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The book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill is a bestselling book, and I completely understand why – it is magical!

The book “Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill has quickly made it to the top of my favourite books. I highlighted so much of the book while reading it, because there was just so much gold in it. The book is primarily about money and how to accumulate riches, but it is also about so much more than just that. It’s about how to get anything in life.

This book is one of the front-goers for the whole ‘manifestation’, ‘law of attraction’ phenomenon, and it is so inspirering and motivating to read. It’s about how you can achieve anything, if you believe you can.

As usual, I don’t want to say too much about the book, because I think you should have the experience of reading it. But I will say that it is life-changing, and that it can really shift your perspective on life.

Below I’ve shared some of my favourite quotes from the book.

Quotes from the book

“Everything which man creates, begins in the form of a thought impulse. Man can create nothing which he does not first conceive in thought”

“You can not get, if you do not give”

“Riches begin in the form of thought. The amount is limited only by the person in whose mind the thought is put into motion”

“One of the most common causes of failure is the habit of quitting when one is overtaken by temporary defeat”

“Our brains become magnetised with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds, and, by means which no man is familiar, these “magnets” attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life, which harmonise with the nature of our dominating thoughts”

Win the book: I’m currently having a competition on my Instagram where I will give away 3 copies of the book. Click here to come to the competition, and enter by commenting on the Instagram post. (The competition ends March 29th, 2019 at 9pm Danish time).



It’s time for another book recommendation, this time it’s the book “Rise Sister Rise” by Rebecca Campbell.

I gotta say, I saw this booked last year and was drawn to it and ended up buying it. But when I received it and started reading it I wasn’t feeling it at that point in time.

Then I have without a doubt had a lot of changes in my life during the past year and I feel like I’ve grown a lot, so when I was reading Michelle Obama’s ‘Becoming’ a little time back I wasn’t really feeling that book as much at that time and something just kept saying to me to begin reading “Rise Sister Rise” again. And I have learned, that following your intuition can lead to wonderful things, so I put down ‘Becoming’ and reached for ‘Rise Sister Rise’ and I read it within 2 days, I was completely consumed by it. It resonated so well with me.

I have to say, it’s a very spiritual book and it’s all about finding your life’s purpose, connecting with women and ‘rising’ for the higher good of the Planet and humanity. So, feel those words, if they call you, then go grab this book right away and read it. If they doesn’t, maybe you should read this book later in your life.

I truly loved it, and I’m feeling the ‘rise’ of people all over the planet rising to take better care of each other and the planet, and it just feels amazing knowing that there are so many people out in this world who want to change the current state of situation for the better.

Quotes from the book:

“When a great ship is in harbour and moored, it is safe, there can be no doubt. But… that is not what great ships are built for”

“We must remember that the way to heal this Planet is first by healing ourselves”

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Books Health


It’s time for the first book recommendation of 2019! The first book I read this year was “Idiot’s Guides to Ayurveda” by Sahara Rose. It’s all about what Ayurveda is, the three doshas, it contains an ayurvedic dosha test and so much more.


Speaking of books and reading, I’ve joined the ‘goodreads‘ site, it’s a site where you can keep track of all the books you’ve read and want to read. You can also make the ‘2019 challenge’ and put in how many books you want to read for the year and then add to the list every time you’ve finished a new book. I already wrote down the books I’ve read in a word document, but this is a bit more fun, so I can definitely recommend that! And now I can tick off the first book of the year: ‘Idiot’s Guides to Ayurveda’ by Sahara Rose.

You might remember the name Sahara Rose, because I already recommended her podcast ‘The Higher Self‘ in here. But Sahara is also the author behind the book ‘Idiot’s Guides to Ayurveda‘, if you are not familiar with the ‘idiot’s guides’ books, they are simply books explaining things in a very easy and understandable way.

So what’s it about?

Idiot’s Guides to Ayurveda is the perfect book if you are new to the concept of Ayurveda. Perhaps you’ve never even heard about this word before? Or maybe you just want to dive deeper into learning about your own dosha and how to balance it.

This book covers the basics of Ayurveda, the three doshas (vata, pitta and kapha), and Ayurvedic dosha test so you can find out of your primary and secondary doshas (I’m primarily vata, and my secondary dosha is pitta, but definitely most vata), how to balance your dosha both when it comes to food and lifestyle tips, ayurvedic self-care practices, all about the 5 koshas and the 7 chakras, good morning and night rituals, all about digestion according to ayurveda, ayurvedic home remedies and so much more!

I already knew a bit about Ayurveda and which dosha was my primary, but I’ve definitely learn a lot of new things by reading this book as well, so I will definitely recommend it if you are into holistic health, self development, growth, self-care practices and spirituality!


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As always, if you have any good book recommendations, then please share them with me and everybody else below in the comments and let’s all inspire each other!


Ps, if you have taken an Ayurvedic dosha test then I’m curious, which dosha is your primary?

Books Health Holistic & Spiritual living


Today I want to give you a book recommendation. I absolutely love reading books and I love when others share some of the books that has really made an impression on them and learned them something, and I hope you can find some inspiration as well through the book recommendations that I give here on my blog.

The book ‘Chinese Holistic Medicine‘* by Steven Cardoza is a great book if you are interested in holistic health and how to heal the body with more natural means and before diseases starts to rise, thereby with a more preventative focus.


Holisme means to look at the whole person, both mentally and physically. To figure out what is causing the imbalance and which bodysystems that are getting affected and thereby figure out what have created the underlying reason for the disharmony or sickness that is occurring in the body. Thereafter, the holistic praxis uses this information to help the person to get back into balance again. But the holistic praxis also has focus on prevention – they will rather focus on giving advices for diet, lifestyle etc. which will help a person prevent any diseases from arising, and not just treat the sickness once it is there.

I am such a big believer of this way of thinking. Because why wait until we are sick to do something, if we can do small things in our everyday life which can help prevent us from becoming sick in the first place?


Chinese medicine is holistic and takes the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit – into account, instead of just focusing on the visible sickness


If you are interested in topics such as:

  • The Qi flow
  • Meridians
  • Yin & Yang
  • Acupuncture
  • Acupressure
  • Emotions and their influence on our health
  • Herbal medicine
  • Diet
  • Lifestyle

..  then this is the book for you. It covers all the basics of traditional Chinese Medicine, and it is really interesting and fascinating.

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If you have any good book recommendations (especially within health, holistic living, growth and self development), then I would love if you wanted to share them with me in the comments!


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Books Holistic beauty & skincare


It’s time for another book recommendation, and this one I read in like 1-2 days, it is exactly what I LOVE to read about: health and beauty and natural ingredients which doesn’t harm you or the planet. The book is called Naturally Gorgeous and is written by Charlotte Vøhtz which is also the creator behind the brand Green People. I really find Charlotte’s story inspirering, she started her brand Green People because her daughter got eczema and they couldn’t find any products which she could use, so Charlotte created her own brand.

I got this as a birthday present from my sweet friend Ida, and she really knows me, because if I should have written a book, then this is basically what I would have written. It’s all about avoiding toxic ingredients in your skincare and food, eating nourishing food, drinking water and herbal teas, lots of suggestions for natural skincare, recommendation for dry brushing, DIY recipes for skincare products etc. You get the drill.

If you love natural skincare and beauty as much as I do, and I almost bet you do if you follow me either here on my blog or on Instagram, then you would for sure love this book as well.


English version of the book: Naturally Gorgeous – Essential Health and Beauty Secrets*

Danish version of the book: Sund og Smuk – uden tilsætning*

*Affiliate links have been used which mean that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy through this link


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Books Holistic & Spiritual living Inspiration


A little while ago I read the book “The Four Agreements*” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and wauw. I’ve had this book on my reading list for such a long time, and it is such a light an easy read so I don’t know why I’ve waited so long, but I do believe in timing, and it was the perfect time to read it, it really got me.


Don Miguel Ruiz writes about 4 fundamental life lessons in his book “The Four Agreements”, which in all its simplicity are some very simple life lessons, yet this is something we tend to forget about all the time. But, getting reminded of these things and seeing them in such a simple way really makes a difference. It lights you up and makes you feel good, and really shows you how you can change your own world by changing your perception about life.

I don’t want to give away too much, or say what these life lessons are, because I do believe there was something very special about reading the book and seeing these for yourself, and I don’t want to give that away. But, I will give you a little inspirering quote from the book:


“The word is pure magic – the most powerful gift we have as humans – and we use it against ourselves”


All I can say is that I definitely recommend this book. It is beautiful and so full of wisdom which we could all benefit from becoming aware of and knowing (and using).


Have you read the book? What did you think about it? If you have any other book recommendations, please let me know and I’ll add it to my never-ending-reading-list!

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Health Holistic & Spiritual living


At have tid til sig selv, og tid til at lave lige hvad man gerne vil, er essentielt hvis man gerne vil have det godt. Hvis man ræser rundt fra det ene til det andet, kan det være svært at finde ud af hvad man egentlig gerne vil, og man kan blive helt stresset og udmattet.

Det kan jeg i hvert fald. Derfor prøver jeg så vidt muligt ikke at lave alt for mange aftaler hver evig eneste dag, men at prøve at have lidt fri tid i kalenderen, så der også er plads til ro, afslapning, fordybelse og selvforkælelse.

Mine bedste måder at slappe af på, og have mig-tid, er ved at:

– drikke en dejlig kop varm te
– fordybe mig i en spændende eller interessant bog
– gå ture udenfor i naturen
– lave yoga
– tænde lys
– lave noget lækkert og god mad (eller snacks, de her sunde snickersbidder er min all-time favourite snack for tiden!)
– drikke en god kop te eller kaffe latte med en god veninde, eller min mor, og bare snakke
– se spændende ting på youtube, eller en god dokumentar
– tegne eller male
– skrive mine drømme ned
– tage mig af min krop, ved at tørbørste den, give den et dejligt varmt bad, eller en god gang oliemassage

Hvad bruger du din mig-tid på? Og husker du at holde mig-tid? Hvis du har det med at glemme det, så vil jeg anbefale dig, at du bruger nogle timer i denne weekend på at gøre lige hvad du har lyst til, og husk at nyde det!


Having time for yourself, and time to do what you want is essential if we want to feel good. If you run around from one thing to the next, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually want, and you can get stressed out and exhausted.

Well, at least I can. Therefore I try my best not to schedule too many things every single day, but instead try to have some free time in my calendar, so there is also room for quiet, relaxing and some selfcare time.  

My best ways to relax, and have some me-time, is by:

– drinking a cup of nice warm tea
– dive into an interesting or fascinating book
– going for walks outside in nature
– doing yoga
– lid a candle 
– making some delicious and good food (or snacks, these healthy snicker bites are my all time favourite at the moment!)
– driking a cup of tea or caffe latte with a good friend, or my mom, and just talk
– watching interesting videos on youtube, or a good documentary
– painting or drawing
– writing down my dreams 
– taking care of my body, by dry brushing it, giving it a nice warm bath, or a lovely oil massage 

How do you spend your me-time? And do you remember to have some me-time? If you tend to forget about it, then I’ll recommend that you spend some hours this weekend to do exactly what you want to do, and remember to enjoy it!


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Inspirering people


Jeg er netop blevet færdig med bogen Mastering Your Mean Girl af Melissa Ambrosini. Jeg har jo allerede skrevet en del om denne fantastiske kvinde og flere af hendes podcast episoder herinde. Denne bog er intet mindre end fantastisk, og alle, især unge piger, burde læse den. Den handler i bund og grund om at stoppe med at kritisere sig selv så meget og være så hård mod sig selv, men istedet for lære at elske og acceptere sig selv.

I bogen fortæller Melissa Ambrosini en masse om hendes eget liv, og åbne op for hvordan hun har fået vendt sit liv fra at gå fra ikke at lytte til sine instinkter og følge kærligheden, til at ende med at gøre dette og dermed få alt det hun har drømt om.

Derudover er der en masse gode små øvelser i bogen, masser af visdom og gode tanker, som kan hjælpe en med at udvikle en selv, ens forhold til andre mennesker, til penge, til sundhed og meget andet.

Jeg vil i den grad anbefale andre at læse bogen, og jeg skal bestemt genlæse den engang imellem og gennemgå de forskellige øvelser og blive ved med at huske mig selv på mange af tingene, og dermed blive ved med at udvikle mig.

I just finished reading the book Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini. I’ve already written a lot about this amazing woman og several of her podcast episodes in here. This book is no less than fantastic, and everybody, especially young girls, should read it. It’s about learning to stop yourself from criticizing yourself and being too tough on yourself, and instead learning to love and accept yourself.

In the book Melissa Ambrosini shares a lot about her own life, and opens up for how she turned her life around, going from not listening to her instincts and following love, to begin doing the opposite and thereby getting all she had ever dreamed of.

Besides this there is a lot of great small exercises in the book, lots of wisdom and great thoughts which can help you develop yourself, your relationship to other people, to money, to health and much more.

I will definitely recommend others to read this book, and I for sure have to re-read it more times and go through the different exercises and keep remembering all the things, and keep developing myself.

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Happiness Inspiration


Jeg har lige læst bogen ‘Better Than Before – Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives‘ * af Gretchen Rubin, og tænkte at jeg lige ville komme med en lille anmeldelse af den, hvis det kunne være noget for nogen af jer derude. Gretchen Rubin har også skrevet bøgerne ‘The Happiness Project’ og ‘Happier at Home’, som har fået stor succes. Jeg ELSKEDE denne bog.

Gretchen går i dybden med det med at etablere gode vaner, for at få sig et bedre liv. Hun identificerer mennesker under forskellige kategorier, og siger at hvis man lærer sig selv bedre at kende, og ved hvordan man er – så kan man også ændre nogle ting i sit liv, sådan så man ved hvordan man skal agere i forskellige situationer. Det kan være noget så simpelt som fx, at jeg ved at jeg kan blive irritabel og få det dårligt, hvis jeg bliver alt for sulten. Dette kan jeg så sørge for ikke sker, ved altid at have noget mad eller en snack med. Det hele handler om at vide hvad der hjælper en til at få et bedre liv, og vælge at se på livet som at man enten kan acceptere hvor man er, eller gøre noget ved det og ændre på hvor man er.

Super fin bog, især hvis man er interesseret i vaner, og glæde. Jeg har lige købt hendes bog ‘The Happiness Project’, og det er en af de næste bøger jeg snart skal igang med, og den glæder jeg mig virkelig også til at læse.

Har du læst nogen af Gretchen Rubin’s bøger? Og hvad syntes du om dem?

I’ve just read the book ‘Better Than Before – Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives‘ * by Gretchen Rubin, and I thought that I would make a little review of it, in case some of you out there wanted to read it as well. Gretchen Rubin is also the Author behind ‘The Happiness Project’ and ‘Happier at Home’, which are both New York Times bestellers. I LOVED this book.

Gretchen goes into depth with establishing good habits, in order to get a better life. She identifies people under different categories, and says that if you learn to know yourself better, and know how you are – then you can also change some things in your life, so that you know how to act in different situations. This can be as simple as fx, I know that I can get irritated and feel bad, if I get too hungry. I can make sure that this doesn’t happen, by simply just bringing some food or snacks along with me all the time. It’s all about knowing what can help you to get a better life, and choose to look at the things in your life and either accept them, or change them.

It’s a lovely book, especially if you are interested in habits, and happiness. I’ve just bought her book ‘The Happiness Project’ and it’s one of the next books that I’m going to read, and I’m looking so much forward to it.

Have you read any of Gretchen Rubin’s books? And what did you think about them?

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Happiness Inspiration


Jeg er igang med at læse bogen Langsom Livsstil – Kunsten at få ro på af Karen Pallisgaard*, og jeg elsker den! Karen har nogle virkelig fine pointer, og kommer ind på det med, at mange har gang i et kæmpe præstationsræs, og vi føler at vi skal nå og skal gøre en hel masse på meget kort tid. Istedet sætter hun fokus på, at vi skal blive bedre til at finde ud af hvad der virkelig betyder noget for os og bruge tiden på det. Og at det er okay, ikke at nå tyve tusinde ting.

I dag mødtes jeg med sødeste Ida til en kop kaffe, og vi snakkede netop også om det med at tage det hele lidt mere stille og roligt, og at have mere fokus på det man har gang i. Vi snakkede blandt andet om, at vi nogen gange kunne have svært ved at skrive fx et blog indlæg, og i de tider, bør man måske egentlig bare lade være og gøre noget andet. For hvad godt kommer der ud af at jeg skriver et halvhjertet blog indlæg, som kun er skrevet ‘bare fordi man skal skrive noget’? Det kommer der intet godt ud af, hverken for mig, eller for jer der læser med.

Efter snakken med Ida, og mine tanker efter at have læst i denne bog, er jeg bare blevet virkelig inspireret. Inspireret til at slow down. Tage mig tid til at finde ud af – hvad vil jeg egentlig? Hvad gør mig glad? Man behøves ikke at finde svar på det hele, for det kan være svært. Men det er vigtigt at man sætter sig ned og virkelig overvejer hvad man egentlig vil bruge sit liv på.

Så hermed en lille opfordring. Tag det roligt og slap af. Fokuser på en ting af gangen, og husk på at verden ikke går under hvis du ikke når de tusinde ting du havde på to-do listen i dag. Find ud af hver der giver dig glæde, og brug tid på dette. (Og så vil jeg også bare lige anbefale denne bog, den er virkelig god og inspirerende!)

I’m currently reading the book Langsom Livsstil* (‘slow living’ I guess you could call it in English) by Karen Pallisgaard, and I love it! Karen has some really great points and mentions how people nowadays have focus on doing as many things as possible, and have the need for doing a lot of things in a very short time. Instead she puts focus on, how we should try to engage more in what really matters to us and spend our time on that instead. And that it is okay not to be able to do twenty thousands things at once.

Today I drank a cup of coffee with sweet Ida, and talked about taking it all more slow and relax, and having focus on what you are doing at the moment. We talked about how we can sometimes have a hard time writing fx a blog post, and in those times, you should actually just stop trying to write and do something else instead. Because what good will come out of a blog post written with only half of your heart just because you felt like you ‘had to write something’? Nothing good comes out of that, nor for me, or for you who are reading this.

After the talk with Ida, and my thoughts after having read this book, I just got really inspired. Inspired to slow down. Take the time and just find out of – what do I actually want to do? What makes me happy? You don’t need to have all the answers, because that can be difficult. But it’s important that you sit down and consider what you really want to spend your life on.

So just a little recommendation. Slow down and relax. Focus on one thing at a time, and remember that it is not the end of the world if you don’t get the thousands things on your to-do list done today. Find out what brings you joy and happiness, and spend your time on this.

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