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What does ‘supporting local brands’ mean?

It means that you support brands that are local to you. So very simply put; if you live in Denmark, then supporting local brands means supporting Danish brands, or brands which are very close to Denmark.


Why is it good?

It is good for your nations economy to support many smaller, local brands. In that way you ensure that people in your country have a job and that makes the economy go around (read a more in-depth article about that here). There is, of course, also the more environmentally friendly aspect, that the goods you buy don’t have to get transported across the globe (either by plain or ship or whatever means of transport) when you buy locally, instead it can get transported by trucks/the local mail – and if you live close to the physical stores, you can just go there yourself and buy the things.

Another thing I love about supporting smaller, local brands is that you can very often “feel” the person(s) behind the brand, their vision and their passion. Often times, you can actually meet the owners/creators behind the brand in a physical store or get in contact with them, and I really like that. You can sincerely feel that these people wants to make a difference, and that is beautiful and inspirering.

In connection to the above I love this quote:

So just a little recommendation for you is to seek for the things you are searching for in smaller, local businesses. This does not mean that all that I personally buy is from small, local businesses, but I prefer supporting local brands if I can find what I need from these. I truly love to discover new Danish brands (which have the environment in their hearts), I find it very inspirering.

Here are a few of the Danish brand that I like to follow closely:

Miild make-up, LØS market, Isangs, Gritt & Borris, Atelier AarhusAiayu, Woron, Dilling Underwear, Yogamii.


Do you have any favourite local brands?

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This switch has actually been on my “gotta buy list” for the past half year, don’t even ask me why I haven’t bought it before now, but now I finally got around to it and bought it!

Now you might think, what on Earth is bee’s wrap?

Bee’s wrap is very simply a reusable alternative to tin foil or plastic wraps, which you can store your food in. The smart thing about bee’s wrap is that it is reusable, once you have used it you simply just wash it with cold water and some soap and then let it dry and then it’s all ready to use again and again and again! In that way you never have to throw out tin foil again, because you can just simply avoid buying it – pretty awesome!

Bee’s wrap comes in many different colours, and you can buy it on many sustainable online webshops such as Bleschu, Økofamilien and ilovegreen etc.


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Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


Hvis der er en ting jeg har lært af denne zero waste movement, så er det at man ikke skal undgå at smide ting ud, og istedet for bruge det man har indtil det er brugt op, eller finde andre måder at bruge tingene på.

En ting man kan gøre er at gemme sine gamle glas. Det kan være glas du har fra pasta sauce, kokosolie, salsa sauce eller andet. Gem glassene, lad dem stå i blød i noget vand og sæbe og fjern etikkerne og gør dem rene. Jeg har proppet små labels på mine glas, og bruger dem nu som opbevaring til diverse mad.


If there is one thing I have learned from this zero waste movement, it is to avoid throwing things out, and instead try to use the things you have until they are used up, or find other ways to use them.

One thing you can do is to save your old glass jars. It could be glasses which you have collected from pasta sauce, coconut oil, salsa sauce or other things. Save the glasses, let them soak in soap and water and remove the etiquettes and clean them. I’ve put small labels on my glasses, and I’m using them for storage for different food.

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Environment Health


Jeg prøver, som nævnt tidligere herinde, at gøre min part i, ikke at skade jorden for meget. Men en ting jeg overhovedet ikke havde tænkt over, før en veninde nævnte det – var hvor skadelige at normale engangskarklude var for miljøet. Dette havde jeg slet, slet ikke skænket en tanke. Men, engangskarklude indeholder plastik, og dette skylles enten ud, kommer til at hænge i luften, eller ryger i kloakken eller i maden (læs selv mere om det her).

Men man kan vælge at gøre brug af nogle strikkede karklude, og dermed ikke skade miljøet.
Dog kan jeg ikke selv prale af at kunne strikke, men så er det jo skønt, at jeg er så heldig både at have en farmor og en svigermor som har strikket mig både karklude og viskestykker! Så dem er vi begyndt at bruge herhjemme istedet for.
Så hør endelig en du kender om de vil strikke dig nogle karklude, eller måske du selv kan strikke dem, og gør en lille ekstra ting for miljøet. Som man siger “mange bække små gør en stor å“, det samme gælder alle de små ting du gør i din hverdag.

Vidste du det med at engangskludene var skadelige for miljøet? Og er der andre ting som man ikke lige tænker over, som man burde udskifte i sit hjem? Kom endelig med forslag!

As mentioned earlier in here, I try to do my part in not hurting the planet too much. But one thing I had never thought of before as being damaging, before a friend mentioned it – is how damaging once-use dishcloths are for the environment. I had never thought of this before. But, these dishcloths contain plastic, which will either be flushed out, hang in the air, go down the drain or into our food.

But you can choose to use some knitted dishcloths and thereby not harm the environment. But I cannot brag about being very good at knitting, but then it’s good that I’m so lucky to have both a grandma and a mother-in-law which have knitted me both dishcloths and dish towels! So those we have started used instead.
So go and ask someone you know if they will knit you a dishcloth, or maybe you can knit it yourself, and thereby do a little extra thing for the environment. Remember a lot of small good actions, ends up resulting in something bigger. It’s the small things you do everyday that makes a different.

Did you know that the one-time dishcloths were harmful for the environment? And is there any other thing that you should think about changing in your home? Please comment if you know about anything!

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