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Did you know that you can improve your health simply by going for a walk? Inactivity is one of the biggest health threats to our society today. A simple way to combat this is simply to put one foot in front of the other and go for a walk. The benefits of walking is amazing, and this is what I want to share with you today!


Walking is such a simple thing, yet so effective when it comes to improving your overall health. I’ve previously written a blogpost about that ‘Sitting is the new smoking’, which you can read right here, which is all about how we in today’s society are way too inactive and spend too much time sitting, which is actually really harmful for our health.

And a way to combat sitting and being inactive – is simply, to go for a walk. Walking can actually help cleanse the lymphatic system – which is a system that helps to purify bodily fluids and improve your overall health. This system does not have a pump, and it is therefore necessary for the individual to maintain a regular amount of activity that will help move the lymph and cleanse the system. You can cleanse this system simply by engaging in 20-30 minutes walking – preferably outside in nature, since there is also a lot of benefits with being outside in nature; you get fresh air, you get some natural sunlight and just the visual of nature can be an instant mood lifter!

The Benefits of Walking

  • It boosts the immune function
  • It helps combat sugar cravings
  • It reduces risk of developing breast cancer
  • It can lower risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles
  • It lifts your mood by releasing endorphins (the happy-hormone!)
  • It reduces the risk of depression and fatigue
  • It improves your posture
  • It can increase your creativity
  • It can improve your memory
  • It cleanses your lymphatic system


But, if walking doesn’t  sound like the funniest thing for you, then here is a few suggestions for how to spice it up and how to make walking a bit more fun! 

How to make walking more fun

  • Listen to a podcast or some good music while walking (my absolute favourite podcasts at the moment is The Food Medic, Martiny Podcast and Awaken Radio)
  • Go for a walk along with a friend and talk
  • Go outside in nature, in the forest or along the beach and enjoy the beautiful nature and fresh air
  • Drive to a beautiful place where you haven’t been before and go for a long walk, fx Møns Klint (I was there recently with my family and it was such a beautiful place)
  • You can also choose to make a little competition with your friends, children or whoever, about who can pick up most trash while going for a walk. A fun little game and such a nice little thing to do to keep the nature clean

How to sneak in more walking in your everyday life?

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator to your work
  • Choose to walk instead of taking the bike or the car to the grocery store
  • Go for a walk with a friend instead of sitting down at a café. You can just bring your own to-go cups with you and either make your own coffee, tea or whatever, or you can ask to get your cup filled at a café

So, don’t you just feel like going for a walk right now? Or maybe you can suggest to your friend that the next time you are going to meet up that you can go for a walk instead of sitting at a café.

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Health Inspiration


It’s January and a new year, and there’s no better time to start getting into lots of healthy habits to live your best life! I fully agree that we are all different, and that it might not be in your interest to get into healthy habits, I completely respect that. But, I do want to say that if you want to feel better, look better, feel more energised and productive and hopefully also feel much better once you get older – then these are some of the tips that might help you achieve all of that!

Here you go, some healthy lifestyle tips:


Get enough sleep

Preferably 7-8 hours each night, and the best is to get to bed before 10pm. Turn of the television and electronics at least 1 hour before going to bed since the electric blue light disturbs your body and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Read a book, or have a good talk with a loved one instead.


Eat alkaline food

Eat plenty of vegetables and beans! Especially the green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale etc.).

Highly alkaline food: 
– green vegetables
– green salad and seaweed
– potatoes
– sprouts, nuts and seeds
– sesame- and flax seeds
– almonds and brazil nuts
– pumpkin seeds and coconut
– garlig, turmeric and ginger
– avocado
– herbal teas, green and white tea
– olive-, coconut- and flaxseeds oil


Avoid acidic food

Meat, sugar, candy, sodas. If your body gets too much acidic food it creates an unhealthy and inflamed environment in your body where sickness, pain and overweight can grow.

Very acidic food: 
– meat
– eggs
– sugar and honey
– artificial sweeteners
– vinegar
– dairy products – especially cheese
– industrial processed food
– junkfood
– margarine
– frying oil
– candy and cakes
– alcohol
– black tea and ordinary coffee
– sodas
– fruitjuice
– energy and sportsdrinks


Drink lemon water 

When you wake up in the morning drink some hot water with the juice from half a lemon. This helps the digestion and it detoxes the body. After drinking this wait at least 1/2 hour before eating breakfast.


Drink lots of water during the day, but not while you are eating 

Drink 2 litres of water or more during the day, but not while you are eating since this disturbs the digestion process and the absorption of the nutrients from the food.


Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly 

Chew your food until it becomes liquid before you swallow it. If you don’t chew the food enough, acid will be created in the body.


Exercise – move your body 

Move your body, get your pulse up and sweat out all the toxins from your body. Moving, fx through yoga, also massages your organs and makes your body function better and creates more blood flow and improves digestion. It also releases endorphins which is a “happy hormone”, which makes you feel happier.


Drink herbal tea 

Switch the coffee out with some herbal tea (fx green tea).


Mental health

Think happy and nice thoughts about yourself. Start to really love yourself and your body just as it is right now. Think that you want to take good care of your body by filling it with lots of healthy food, so it will be fresh and healthy all your life. Look yourself in the mirror each day and tell yourself that you love you <3


Do things that you love 

Read, relax, go for a walk in nature, dance, talk, go to a spa a sauna – do things that makes you happy and spend your time with people who makes you feel good and who you love.


Take care of your body 

Use natural products, and smear your body into oils. Drybrush your skin. Give yourself a nice oil massage on the body, in the face and your scalp Take a nice bath, scrub your skin. Just relax.


These were some of my favourite health tips for taking good care of oneself and ones body. I do want to notice that it’s all about balance. There’s no health in restricting yourself to only eat vegetables all the time, listen to your body and treat yourself once in a while as well, that is also healthy for your soul.
Please share some of your favourite health tips as well! 

Health Inspirering people


I går var det afslutningen på programmet U-turn med Chris MacDonald som blev sendt på DR1. Min kæreste og jeg har fulgt med i programmet fra første afsnit, og er i den grad fan af Chris MacDonald og den forskel han gør, og ikke mindst han amerikansk-danske accent (“medicin-freeee”).

Hvis du ikke aner hvad U-turn programmet går ud på, så lad mig lige introducere dig til det.
Programmet handler om at man følger 6 deltagere som alle har type 2 diabetes (dvs. den diabetes form som man typisk får som følge af en dårlig livsstil). Programmet handler så om at disse deltagere, sammen med Chris som deres coach, skal træne en masse og spise sundere og prøve at skære ned på det høje forbrug af piller, som de må indtage pga. deres sygdom.

Det var en brav kamp for deltagerne, og flere af dem havde det meget hårdt undervejs. Men de formåede i stor stil at træne en masse og få omlagt deres kost og få nogle sundere vaner. Hele forløbet varede et år, og ud af de 6 deltagere blev 4 af dem helt frie for at skulle tage deres piller, og de sidste 2 kom ned på kun at skulle tage en pille om dagen. De var allesammen startet ud med at tage op til flere piller dagligt, så det var intet mindre end fantastisk at se denne kæmpe forandring der var sket med dem.

Jeg var allerede fuldt overbevidst om at sund mad og motion kan gøre mirakler for os, og jeg tror virkelig på at man kan helbrede sig selv ud af mange sygdomme og skavanker, blot ved at ændre sin kost og dyrke noget mere motion. Men derfor er det stadig mega inspirerende at se nogle mennesker opnå fantastiske resultater, og man kan håbe på at det kan inspirere andre mennesker til at gøre det samme – og at det kan få sygdomsvæsenet og regeringen til at fokusere mere og mere på at vejlede folk i bedre kost og motion, istedet for at udskrive en masse recepter.

Alle afsnittene af U-turn programmet (der er 9 i alt af 30 minutter hver) kan ses på DR’s hjemmeside.

This post is about a Danish television serie, therefore I will not go into much depth about it in English. But it’s about 6 people suffering from type 2 diabetes because of their lifestyle. The Danish/American coach Chris MacDonald will  throughout a whole year help these people to change their life – by making them eat healthier and exercise more, and hopefully get rid of their diabetes medication. 4 out of 6 ends up getting completely off their medication, and the last 2 only have to take 1 pill each day, compared to when they all began and they all took many pills each day. It’s amazing what eating healthy and exercising can do, and I truly believe that you can cure a lot of illnesses by doing just that.

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Hvis du gerne vil leve et sundt liv, med masser af dejlig sund kost og motion, hvilket jeg kun kan anbefale for der er såsåså mange fordele ved det – så handler det også om, at prøve at gøre det så nemt for dig selv som overhovedet muligt, at være sund. Man kan have nok så mange gode intentioner om at leve sundt, men hvis man ikke prøver at gøre det lidt nemt for sig at leve sundt, så kan man hurtigt falde i fælden og spise en masse slik, købe fast food osv. osv.

Derfor ville jeg komme med nogle tips til hvordan man bedst muligt kan gøre det nemt for sig selv, at leve et sundt liv! Dette er både til jer derude, men også en reminder til mig selv om at huske på at gøre nogle af disse ting.

1. Hav altid en masse sund og lækker mad i dit hjem
Sørg for altid at have masser af sund mad tilgængeligt i dit hjem, på den måde fristes du ikke til hurtigt at smutte ned og købe noget mindre sundt, når du pludselig bliver sulten. Sørg for at have masser af grøntsager, frugt, ris, bønner osv., som du kan mikse sammen til et dejligt måltid.

2. Forbered mad (meal prep!)
Dette er jeg ikke selv så god tid, selvom jeg prøver til tider. Men det er simpelthen så smart. Når du laver mad, så lav større portioner og gem resten til frokost dagen efter, eller frys ned så du altid hurtigt kan snuppe noget op og tage med til frokost eller til aftensmad senere. Dette sparer dig tid, og så er det bare så dejlig nemt når du står og er sulten.

3. Hav altid sunde snacks i dit hjem, eller på dig
Det er super godt at have sunde snacks med sig, især i skole eller på arbejde hvis man pludselig bliver sulten, for ellers er det man kan have tendens til at købe usunde sager. Så prøv altid at have nødder, frugt, tørret frugt, lav nogle sunde cookies eller snack bars og tag med dig.

4. Køb en mini smoothie maskine
Virkelig, jeg kan kun anbefale sådan en mini smoothie blender, de er geniale. Jeg har aldrig drukket så mange smoothies som efter at jeg købte denne her. Den er så nem at gøre ren, og det tager under 3 minutter at lave en smoothie, så smart!

5. Smid alt slik ud af dit hjem
Vi spiser det vi har i hjemmet. Man kan sige nok så meget til sig selv at man ikke vil spise dit og dat, men når sulten eller snack-sulten melder sig, og du tilfældigvis har noget usundt liggende, så er det de fleste der har tendens til at hapse dette. Så smid alt det usunde ud! Selvfølgelig skal der være plads til at snacke på nogle usunde sager og forkæle sig selv engang imellem, men så køb evt. lidt mindre portioner af noget og spis det på dagen, så du ikke har det liggende i huset efterfølgende.

6. Hav en træningsmakker
Dette er noget der kan anbefales, især hvis man har svært ved selv at slæbe sig selv afsted og få trænet. Hav en at træne sammen med, det er både hyggeligere, men det gør også at du har en aftale med en, og at du dermed kan have sværere ved at skippe træningen, fordi der er en der venter på dig og regner med dig.

Jeg håber at du kunne bruge nogle af disse tips til noget, og del endelig i kommentarfeltet hvis du har andre gode råd!

If you want to live a healthy life, filled with lots of healthy and delicious food and exercise, which I can only recommend since there are sososo many benefits to it – it’s all about trying to make it as easy as possible for yourself to stay healthy. You can have plenty of good intention about living healthy, but if you don’t try to make it easy for yourself, it’s so easy to fall into the trap and start eating a lot of candy, buy fast food etc.

Therefore I wanted to come with some tips for how to make it as easy for yourself to live healthy! This is both for you guys out there, but just as much a reminder to myself to remember to try to do these things.

1. Always have healthy and delicious food in your home
Make sure to always have lots of healthy food available in your home, in that way you will not get as tempted to go down and buy something less healthy, when you get hungry. Make sure to always have lots of vegetables, fruits, rice, beans etc., which you can easily create a lovely meal out of.

2. Meal prep!
This is something I want to get better at myself. But it is so smart. When you cook food, try to make larger portions, and save the rest for lunch the day after, or put it in the freezer so you can always take it up and quickly have lunch or dinner ready. This saves you a lot of time, and it is just so easy when you are hungry.

3. Always have healthy snacks in your home, or with you
It’s super good to have healthy snacks along with you, especially to school or at work if you suddenly get hungry, because otherwise you can easily fall into the trap and buy some unhealthy snacks. So try to always have nuts, dried fruits, fruits, make some healthy cookies or snack bars and bring them along with you.

4. Buy a mini smoothie blender
Really, I can truly recommend buying a mini smoothie blender, they are genius. I’ve never been drinken as many smoothies as I have after I bought this. It’s so easy to clean, and it takes under 3 minutes to make a smoothie!

5. Throw out all candy from your home
We eat what we have in our home. You can tell yourself that you do not want to eat this and this, but as soon as you start to get hungry or snack-hungry, and you happen to have something unhealthy in your house, most of us will have a tendency to eat this. So throw out all the unhealthy stuff! Of course there shall be room for snacking some unhealthy stuff and spoiling yourself once in a while, but try to buy smaller portions and eat it right away instead of having it laying around in your house.

6. Get a training partner
This I can truly recommend, especially if you have a hard time going to training on your own. Having someone to train together with is both more fun, but it also makes sure that you have a deal with someone, and you thereby feel obligated not to skip the training, because someone is waiting for you and counting on you.

I hope that you could use some of these tips, and please share in the comment section if you have some other good advice!


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Why You Should Exercise Everyday


Jeg har altid det meste af mit liv haft den holdning til træning, at jeg mest gjorde det fordi det enten var sjovt, eller for at få en flot krop. Jeg har selvfølgelig godt været bevidst om at det er sundt og godt og vigtigt for os at træne vores krop, men jeg har ikke været så bevidst om det, som jeg blev i går.

Som nogle af jer måske godt ved, så er jeg pt. igang med at tage en online sundhedskursus via AT work skolen (Sundhedsugle kurset). Og i går lærte jeg en masse omkring fysisk aktivitet, vigtigheden af det – og ikke mindst alle farerne ved at være fysisk inaktiv.
Det gav mig lige endnu mere inspiration og motivation til at komme igang med at træne regelmæssigt, og bare at få rørt min krop til dagligt. Egentlig har jeg altid elsket motion, og at bevæge mig, men man glemmer det lidt, når man bare sidder dagen lang og læser lektier, eller er til forelæsning. Men, med min nye viden om hvor vigtig motion faktisk er, så vil jeg blive bedre til det!

Vidste du, at det at være fysisk aktiv har en positiv virkning på:
– astma
– depression
– type-2 diabetes
– forhøjet blodtryk
– forhøjet kolesterol
– leddegigt
– slidgigt
– knogleskørhed
– rygsmerter
– slagtilfælde

Samt, det at dyrke motion kan også nedsætte din risiko for hjerte-kar sygdomme, type-2 diabetes, og visse former for kræft.

Så virkelig, der er jo INGEN undskyldning for ikke at komme igang og få rørt sig. Desuden, så er det også blevet bevidst at man ikke behøves være fysisk aktiv 30 minutter af gangen i træk i løbet af dagen, det er mindst lige så effektivt at være aktiv 3 gange om dagen i 10 minutters tid.
Med det sagt – så skal jeg ned og træne i fitness med min kæreste i aften, og give den max gas – for jeg vil gerne have en sund og rask krop – og gerne en som jeg kan bruge hele mit liv!


I’ve always had the belief about training that I mostly did it because it was either fun, or to get a good looking body. Of course I’ve also been aware of the health benefits of training for us and our body, but I’ve never been so aware of all the good benefits you get from it, as I became aware of yesterday.

As some of you might know, I’m currently taking an online health course through AT work skolen (Sundhedsugle kurset). And yesterday I learned about exercising, and the importance of it – and also about the dangers of not exercising. 
That just gave me even more inspiration and motivation to start training regularly, and just move my body daily. I’ve actually always loved to exercise, and move my body, but I just seem to forget a bit about it, especially when I’m sitting all day long reading homeworks, or at lectures in school. But, with my new knowledge about how important exercise is for us, I’ll start getting better at remembering it!

Did you know, that being physically active has a positive influence on:
– asthma
– depression
– type-2 diabetes 
– raised blood pressure
– raised cholesterol
– arthritis
– osteoarhtritis
– osteroporosis 
– back pain
– strokes 

Plus exercising also reduces your risk of getting cardiovascular disease, type-2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

So really, there is NO excuse why not to exercise and move your body. Besides, studies has also shown that it is just as good to exercise 3 times a day in 10 minutes each time, as it is to exercise 30 minutes a day at once. 
With that being said – I’m going to fitness tonight with my boyfriend, and I’m going to give it all my power – because I want a healthy body – and I want to be able to use it all my life!

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