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Yesterday I was reading in the book “The Four Agreements“* (which is a must-read!) and the quote “Forgiveness is the only way to heal” came up. I have been thinking about this life lessons myself several times in my own life, and now I got reminded to share it with you guys.


In all it’s simplicity it’s about that you will never heal yourself and move on from something if you do not choose to forgive those who you think have hurt or harmed you in any way.


Let me show you an example, if you for example have been dating a guy and find out that he has been dating several others at the same time, then you might feel betrayed and hurt. Over time you will move on, but you will never fully heal yourself until you choose to forgive the guy. This doesn’t mean that you in any way have to go up to the guy and say “I forgive you”. You simply just need to forgive him in your own heart. Know that there could have been several reasons for him doing so, and that it really might not have anything to do with you at all. Choose to look at the things you’ve learned along the way instead. Because of this relation you might have learned how to be more open towards other people, you might also have learned that what you want in a potential partner is someone who is loyal towards you. Realise that you would never have learned these things if you hadn’t had that negative experience, and see it as a blessing. I love the Dumbledore quote (you know, from Harry Potter): “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light“.

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To take another example, some blame their parents for having given them a certain upbringing. Choose to look at it this way instead – most parents did the best they could with what they had and with the knowledge they had. There’s really no point in holding on to anger or frustration for how you was raised – instead choose to let go, forgive, and choose your own way now.


By holding on to anger, or not wanting to forgive someone, you are only holding yourself back and hurting yourself. All those negative feelings are locked inside you. You might think that you are directing them at someone else, but the only person it is truly hurting – is yourself.


Choose to forgive and you can thereby heal yourself.


*Affiliate link has been used, which means that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy through this link

Health Holistic & Spiritual living


Today I want to talk about cycle syncing, what it is and how it can improve your life.

Cycle syncing means syncing your life to your menstrual cycle. We have 4 cycles that we go through: follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. All my information come from the book Womancode* or the app MyFLO. Cycle syncing is all about how you can optimise your life and your health by syncing your life more with your cycle. Fx we all know the feeling of having menstruation and not feeling like doing anything at all – in this philosophy it’s all about following your flow. If you are having your menstruation you just don’t feel like doing much else except relaxing, and that is what you should strive for.

I really like this idea, because I’ve gone through many years where I’ve been trying to go to the gym when I was on my period even though I didn’t feel like it AT ALL. Now I really tune more in and go with what my body wants to. I know it’s not always possible to do exactly what you want, fx cancelling going to work just because you have your menstruation, but it’s more about learning to be more connected with your body and do some small things which is in alignment with how you are feeling. This philosophy is really all about how you can improve your life, how you are feeling and your health by trying to live more in sync with your cycle. Below you can find out how you can do this more practically.

And just for your information, in the book (Womancode) there is a much more scientific explanation into why you are feeling certain ways during the different times of the month, fx because of estrogen dropping, hormones raising etc. I didn’t want to write about that here, but rather take away the more practical and simple stuff. But if you’re interested, then you can read all about it in the book.


The 4 phases

• Follicular phase (7-10 days)

This is when you have most energy and your conscious awareness increases. This is the perfect time for mental creativity, learning, clarity, concentration, researching, structural thinking and independence. During this time focus on setting goals, plan and set intentions.

Food focus: fresh, vibrant, light foods that make you feel more energised during this phase, when all hormone levels are at their lowest. Think: pressed salads (kimchi, sauerkraut), plenty of vegetables, sprouted beans and seeds, energy-sustaining grains.

Exercise focus: try something new. You also have the energy to go for more challenging workouts too at this time.


• Ovulatory phase (3-4 days)

This is the time where you are more expressive, outgoing and this is the best time for communication, empathy, productivity, teamwork. Focus on social activities and communication. This is also the time of the month were you are fertile, and you are therefore also more flirty and outgoing because of natural instinct of the body being fertile and thereby want to attract the opposite sex.

Food focus: you have plenty of natural energy and your mood is stable because of all the estrogen floating around, so go easy on carbohydrates and stick to lighter grains such as corn and quinoa. Still eat plenty of vegetables and fruit.

Exercise focus: high-impact workout and group settings. Your energy levels are at their maximum at this time.


• Luteal phase (10-14 days)

Pre-menstrual phase. Here you are more creative and active. This is the best time for inspired creativity, out of the box thinking and problem solving.

Food focus: focus on food rich in B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and fiber. Healthy, natural sugar can help with the dip in estrogen that occurs in the second half of the luteal phase which can make you feel irritable. Also make sure to have a good amount of complex carbohydrates to stabilise serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and help prevent mood swings.

Exercise focus: during the first half of this phase your energy might still be high so just go for the same activities as during your ovulation phase. Then scale down on the intensity during the final days and strive for exercise such as walking, pilates, yoga, mor slow forms.


• Menstrual phase (3-7 days)

This is when you have your menstruation. You are more likely to be reflective, passive and withdrawn. Subconscious intuition, best time for inner processing, creative reviewing, reaching the core of things, letting go, new ideas, intuitive creativity and renewall. Focus on time alone, reflecting, selfcare, journalling.

Food focus: during this time your body is eliminating the lining of your uterus – so focus on foods that add nutrients; foods with a low-glycemic index and water-rich fruits and vegetables. Sea-based vegetables will help your body remineralise iron and zinc, which you lose during menstruation.

Exercise focus: rest and recovery. If you want to exercise strive for yoga or walking, take it slow and let your body rest.


I have to say that I certainly do not live completely according to the above description, but it really does make perfect sense for me. To live in sync with your hormones and not push yourself to fx Working out when you are on your period and really just feel like laying down and watching a movie. It’s all about learning to listen more to your body and take care of it and it that way optimise your health and life.

If you are in doubt about which phase you are in, then I can for sure recommend the app MyFLO which is created by the author behind the book Womancode. Here you plug in when you have your menstruation, how you feel on different days and it will tell you in which phase you are currently in and how you can optimise your health during the specific phases.


What do you think about it? Have you heard about cycle syncing before? Are you trying to live your life more in alignment with how your body is feeling?


Read also: Book recommendation – Womancode 

*Affiliate link has been used, which mean that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy through this link

Happiness Personal


The past week has been filled with lots of studying, great time with one of my best friends, coming home to valentines day to find that my boyfriend had bought me flowers and chocolate (so sweet, but I might have hinted it a bit too much, cause that is the first time in 5 years that that happens, nevertheless I’m so grateful and I love him so much) and I’ve been on a lovely yoga retreat with Cathrine on Samsø over the weekend <3

As you might have seen on Instagram, I’ve started tongue scraping and it’s incredibly satisfying once you first begin

I’ve also tried to make my very own face cream, and it turned out really well, it’s so thick and moisturising, perfect for dry winter skin!

I spend the weekend in this beautiful place (Mellem-Rummet) at Samsø on a yoga retreat held by Cathrine, and a lot of kind and loving people. We ate lots of delicious, healthy vegan food, practiced yoga, relaxed, drank herbal teas and just had time to just be. So lovely!

Health Holistic & Spiritual living Holistic beauty & skincare


Today I thought I would share some of the ayurvedic practices which I’m using in my everyday life, and you might find some inspiration for some more loving and selfcaring practices.


If you don’t know what ayurveda is, then I’ve already written a blog post about it which you can read about right here. I find ayurveda very fascinating and, as mentioned, I’ve already taken several of the ayurvedic practices to me and use them in my everyday life to take better care of myself, health and happiness.


Dry brushing

Dry brushing is a very used practice within ayurveda. Dry brushing is where you brush your dry skin, to get rid of dead skin cells, but more importantly to get your blood circulation flowing in your body. Dry brushing before a bath is such a lovely selfcare practice.


Oil massage

Just like dry brushing, then giving yourself an oil massage, is also a very practiced ritual within the ayurvedic belief system. Again this is a way to get your blood circulation going, but also just a lovely way to moisturise your skin and get in tune with your own body.

self care


Tongue scraping

Tongue scraping is a new ayurvedic practice which I’ve just started to do. Basically you just scrape your tongue to remove dirt from your tongue. You can do this after you brush your teeth and just incorporate it as a daily practice, like brushing teeth. Tongue scraping is a way to not only remove a bad breath, but also a way to, according to ayurvedic beliefs, improve taste and digestion*.


Warm food, drinks and clothes

If you have identified which ayurvedic dosha is your primary (vata, kapha, pita), then you can follow some of the practices which are suggested for your type. My primary dosha is vata, and one of my characteristics is that I very easily get cold and freeze. This is so simple and seems very logic, but the ayurvedic practice recommends, especially for vata doshas, to eat warm food, drink warm drinks (herbal teas, golden milk) and dress in warm clothes in order to keep balanced. So I sip on tea almost all day long, wear lots of warm knits and a blanket if I’m at home, and I truly enjoy eating a delicious warm and nourishing vegetable soup or a good dhal.


I’m curious to know if you’ve looked into ayurveda? Are you following any of these selfcare practices? And, what dosha type are your primary?

Source: Why everyone should consider tongue scraping 

Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living


I have been looking for some new yoga clothing, because I simply just didn’t really have any good yoga clothing. And I do find it necessary to have some as I’m practicing more and more yoga nowadays. But as you might know, if you follow me regularly on my blog and Instagram, I don’t really want to support brands which do not take care of the environment and our Planet while producing their products. Therefore, I was very pleased to find the brand Yogamii.


Yogamii – Organic Yoga Clothing

Yogamii is a Danish brand which makes beautiful, organic yoga clothing. Their clothing has the GOTS certificate which means that you can trust that the clothing has been produced with care for both you, the environment and the people who produce the clothing. The clothing design is simple and comfortable and have been created with the intend of making you feel comfortable in whatever you are using the clothes for, whether that be yoga, exercising or just everyday life. Another amazing thing is that for every item you buy on their website, you also help support a girls orphanage in Arni (India) through the help of Danish Indian Child Care. I love brands who make sure to take care of the environment in their production and brands who support good causes as well.

I was grateful to be gifted the clothes on the pictures. I’ve also been trying out Yogamii’s clothes for a couple of hours of yoga filming with Cathrine and Yogavivo, and I feel absolutely comfortable in the clothing and I also think the design is very lovely. I can therefore definitely recommend you the brand.

I’m wearing a black strap top in x-small and black long tights in small on the pictures. 

Discount code

If you also want some organic yoga clothing, then I have a little discount code for you. In collaboration with Yogamii, I have a code for you which you can use on all of the items on Yogamii’s webshop. Thereby you can choose a pair of nice basic yoga pants, or a tank top or a warm blouse for the colder months or just for relaxing in when you are home. Or, if you know of anyone who is interested in yoga then it’s a perfect idea for a Christmas gift!

You get 15 % off on Yogamii’s webshop when you use the discount code “Camilla15”.

Holistic & Spiritual living


Jeg gør mit bedste for at leve et holistisk liv.

Men hvad betyder det egentlig, at leve et holistisk liv?

Slår man ordet op i ordbogen betyder det, at: Man lægger fokus på det hele istedet for de individuelle dele.

Hele tankegangen bag det at leve et holistisk liv, går altså ud på at vores krop og sind hænger sammen. Således at det at du er stresset eller bekymret over i dine tanker rent faktisk kan påvirke hvordan du har det rent fysisk – og omvendt.

Jeg tror fuldt og fast på at vores tanker påvirker vores helbred, og omvendt. Derfor prøver jeg så godt jeg kan at leve sundt, tænke tanker der gør mig glad og bruge tid på ting jeg kan lide.

Men samtidig anerkender jeg også at hvis problemer opstår, at det også er okay at mærke dem og at føle ubehag. Det nytter ikke noget bare at feje det ind under gulvtæppet, da problemerne så vil ligge i kroppen og hobe sig op og påvirke dig negativt.

Søde Ida har faktisk lavet et holistisk interview med mig. Så hvis du vil læse om hvad en holistisk livsstil betyder for mig, så tag et smut forbi Ida’s blog. Du kan også læse om mine bedste sundheds, skønheds, bæredygtige og selvkærlige tips og meget mere. Du kan også finde interviews med Mia Gardum og Carolina Ellie derinde.


I do my best to live a holistic life.

But what does living a holistic life actually mean?

If you look up the word in the dictionary, it says: putting focus on the whole rather than just the individual parts.

The whole philosophy behind living a holistic life is about how our body and mind is connected. So when you are feeling stressed or worried in your mind this can actually affect you physically – and the other way around. 

I completely believe that our thoughts affects our health, and the other way around. That is why I try to live healthy, think happy thoughts and spend time on things that I like.

But I’m also recognizing that if any problems arise, that it’s okay to feel them and feel the uncomfortable feeling. It just doesn’t work to swipe it away, since the problems is only going to build up inside your body and affect you. 

Sweet Ida has actually made a holistic interview with me. Here you can read about what a holistic lifestyle means to me. You can also read about my best health, beauty, sustainable and selfcaring tips and much more. You can also find interviews with Mia Gardum and Carolina Ellie

Read also: Inspirering People – Ida Blom



Som noget nyt herinde på bloggen, vil jeg hver onsdag dele nogle ting som jeg har fundet interessante på det sidste. Det kan være en bog jeg har læst, en artikel jeg har læst, en dokumentar jeg har set, noget jeg ønsker mig, en inspirerende video eller noget helt andet!

Jeg elsker selv at læse disse indlæg hos andre bloggere som har samme interesser som mig (bare se Ida’s liste her!) og finde ny inspiration.

Jeg håber at i kan finde det brugbart og at i kan blive inspirerede!

  1. Bogen “Et Pukka Liv” af Sebastian Pole. Hvis du er interesseret i, eller vil lære mere omkring, ayurveda, så er denne bog bestemt en du skal læse! Den er skrevet af grundlæggeren bag te-firmaet Pukka.
  2. Dette er en youtube kanal anbefaling. Hvis du også er interesseret i en holistisk livsstil, og det er du garanteret hvis du følger med herinde, så SKAL du besøge Holistic Habits youtube kanal. Hun er simpelthen det sødeste menneske, og så er hendes videoer spækket med fantastisk viden og er så fine!
  3. Sustain Daily har lavet en madplan. Ikke mindst er den jo super brugbar, men den er også SÅ fin! Jeg har selv længe tænkt at jeg skal blive bedre til at meal preppe osv., og jeg tænker at deres madplan kommer til at hjælpe en hel del på sagen!
  4. Awaken Radio podcast har jeg allerede anbefalet i dette indlæg, men jeg ville lige give et skud ud for denne episode med Emmily Banks. Her snakkes der om naturlig make-up og hudpleje og hvor vigtigt det er ikke at fylde alverdens kemikalier på sin hud – super spændende!
  5. En stor himalaya salt lampe står aller højest på min ønskeliste lige nu. Ikke bare er de fantastisk flotte, men der er også alverdens fordele ved at have sådan en fin én i sit hjem, læs bare her.
  6. Denne TED-talk omkring at vælge at leve et liv uden skrald er super inspirerende! (Jeg elsker TED talks, så i kan godt regne med mange flere delinger i de kommende indlæg)



As something new here on the blog I’m going to share things every Wednesday which I have found interesting. It could be a book I have read, an article, a documentary I’ve seen, something on my wishlist, an inspirering video or something entirely different!

I love to read these kind of blogposts made by other bloggers with the same interests as me (just look at Ida’s list here!) and find new inspiration.   

I hope you will find it useful and get inspired!

  1. The book “A Pukka Life” by Sebastian Pole. If you are interested in, or just want to learn about, ayurveda, then you should read this book! It’s written by the founder behind the tea company Pukka.
  2. This is a youtube channel recommendation. If you also are interested in a holistic lifestyle, and I bet you are if you are following along here, then you MUST visit Holistic Habits youtube channel. She is the sweetest human being, and her videos are filled with amazing knowledge and are just lovely! 
  3. Sustain Daily has made a meal plan. Not only is it very useful, but also so pretty! I’ve been thinking about doing some more meal prepping lately and I am sure that their plan is going to help me out!
  4. Awaken Radio podcast is something I’ve already recommend in this blogpost, but I just wanted to mention this episode with Emmily Banks. They talk about natural make-up and skincare and how important it is not to fill your skin with chemicals – super interesting! 
  5. A big himalayan salt lamp is very high on my wishlist at the moment. Not only are they gorgeous, but there are also a number of benefits to having such a lamp in your home, just read here.
  6. This TED-talk about choosing to live a life without trash is super inspirering! (I love TED talks, so there is going to come a lot more of these in these kind of blog posts)