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Do you know the feeling of setting big goals and dreams, but keep letting yourself down because you can’t stick to them? The key here is that small wins builds more self-confidence! 💕✨

“If you want to be responsible, keep your promises to others. If you want to be successful, keep your promises to yourself” – Marie Forleo

If you are like me, you are extremely good at keeping all your promises to others. You don’t like to disappoint people, so you always keep your promises to others – also if sometimes means not keeping the promises you’ve made to yourself.

Does that sound familiar?

But I have something important to tell you, of course we should stick to things we promise others – but it is just as important to stick to the things you promise yourself!

If you keep saying to yourself that “from now on I’m gonna do….” or “every day I’ll do …” – and then you keep NOT doing it, then guess what? You’re going to disappoint yourself more and more. You’ll keep letting yourself down. This will tear down your belief and trust in yourself, and your love for yourself.

And I know it can be the hardest thing sometimes to stick to the promises you’ve made with yourself, because then life comes around and you have too many things going on and then it’s easier to just stick to the obligations you have made to others, and then “skip” those you’ve made with yourself.

But the BEST thing you can do for yourself is to keep those promises you make to yourself! This will build your own trust and belief in yourself, it will boost your self-confidence and your self-love!

How do you do that successfully?

You start small. Like, really small. And I know this is so hard, because you’re probably really ambitious and have big dreams (I feel you, I’m the exact same – and I’m ALL about dreaming big and going after the big things). But if you fx want to implement a new habit, then instead of going from fx never practicing yoga, to saying “I want to practice yoga every day for 30 minutes!”, the goal is beautiful – but be realistic and start small and build yourself more and more up.

Start with saying that you want to fx practice yoga every morning for 5 minutes, or once a week for 30 minutes. Stick to this smaller habit for a while, and make it a successful experience for yourself

In that way you’ll feel empowered every time you accomplish that “smaller win”, and perhaps you’ll even start doing a longer practice now that you’re already at it – that’s just a win-win!

But my best advice would be to start small, and then build it up – and feel the self-love and your self-confidence boost along the way as you keep your promises to yourself! 💕✨



It is said that people who write down their goals and dreams are more likely to achieve them. Today I want to talk about the power of tracking your progress and how it can help you reach your goals ✨🙌

If you have goals and dreams, the best thing you can do towards achieving them is writing them down and start to tracking your own progress towards them.

Tracking helps you figure out where you are currently at, which is the first step to get in place, in order to find out how to get to where you want to.

Tracking helps you to keep focus on your bigger goal through your minor action steps.

Tracking also helps to keep you motivated, and to stay on track with your progress.

Let’s take some examples:

If you have a goal that you want to run 5 kilometers, and you currently can’t run 1, then don’t see this as a downfall or failure. But see it as knowing where you’re starting at, and then you know how long you have up until your bigger goal.

Now you should’t just go out and try to run 5 km the next day. You should break down your goal into smaller steps – try to follow a beginner’s running plan. These are very simply (speaking from experience as I’m currently following one), where you run 3 x week, but very very easy manageable steps.

Your goal might be to run 5 km, but it doesn’t have to be tomorrow – think long-term, and think about the progress you can feel every time you go out for a run. It will be hard for sure, but you’ll start seeing improvements.

Slow, but steady progress – and staying consistent over a longer period of time is the key to success!

Another example could be if you are suffering from something – that could be migraines, digestive problems, acne. Start to write down when your migraines/digestives problems/acne appears – the first step to improving anything is to become aware your current state, and finding out of when and why it happens.

Does your migraine come right after you’ve been sitting at work all day starring into the computer? Does your stomach pain come after you’ve had dairy products?

Start to track your symptoms, and pay attention to what else is going on in your life whenever you feel the symptoms coming back.

When you have done this over a longer period of time, you’ll start to notice a pattern of when and why it happens, and then you can actively work on trying to do something about it.

Writing down your dreams and keeping track of your progress towards reaching those dreams can be a constant motivating factor – to keep having your dreams in focus ✨🙌

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The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is what you’re going to get more of. Learn this, and use this to create your best life! ✨

I first came across the concept of ‘The Law of Attraction’ back in 2012 when I first read “The Secret”.

It changed my life.

I know that is such a cliché thing to say about that book. But it’s very true. Up until that point I never thought I had much control over my life.

But after reading that book, I realised how much power we have over our own lives. But it also meant that I had to get brutally honest with myself, and recognising that I, up until that point, had created and attracted everything – both good and bad in my life – all by myself. That was a hard thing to swallow.

But knowing that from then on I could choose what to focus on and what I wanted in life, was just so powerful and magical.

The Law of Attraction states that what you focus on is what you’re going to get more of.

If you constantly focus on your problems and worries, then they will come true and you’ll get more of these.

Whereas, if you instead focus on all the things you’re grateful for and what you want more of in your life – then THAT is what you’re going to attract into your life.

I have lived by this concept for the past 8 years – and of course, with ups and downs in both my belief in this concept, as well as me falling back into old limiting beliefs systems from time to time. But overall I have lived by this over the past 8 years, and I have attracted so many wonderful things into my life.

What you send out comes back to you. What you focus on grows.

How you can actively use this in your life to create more of what you want

Challenge for you: Try this 30 Day Gratitude Challenge and watch how your perspective of life starts to change! ✨

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Do you want to get ready for 2020? Grab your journal and a blanket, light a candle and make yourself a warm cup of tea and get ready to do some reflections for the past year, and visualise your 2020 🙌✨

2020 is approaching soon, and I can feel it’s going to be a BIG year! Last year I began the year with reflecting on the past year, sat goals for the upcoming year and sat some minor goals for each quarter in the year to help me reach my goals.

I’ve reached almost ALL of my goals I sat for myself for 2019. So I’m going to do the exact same thing this year! This year I’ve started doing accountability coaching together with my dad, where we set goals in different areas of our lives and create small tasks for ourselves to do in order to accomplish our goals. Then we meet up, write to each other and keep each others accountable and help each other reach our goals. As we are already doing this, we decided to sit down together this year and do this little reflection exercise and set goals for 2020, so we can help each other reach those goals.

In order to reach what you want – you need to evaluate your current life. What do you like about where you are at? What don’t you like? Reflect back on the past year, as well as visualise your future – 1 year from now, 5 years from now. Where do you want to be? 

Remember, once you have set your bigger goals for 2020, then it’s important to break them down into smaller actionable steps. You can write “finish this project” on your bigger goal list for the year, but to make it more manageable and easy to get started on, you need to break it down into smaller steps that you can easily start on. Fx if your goal for 2020 is to write a book, then your smaller steps could be:
– brainstorm content for the book
– do research for XYZ
– write paragraph 1 in chapter 1
– write paragraph 2 in chapter 1
– read through and edit
By breaking your big goal down into smaller steps, it feels much easier to begin the projects.

Here are some reflection questions to prepare you for 2020

– What were the best things about this year?

– What has life taught your this year?

– What don’t you want to take with you into 2020?

– What do you want to take with you into 2020?

– Where do you see yourself in 1 year?

– Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

– What do you want to accomplish in 2020?

– What will it take for you to reach those goals? What do you have to do to get there?

Question for you: Are you ready for 2020? What are some of your goals? I would love to know! Let’s root on each other, support each other and help and encourage each other to reach our dreams! 🙌✨

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It’s so easy nowadays with social media to get caught up in other people’s dreams and goals. Seeing people travelling the world, seeing people do big things and thinking that you want the same that others have. But here it is so important to tune into yourself, and really ask yourself about what YOU want for your life. Make your own definition of a ‘rich life’ ✨

I have for sure been caught up in other people’s dreams before, thinking that I wanted XYZ for my own life. Yet beginning to chase some things, and starting to feel more into what it would actually be like having those things or living that way, it just didn’t resonate with me. Remember, we are ALL different, and that is the beauty of life. Let’s inspire each other, show what’s possible, reach new heights, but always remember to check in with yourself and ask if the dreams you are seeking actually makes you happy? Is that really want your life to be like? Or does the thought of actually living a specific way don’t make you feel good, and you simply do it out of the thought that that is what you should do?

Sit down with yourself – often, because your goals and dreams will change over time when you change as a person – and be very honest with yourself about what kind of life you want to live. What does success mean to you? How do YOU want your life to be like?

Ask yourself these questions:
– What kind of life do I want to live?
– What do I want to spend most of my time on?
– Is there something I would regret not doing in my life?
– Where do I want to live?
– How do I want to live?

This is YOUR life, and you should create it exactly as you want it ✨

Inspiration Self-development


If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll never do anything. It’s all about progress not perfection ✨ So start that project, do that workshop, release that song. Send it out into this world.

That one thing you’ve always been wanting to do, but haven’t done yet because you are afraid that it’s not perfect – put it out into the world! If you keep on waiting and waiting and never get the things out, you’ll never be able to reach those dreams, or improve the thing. The first things you put out in the world – whether that be a workshop, a book, a movie, a song, will probably never be ‘perfect’. But because of that first piece you put out, you’re now able to learn from that first thing and do it even better the next time, and the next. But if you never put it out, you’ll never improve and you’ll end up disappointing yourself for never having tried.

It’s all about progress, not perfection. See everything you do as a learning opportunity. The first time a child walks, it will fall down so many times. But it does not give up. It keeps trying and trying, until it eventually one day walks.

But so many people nowadays give up so easily, if they feel like they are ‘failing’. But there is no such thing as failure, there is only learning that is a spring board for you to become even better.

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of your lives”
– Lemony Snicket

Take this as a sign to start that project. Send it out into the world. Begin it, and don’t worry about it being perfect. Rather worry about it never reaching the world. Make it, send it out, learn from it and see what amazing things will come your way once you start to send out your creations ✨



Do you have big dreams and goals, that at times seems so big that you become completely paralysed about what to do? Use action to cure fear! ✨

Not that long ago I read two books that have motivated me even more to start taking more action towards my dreams. One was “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz and the other was “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracy. Both books have reminded me of the magic of taking action!

We often tend to overthink, worry and build up things in our heads, and even though it might be things we want to do, or we just tell ourselves that they are too difficult, we build them up and end up procrastinating out of fear of doing the thing.

You probably already know the feeling. You have a big dream, but it might be so big that you get completely paralysed as to what to do to even achieve that big dream, that you end up doing nothing at all.

Here comes the lesson: “Action cures fear“, as David Schwartz says in his book. Take action, and the fear will go away. And, as I’ve talked about a thousand times before – taking action towards big dreams can be completely overwhelming, but if you break down your big goal into smaller, more actionable steps, and then just start taking one step, and then the next and then the next – eventually you will get there!

If you’re reading this post, take this as a sign to begin to TAKE ACTION on your dreams and goals! Write down the big dream, and write down all the little things you can start doing that will help you get closer towards that goal ✨

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Kender du til vision boards? Eller sagt på dansk ‘visions tavle’. Det går i al sin enkelthed ud på at du finder en masse billeder som inspirerer dig, og at du finder billeder af ting (oplevelser, rejser, ting osv.) som du gerne vil have ind i dit liv. Herefter laver du en collage, enten på computeren eller på god gammeldags manér med saks og lim og papir i fysisk form.

Jeg har lige læst Hella Joof’s bog ‘papmaché reglen’ (I know, I’m late to the party!) men den er fantastisk og hylende morsom – og en af reglerne i denne bog er pizza-reglen. Når du ringer og bestiller en pizza, så ved du hvad du gerne vil have og det er det du ringer og bestiller. Det samme gør sig gældende for livet. Du skal vide hvad du gerne vil have, før du kan få det.

Så sæt dig ned og find først ud af hvad det er du egentlig gerne vil i livet. Ikke hvad andre gerne vil have dig til, eller hvad samfundet gerne vil have dig til. Nej. Hvad DU gerne vil have her i livet. Nogle drømmer om store huse, andre bare 30kvm og muligheden for at rejse jorden rundt. Nogle drømmer om ferier i Marokko, mens andre drømmer om ferie i Danmark.

Du skal altså finde ud af hvad du gerne vil have her i livet. Start med at skrive det, og virkelig tænk over det.

Herefter skal du igang med at finde billeder – for hvis du laver et vision board af dine drømme, så kan du kigge på det hver evig eneste dag og blive mindet om hvad det egentlig er, du gerne vil have her i livet. Prøv det, det er sjovt og inspirerende!

På billedet kan du se en lille skitse af mit nuværende vision board – og så kan du jo gætte på hvad jeg går og drømmer om!

Have you heard about vision boards? In all its simplicity it’s about finding a lot of pictures which inspire you, or pictures of things you want (experiences, travels, things etc.) in your life. After this you make a collage, either on your computer or in an old-fashioned manner with scissor, glue and paper in a physical form.

I’ve just read this Danish book written by Hella Joof and it’s amazing and so fun – one of the ‘rules’ in the book is the pizza-rule. Whenever you call and order a pizza, then you know what you want and this is what you call and order. The same rule applies for your life. You need to know what you want, before you can get it.

So sit down and first figure out what it actually is that you want in life. Not what others want you to, or what society tells you to do. No. What YOU want in this life. Some dream of big houses, others just of small places and the ability to travel the world. Some dreams of vacations in Morocco, others just of a holiday in Denmark.

You need to figure out what it is that you want in your life. Begin writing it down, and really think about it.

Afterwards you need to start finding pictures – because if you make a vision board containing your dreams, then you can look at it every single day and get reminded of what it actually is that you want in this life. Try it, it’s fun and inspirering!

On the collage you can see a little sketch of my current vision board – and then you might guess what I’m currently dreaming about!

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Jep, nu vil jeg snakke om noget lidt mere langhåret og måske en smule hippie-agtigt, men noget som jeg bare er elle vild med. Men nu har jeg også altid været vild med det lidt magiske, jeg slugte Witch-bladene da jeg var yngre og Harry Potter er, og vil altid være, mine favorit bøger og film! Vi skal nemlig snakke om The Law of Attraction.

Tilbage i 2012 var jeg i London med min familie, og jeg kom forbi en boghandel (“kom forbi”, rettere sagt, jeg gik ind i boghandelen, fordi jeg elsker bøger og at bruge tid i en boghandel har altid været et af mine favorit steder at være). Men, inde i boghandelen fandt jeg bogen ‘The Secret’ af Rhonda Byrne. Jeg samlede den op, for bogen så så magisk ud, og jeg var sikker på at dette var en fiktionsbog. Men nej, dette viste sig at være en selvudviklings bog i den lidt mere spirituelle ende. Jeg købte den, og begyndte straks at læse i den senere den aften – jeg var slugt! Bogen indeholdte små ting man skulle gøre hver dag, fx at skrive taknemmelighedslister over de ting man er taknemmelig for hver eneste dag, eller at gå en hel dag uden at tænke negative tanker om sig selv.

Jeg overdriver ikke, når jeg siger, at den bog ændrede hele mit livssyn. Hvor jeg før har levet et liv hvor jeg tænkte at nogle ting bare ikke var mulige for mig, begyndte jeg nu at forstå at jeg kan få hvad jeg vil og opnå hvad jeg vil. Det handler bare om at ændre sit livssyn og måden man tænker på.

Hvad er The Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction handler om at hvad du tænker, tiltrækker du – uanset om det er noget du vil have eller ej. Det handler altså om, at alt hvad du har i dit liv, har du selv tiltrukket ved hjælp af dine tanker. Og så er det at mange stiger af, især hvis man har ting man ikke er glade for i sit liv. For hvorfor skulle man for eksempel tiltrække sig sygdom, dårlig hud, parkeringsbøder osv. det er der jo ingen der vil have? Nej, men det er ikke lig med, at du ikke stadig tænker på det. Prøv at tænk på hvor tit du tænker: “jeg vil ikke være syg”. Pointen med the law of attraction er, at ‘universet’ så at sige, ikke forstå at du siger ‘ikke’ i sætningen, men mere ser det som om at du fokusere på sygdom. Istedet for at sige “jeg vil ikke være syg” til dig selv, bør du tænke tanker som “jeg elsker at være sund og rask”. For det er det du vil tiltrække – at være sund og rask. Og dermed, er det det du skal fokusere på.

The Law of Attraction handler altså om at du skal tænke på de ting du gerne vil have, som om at du allerede har dem. Du skal kunne føle følelsen af at have det du gerne vil have, før du kan modtage det. Og så skal du være åben, når der åbnes døre for dig. Det kan måske være du tænker at du gerne vil have et nyt job. Men, du må også tage handling. Når du så ser et job opslag som er lige dig – så skal du foretage dig en handling, og faktisk søge det job. Det handler om at være åben for de muligheder du får.

Virker det?
Ja! Hvis du søger ‘the law of attraction’ på youtube, kommer der sindssygt mange videoer frem med folks fortællinger om hvordan det har virket for dem. Jeg kan også huske at jeg selv skrev en ‘ønskeseddel’ med ting jeg gerne ville have skulle ske i mit liv. 1-2 år efter kiggede jeg på sedlen igen og der var stort set alle ønskerne gået i opfyldelse. Der blev jeg overvældet, det virkede faktisk. Et eksempel var at jeg skrev at jeg ville vinde Danmarksmesterskaberne sammen med mit dansehold det år. Jeg kan huske at inden vi skulle til konkurrencen, så havde jeg set for mig selv og følt hvordan det ville være at vinde. Og vi vandt, og det var mindst lige så fantastisk som jeg havde forestillet mig.

Det kan godt være at du tænker at det hele er lidt for hokus pokus agtigt til dig, men hvad skade kan der ske ved at prøve? Det eneste du skal gøre er at tænke på de ting du gerne vil have i dit liv, og forestille dig at du allerede har dem. Noget andet der kan være en behjælpelig øvelse, er at lave et visionboard. Men det vil jeg komme mere ind på senere, i et andet blog indlæg.

Har du selv haft nogle erfaringer med The Law of Attraction? Fortæl endelig om det i kommentarfeltet, jeg elsker at høre om sådanne historier.

Ya, now it’s going to be a bit hippie-ish, but it’s just something that I’m so into. But I’ve always been very much into the magical stuff, I swallowed the Witch-magazines when I was younger and Harry Potter is, and will always be, some of my favourite books and movies! We are going to talk about The Law of Attraction.

Back in 2012 I was in London with my family, and I came across a bookstore (“came across”, more precisely I walked straight into it, because I love books and I’ve always loved spending time in bookstores, it’s one of my favourite places to look around). But, inside this bookstore I found the book ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne. I picked it up, and the book just looked so magical, I was sure it was a fiction. But no, it turned out to be more of a self-help book in the more spiritual end of the spectrum. I bought it, and quickly started to read it later that evening – I was swayed away, it was amazing! The book contained lots of small things you could do each day, fx write gratitude list of the things you are grateful for every day, or go for an entire day without thinking negative thoughts about yourself.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that that book changed my entire view upon life. Before I lived a life where I thought that some things just wasn’t possible for me, but now I started to think that I could actually get what I want and achieve what I want. It’s all about changing your view upon life and the way in which you think.

What is The Law of Attraction?
The Law of Attraction is about that what you think about, you attract – whether you like it or not. It’s about whatever you have in your life now, you have attracted through your thoughts and feelings. And it is here many people think it’s too weird, especially if they have things in their life which they are not happy about. Because why on earth should you attract sickness, bad skin, parking tickets etc. into your life? Nobody wants that. No, but that is not the same as you do not think about it. Just think about how often you might think: “I do not want to be sick”. The point with the law of attraction is, that the ‘universe’ do not understand that you are saying ‘not’ in that sentence, but sees it as you are focusing on sickness. Instead of saying “I do not want to be sick” for yourself, try thinking “I love being healthy and well”. Because THAT is what you want to attract – being healthy and well. And thereby, this is what you should focus on.

The Law of Attraction is about thinking about the things that you want in your life, and feel as if you’ve already got it. You need to be able to feel the emotions that you will feel when you get what you want, in order for you to be able to receive it. And then you have to be open, as soon as doors are opening up for you. It might be that you want a new job. But, you need to take action. As soon as you see a job post which is just you – you have to take action, and actually apply for that job. It’s about being open for the opportunities that you get.

Does it work?
Yes! If you type in ‘law of attraction’ on youtube, there will come up so many videos with people telling their stories about how it has worked for them. I can remember that I wrote myself a ‘wishlist’ of things that I wanted to happen in my life. 1-2 years later I looked upon that list again, and almost all my wishes had come true. I was so overwhelmed, that it actually worked. An example was that I wrote that I wanted to win the Danish championsship together with my dancing team. I remember that before we went to the competition, I had already imagined and felt many times how it would be like to win. And then we actually won, and it was just as amazing as I had imagined it to be.

You might think that this is all too much and a bit too weird for you, but what harm can happen by trying it out? All you have to do is think about the things that you want in your life, and imagine and feel as if you already have them. Something else which can be a good practice for this, is to make a vision board. But, more about that in another blog post.

Have you had any experiences with The Law of Attraction yourself? Please leave a comment in the comment section, I love to hear about those stories.

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Jeg er af den holdning, at jeg mener, at det nogle gange er godt, og ikke mindst sundt, at kede sig. At man ikke altid har en masse at se til, eller ikke bare sidder og stener tv, scroller på mobilen osv. Især som man er blevet lidt ældre, kan jeg godt mærke, at jeg ikke har det der ‘kedsomheds tid’ længere. Når man er flyttet hjemmefra har man nok at lave, lave lektier, handle ind, vaske tøj, gøre rent, lave mad osv. Der er bare ikke den samme ‘kedsomhedstid’, som man nogle gange havde da man var mindre, for der er hele tiden noget på ens hjerne ‘jeg burde gøre det’, ‘jeg kunne også aftale noget med den og den person’ – I kender det nok godt. Da jeg var mindre, så var der ventetider inden man skulle til dans, man ventede på sin mor og far, lange bil ture – der opstod bare tit situationer, hvor man ikke kunne foretage sig andet, end bare at sidde og vente.

Det magiske var dog, at det oftest var i disse tider og situationer, at jeg har fået flest fantastiske tanker, idéer og drømme. Derfor tror jeg at det er enormt sundt, at man har noget ‘kedsomhedstid’, eller, vi kunne også kalde det noget ‘stilletid’. Noget tid hvor man bare sidder og tænker, kigger, reflekterer lidt over sig selv, ens liv, hvad man vil, hvem man vil være. Bare tid til at være sig selv, og at mærke hvor man er i livet – er du glad for hvor du er? Hvis ikke, hvad kan du så gøre for at komme dertil hvor du gerne vil? Har du nogle mål i livet? Nogle drømme? Jeg tænker tit over disse ting, og skriver jævnligt mål og drømme ned, og det giver mig så meget livsglæde, at have noget at gå efter.

Jeg ville egentlig bare opfordre jer der læser med, til at tage noget tid til jer selv. Find ud af hvad der gør jer glade, hvad I gerne vil i livet. Og gå efter det!

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I believe, that it is sometimes good, and healthy, to be bored. You don’t have to have a lot to do, and you don’t need to watch tv or scroll down your phone all the time etc. Especially since I’ve gotten a bit older, I can feel that I do not have that ‘boring time’ as much anymore. When you move away from home, to your own place, you always seem to have a lot to do; make homeworks, buy groceries, wash clothes, clean, make food etc. You just don’t have that ‘time when you are being bored’, as you sometimes had when you were younger, because there is always something on your mind ‘I should do this’, ‘I could also make plans with that person’ – you might know the feeling. When I was younger, there was a lot of waiting time, before dance classes, waiting for mom and dad, long car rides – there just was a lot of situations, where all you could do, was just to sit and wait.

The magical thing was, that it was often in these situations, that I’ve gotten the most amazing thoughts, ideas and dreams. Therefore I believe it’s healthy, to have some ‘boring time’, or we could call it ‘quiet time’. Some time where you just sit and think, look, reflect a little over yourself, your life, what you want to do, and who you want to be. Just some time for yourself, to just feel life – are you happy where you are? If not, then what can you do to get to where you want to be? Do you have any goals in life? Some dreams? I often think about these things, and I often write down my goals and dreams, and it brings me so much joy, to have something to go after.

All I really wanted with this post, is to make you guys take some time for yourself. Find out what makes you happy, and what you want to do in life. And then go after it!


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