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If we want to grow, stretch and reach our dreams, we also need to get grounded. Plant our roots deep in the ground, so we can grow even higher.

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly” – J.R. Rim

Do you have big dreams and visions for your future? I do too, but in order to make those dreams a reality and grow high, we also need to ground ourselves and get the foundational work in place.

Fulfil the Basic Needs

If you’ve ever had a psychology class at some point in your life, you might have heard of ‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs‘. This theory explains perfectly the concept of getting yourself grounded, in order to reach your own higher potential.

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This pyramid starts from the bottom, the first need all human beings needs to get fulfilled physiological needs; air, water, food, shelter, sleep, clothing, sex. If we have not fulfilled these basic needs, we will not begin to start thinking about the next level in the pyramid, because our mind will then only stay focused on fulfilling our very basic human needs.

In our Western society, majority of us people have the two bottom ‘needs’ in place: physiological and safety needs. What we are working on the top 3 layers; love and belonging, esteem and self-actualisation.

So when I say ‘get grounded’, I mean that in order for you to grow, you first need to have these foundations in place. You need to eat food, sleep well, and have a place you feel safe. But what is also important is your relationship towards others, a sense of belonging, and your own self-esteem. A practice to help you with your self-esteem can be the use of positive affirmations.

Remember, that the highest trees, also have the deepest and strongest roots.

Do you have big dreams and visions you want to fulfil? Look at your own life and see where your foundation is not working, and then start working on that. Perhaps you do not sleep enough? Then start working on that. Perhaps your self-esteem is very low? Then start working on that.
So, where in your life, can you work on your foundational work? Share it below, or write it down for yourself, and then start working on it.

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Holistic & Spiritual living


Sometimes all we need is just to step outside and be one and connect with nature. So today I don’t want to write a lot, but I will rather post some lovely pictures I took on a wonderful walk in nature a little while ago. 


“Nature itself is the best physician” – Hippocrates 

Sometimes we tend to get too stuck inside our heads, and it’s all bubbled up with all the things we have to do, be etc. Whenever you start to feel like this, take a break and just get outside in nature and just BE. 

Sit under the sun. Feel the fresh air on your skin. Feel the rain on your head. Sit under a giant tree. Feel the Earth beneath you. Listen to the birds sing. Just be there. 


Happiness Health


Jeg har på det seneste læst, hørt og set en hel del om det med at komme mere i kontakt med naturen. Jeg har altid været klar over, at nogle af de bedste øjeblikke i mit liv har været udenfor i naturen hvor man har mærket solen, vinden eller vandet på sin krop. Men for nylig har jeg fået øjnene op for, hvor fantastisk det faktisk er for os.

Jeg så en dokumentar på som netop handlede om at ‘get grounded’ og komme i kontakt med naturen. Den handlede om hvordan det at komme helt ned i kontakt med naturen – røre Jorden – kan have en helbredende effekt på os.
For nogle lyder det måske lidt woo-woo, og nogle tror måske at det bare er noget vi forestiller os, at det er naturen der helbreder os. Og det kan da også sagtens være – men hvad forskel gør det så? Så længe at man får det bedre.

Det at ‘getting grounded’ er også noget man har meget fokus på indenfor yoga. Og i sidste uge var jeg til en workshop med Cathrine hvor hun netop havde fokus på det med at get grounded og at komme ud i naturen, som værende en måde at komme ned i gear på, at slappe af og komme væk fra hverdagens stress og jag.

Jeg kan tydeligt mærke en kæmpe forskel på mig selv de dage jeg kommer udenfor og er ude i naturen, og de dage hvor jeg bare sidder indenfor og arbejder på computeren hele dagen. Der er en KÆMPE forskel.

Så dette er blot en lille opfordring, både for at minde mig selv om det, men også til dig, om at komme ud i naturen.
Gå barfodet på græsset eller i sandet, rør et træ, mærk vinden i dit hår, hop en tur i havet og vær ét med bølgerne! Og nyd det.

I have recently read, heard and seen a lot about getting more in contact with nature. I have always been aware of that some of the best moments in my life have been outside in nature where I have felt the sun, wind or water on my body. But recently I have discovered how fantastic it actually is for us.

I recently saw a documentary on which was about getting grounded and getting in contact with nature. It was about how getting in contact with nature – touch the Earth – can have a healing effect on us. For some this might sound a bit woo-woo, and some might think that it is just something we imagine that nature is able to heal us. And perhaps – but what difference does it make? As long as you get better.

“Getting grounded” is also something which are focused upon within the yoga discipline. And in last week I attended a yoga workshop with Cathrine where she had focus on getting grounded and get in contact with nature as a way to calm down, relax and get away from the stress we can tend to have in our everyday lives.

I can clearly feel a huge difference on the days that I get outside in nature, and on the days that I just sit inside and work on my computer all day. There is a HUGE difference. 

So this is simply a little reminder, both to myself, and to you, to get more out in nature. Walk barefooted in the grass or the sand, touch a tree, feel the wind in your hair, jump into the ocean and become one with the waves. And enjoy it!

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