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Holistic beauty & skincare


Do you want to get glowing skin? Then facial massages is for sure something to look into! This can help your skin to look more young, plump and glowing! 💕✨

If you want to get more glowing skin, then your skin needs a good blood circulation. You can get that through several different ways – such as giving yourself a face massage with your bare hands, or you can also use tools such as fx a Gua Sha or a Glow Roller (like the one on the picture).

By massaging your skin it increases blood circulation, and it is through our blood that the skin gets the nutrients it needs. This also stimulates the collagen production, which is what helps your skin to looking young and plump. Using a gua sha or glow roller also helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, and by giving gentle strokes up around your neck you’ll give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage.

Your lymphatic system gets rid of toxins, so this is also really good to help remove toxins from your skin.

Regular face massages can help your skin to looking young, plump, prevent fine lines and wrinkles and give you that healthy looking glow! It’s a natural way to enhance your own beauty – and I absolutely love it + it’s such a relaxing and calming practice.

I have started using my Glow Roller every morning. First I do a little morning meditation, often with focus on positive affirmations, then I write down my gratitude list in my Fiveminutejournal and then I spend 2-5 minutes ‘rolling’ my skin with the Glow Roller (I use mix of jojoba and rosehip oil on my skin when doing it) – and of course I have my daily cup of Green Tea along with this little morning practice 💕✨

But of course, since we’re all about Holistic Health in here, I have to mention that just giving yourself face massages isn’t going to magical transform your skin – you also need to look at the things you put into your body (food, water), your stress levels, if you’re moving your body and speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself.

Do you give yourself regular face massages? Or have you tried using a Gua Sha or a Glow Roller?

If you want tutorials as how to use either Gua Sha or a Glow Roller, then I’ll recommend checking out Calmishcph or Tina Lykkegaard’s Instagram .

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Holistic beauty & skincare

Give Yourself a Face Massage

Jeg ville lige dele denne video med jer. Jeg er begyndt at følge den så ofte jeg kan, gerne hver morgen. Så starter jeg lige dagen med at skylle ansigtet, tage noget olie i ansigtet og så ser jeg denne video og giver mit ansigt en skøn lille massage. Jeg synes virkelig det er skønt, og det er en dejlig lille luksus hverdagsforkælelse. Og så drikker jeg en masse vand inden da, og bagefter får jeg en kop kogt vand med citron og honning, skønt!

I just wanted to share this video with you. I started doing this facial massage as often as possible, almost every morning. So I begin with washing my face with water, then I put some oil on my face and watch this video and give myself a little wonderful massage. I really find it delightful, and it is such a wonderful luxury everyday treatment for your skin. I also drink a lot of water before doing it, and afterwards I like to finish with some hot water with lemon and honey, so lovely!