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I finally used up my old regular shampoo bottle the other day, and tried a shampoo bar for the first time. And to be honest, I was almost ready to ditch the shampoo bar right away after having tried it, and to find a regular zero waste shampoo alternative instead, because my hair felt so weird, heavy and greasy. But, then I googled it, and I found out that this is actually very normal.

I found out that there is an adjustment period for your hair when going from regular shampoos to shampoo bars, and that this transition period can even take a few weeks or several months, before your hair starts to feel normal again.

Now you might think “why even go for a shampoo bar?“, for me it’s simply a question of trying to eliminate as much plastic from my life in order to live a more sustainable and environmental friendly life, and shampoo bars comes without the need for a plastic bottle, which is pretty awesome. But for now, let’s get back to the shampoo bars!

Things which could have an impact on why your hair feels weird:

A new product
Conventional shampoos strip away the natural protective oils from your hair, and your hair therefore produces more oil to compensate for the removal. Your scalp thereby becomes used to this cycle of excess oil production. As you then go to transition to a natural shampoo bar, which doesn’t strip away the protective oils from your hair, your scalp needs time to rebalance the scalp oil production. During this period your hair may feel greasy and heavy.

Hard water
Hard water can make it more difficult to rinse out all of the shampoo from your hair, especially if you have long hair. If you have hard water (which is very common in apartments in Copenhagen), then it can be recommended to using distilled water to rinse or a shower filter head.

The wrong shampoo bar
It can simply also just be that you have chosen the wrong shampoo bar for your hair type. Everyone’s hair type is unique, so if you have tried a shampoo bar and given the hair some time to adjust to it, but it still doesn’t work, try another shampoo bar type.

Tips to make the transition from normal shampoo to a shampoo bar easier:

Apple Cider Vinegar rinse
Many people using shampoo bars also use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) rinse. You simply just fill up half a cup with ACV* and the rest of the cup with water, and then after having shampooed your hair, you pour this mixture over your hair and rinse it out.

Changing shampoo technique 
The feeling of weird and greasy hair normally arise due to not having rinsed all of the soap out of your hair. It can therefore be recommend to rinse your hair very thoroughly. You might also find it helpful when you start using a shampoo bar, not to rub the bar directly on your hair, but take the foam from the soap by rubbing the bar between your hands and then only use the foam to wash your hair with.

If you are still not hooked on the idea of using a shampoo bar, then don’t worry. It is also possible to find the ‘normal’ shampoo in bulk and thereby get it in a more sustainable way than buying a plastic bottle. At EcoEgo and LØS Market they offer shampoo in bulk. So you can simply just bring your own bottle and fill it up with shampoo.

Have you tried a shampoo bar? And do you have any other tips for getting your hair adjusted to the shampoo bars?


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Rosenvand! Eller, “rose water”, er et simpelt, men ganske fantastisk remedie der kan være fantastisk at gøre brug af i sin dagligdag. Man kan både bruge det i sin hudpleje rutine, til sit hår og som aromaterapi. Der er altså mange fordele ved at gøre brug af rosenvand, og nogle af dem vil jeg komme ind på nedenfor med det samme.

Rosenvand er antibakterielt og anti-inflammatorisk, og derfor kan det specielt være rigtig godt at bruge hvis man har hudsygdomme såsom akne, eksem eller andet. Det er nemlig super godt for sensitiv hud, da det hjælper med at reducere rødme og det får huden til at slappe af. Det er også super godt for ar fra bumser af, da det hjælper helingsprocessen og dermed kan hjælpe med at få ens ar til at gå hurtigere væk. En god måde at bruge rosenvand på i sin hudpleje rutine, kan derfor være både at bruge det som en ansigtsspray i løbet af dagen, eller bruge det på en vat-rondel, som en skintonic efter man har fjernet sin make-up.

Rosenvand kan også hjælpe til med at få sundere hår, man kan derfor gøre brug af en ‘hår rens’, som består af ca. 2 spiseskeer rosenvand blandet sammen med 1 glas vand og hælde det udover ens hår mens man er bad.

Ligesom mange andre dufte, så kan rosenvand også bruges til aromaterapi. Aromaterapi can hjælpe med at få en til at slappe af, og derved reducere ens stress niveau, få en til at sove bedre og få en til at blive mere positiv.

Så der er altså masser af gode grunde til at gøre brug af rosenvand! Man kan enten vælge at købe det på flaske, eller at lave det selv ud af nogle rosenblade og vand. Selv har jeg denne sag fra Pukka, som jeg fik i gave af mine søde veninder til min fødselsdag sidste år. 

Rose water! It’s such a simple, yet amazing product which can work wonders for you. You can use it in your skincare routine, for your hair or as aromatherapy. There are many benefits to using rosewater, and I’ll just jump straight into them right here.

Rose water is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and can therefore be very good for use if you have any skin condition such as acne, eczema etc. It’s very good if you have sensitive skin, since it can help bring down redness and calm down the skin. It’s also very good for fighting acne-scarring, since it helps speed up the healing process. A good way to use rose water in your skincare routine, can be as a facial mist (spray) throughout the day, or at a cotton pad as a skintonic after you’ve cleansed your face.

Rosewater can also help you promote healthy hair growth, you can therefore either use it as a scalp conditioning or make a hair rinse consisting of 2 tbsp of rose water mixed with a glass of water, then you just dump it over your hair and scalp in the shower and rinse it out. 

Like many other scents, rose water can also be used for aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can help you relax and calm down, and thereby help fight stress, make you sleep better and make you become a more positive person. 

There are many benefits to using rosewater! You can either by a bottle, or make it yourself from rose leafs and some water. I use this bottle from Pukka which I got as a present from my sweet friends in my birthday gift las year.

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