eksperimentere med lidt forskellige ingredienser i fremtiden. Men den jeg lavede i denne omgang blev lavet af sheasmør, kokosolie og mandelolie.

2 dl sheasmør
1 dl kokosolie
1 dl mandeolie

Put alle ingredienserne i en ‘dobbeltboiler’, og varm den op og få alle ingredienserne til at smelte. Når alle klumper er væk og det hele er smeltet, sætter du skålen ind i køleskabet. Når substansen så er blevet hvid og nogenlunde fast, så tager du den ud og bruger et piskeris til at røre den sammen indtil den har en cremet konsistens. Herefter kan du proppe den over i en lille beholder, og voila så har du altså hjemmelavet body butter, som du kan bruge til at holde din krop dejlig blød med.
(Andre ingredienser du også kan bruge: kakaosmør, olivenolie, jojobaolie osv.). Hvis du vil se en mere udførlig demonstration af hvordan man laver denne body butter, så kan du tjekke denne video ud, jeg har nemlig fået min inspiration fra Lauren Singer.

Today it was time for me to try to make my own body butter, or body lotion, for the first time. You can use this body butter to put on your body after a nice bath, and get lovely smooth skin – and it’s only filled with natural ingrediens! You can follow many different recipes, and I’m definitely going to experiment with different ingredients in the future. But this time I made it with sheabutter, coconut oil and almond oil. 

2 cups of sheabutter
1 cup of coconut oil 
1 cup of almond oil

Put all the ingrediens into a double boiler and heat it up and let all the ingrediens melt. When all lumps are gone and it’s completely melted, put the bowl into the refrigerator. When the substance gets white and hardens, take it out and whip it with a whisk until it has a creamy consistency. After this pour it into a little glass or container, and voila you’ve your own body butter, which you can use to make your body smooth with. (Other ingrediens you could use: cacaobutter, olive oil, jojoba oil etc.). If you want a better demonstration on how to make this body butter, you can check out this video, because I’ve got my inspiration from Lauren Singer.


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