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Winter is just around the corner, it actually snowed a little bit in Denmark the other day! That calls for lots of cozy times and self-care practices, to help with the mood and make the cold and dark Winter times a bit more enjoyable.


Here are 7 Cozy Winter Self-Care Practices

1. Drybrush your Skin

During Winter your skin tends to get a lot more dry. Something that can help with this is dry brushing your skin (preferably every day, or just before you take a shower). Dry brushing helps mildly exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells.


2. Use a Moisturising Body Butter

In coherence with dry brushing, what your skin would really love during the Winter is to get massaged into a really moisturising body butter after having taken a shower. I have a delicious and very easy recipe for a body butter right here, and you can also find a simple guide to it under ‘highlights’ on my Instagram.


3. Take a Footbath

Is there anything better than snuggling under a blanket, with a cup of tea, and a warm footbath while watching a good movie? I absolutely that I love this. Winter is the perfect time to give your feet some love, especially now that they are locked inside big boots for many months. I like to make a footbath with some epsomsalt and lemon juice.

5. Light a Candle

Winter time calls for candles. Am I right? It just creates such a cozy and comforting vibe to see candles lit inside your home.


6. Time for Tea

I can basically drink tea all year long, but Winter time especially calls for those warm drinks. Whether that be herbal teas, hot cacaos or a delicious smelling chai lattes. Pour yourself a warm drink, grab a blanket, light the candles and engage in a lovely book, your favourite movie or have a great talk with your best friends.

7. Yin Yoga

I might be a bit biased here, but Cathrine (my boss) has really showed me the wonders of Yin Yoga. Yin yoga is a very slow and deep yoga practice. You stay in each pose for 3-5 minutes, and you thereby get really deep into the stretches. It feels amazing, and it is so relaxing and it really calms you down. Yin yoga also calls for warm clothes and you usually finish off with a blanket over you in Savasana. You can either take a physical yin yoga class, or you can do it at home by fx using Yogavivo.


What are your favourite things to do during the Winter, to make life a little bit more enjoyable? Share them in the comments, and let’s inspire each other!


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Today I thought I would share some of the ayurvedic practices which I’m using in my everyday life, and you might find some inspiration for some more loving and selfcaring practices.


If you don’t know what ayurveda is, then I’ve already written a blog post about it which you can read about right here. I find ayurveda very fascinating and, as mentioned, I’ve already taken several of the ayurvedic practices to me and use them in my everyday life to take better care of myself, health and happiness.


Dry brushing

Dry brushing is a very used practice within ayurveda. Dry brushing is where you brush your dry skin, to get rid of dead skin cells, but more importantly to get your blood circulation flowing in your body. Dry brushing before a bath is such a lovely selfcare practice.


Oil massage

Just like dry brushing, then giving yourself an oil massage, is also a very practiced ritual within the ayurvedic belief system. Again this is a way to get your blood circulation going, but also just a lovely way to moisturise your skin and get in tune with your own body.

self care


Tongue scraping

Tongue scraping is a new ayurvedic practice which I’ve just started to do. Basically you just scrape your tongue to remove dirt from your tongue. You can do this after you brush your teeth and just incorporate it as a daily practice, like brushing teeth. Tongue scraping is a way to not only remove a bad breath, but also a way to, according to ayurvedic beliefs, improve taste and digestion*.


Warm food, drinks and clothes

If you have identified which ayurvedic dosha is your primary (vata, kapha, pita), then you can follow some of the practices which are suggested for your type. My primary dosha is vata, and one of my characteristics is that I very easily get cold and freeze. This is so simple and seems very logic, but the ayurvedic practice recommends, especially for vata doshas, to eat warm food, drink warm drinks (herbal teas, golden milk) and dress in warm clothes in order to keep balanced. So I sip on tea almost all day long, wear lots of warm knits and a blanket if I’m at home, and I truly enjoy eating a delicious warm and nourishing vegetable soup or a good dhal.


I’m curious to know if you’ve looked into ayurveda? Are you following any of these selfcare practices? And, what dosha type are your primary?

Source: Why everyone should consider tongue scraping 

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Noget af det bedste jeg ved, er at have rene selvforkælelsesdage. Hvor man ikke skal andet end at tage sig af sig selv, hygge, slappe af og lave lige hvad man aller bedst kan lide. Det behøves ikke at være en hel dag, men bare at indføre disse små hygge ritualer engang imellem gør en kæmpe forskel i ens hverdag og på ens generelle humør.

Tørbørstning* er en skøn måde at føle at man virkelig forkæler sig selv og sin krop. Du skal simpelthen bare børste din krop, og så sætter det gang i dit lymfesystem og får blodet til at cirkulere rundt i kroppen, hvilket stimulerer cellerne. Jeg elsker at tørbørste kroppen og efterfølgende tage et bad, eller smøre mig ind i olie – så føler jeg virkelig at jeg gør noget godt for mig selv og min krop.

Jeg elsker virkelig olier. Jeg elsker at smøre dem på kroppen, i hovedet, i håret osv. Jeg synes at olier kan noget helt fantastisk, og jeg føler at de virkelig går ind og nærer min krop. Der findes et hav af forskellige olier som hver især kan noget fantastisk. Typisk bruger jeg kokosolie til kroppen når jeg skal give mig selv en oliemassage, eller bare efter jeg har været i bad, og til ansigtet bruger jeg enten mandel- eller jojoba olie (gerne blandet op med noget hybenkerneolie og lidt e-vitaminolie).

God te
En god kop te skal man ikke undervurdere. Jeg drikker simpelthen så meget te. Min kæreste synes det er helt morsomt så meget te jeg drikker. Han spørger mig altid, “hvor mange kopper te har du så fået i dag?”. Jeg elsker varme, og teen hjælper med at holde mig varm, og så er der bare noget virkelig hyggeligt over at sidde med en varm kop te.

Lækker snack, evt. chokolade
Hvis man skal have sig en rigtig hyggestund, så skal man også have noget hygge snacks. Og det behøves altså ikke at være det usunde. Der findes tonsvis af lidt sundere snacks, fx mørk chokolade, eller sunde snickersbarer, eller bare noget frugt er også virkelig skønt.

Noget godt at læse i
Det kan være et blad, eller en bog. Jeg elsker at fordybe mig i en god bog, med en god kop te og lidt at snacke på. Det er nok noget af det bedste jeg ved, og det får mig til at slappe helt af. I kan læse lidt boganbefalinger fra mig og Cathrine lige her.

Hvis man skal hygge sig, så skal man også have det rart og bekvemt. Det bedste er at sidde i en stor striktrøje, natbukser og tykke sokker under et godt tæppe – er det ikke rigtigt?

Lys er bare hyggelige. Jeg elsker at tænde lys, og foretrækker soya lys (læs hvorfor her), og ellers så er min himalaya salt lampe også med til at skabe den hyggeligste atmosfære.

Hvad gør i når i skal hygge jer?


One of the best things that I know of is to have days where I focus on selfcare. Where you don’t have to do anything else except taking care of yourself, having a cozy time, relaxing and do what you love the most. But it doesn’t have to be an entire day, you can just incorporate some of the small cozy rituals into your every day life and it will make a huge difference on your day and your general mood.

Drybruhsing* is a wonderful way to feel like you are really treating yourself and your body. All you have to do is dry brush your body, and this will get your blood circulation going which stimulates your cells. I love to dry brush my body and afterwards either take a bath, or give myself an oil massage – then I really feel like I am doing something good for myself and my body.

I really love oils. I love to put it on my body, in my face, in my hair etc. I think that oils are fantastic, and I really feel like they go in and nourish my body. There are tons of different oils which all can something differently. I typically use coconut oil for my body when I’m giving myself an oil massage, or just after the shower, and for the face I use either almond- or jojoba oil (preferably mixed with some rosehip seed oil and some e-vitamin oil).

A good cup of tea
Never underestimate a good cup of tea. I drink so much tea that my boyfriend thinks it is hilarious, he always asks me “how many cups of tea have you had today?”. I love the warmth, and the tea really help to keep me warm, and then there is just something cozy about drinking a warm cup of tea.

Delicious snacks, fx chocolate
If you are going to have a real good time, you also need some kind of snacks. It doesn’t have to be unhealthy snacks. There are tons of delicious healthier snacks, fx dark chocolate, healthy snrickersbites, or some fruit is also wonderful. 

Something good to read
It can be a magazine, or book. I love to dive into a good book, with a lovely cup of tea and something to snack on. It is probably one of the best things that I know of, and it really makes me relax. You can read some book recommendations from me and Cathrine right here.

Cozy clothes
If you are really going to have a cozy time, you also need to feel cozy and comfortable. The best is to sit in a big knitted sweater, pyjamas pants and some thick socks beneath a good blanket – am I right?

Candles are just cozy. I love to burn candles, and I prefer soy candles (you can read why, right here), and else my himalayan salt lamp also helps to create a cozy atmosphere. 

What do you do when you want to feel cozy?


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