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I was asked the other day if I wanted to share some of my favourite health books, and of course I want do! Health is one of my biggest passions in life. I LOVE to read about it, watch documentaries about it etc. and learn new information. I’ve read several books about this subject, but these are some of my absolutely favourite ones. There are books about hormones, what food to eat to make your skin look beautiful, what food is good for improving digestion, natural contraception methods, yoga and ayurveda, herbs and just learning more about what food to eat, and what food to eat less of, if you want to have a healthy body.


1. Womancode – Alisa Vitti*
I read this book recently, and I love it. I feel like I’ve learned SO much about women’s cycles in it, and how to stabilise hormones and avoid hormonal imbalance. Definitely a must-read for women, especially if you are just getting off the birth control pill and want to stabilise your hormones back to normal again.

2. Beauty foods – Sally Walker & Laura Bonné*
I love to read about what specific foods does for our body, our health and how we look. This book goes into depth with different food which is amazing to eat for our health and how we look.

3. Hormonel harmoni – Caroline Fibæk & Stine Fürst*
If you want to learn more about stabilising your hormones, or finding out what kind of hormonal imbalances you might have, then this book is great. It also has a little test where you can identify where you might have a hormonal imbalance.

4. Taking charge of your fertility – Toni Weschler*
When I first started thinking about quitting the birth control pill, I lend this book from my friend, and wow. This was when I started to learn about more natural ways of protecting yourself from getting pregnant, and just in general learn more about the female body and the cycle.

5. Et Pukka Liv – Sebastian Pole*
The founder behind the Pukka tea brand wrote this lovely book (A Pukka Life) about health, ayurveda, herbs and their benefits.

6. Food Pharmacy – Mia Clase & Lina Aurell*
A lovely book about what food to eat if you really want to be healthy, you’ll learn a lot more about probiotics, vegetables and much more.

7. Begynderyogabogen – Karen Pallisgaard*
If you are new to yoga, or want to learn about ayurveda, then this book is amazing. So easy to read, and yet filled with so much good information. I’m such a fan of Karen’s books, also Langsom Livsstil.

8. Medical Medium Life-Changing Foods – Anthony Williams*
This book is also about how food can change your life and make you healthy. It describes different food and how it affects your body and your health.

9. How Not to Die – Michael Greger*
If you’re interested in a plant based diet, this is probably one of the books most people will recommend you to read. Michael Greger is one of the ‘big nutritionists’ in the plant based field and have written this amazing book. The book comes with so much scientific evidence for how only a diet can prevent and reverse many of the causes of diseases-related death. Another one is The China Study by T. Collin Campbell & Thomas M. Campell, which is about a study made in China which showed how diet affected health.

I hope you can find some inspiration, and please also share your favourite health books with me – I’m constantly on the hunt for new amazing books to read!

*Affiliate links have been used, this means that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy through this link. 



Som noget nyt herinde på bloggen, vil jeg hver onsdag dele nogle ting som jeg har fundet interessante på det sidste. Det kan være en bog jeg har læst, en artikel jeg har læst, en dokumentar jeg har set, noget jeg ønsker mig, en inspirerende video eller noget helt andet!

Jeg elsker selv at læse disse indlæg hos andre bloggere som har samme interesser som mig (bare se Ida’s liste her!) og finde ny inspiration.

Jeg håber at i kan finde det brugbart og at i kan blive inspirerede!

  1. Bogen “Et Pukka Liv” af Sebastian Pole. Hvis du er interesseret i, eller vil lære mere omkring, ayurveda, så er denne bog bestemt en du skal læse! Den er skrevet af grundlæggeren bag te-firmaet Pukka.
  2. Dette er en youtube kanal anbefaling. Hvis du også er interesseret i en holistisk livsstil, og det er du garanteret hvis du følger med herinde, så SKAL du besøge Holistic Habits youtube kanal. Hun er simpelthen det sødeste menneske, og så er hendes videoer spækket med fantastisk viden og er så fine!
  3. Sustain Daily har lavet en madplan. Ikke mindst er den jo super brugbar, men den er også SÅ fin! Jeg har selv længe tænkt at jeg skal blive bedre til at meal preppe osv., og jeg tænker at deres madplan kommer til at hjælpe en hel del på sagen!
  4. Awaken Radio podcast har jeg allerede anbefalet i dette indlæg, men jeg ville lige give et skud ud for denne episode med Emmily Banks. Her snakkes der om naturlig make-up og hudpleje og hvor vigtigt det er ikke at fylde alverdens kemikalier på sin hud – super spændende!
  5. En stor himalaya salt lampe står aller højest på min ønskeliste lige nu. Ikke bare er de fantastisk flotte, men der er også alverdens fordele ved at have sådan en fin én i sit hjem, læs bare her.
  6. Denne TED-talk omkring at vælge at leve et liv uden skrald er super inspirerende! (Jeg elsker TED talks, så i kan godt regne med mange flere delinger i de kommende indlæg)



As something new here on the blog I’m going to share things every Wednesday which I have found interesting. It could be a book I have read, an article, a documentary I’ve seen, something on my wishlist, an inspirering video or something entirely different!

I love to read these kind of blogposts made by other bloggers with the same interests as me (just look at Ida’s list here!) and find new inspiration.   

I hope you will find it useful and get inspired!

  1. The book “A Pukka Life” by Sebastian Pole. If you are interested in, or just want to learn about, ayurveda, then you should read this book! It’s written by the founder behind the tea company Pukka.
  2. This is a youtube channel recommendation. If you also are interested in a holistic lifestyle, and I bet you are if you are following along here, then you MUST visit Holistic Habits youtube channel. She is the sweetest human being, and her videos are filled with amazing knowledge and are just lovely! 
  3. Sustain Daily has made a meal plan. Not only is it very useful, but also so pretty! I’ve been thinking about doing some more meal prepping lately and I am sure that their plan is going to help me out!
  4. Awaken Radio podcast is something I’ve already recommend in this blogpost, but I just wanted to mention this episode with Emmily Banks. They talk about natural make-up and skincare and how important it is not to fill your skin with chemicals – super interesting! 
  5. A big himalayan salt lamp is very high on my wishlist at the moment. Not only are they gorgeous, but there are also a number of benefits to having such a lamp in your home, just read here.
  6. This TED-talk about choosing to live a life without trash is super inspirering! (I love TED talks, so there is going to come a lot more of these in these kind of blog posts)