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Today I want to share with you, 3 practices that have literally changed my life! The practices are so simple, yet so life changing and amazing. And if you have never tried them before, you will have so much fun trying it out and a whole new world will open up for you.


So, let’s get into these amazing practices!


The first one you will most likely be familiar with if you have followed me for just a little while, and that is: showing and feeling gratitude. I first learned about this when I read the book ‘The Secret‘* (affiliate link) for the first time back in 2012 (where I magically saw the book in a bookstore in London and bought it right away – that book has impacted my life in such a positive way, I can not recommend it enough!). Here I was introduced to the concept of showing gratitude for the things you have in your life. I learned about how I was not going to be able to get ‘more’ (things, love, money etc.) in my life, if I didn’t start to appreciate and be grateful for what I already had.

In the book there is a 30 day practice where you get a new task everyday, and one of the tasks was to write down 3 things every single day that you were grateful for. I started doing this practice, and in the beginning I had such a had time thinking about things to write, because I thought it needed to be something big, but when I learned that there are SO many things to be grateful for, then my lists became longer and longer!

You can literally be grateful for everything in your life: the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, buying another a present, having a home, having a job etc. Once you start paying attention to all the wonderful things you already have in your life, an abundance of things will come to you. Like attract like, and if you are grateful and show gratitude, you will only get more to be grateful for. On the other hand, if you focus on all the things you ‘lack’ in your life, then there won’t come more good things in your life.

Ps, if you think I’m just crazy, then just try google it, and you’ll quickly find out that some of the greatest people on this planet (Oprah for example) practice and believe in this as well.


Visualising & Manifesting

Visualisation is the act of imagining something which you do not have yet, and really feeling as if you already have it. Our minds are so amazing, they can imagine things which are not there yet, and we can actually feel the joy, love or whatever we want to feel without having the things which we think will bring us this emotion. The practice of visualisation is about becoming clear about what you want in life, and for this practice you can make a list (*I will cover this in the next point), or you can make a vision board.

A vision board is where you have a blank piece of paper (or you can make it on your computer), and then you find a lot of pictures, words etc. that symbolises what you want in life, and how you want to feel. That could be people smiling, pictures of the places you want to travel to, your dream apartment, words like ‘love’, ‘happiness’ etc. – exactly what YOU want in life. Then you make a nice collage, and then you look at this collage every single day and feel how it would feel to have these things in your life. Such a simple, yet very powerful practice.

I have made several vision boards over the years, and it is amazing to look back at them and see the things which have ‘come true’, or realise that your dreams might have completely changed – then you just make a new vision board which is more in alignment with your present needs, wants and desires.


Script Writing

Script writing is almost the same as vision boards, except this is about writing the things you want in life, rather than making a visual collage. A script is where you write – in present tense – what you want.

Let me explain that. You shall not write: “I want to find the love of my life”, because then you send out a signal that it is something you are still searching for, and then you will stay in the process of searching. Instead, you need to write:
“I have found the love of my life and we tell each other every single day how much we love each other”. So, you write as if you already have it. And really feel when you write and read it.

You can change your script as often as you like. Just remember to look at it often, and read it and really feel as if you already have it.

I cannot tell you the amount of things I have written down on a piece of paper that have come true in my life – just some examples; my boyfriend, our apartment, some of my friends, winning the Danish championsship in showdance with my dancing team, travelling to lots of countries, my job etc.


Some people might say that “well, that is not because of some sort of magic that these things happened to you, that is just you who made it happen“, and that might be true – but I like to believe in everyday magic, and really – does it matter? As long as it works. And seriously, no harm can happen with these practices.


At least I know that my life has become more fun, more filled with joy, happiness, love and everyday magic after having found these practices and incorporated them into my life – and my hope with this post is that you might discover something new which can change your life for the better as well.


Have you heard about these practices before? Do you practice them yourself? Or, is it the first time you learn about them? – and in that case, is it something you want to start practicing?


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*Affiliate link has been used, which means that I get a small percentage of the sale, if you buy through this link 

Happiness Personal


It’s Monday and you know what that means – time to look back at some everyday happiness from the past week!

I’ve been fuelling myself with my favourite green smoothie almost daily!

I’ve been practicing yoga at home, and at Cathrine’s yoga class Thursday evening at Yogacentralen <3

My boyfriend and I have booked a trip to Alicante, Spain, this Summer and I’m looking so much forward to it! If you have good suggestions for things/places to see, where to eat, sustainable shops etc. then please share them with me! I would love to know since I’ve never been there before

Okay so this isn’t from the past week but this upcoming week, but I just thought I wanted to announce it again. Emma, Johanne and I are going to hold a speech (Danish) about how you can live more sustainable at Fredensborg Bibliotek April 12th 7pm – if you are nearby, come and join!

Saturday some of my best friends from high school came over for brunch and birthday celebration, and it was so good to see them again <3

I started Sunday out with picking up trash at Amager Strandpark with Clean Up Copenhagen and these 3 lovely women! We had the most beautiful sunny weather! Where should we hold the next TRASH & TALK event?

After picking up trash at Amager, I went straight to The Organic Club at Vesterbro for the Sustain Yearly pick-up party. It was so great, so many lovely women, the new magazine, ice tea, the sun was shinning and I spend the next couple of hours talking with Ida in the sunshine – what a lovely day!

Sweet Johanne & Emma at the pick-up party

The beautiful magazine <3 I’m so grateful for having written something in such a beautiful magazine which is all about how you can live a more sustainable life. And a big congrats to lovely Sustain Daily for making this magazine and for spreading sustainable inspiration to so many people!

Happiness Personal


Monday and time to look back at some of the lovely things from the past week – everyday happiness.
I’ve been to school, studying, photographing Copenhagen with one of my best friends, relaxing and taking time for selfcare, studying with one of my other best friends, watched Atlantis with my boyfriend and been to my cousins birthday – lovely week.

How was your past week?

the wave


This week my friend and I went to a certain part of Copenhagen to take pictures and enjoy the city. It was freezing cold, but still beautiful!

I also took time to just be still, do some selfcare, drink some tea and relax. I really try my best that whenever I start to feel overwhelmed with things to do – instead of doing more, I try to take some time to relax and calm down. And once I’m calm and relaxed again I can usually handle much more and without feeling any kind of stress <3

  chai latte

Saturday I had a lovely study day with one of my best friends – just reading a lot, drinking chai latte, talking and eating lunch <3

green smoothies

Later that Saturday I came home and my boyfriend and I made some green smoothies, cuddled up on the couch with a blanket and watched the ‘Atlantis’ movie – lovely evening!

Happiness Personal


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since these everyday happiness update. Since last time I’ve written an exam, celebrated Christmas, relaxed and celebrated new years eve! Did you have a good Christmas and new years eve? And are you ready for this new year? I sure am!

I got this lovely little book about positive psychology in a Christmas present, and it is such a nice, quick and easy read, I think I want to read more of those “tænkepauser” books, such a good way to get a quick introduction to an interesting topic.

On the last day of 2017 I spend the day with 150 other people practicing yoga and setting good intentions for the next year. I was so happy to be a part of this, a big thank you to Cathrine and Carrotstick for creating this lovely event in the most beautiful setting (Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg)!

I’ve begun using my new Atelier Aarhus calendar for 2018, and I just love to fill it with great plans!

I’ve been doing a lot of relaxing and selfcare. I got a giftcard to Matas for Christmas, so I decided to try out this little cupping glass from Sard Kopenhagen, which I’ve seen Tine and Tanja recommend.

I’m so happy about how our kitchen is turning more and more zero waste and filled with beautiful glasses. Just look at this spice collection! Am I the only one loving it?

Before the new year I also bought a new plant. My boyfriend thinks our living room is turning into a minor jungle. What can I say, I just LOVE green plants!

Happiness Personal


Monday and the last week filled with everyday happiness (and a lot of exam preparations), nonetheless it was still very lovely with lots of matcha latte’s, tea, cozy indoor time, tea with my mom and Christmas coziness with my friends!

I’ve been practicing yoga at home in my living room because I just seem to be a bit too lazy to get myself outside in the cold weather…

I’ve written gratitude lists and also full moon reflections about the past years on December 3rd

I’ve used some of all my lovely natural products! I also received the most beautiful bronzing powder, from the sweet girls from Miild, as an early Christmas present – which I’m so grateful for <3

I’ve been doing some more yoga in my new Yogamii yoga clothing (which I was gifted), and I still have a discount code for you for their clothing. Use the code “Camilla15” and get 15% off on all items on Yogamii’s website.

I’ve been drinking lots of matcha latte’s and tea this week. Btw, I spilled matcha latte all over my plant after taking this photo (but I guess if it’s healthy for my, then it’s probably also good for the plant 😉 )

How was your week? And are you up to any exciting things this week?

Happiness Personal


Monday and time to look back on some of the happy moments from the past week!

On Tuesday I was out with Cathrine filming yoga videos all day – keep an eye out, exciting things are coming!

I received my Gua Sha from greenbeautysupplies and have been using it to give myself a facial massage every morning, and I love that little self-care ritual <3

I’m telling myself that this (dates, peanutbutter and peanuts) is a healthy snack, however, considering the amount of these that I’m eating, it probably ain’t that healthy any longer, but I just can’t help myself they are seriously soooo good!

I finally threw out my old, torn apart phone case where I kept all my cards in and invested in a beautiful cork wallet where I can now keep all my cards

How was your week?



Så blev det mandag og tid til at kigge tilbage på sidste uges glæder. Jeg har ikke vildt mange billeder, da en del af ugen også blev tilbragt i Thailand, hvor vi først kom hjem fra sent torsdag aften og jeg har været på arbejde både lørdag og søndag.

/Then it became Monday and time to look back at the past week’s small happy moments. I do not have many pictures from the past week since I was still in Thailand, and first got home late Thursday evening and both Saturday and Sunday I was at work.

I Thailand købte jeg den fineste lille elefant ved den Store Buddha, hvor pengene gik til et nyt byggeprojekt lavet af den buddhistiske organisation, samt en fin træ kam lavet af en mand i Phuket Old Town

/In Thailand I bought a little elephant near the Big Buddha, where the money went into a new building project made by  the Buddhistic organisation, and a lovely tree comb made by a man in Phuket Old Town

Da jeg kom hjem fra ferie blev jeg ovenud begejstret for de mange fine nye blade der var kommet på min plante!

/When I returned home from holiday I got overly excited about the new leaves on my plant!

Efter at have fået en skuffende kanelsnegl i Thailand havde jeg sagt til min kæreste at når vi kom hjem skulle vi altså ud og hygge os og have fat i en rigtig kanelsnegl, disse skønne kanelsnegle blev indtaget på Espresso House sammen med en skøn kop chai latte på havremælk <3

/After a disappointing cinnamon bun in Thailand I had told my boyfriend that when we got home we needed to go out and get a real good cinnamon bun. So we went to Espresso House and got these lovely cinnamon buns and a lovely chai latte on oat milk <3 

Og vi er i sandhed kommet hjem til noget rigtigt vådt efterårsvejr, men jeg klager ikke. På flyturen hjem fra Thailand mellemlandede vi i Rusland hvor der var -3 grader(!), så det danske vejr er jo ingenting i forhold til derovre.

/And we have truly returned to some wet fall weather, but I’m not complaining. On our flight back home from Thailand we had a transfer flight in Russia where there was -3 degrees(!), so I’ve nothing to complain about here.

Hvordan var din forgangne uge?
/How was your past week?



Det er ved at være noget tid siden at jeg sidst lavede en udgivelse af ‘everyday happiness’ (eller hverdagsglæde), men det vil jeg begynde på igen, for det er simpelthen noget jeg elsker at følge med i hos andre bloggere, og så kan jeg glædes over hverdagens glæder igen. Denne omgang indeholder også lidt mere af mine nye rutiner som jeg er blevet ualmindeligt glad for at have implementeret, og som måske kan inspirere nogle af jer derude!

It has been some times since I last posted an ‘everyday happiness’ post, but I want to start doing it again, because I love following these blog posts from other bloggers, and then I get to experience the joy of the experiences once again. This round also contains some of my new routines which I’m so happy about having implemented in my life, and which might inspire some of you guys!

Jeg har genfundet min glæde for wellness og selvforkælelse, og at passe rigtig godt på min krop både i form af ydre og indre pleje. Her har jeg for nyligt opdaget rasul ler gennem Carolina, og så er jeg blevet magisk fascineret af krystaller igen (noget jeg nok altid har været, men ikke helt har ville kendes ved i en lang periode. Men må indrømme, jeg har været trofast WITCH-blad fan i mine unge år, og alt hvad der har med magi og spiritualitet at gøre, er jeg bare virkelig betaget af).

I’ve rebound my joy for wellness and selfcare, and I’m taking good care of my body both internally and externally. I have recently discovered morrocan soap clay through Carolina, and I’ve also become magically fascinated by crystals again (something I think I’ve always been, but wouldn’t recognize for a long time. But I gotta admit it, I’ve been a WITCH-magazine fan throughout all of my younger years, and I’m completely fascinated with everything that has to do with magic and spirituality).

Derudover er jeg blevet helt igennem vild med yoga og meditation! Det er noget jeg har leget lidt med fra tid til anden igennem mange år, men nu kan jeg virkelig mærke at jeg er blevet elle vild med det. Også rimelig perfekt, når jeg nu skal til at være Personlig Assistent for fantastiske Cathrine, som netop har afholdt det fineste yoga retreat på Samsø!

I have also become completely in love with yoga and meditation! It’s something I have been flirting with throughout many years but haven’t gotten into something serious with, but now I can truly feel that I have fell completely in love with it. And what a timing, since I’m going to be a Personal Assistent for amazing Cathrine, who has just held a beautiful yoga retreat at Samsø!

Jeg er også blevet almægtig glad for gåture ude i den fantastiske natur, gerne med et inspirerende podcast i ørerne (for tiden er jeg elle vild med Awaken Radio af Connie Chapman, Sustain Daily Podcastet og The Melissa Ambrosini Show af Melissa Ambrosini).

I’ve also become truly happy with walking outside in the amazing nature, and especially with an inspirering podcast in my ears (at the moment I’m listening to Awaken Radio by Connie Chapman, Sustain Daily podcast (Danish) and The Melissa Ambrosini Show by Melissa Ambrosini).

Jeg er sørme også begyndt at juice lidt igen, men jeg mangler opskrift inspiration! Jeg kører nemlig i den samme (dog lækre) opskrift bestående af gulerødder, æbler og ingefær. Så hvis du har en god en, gerne en grøn en af slagsen, så giv endelig lyd!

I’ve also fell in love with juicing a bit again, but I need some new recipe inspiration! I’ve become stuck with the same old (yet delicious) recipe consisting of carrots, apples and ginger. So if you have a good one, especially a green one, please just comment! 

Hvis du ikke allerede har bemærket det, er jeg blevet ret fascineret af det der ayurveda (indisk lægevidenskabs filosofi). Min nyeste bog indenfor den genre er denne fine “et pukka liv” skrevet af Sebastian Pole som er grundlæggeren af te-firmaet Pukka. Den er fyldt med god viden, tips og tricks!

If you haven’t already noticed it, I have become quiet fascinated with ayurveda (Indian medicine philosophy). My recent read in this genre is this pretty book “A pukka life” written by Sebastian Pole which is the founder of the tea-company Pukka. It’s filled with awesome knowledge, tips and tricks!

Og så en af de største glæder! I fredags afholdte jeg mit første TRASH & TALK event med Clean Up Copenhagen. Vi var kun 3 personer, men vi fik samlet masser af skrald sammen, og så blev vi mødt af en masse mennesker der smilede, gav os thumbs up og kom over og roste os for vores arbejde. SÅ fedt! Så, hvis du vil med til det næste event, så hold øje med Clean Up Copenhagen’s Facebook side!

And now time for one of the biggest joys! This Friday I held my first TRASH & TALK event with Clean Up Copehagen. We were only 3 persons, but we collected a lot of trash, and we were met by so many kind people who smiled at us, gave us thumbs up and came over and said that we did a great thing. So awesome! So, if you want to join the next event, just keep an eye out for Clean Up Copenhagen’s Facebook page



Jeg ville lige komme med en lille opfordring. Prøv at sæt dig ned i dag og skriv 10 ting (eller flere) ned, som du er taknemmelig for. Og luk så lige øjnene hver gang du har skrevet en ting ned, og føl taknemmeligheden. Hvis du begynder at gøre dette til en daglig vane, så vil du hurtigt indse hvor positiv en virkning det kan have på dit liv.
Hav en skøn weekend!

I just wanted to come with a little suggestion. Try sitting down today and write 10 things (or more) down, which you are grateful for. Then close your eyes when you’ve written a thing down, and really feel grateful. If you start making this a daily habit, you’ll quickly see what a positive impact it will have on your life.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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Happiness Health

Gratitude Makes You Healthier

Jeg blev kontaktet af en mindre visuel story-telling forretning her forleden, kaldet Tremendousness. Firmaet prøver at lave komplekse ting mere forståelige for folk ved hjælp af deres video. De spurgte mig om jeg ikke ville se deres video angående taknemmelighed. Det gjorde jeg så, og jeg synes at videoen er så fin, og forklarer super enkelt, hvor stor en positiv virkning at det at have en taknemmelig attitude, kan gøre dig sundere og gladere. Så jeg synes helt klart at I skal tjekke den ud, den varer kun lige 2 minutter. Udover taknemmelighedsemnet så laver de videoer om alt muligt, så det er bestemt værd at tjekke ud hvis man hurtigt vil blive lidt klogere på forskellige emner.

I was contacted by a smaller visual story-telling company here the other day, called Tremendousness. The company tries to make complex things more understandable for people through their videos. They asked me if I wanted to check out there video about Gratitude. I did, and I truly think it is a great little video, which very easily explains you, how much of a positive impact having a grateful attitude, can have on your overall health and happiness. So I definitely think you should check it out, it only last 2 minutes. Beside the video about Gratitude, they make videos about all different kind of subjects, which you can easily learn more about.