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motivational journal

There’s nothing better than feeling inspired and motivated to do something. Whether that be eating healthy, going zero waste or exercising regularly – am I right? But, this feeling of motivation can sometimes fade after a while.

I’ve found that the best way to regain your motivation (at least for me) is to either watch some inspirering and motivating videos or documentaries, or to read a book concerning the subject you want to regain your motivation upon.

Sometimes I can start thinking “does it really matter whether if I buy my skincare products in plastic?” or something like that. When I begin to feel like this once in a while, I know that it’s time to look at the things that got me into these values in the first place.

So, then I start to watch documentaries about how the environment is being destroyed by human actions, or I choose to watch inspirering Lauren Singer and how she makes living zero waste look so easily and fashionable – and not long after, I’ve fully regained my motivation and determination to do something about whatever it is that I want to do.

You might know what your values are, but it can be so easy in a busy everyday life to get distracted and start to not care that much about certain things – and therefore, I find it so important to keep yourself reminded by watching movies, documentaries, reading books or watching youtube videos which keeps reminding you of why you chose to do what you do.

A tip for you, is to write down:

– a list of why you want to do these things

fx I will not buy products sold in plastic, because I do not want to contribute to more plastic in the world

– a list of what you can do to improve within the areas where you are clear on your values

fx I keep a list of zero waste goals, and then one by one, slowly, I try to focus on a new habit and implement it into my life

– a list of movies, documentaries, books etc. which you know will inspire you

Keep this list for those days where you need a reminder, and just watch a quick youtube video that inspires you, or watch a bunch of documentaries


What is your best way(s) to regain your motivation? And which things in life excites you the most?


Environment Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living


garbage sorting

A year ago I did not care about garbage sorting at all, and it was never really something I had done before. I was used to just throwing everything I used into one big garbage can and then not think about the trash ever again.

But wow, things have changed. Ever since I discovered the whole “zero waste” movement, I’ve learned so much about trash and how it pollutes the Planet.


“Did you know that Denmark is the 2nd highest garbage producing country in Europe? With around 668 kilos trash per person per year in Denmark. Not really something to be proud of.


So, what is garbage sorting?

In all its simplicity, it means that you sort your garbage, instead of throwing everything into one big trashcan.


Why should you sort your garbage?

I will admit, it does take a little bit longer than just throwing everything into the same trashcan, but it makes a huge different. Because then it can be recycled and reused, instead of just ending up in landfill and pilling up.


How do you do it?

If you live in Copenhagen you’ll most likely have access to sorting your trash into: glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, electronics and bio-waste (compost).
If you are in doubt about what category you should sort something into, then you can find information on this site, or join the Zero Waste Danmark facebook group and simply just write and ask, people are so nice and wants to help!


Souce: Danskerne er de næststørste affaldssvin i Europa 

DIY Holistic beauty & skincare


Today it’s going to be all about how you can make your very own natural and moisturising lip balm! It only consist of 4 ingredients and it is super easy to make.

If you haven’t noticed it yet, then I can tell you that I love to make homemade skincare products. This time it was time to make homemade lip balm. I can absolutely not take credit for the recipe as I’ve mainly just followed ones I’ve found on the internet, but I’ve left out any kind of essential oils and just added some vitamin E oil. That is just my preference to leave out essential oils since I often find that lip balms can get too perfumed, and I actually just prefer the smell of more discrete and natural ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter, this just smells divine, if you ask me!


  • 2 tbs of shea butter
  • 1 tbs of coconut oil
  • 1 tbs of beeswax
  • A few drops of vitamin E oil

This amount fills 4 of these small tin containers. 


How to do it

You put all the ingredients into a doubled boiler and wait for it all to melt and mix. Pour it all into small tin containers, I bought mine from, and then put them in the fridge for about 1/2 hour. Easy peasy, now you’ve made homemade natural and moisturising lip balm!


“This is also a lovely little gift idea, which you can either give alone or you can make a little gift basket filled with homemade body butter, a body scrub and lip balm!

Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


2018 is getting closer, and it is the perfect time for new year resolutions and new goals! I have several goals for the new year to come, but I also have some specific ‘zero waste goals’. By that I mean things I want to change in my life to live a more sustainable life.

You can’t do everything at once, and I’ve already changed many things in 2017, so here are some of the things I want to change in the new year:

  • I want to buy these boxes from IKEA for my waste sorting, to make it more practical and prettier at home. Because at the moment my waste sorting looks like piles of plastic, cardboard and glass in random places in the kitchen, and it’s certainly not very pretty.
  • I want to gain some courage to actually bring my own food container whenever I’m buying take-away food from our local bagelshop. I’m still in the phase of thinking too much about what other people might think of me if I do that, so that is something I want to work on in 2018.
  • I want to become better at saying “no thanks” to plastic bags quicker whenever I’m buying something in shops. Sometimes the cashiers are so quick that I haven’t even noticed they’ve put my stuff in a plastic bag before it’s too late to say something.
  • I’m going to buy a washing-up brush in tree once we’ve used up the plastic one that we have in the kitchen.
  • I want to finish off all plastic cleaning products, and get some glass bottles and make my own cleaning products.
  • I want to buy some bee’s wrap and thereby never have to use tin foil or foil again for food.


These were some of the things which were on my ‘zero waste goal’ list for 2018. Do you have any zero waste goals for the upcoming year? And have you changed anything this year?


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Environment Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


As many of you know on Friday it is “Black Friday” aka. buying a lot of stuff and consumerism. It is a day where you can find a lot of sales in stores all around the world and people go crazy shopping. I think buying things on sales is of course fine, as long as it is something you really need. But, the problem is that many people have a tendency to “just buying things because it is cheap”, even though they had never thought about that thing before they just saw it that day.

As a correspond to this consumerism mentality and Black Friday there have been created some new events called “Green Friday” and “White Monday”.

Green Friday

There are some different places in Copenhagen which are having this “Green Friday”. In all its simplicity it’s a trade market where people bring things and trade for no money. It’s based on the principles of circular economy, which are focused on not throwing things out, but instead is focused upon passing the stuff you do not longer want on to someone else who might find joy in your old stuff. As the quote goes “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure“.
The same concept is also being used by more sustainable shops around in Copenhagen which, as a correspond to Black Friday who lowers the prices, actually set the prices up. They call this concept for GoGreen Friday. This is to make the consumer think about whether they actually want to buy things, or if they are just buying it because it is cheap. You can read more about this concept here (only in Danish).

White Monday

There is a new revolution started in Sweden which is a revolution against Black Friday, and it is called White Monday. It’s a revolution against the big consumerism which is going on in our generation, and a request for people to stop consuming so much. It invites people to not spend any money on Black Friday. If you want to follow this revolution further you can find it on Instagram under the hashtag #whitemonday .

What do you think about Black Friday? And what are your thoughts about Green Friday and White Monday?

Environment Inspirering people Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


Velkommen til endnu et bæredygtigt interview! I dag har jeg inviteret Gittemarie, eller bedre kendt som Gittemary på hendes blog, Instagram og youtube, til at besvare nogle spørgsmål omkring hendes egen bæredygtige livsstil.
Jeg håber at du, ligesom jeg, kan blive inspireret af Gittemary!


Fortæl lidt om dig selv

Mit navn er Gittemarie, jeg er 23 år gammel og læser Engelsk og Kulturforståelse på Aalborg Universitet.  Jeg er lidt en urban hippie, som altid har genbrugeligt service i tasken, gror grøntsager i min vindueskarm, shopper secondhand, går ture i bare fødder med noget lækkert metal i ørene.

Hvornår og hvorfor begyndte du at interesse dig for miljø og bæredygtighed?

Min interesse startede for omkring 2,5 år siden. Jeg har aldrig været særligt opmærksom på den slags, men en dag slog det bare klik, cirka den dag jeg opdagede at alt plastik der nogensinde er blevet brugt stadig eksisterer, jeg spurgte min daværende kæreste om vi skulle prøve at undgå plastik i en måned, og jeg har ikke kigget tilbage siden.

Hvordan lever du mere bæredygtigt?

Jeg følger zero waste livsstilen, det vil sige at jeg undgår engangs-produkter, ikke genanvendeligt affald og plastik. Det resulterer i et meget mindre dagligt impact. Desuden så bestræber jeg mig på at engagere mig i lokale butikker og landbrug og så har jeg selvfølgelig skåret kødet (samt de fleste animalske produkter) ud af min kost.

Hvad er dit bedste råd til andre som gerne vil begynde at leve mere bæredygtigt?

Reflekter over dit forbrug og sæt dig ind i hvor de ting kommer fra. Det er så nemt at finde mere bæredygtige alternativer, desværre har vi vænnet os til at det er okay at vælge de muligheder vi har lige for hånden, og selv om mange produkter virker billige for dig, så koster de dyrt i det lange løb.

Hvad er din største bæredygtige drøm?

Jeg ville elske at være selvforsynende mht. grønt, jeg ville også elske at have høns, og generelt fuldstændigt holde op med at støtte industriel produktion af fødevarer, det ville være fantastisk.

Tusinde tak til Gittemarie for at besvare disse spørgsmål, og for at være en stor inspiration for mig og mange andre på de sociale medier!


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Mit seje blognetværk Sustain Daily har fået dokumentaren River Blue til Danmark!

Dokumentaren omhandler hvordan at tøjproduktionen forurener Planeten, i Kina er fx 70 % af alle floder forurenede. Tøjproduktionen skader altså ikke bare miljøet, men også os mennesker på Jorden.

Jeg skal uden tvivl ind og se dokumentaren, og blive klogere på dette emne, så jeg har allerede købt en billet til visningen i København d.20. september.

Filmen bliver også vist i Aalborg i dag d.12. september og i Aarhus d.13. september. Du kan læse meget mere om filmen, og om hvor du kan købe billetter lige her.


My awesome blog community Sustain Daily has gotten the documentary River Blue to Denmark!

The documentary is about how the clothing production industry is polluting the Planet, and in China 70 % of all rivers are polluted. This industry does not only damage the environment, but also the people on Earth.

I am for sure going to watch it, and become a little bit clever upon this topic, so I’ve already bought my ticket for the show in Copenhagen on September 20. 

The movie is also going to be shown in Aalborg today and in Aarhus tomorrow. You can read a lot more about the movie, and find your ticket here.


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Environment Sustainable & Conscious living


Food Choices

Food Choices handler om hvordan vi spiser i verden i dag. Der bliver spist så meget kød, og produktionen af kød er på ingen måde bæredygtig for vores planet. Dokumentaren kommer også ind på hvordan det vi spiser i dag påvirker vores helbred i en dårlig retning.

/ Food Choices is about how we eat in the world today. A lot of meat is being eaten, and the large production of meat is in no way sustainable for our planet. The documentary also touches upon how what we eat affect our health in a negative way.

Chasing Ice

Denne dokumentar handler om en mand som vil fotografere udviklingen af hvordan isen smelter, og overbevise befolkningen om, at klimaforandringerne og global opvarmning faktisk er en realitet. Hans beviser har været med til at gøre global opvarmning til noget man faktisk kan se ændrer naturen og den verden vi lever i.

/This documentary is about a man who wants to take photos of the development of how the ice is melting and thereby convince the population about climate change and global warming is a reality. His evidence has been crucial to actually prove that global warming is something tangible that you can actually see in the world we live in.

Chasing Coral

Chasing Coral er direkte sørgelig, og jeg må ærligt indrømme at jeg var ved at tude da jeg så den. Den handler om hvordan at flere og flere koraller i verdenshavene dør, og de dør hurtigt. Koraller er grobund for økosystemer i havet, og hvad der sker i havene viser hvad der også kan komme til at ske på Jorden. Grunden til at korallerne dør er temperaturstigningerne pga. den globale opvarmning. Chasing Coral blev til som inspiration af ovenstående dokumentar, Chasing Ice, og dokumenterer på samme måde, med billeder, udviklingen af hvordan korallerne dør.

/Chasing Coral is really sad, and I must admit I cried a bit while watching it. It’s about how more and more corals are dying in the oceans, and they are dying fast. Corals is the foundation for ecosystems in the ocean, and what happens in the oceans show what will eventually happen at Earth as well. The reason for the corals dying is because of the rising temperatures caused by global warming. Chasing Coral became a reality through inspiration from the above documentary, Chasing Ice, and documents in the same way, with pictures showing how the corals are dying.


Ligesom ‘Food Choices’, kigger Cowspiracy også på hvordan vi spiser gør os syge, men også påvirker planeten på en dårlig måde.

/Just like ‘Food Choices’, Cowspiracy looks at how what we eat make us sick, and how it also affects the planet in a very negative way. 

A Plastic Ocean

Denne dokumentar handler om en mand som ville filme nogle store hvaler. Men da ham og hans filmhold var ude for at filme dem, indså de hvor meget plastik der var midt ude i havet. Verdenshavene er fyldt med plastik, og i denne dokumentar vil filminstruktøren undersøge forureningens indvirkning på miljøet.

/This documentary is about a man who wanted to film big whales. But when him and his production team were out filming them, they realized how much plastic was in the oceans. The oceans are filled with plastic, and in this documentary, the instructor wants to investigate how the plastic affects the environment. 

Alle dokumentarerne kan ses på Netflix pt.
/All documentaries are currently available on Netflix.

Health Holistic & Spiritual living Holistic beauty & skincare


Det er noget tid siden jeg har delt mine yndlings podcast, og dengang var det mere rent generelt. Nu har jeg fundet nogle nye favoritter, og da jeg for tiden er all-in-for sundhed, holisme og spiritualitet, så tænkte jeg at det kunne være interessant at dele mine yndlings podcast indenfor denne genre med jer. Og så passer det jo perfekt hertil weekenden! Selv skal jeg på arbejde hele weekenden, men det kan være at du har helt fri og kunne bruge et godt og inspirerende podcast til en god gå tur ude i naturen.


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Denne her er efterhånden en gammel favorit, for jeg har efterhånden hørt med længe, og har også anbefalet podcastet flere gange herinde på bloggen. Men, hvis du ikke kender til det, så interviewer Melissa Ambrosini alverdens spændende mennesker og man får en masse ny og spændende viden. Især er der fokus på sundhed, men der kommer også emner som parforhold, selvudvikling og meget mere.


Awaken Radio

Denne her er en ny favorit. Podcastet er lavet af Connie Chapman (som forresten har den fineste Instagram profil!). Connie’s stemme er så dejligt beroligende, og dette podcast har også fokus på sundhed, men det har også et meget spirituelt fokus – hvilket jeg er elle vild med disse dage.


Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule

Jeg er begyndt at være meget fascineret af Ayurveda (læs lidt mere om det her), og i dette podcast finder man information og hverdagstips til hvordan man kan implementere ayurvedaen i sin egen hverdag. Podcastet er lavet af Myra Lewin som er ayurvedisk udøver og er stifteren af Hale Pule som er et ayurveda og yoga skole.


The Spa Dr

The Spa Dr er også kendt som Dr. Trevor Cates, besvarer på spørgsmål omkring sundheds myter, interviewer spændende mennesker indenfor sundhedsfeltet og kommer med en masse tips og tricks til hvordan man kan passe bedst muligt på sin krop rent sundhedsmæssigt.

Hvis i har nogle gode podcasts indenfor samme genre, så må i endelig dele dem med mig, for jeg elsker at opdage nye gode podcasts!


It’s been a while since I last shared my favourite podcasts, and at that time it was more podcasts in general. Now I’ve found some new favourites, and since I’m at the moment all about health, holistic and spiritual living, I thought it would be interesting to share some of my favourite podcasts within this genre with you. And it’s perfect here for the weekend! I have to work all weekend, but you might have a free weekend and could use a good and inspirational podcast to listen to while going for a walk outside in nature. 


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

This is an old favourite, which I’ve already shared several times on the blog. But, if you do not know about it, Melissa Ambrosini interviews a lot of different people and you get so much new knowledge. There is especially focus on health, but it also touches upon subjects such as relationships, self development and much more.


Awaken Radio

This is a new favourite of mine. The podcast is made by Connie Chapman (which btw has the most lovely Instagram account!). Connie’s voice is so soothing and calm, and this podcast has focus on health, but also a lot of spirituality – which I’m loving these days.


Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule

I’ve become very fascinated with ayurveda (read more about it here), and in this podcast you get information and everyday tips and tricks on how to implement the ayurvedic lifestyle into your everyday life. The podcast is made by Myra Lewin which is an ayurvedic practitioner and the founder of Hale Pule which is an ayurveda and yoga school.


The Spa Dr

The Spa Dr is also known as Dr. Trevor Cates, and she answers questions about health myths, interviews exciting people within the health field and comes with a lot of tips and tricks on how to take care of your body and yourself in the best way. 

If you have any good podcasts within the same kind of genre, please share them with me, because I love discovering new amazing podcasts!


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Environment Sustainable & Conscious living


En simpel ting du kan gøre for at passe bedre på miljøet, er at framelde dig reklamer. Dette var selv en ting jeg aldrig rigtig havde tænkt over, for det var jo bare helt normalt at få tonsvis af reklamer ind af døren.

Men prøv lige at tænk over hvor meget papir der går til spilde på nogle tilbudsaviser som man knap nok læser? Prøv at tænk på sidste gang du faktisk kiggede igennem reklamer? For mig var dette nærmest aldrig. Og hvis man gør, så kan man stadig finde reklamerne online hos de forskellige butikker.

Ved at tilmelde dig Reklamer Nej Tak, kan du altså undgå virkelig meget unødvendigt papirspild. Og du kan gøre det lige herinde.

Bare et lille tip, som alligevel gør en stor forskel på den lange bane!

I don’t know how this works in other countries, but in Denmark you can sign up for not receiving junk mails and commercials in your mailbox. This is such a great thing to do in order to reduce waste in your everyday life. Most of the offers and commercials you can find online anyway nowadays, so there is no need for getting it in the physical form.