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What is a gua sha? A Gua sha is a tool used in traditional Chinese treatments, where you basically scrape the skin with a Chrystal, or some round shaped tool (some just use a large spoon). It’s used to give your skin a facial massage and make the skin more firm.

Benefits of using a gua sha

Gua Sha is said to stimulate blood flow and healing. Like many others massages gua sha stimulates blood flow and makes your skin a little bit more red, which is a good sign, because this only means that blood flow is going. When your blood flow is circulating, this brings more oxygen to your skin, and makes your skin start to “work”, which can both heal your skin and makes your skin more firm.

How I use mine

I use my gua sha most mornings. I usually dry brush my skin first, then go cleanse it with water and put on some oil and then I use my gua sha to gently scrape my skin (you should not push too hard, just very gently). You can find several videos of how to do it on youtube (I love this one), but in general you should always scrape upwards.
I love to use mine and it’s the perfect little selfcare ritual. As mentioned I usually do it in the morning while drinking a cup of green tea, a lovely little routine.


Where I bought mine

I bought my gua sha through, and mine is a beautiful rosa quartz stone. Rosa quartz is said to have a caring and loving energy in it (whether you believe the energies of Chrystals or not, it’s a nice thought while gently massaging your face).

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Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living


I have been looking for some new yoga clothing, because I simply just didn’t really have any good yoga clothing. And I do find it necessary to have some as I’m practicing more and more yoga nowadays. But as you might know, if you follow me regularly on my blog and Instagram, I don’t really want to support brands which do not take care of the environment and our Planet while producing their products. Therefore, I was very pleased to find the brand Yogamii.


Yogamii – Organic Yoga Clothing

Yogamii is a Danish brand which makes beautiful, organic yoga clothing. Their clothing has the GOTS certificate which means that you can trust that the clothing has been produced with care for both you, the environment and the people who produce the clothing. The clothing design is simple and comfortable and have been created with the intend of making you feel comfortable in whatever you are using the clothes for, whether that be yoga, exercising or just everyday life. Another amazing thing is that for every item you buy on their website, you also help support a girls orphanage in Arni (India) through the help of Danish Indian Child Care. I love brands who make sure to take care of the environment in their production and brands who support good causes as well.

I was grateful to be gifted the clothes on the pictures. I’ve also been trying out Yogamii’s clothes for a couple of hours of yoga filming with Cathrine and Yogavivo, and I feel absolutely comfortable in the clothing and I also think the design is very lovely. I can therefore definitely recommend you the brand.

I’m wearing a black strap top in x-small and black long tights in small on the pictures. 

Discount code

If you also want some organic yoga clothing, then I have a little discount code for you. In collaboration with Yogamii, I have a code for you which you can use on all of the items on Yogamii’s webshop. Thereby you can choose a pair of nice basic yoga pants, or a tank top or a warm blouse for the colder months or just for relaxing in when you are home. Or, if you know of anyone who is interested in yoga then it’s a perfect idea for a Christmas gift!

You get 15 % off on Yogamii’s webshop when you use the discount code “Camilla15”.

Holistic beauty & skincare Inspiration


It’s Wednesday and today I’ve some interested things for you guys which I’ve discovered lately, or been loving for some time!

1. As you know from last week’s ‘5 inspirering Instagrammers‘ I’m loving Lee Tilghman, and there is an hour long interview with her on the Glowing Up Podcast

2. Sweet Carolina Ellie is having a ‘foundation free’ workshop in December which I’m for sure going to attend!

3. The other day I heard a talk by Karen Pallisgaard, and she mentioned relaxing music by Niels Eje called MusiCure, and I love it!

4. I bought a gua sha and received it the other day, and now I’m doing a facial massage with it every morning and evening and I absolutely LOVE it!

5. Kombucha! If you haven’t tried kombucha yet, you’re missing out. This one is my current favourite.

What are some of the things/people/music/books/videos you have currently found interesting?

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Toxins are small molecules, peptides or proteins that are capable of causing disease on contact with or absorption by body tissues. Toxins are something which affects you and your body’s health and you should strive for avoiding them as much as possible in your everyday life if you want to be as healthy as possible. However, it can be difficult in our age today, because we are exposed to toxins almost all the time without us even being aware of it. But, if you learn which things you can change in your everyday life in order to get less exposed to toxins, then this is a great way to begin if you want to live a healthier life.

Here are some of the different areas in your life where you should be aware of toxins.

Skin, body and hair products
Some of the first things to look at when trying to eliminate toxins from your life are all the products you use on your skin, hair and body. Such as shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, cremes, body lotions, toothpaste, deodorant, make-up etc. You can strive to buy products with more natural ingredients, or you can simple make your own natural products and in that way be completely sure that they only contain natural and pure ingredients.

Cleaning products 
This is an area many people might forget about when trying to clean out in their products at home. But this area is so important, since you clean everything with these products, the sink, your food plates, your kitchen surfaces where you prepare food etc. All these cleaning products that you use in these places will somehow get in contact with you as well.
Here you can find some of the natural cleaning products you can use instead.

Go for organic food and thereby avoid food which is sprayed with a lot of pesticides. Pesticides does absolutely nothing good for your body.

The clothes you wear is in constant contact with your body, and regular clothes is also full of chemicals. Therefore you should go for buying organic clothes if you really want to avoid as many toxins in your life as possible.

Have you thought about these things before? Or, is there any other area that you think should have been included as well?


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Inspiration Inspirering people


Today it’s Wednesday and that usually means time for some interesting things and links, but since I’ve just been on Holiday and haven’t really found lots of interesting links, I thought that I instead would share 5 inspirering Instagrammers. Believe me, I could chose a lot more, because I follow many inspirering people on Instagram, but today you get 5.

1. Leefromamerica
I have just discovered Lee’s Instagram recently and I’m absolutely in love with the aesthetics and all the small tips and tricks she provides on her account. If you are into health, wellness and holistic lifestyle you will for sure love this girl.

2. Connie Chapman
Connie is also the founder behind the lovely podcast “Awaken Radio” which I’ve already mentioned a couple of times in here. But her Instagram is also just amazing! Light and beautiful pictures, which just flows with healthy and holistic living.

3. Trashisfortossers
If you are into zero waste, you probably already know Lauren Singer from Trashisfortossers. If you don’t, you really have to check her out. I find her SO inspirering and she just makes zero waste look so cool and fashionable!

4. Zerowastechica
I fell over this lovely account the other day. I follow many zero waste ‘people’, because I’m head over heels in love with the aesthetics of a zero waste lifestyle and all the tips I find from random people, and this account included.

5. Tina Lykkegaard
This account is only in Danish. But Tina is a holistic skintherapeut and she just provides her followers with so much valuable knowledge about how to get beautiful skin and stay healthy, I love all her small tips and tricks.

Who do you find inspirering on Instagram? I love to explore new and inspirering accounts! 

Health Holistic & Spiritual living Inspiration


Since I haven’t found many interesting things and links from the past week for today, I thought that I instead could share some of the books which are currently on my ‘want to read list‘. These are books within the categories of health, spirituality, visualization, ayurveda and self development (the topics I just love to read about).
I hope you can find some inspiration.

1. How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body – David R. Hamilton

2. Yoga & Ayurveda – Self-Healing and Self-Realization – David Frawley

3. Creative Visualization – Shakti Gawain

4. Ayurveda and the Mind – The Healing of Consciousness – David Frawley

5. Spiritual Growth – Being Your Higher Self – Sanaya Roman

Also, if you have any great books, please share them with me!

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At have tid til sig selv, og tid til at lave lige hvad man gerne vil, er essentielt hvis man gerne vil have det godt. Hvis man ræser rundt fra det ene til det andet, kan det være svært at finde ud af hvad man egentlig gerne vil, og man kan blive helt stresset og udmattet.

Det kan jeg i hvert fald. Derfor prøver jeg så vidt muligt ikke at lave alt for mange aftaler hver evig eneste dag, men at prøve at have lidt fri tid i kalenderen, så der også er plads til ro, afslapning, fordybelse og selvforkælelse.

Mine bedste måder at slappe af på, og have mig-tid, er ved at:

– drikke en dejlig kop varm te
– fordybe mig i en spændende eller interessant bog
– gå ture udenfor i naturen
– lave yoga
– tænde lys
– lave noget lækkert og god mad (eller snacks, de her sunde snickersbidder er min all-time favourite snack for tiden!)
– drikke en god kop te eller kaffe latte med en god veninde, eller min mor, og bare snakke
– se spændende ting på youtube, eller en god dokumentar
– tegne eller male
– skrive mine drømme ned
– tage mig af min krop, ved at tørbørste den, give den et dejligt varmt bad, eller en god gang oliemassage

Hvad bruger du din mig-tid på? Og husker du at holde mig-tid? Hvis du har det med at glemme det, så vil jeg anbefale dig, at du bruger nogle timer i denne weekend på at gøre lige hvad du har lyst til, og husk at nyde det!


Having time for yourself, and time to do what you want is essential if we want to feel good. If you run around from one thing to the next, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually want, and you can get stressed out and exhausted.

Well, at least I can. Therefore I try my best not to schedule too many things every single day, but instead try to have some free time in my calendar, so there is also room for quiet, relaxing and some selfcare time.  

My best ways to relax, and have some me-time, is by:

– drinking a cup of nice warm tea
– dive into an interesting or fascinating book
– going for walks outside in nature
– doing yoga
– lid a candle 
– making some delicious and good food (or snacks, these healthy snicker bites are my all time favourite at the moment!)
– driking a cup of tea or caffe latte with a good friend, or my mom, and just talk
– watching interesting videos on youtube, or a good documentary
– painting or drawing
– writing down my dreams 
– taking care of my body, by dry brushing it, giving it a nice warm bath, or a lovely oil massage 

How do you spend your me-time? And do you remember to have some me-time? If you tend to forget about it, then I’ll recommend that you spend some hours this weekend to do exactly what you want to do, and remember to enjoy it!


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Holistic & Spiritual living


Jeg gør mit bedste for at leve et holistisk liv.

Men hvad betyder det egentlig, at leve et holistisk liv?

Slår man ordet op i ordbogen betyder det, at: Man lægger fokus på det hele istedet for de individuelle dele.

Hele tankegangen bag det at leve et holistisk liv, går altså ud på at vores krop og sind hænger sammen. Således at det at du er stresset eller bekymret over i dine tanker rent faktisk kan påvirke hvordan du har det rent fysisk – og omvendt.

Jeg tror fuldt og fast på at vores tanker påvirker vores helbred, og omvendt. Derfor prøver jeg så godt jeg kan at leve sundt, tænke tanker der gør mig glad og bruge tid på ting jeg kan lide.

Men samtidig anerkender jeg også at hvis problemer opstår, at det også er okay at mærke dem og at føle ubehag. Det nytter ikke noget bare at feje det ind under gulvtæppet, da problemerne så vil ligge i kroppen og hobe sig op og påvirke dig negativt.

Søde Ida har faktisk lavet et holistisk interview med mig. Så hvis du vil læse om hvad en holistisk livsstil betyder for mig, så tag et smut forbi Ida’s blog. Du kan også læse om mine bedste sundheds, skønheds, bæredygtige og selvkærlige tips og meget mere. Du kan også finde interviews med Mia Gardum og Carolina Ellie derinde.


I do my best to live a holistic life.

But what does living a holistic life actually mean?

If you look up the word in the dictionary, it says: putting focus on the whole rather than just the individual parts.

The whole philosophy behind living a holistic life is about how our body and mind is connected. So when you are feeling stressed or worried in your mind this can actually affect you physically – and the other way around. 

I completely believe that our thoughts affects our health, and the other way around. That is why I try to live healthy, think happy thoughts and spend time on things that I like.

But I’m also recognizing that if any problems arise, that it’s okay to feel them and feel the uncomfortable feeling. It just doesn’t work to swipe it away, since the problems is only going to build up inside your body and affect you. 

Sweet Ida has actually made a holistic interview with me. Here you can read about what a holistic lifestyle means to me. You can also read about my best health, beauty, sustainable and selfcaring tips and much more. You can also find interviews with Mia Gardum and Carolina Ellie

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Health Holistic & Spiritual living Holistic beauty & skincare


Det er noget tid siden jeg har delt mine yndlings podcast, og dengang var det mere rent generelt. Nu har jeg fundet nogle nye favoritter, og da jeg for tiden er all-in-for sundhed, holisme og spiritualitet, så tænkte jeg at det kunne være interessant at dele mine yndlings podcast indenfor denne genre med jer. Og så passer det jo perfekt hertil weekenden! Selv skal jeg på arbejde hele weekenden, men det kan være at du har helt fri og kunne bruge et godt og inspirerende podcast til en god gå tur ude i naturen.


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

Denne her er efterhånden en gammel favorit, for jeg har efterhånden hørt med længe, og har også anbefalet podcastet flere gange herinde på bloggen. Men, hvis du ikke kender til det, så interviewer Melissa Ambrosini alverdens spændende mennesker og man får en masse ny og spændende viden. Især er der fokus på sundhed, men der kommer også emner som parforhold, selvudvikling og meget mere.


Awaken Radio

Denne her er en ny favorit. Podcastet er lavet af Connie Chapman (som forresten har den fineste Instagram profil!). Connie’s stemme er så dejligt beroligende, og dette podcast har også fokus på sundhed, men det har også et meget spirituelt fokus – hvilket jeg er elle vild med disse dage.


Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule

Jeg er begyndt at være meget fascineret af Ayurveda (læs lidt mere om det her), og i dette podcast finder man information og hverdagstips til hvordan man kan implementere ayurvedaen i sin egen hverdag. Podcastet er lavet af Myra Lewin som er ayurvedisk udøver og er stifteren af Hale Pule som er et ayurveda og yoga skole.


The Spa Dr

The Spa Dr er også kendt som Dr. Trevor Cates, besvarer på spørgsmål omkring sundheds myter, interviewer spændende mennesker indenfor sundhedsfeltet og kommer med en masse tips og tricks til hvordan man kan passe bedst muligt på sin krop rent sundhedsmæssigt.

Hvis i har nogle gode podcasts indenfor samme genre, så må i endelig dele dem med mig, for jeg elsker at opdage nye gode podcasts!


It’s been a while since I last shared my favourite podcasts, and at that time it was more podcasts in general. Now I’ve found some new favourites, and since I’m at the moment all about health, holistic and spiritual living, I thought it would be interesting to share some of my favourite podcasts within this genre with you. And it’s perfect here for the weekend! I have to work all weekend, but you might have a free weekend and could use a good and inspirational podcast to listen to while going for a walk outside in nature. 


The Melissa Ambrosini Show

This is an old favourite, which I’ve already shared several times on the blog. But, if you do not know about it, Melissa Ambrosini interviews a lot of different people and you get so much new knowledge. There is especially focus on health, but it also touches upon subjects such as relationships, self development and much more.


Awaken Radio

This is a new favourite of mine. The podcast is made by Connie Chapman (which btw has the most lovely Instagram account!). Connie’s voice is so soothing and calm, and this podcast has focus on health, but also a lot of spirituality – which I’m loving these days.


Everyday Ayurveda and Yoga at Hale Pule

I’ve become very fascinated with ayurveda (read more about it here), and in this podcast you get information and everyday tips and tricks on how to implement the ayurvedic lifestyle into your everyday life. The podcast is made by Myra Lewin which is an ayurvedic practitioner and the founder of Hale Pule which is an ayurveda and yoga school.


The Spa Dr

The Spa Dr is also known as Dr. Trevor Cates, and she answers questions about health myths, interviews exciting people within the health field and comes with a lot of tips and tricks on how to take care of your body and yourself in the best way. 

If you have any good podcasts within the same kind of genre, please share them with me, because I love discovering new amazing podcasts!


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Health Sustainable & Conscious living


Hvad er ayurveda? Det var faktisk noget jeg selv spurgte om for cirka et halvt år siden. Jeg kan huske første gang jeg mødtes med Ida, at hun nævnte ayurveda og jeg tænkte “ayur-hva-for-noget?”. Jeg havde aldrig hørt om dette udtryk før, men tak for at jeg lærte omkring det, for nu er jeg enormt fascineret af det.

Hvad er ayurveda?
Ayurveda er en indisk lægevidenskab, og filosofien bygger ikke kun på behandling ligesom det gør i vestens lægevidenskab, men også på forebyggelse. Man kigger altså både på hvad mad man kan spise, hvordan man kan bevæge sin krop, hvordan man kan få et sind i balance og meget mere for at få en krop i balance og leve et sundt liv. Alt hvad jeg elsker! Jeg er nemlig en ultimativ “sucker” for alt hvad der handler om sundhed og helse.

De 3 doshaer
Ayurveda er den overordnede filosofi. Men indenfor ayurveda er der 3 doshaer. Disse er kaldet vata, pitta og kapha. Alle mennesker rummer alle 3 doshaer, men typisk har man en eller to som er mere dominerende. Man kan tage en ayurveda test og finde frem til ens midlertidige dosha. Jeg har fundet ud af at jeg primært er en vata.

Når man så kender til sin dosha, så kan man læse om forskellige tips og tricks man kan gøre brug af for at holde sig selv i balance, og dermed ikke komme ud af balance. For når man kommer ud af balance, så er det at man begynder at kan få problemer, såsom at blive syg, få dårlig mave, blive stresset og meget andet – altså, alle de ting man gerne vil undgå.

Jeg er enormt fascineret af hele denne tankegang, og det er især det jeg læser og ser en del dokumentarer om for tiden. Jeg er så heldig at min kæreste og jeg skal til Thailand til Oktober, og det hotel vi skal bo på faktisk har fokus på ayurveda – hvilket jeg kun er endnu mere spændt på nu!

Hvis du gerne vil lære mere om ayurveda så kan jeg anbefale dig at læse Karen Pallisgaards bog “begynder yogabogen” hvor man netop kan tage en ayurveda test og læse meget mere om de forskellige typer doshaer. Derudover har jeg også bogen “Perfect Health” af Deepak Chopra til gode, som også har fokus på ayurveda. Jeg kan også anbefale at abonnere på, hvor der også er en masse små videoer om ayurveda at finde.

Kender du allerede til ayurveda? Og i så fald, hvilken er din primære dosha?

What is ayurveda? That was actually something I asked myself about half a year ago. I remember the first time I met Ida, and she mentioned ayurveda and I thought “ayur-what?”. I had never heard that expression before, but I am so grateful that I now know about it, because I’m truly fascinated by it. 

What is ayurveda?
Ayurveda is a traditional indian medicin science, and the philosophy is not just focused upon treatment like it’s done in western medicin, but also on prevention. You both look at what you eat, how you move your body, how you can create balance in your mind and much more in order to get a body in balance and live a healthy life. Everything I love! Because I truly am a “sucker” for everything that has to do with health and wellness.

The 3 dosha’s
Ayurveda is the overall philosophy. But within ayurveda there are 3 dosha’s. These are called data, pitta and kappa. All humans contain all 3 dosha’s, but typically you’ll have one or to which are more dominating. You can take an ayurveda test and find which is your temporary dosha. I’ve found out that I’m primarily a vata. 

When you know your dosha, you can read about different tips and tricks which you can use to keep yourself in balance and thereby not get out of balance. Because when you get out of balance, that is when you start to get problems, like becoming sick, get an irritated stomach, get stressed and much more – all those things that you want to avoid.

I’m very fascinated by this philosophy, and that is especially what I’m currently reading and watching documentaries about. I’m so lucky that my boyfriend and I are going to Thailand in October, and the hotel that we’re going to stay at actually has focus on ayurveda – which I’m just even more excited about now!

If you want to learn more about ayurveda, then I can recommend you to read Karen Pallisgaard’s book “begynder yogabogen” (only in Danish), where you can take an ayurveda test and learn about the different dosha types. Besides that I also have the book “Perfect Health” by Deepak Chopra waiting for me, which also has focus on ayurveda. I can also recommend subscribing to, where you can watch a lot of small videos about ayurveda. 

Do you already know about ayurveda? And if you do, which is your primary dosha?

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