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Finding people that are like yourself and have the same interests and passions as you is absolutely wonderful – but, how do you find them?


Today I want to talk about how to find people that are interested in the same thing as you are and have the same passions, more accurately said, how to find your soul sisters.


1. Get to know yourself first

Before you can attract any of the right kind of people into your life, you first of all need to know yourself. You need to know what you like, what you don’t like, what you are really passionated about etc.

Do some soul searching; read books, try new hobbies, journal. Find your own interests first.

If you don’t do this, then you are likely to just follow what everyone around you does, and that might not be something which is aligned with who you really are as a person. So a very good first step is to first of all get to know yourself.

2. Share your passions

How should people be able to find you, if you do not show your real interests and passions? You might have an Instagram account showing all the parties yo go to, even though you most of all just enjoy drinking tea at home, having great talks, journalling and watching documentaries.

But, if you portray yourself as someone who does the opposite just because you think that is what society wants of you, then how on Earth are the people who have the same interests as you, going to find you? Good question, they aren’t, because what you share and show is not who you really are.

Once you start sharing your real interests, thoughts, ideas, passions – others with the same interests can find you and you can connect. This can be a hard one, because what are other people going to think about you liking ‘yoga, Chinese medicine, herbal teas, crystals etc.’? This is where you need to step outside your comfort zone, and not care so much about what other people might think of you. Be true to yourself, and to who you are as person, and what your interests are – and eventually, the right people will find you.

Start going to events which are exactly in alignment with your interests, whether that be starting a yoga practice, going for a sustainable event, or going to hear an inspirational talk from a person you admire!


3. Take action and reach out

Finding new soul sisters is not something that just happens. However, I gotta say Instagram is such a great platform to find people with similar interests, just use relevant hashtags and then you can very easily find new people.

But, how do you go from being ‘Instagram friends’ to ‘in real life friends’?

You gotta take action.

I have gotten 2 of my amazing friends through Instagram. The first one reached out to me and asked if we should get a cup of something together, and so we did, now we have been friends for over a year. The other I reached out to, and now we have also been friends for a long time – and now all 3 of us hang out together as well, because we share the same interests.

Really, just try to reach out to people – the worst thing that can happen is that they say no thank you, but the best thing that can happen is that you get a new friend for life!


Have you tried meeting people through Instagram or other kinds of social media? Or, have you considered reaching out to someone?

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Inspiration Personal


I’ve already been writing down in my journal some of my reflections for the past year, but then I thought that some of these things might be interesting for you out there to follow along with as well. Here are some of the things which have had the biggest impact on my life in 2017:


Zero waste

2017 was the year that I learned about Zero Waste. I had NEVER heard about this concept, before I came across Lauren Singer from trashisfortossers on Youtube, and I fell head over heels in love with the concept and how Lauren made it look cool while at the same time doing something amazing for the planet. So, I started doing a lot of researching about this and saw a ton of youtube videos and read blogposts about this concept and started to change things in my own life.

I’ve already changed lots of things in 2017, I have changed to a menstrual cup, a shampoo bar, I’ve started to change my skincare and bodycare products for products that come in glass or steel instead of plastic, I’m still using a reusable water bottle which I’ve done for many years actually, I’m using reusable cotton bags whenever I’m buying groceries, I’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic brushes and I’ve started trying to make a lot of homemade skincare products as well.

These are just some of the things which I’ve been changing, but the biggest one is just my mentality. I had honestly never thought about before how I could make a positive change in my life besides the usual advices such as”turn off the lights when you don’t use it” and “don’t shower too long”. It has encouraged me to really believe that I can make much more of a difference in my everyday life than I first thought possible, and I’ve also started to realised how I can show the world what I want to support by using my money. I’ve started doing a lot more research before buying anything new, I want the brands do be sustainable and ethical, and I especially want to support more local brands.



2017 was also the year where I learned to reach out to new people with the same interests as me. I gotta make a shoutout to Ida for making me more open towards this. Ida was the one asking me if we should grab a cup of coffee in the beginning of the new year. I gotta admit, I was kind of nervous about meeting something for the first time whom I had only been writing with on Instagram.

But this had probably been one of the most life changing things for me. Because I came to realize that it really isn’t that frightening. I mean, what is the worst that can happened? That the two of you don’t get along, well then you can just stop meeting up anymore. And wow how I’ve met some inspirering new people through Instagram and my blog. I’ve met Ida, which is now one of my very close friends. I’ve met Anna, Cathrine and Cirkeline. I’ve also met some of the girls from Sustain Daily, and become a part of Sustain Daily influencers thanks to Instagram. And I’m constantly thankful for all those commenting and messaging me on Instagram or my blog, I absolutely love connecting with like-minded people, it is truly amazing and inspirering. Thanks to all of you out there.



2017 has been one of the best years when it comes to my health both physically and mentally. I’ve learned a lot more about yoga, spirituality, ayurveda, hormones, the menstrual cycle and so much more! I’ve finally realized that the best way to be healthy is to have the connection between both the physical and the mental aspect. You will never be really healthy if all you do is eat strictly healthy, train all the time and just do things for the sake of your ‘outer appearance’ or physical health. Life is ALL about balance. It can be just as healthy for you to go on a café with your best friends, your loved one or your mom and just talk and eat a delicious cookie and drink a latte. Everything in moderation, but life is all about balance and it should not be about restricting yourself. Find out what makes you the happiest, and make sure to do these things regularly – life is made out of the small everyday things, and we should strive for bringing those small things into our lives as much as possible.
2017 was also the year I chose to stop taking birth control pills after having done a lot of research about how damaging this is to our bodies and how much it can affect our mood and our overall happiness, and I can already say after just 1 month without birth control pills that I’m feeling so much happier.


I feel unbelievably blessed for this past year and what I’ve experienced, and how my mentality has changed and for what I have learned. I want to take some days off from the blog for the rest of this year to take time to be with my family and friends (and work on some exams), and then I’m absolutely positive that I will return in the new year with lots of new content and inspiration.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you out there following along, both in here and on my Instagram, and thanks for engaging – it means the world. If there is anything you would like to see more of in the new year, then share your thoughts and ideas with me! I wish you all the best Christmas and a Happy New year – see you very soon! (btw, I’m still going to post some things on my Instagram, but the blog will take a little break and be back in the new year).


Inspirering people


I dag mødtes jeg med sødeste Ida og Carolina. Ida kender jeg jo allerede, men det var første gang jeg mødte Carolina. Men Ida kendte jeg heller ikke for lidt over et halvt år siden. I går mødtes jeg med Emelie, og for noget tid siden var det Anna jeg mødtes med for første gang.

Hvad der ligger til fælles for alle disse nye venskaber, er at det er mennesker jeg har fundet gennem Instagram. Min mor og søster synes at det at mødes med nogle gennem Instagram er noget spøjst noget, men jeg synes virkelig det er fantastisk. Det er den nemmeste måde at finde mennesker med samme interesserer som dig på, og hvem ved – måske du får et fantastisk nyt venskab ud af det!

Jeg kan kun anbefale det. Og jeg ville lige give et stort skud ud til alle de seje og inspirerende kvinder som jeg først har mødt gennem Instagram og derefter i virkeligheden.

Bare lige en hurtig aftentanke og lidt taknemmelighed over alle de skønne nye mennesker jeg har mødt! Hav en fantastisk aften.

Today I met with sweet Ida and Carolina. Ida I already knew, but it was the first time I met Carolina. But I didn’t know Ida half a year ago. Yesterday I met up with Emelie, and some while ago it was the first time I met Anna.

What all these meetings have in common is that they are all people whom I’ve met through Instagram. My mom and sister think it’s a bit weird meeting people through Instagram, but I think it’s amazing. It’s the easiest way to find people with the same interests as you, and who knows – you might get a new fantastic friendship out of it!

I can only recommend it. And I just want to give a big shoutout to all the cool and inspirering women I’ve met first through Instagram and then in real life.

Just a little evening thought and feeling extremely grateful for all the wonderful new people I’ve met! Have a lovely evening.

Happiness Inspiration


I dag ville jeg komme lidt ind på det med at skabe kontakter og venskaber med folk med samme interesser som en selv. Hvis man har læst med herinde i noget tid, ved I godt at jeg er stor fan af ‘the Law of Attraction’ og ag jeg tror på, at man kan tiltrække de ting man lægger sit fokus på. Dette gælder også med venskaber og bekendtskaber.

Først og fremmest, skal jeg lige sige at jeg har nogle fantastiske venner i forvejen, og det bestemt ikke er fordi at jeg ‘mangler’ venner. Men, jeg har søgt lidt efter nogle venskaber som har samme store interesse indenfor nogle af de samme felter som mig (selvudvikling, sundhed, holistisk livssyn, vegansk mad). Og da jeg ligesom blev klar over, hvad det var jeg søgte, fandt jeg ud af at jeg også måtte foretage noget handling, for ligesom at tiltrække nogle af disse slags mennesker ind i mit liv.

Dette er utrolig nemt at gøre i dag via sociale medier. Prøv at tænk på hvor nemt du har adgang til mennesker fra hele verden, som har samme interesser for dig. Det eneste du skal gøre, er at ‘put yourself out there’. Disse mennesker finder dig ikke, hvis du holder dig tilbage og ikke viser verden hvem du virkelig er, og hvad du interesserer dig for. Jeg har i mange år førhen stoppet med at skrive blogposts, dele ting på facebook eller instagram i frygt for hvad andre ville tænke om mig. Men, det er jeg kommet frem til er det dummeste i hele verden. 1. Fordi jeg ikke får lov til at være mig selv og den jeg virkelig er, og 2. Fordi jeg på den måde aldrig kan tiltrække nogle venner, som har samme interesse – for hvordan skulle jeg kunne det, hvis de ikke engang ved at jeg har samme interesse.

Så, derfor er jeg begyndt at dele meget mere ud af mine tanker omkring sundhed, holistisk livssyn, og ikke mindst vegansk mad! Jeg er så interesseret i disse sager, og jeg vil mægtig gerne have venskaber hvor jeg kan snakke yderligere om disse emner, og lære endnu mere, og bare have et fællesskab omkring noget som man synes er interessant.

Og, det giver faktisk pote. Jeg har mødtes med, og har fået en fantastisk veninde i Ida, som virkelig har mange af de samme interesser som mig. Og jeg får flere og flere følgere på Instagram, som jeg også hurtigt følger tilbage fordi deres profiler bare udstråler lige nøjagtig de samme interesserer som jeg har. Jeg synes det er fantastisk at møde nye mennesker med samme interesse – og jeg er altid åben for at mødes og snakke, for man skal endelig ikke give op på muligheden for et nyt venskab. Relationer er noget af det vigtigste vi kan have her i livet, og lige så vigtigt som det er at vedligeholde gamle (gode) relationer, mindst ligeså vigtigt tror jeg at det er at være åben for nye relationer og lukke nye mennesker ind i sit liv, som man kan lære af.

Så vær endelig ikke bange for at række hånden ud og være den første til at spørge folk om noget. Skriv til folk med samme interesserer som dig, du ved aldrig hvornår et nyt venskab blomstrer. 

Today I wanted to talk about creating connections and friendships with people who have the same interests as you. If you’ve been reading my blog for a little while, you know that I’m a huge fan of ‘the law of attraction’ and I believe that you can attract the things that you put your focus on. This also goes for friendships and relations.

First of all, I just want to point out that I have some amazing friends, and that it’s definitely not because I’m ‘lacking’ in friends. But, I’ve been searching for some more friendships with people with similar interests as me (self development, health, holistic point of view, vegan food). And when I realized that this was what I was looking for, I found out that I had to take action, in order to attract people like these into my life.

And this is incredibly easy to do nowadays through social medias. Just think of how easy it is for you to connect with people from all over the world who have similar interests as you. The only thing that you have to do, is to out yourself out there. These people does not find you, if you are holding yourself back and are afraid to show the world whom you really are, and what you are interested in. I’ve experienced this and this has stopped me from writing blogposts, sharing things on facebook or instagram, just because I was afraid of what people might think of me. But, that is the stupidest thing you can do. 1. Because you don’t get to be who you really are, and 2. Because in that way you cannot attract like minded people which have the same interests as you – because how should you do that, if they don’t even know that you have the same interests. 

So, therefore I’ve started sharing a lot more of my thoughts about health, living a holistic life, and not least, my love for vegan food! I’m so interested in these subjects and I love to have friendships where I can talk even more about these things, and learn more about it, and just have a connection around these things that I truly find interesting.

And, it actually pays off. I’ve met and got an amazing friend, Ida, whom have so many similar interests as me. And I get more and more followers on Instagram, which I’m quickly following right back because their profile just sends out a vibe of the exact same things that I’m interested in. I think it’s amazing to meet new people with the same interests – and I’m always open for meeting and talking, because you should not give up any change for a possible new friendship. Relations are one of the most important things in life, and just as important as it is to maintain old (good) relations, it is just as important to be open to new relations and let new people into your life, which you can learn from.

So don’t be afraid to be the first one to reach out to others. Write to people with similar interests as you, you never know when a new friendship will blossom. 

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