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I have 3 interesting things for you this week! If you have any interesting articles, videos, documentaries, books etc. then please feel very free to share them with me!


1. A very inspirational video by Peta Kelly (the Author behind ‘Earth is Hiring’, which I’m currently reading – book recommendation coming later)

2. Greenpeace’s new video called ‘Team Plant‘ is just the cutest and most awesome thing!

3. This adorable video of animals hugging humans is just the cutest thing ever. By seeing this you just get reminded of how big of a heart animals have, and that they truly have emotions <3

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It’s been forever since I last shared an ‘interesting things’ post. But sometimes there just isn’t that much inspiration, and then I’d rather just wait until I have some than just share something which I don’t really find that interesting. I hope you can find some inspiration in the 3 things I want to share with you today.

And, remember, if you have found anything interesting (links, articles, videos, documentaries, books etc.) please just share them with me, I would love to know!


1. UN environment #CleanSeas Break-Up PSA: “it’s not me, it’s you” video about breaking up with plastic. I love this, it’s hilarious – and yet also something we all need to take seriously to protect our seas, and our Planet. I love that the UN has made this video!

2.  Grøn KBH 2018 – det grønne teleselskab GreenSpeak afholder igen i år en grøn/bæredygtig messe fra d.2.-3. juni på Remisen. Jeg nåede ikke med sidste år pga. eksamener, men håber at jeg i år kan nå at smutte ind forbi, for det er et skønt koncept!

3. Organic Olivia’s youtube channel – I just found this girl yesterday and I love her channel. She’s all about holistic and natural health and beauty, she also has a video about how to do a gua sha facial massage

4. Sustain Yearly, the sustainable lifestyle magazine, is now SO close to reach its goal on kickstarter! If you haven’t bought your copy yet, go and support it! (*10 minutes after I wrote this, they reached the goal! Sustain Yearly 2nd year is becoming a reality!) 



It’s Wednesday and time for some things I’ve found interesting lately. Hopefully, you can also find some inspiration in these things. You are very welcome to share if you have any interesting articles, videos, books etc. !

1. Video “Why Humans are so bad thinking about Climate Change

2. Rotten – new Netflix serie, which shows some of the more horrifying sides of certain businesses

3. Dr. Michael Greger’s TED Talk – Food as Medicine

4. Speaking of Dr. Michael Greger, he has also created an app called “Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen” where you can keep track of getting some of all the healthy essentials you need in a day, I’ve used it for a couple of days now and I love it, and it reminds me to really get those greens, flaxseeds etc.

5. Speaking of flaxseeds – watch this video about the amazing benefits of adding flaxseeds into your daily diet!



It’s time for some of the things I’ve found interesting during the last period of time. You can find an article, a hidden message in the new Star Wars movie, a repost of my old blogpost and, yet again, another TED talk! I hope you will find some inspiration in this.

1. This article, (sorry, only in Danish) about a comparison between Game of Thrones and our current climate crisis, is genius!

2. I saw the latest Star Wars movie (the Last Jedi) in December, and wow there was such a clear vegan message throughout several scenes during the movie. Not to mention that the star Actress who plays Rey is vegan herself, just like Luke’s mother, aka Natalie Portman is vegan in real life. I love how more and more movies and series are having an underlying vegan message. Just try googling “star wars vegan” and see all the hilarious pictures that come up

3. I just wanted to repost my blog post about the importance of voting with your money. I’ve really become a believer of this concept, and I LOVE to look at new small, Danish stores which have a sustainable approach. I have a whole list of small stores I want to visit!

4. Lucie Fink’s TED talk about how we all just need to start trying, without the expectations of being perfect at something, is wonderful! Also, if you haven’t watched Lucie’s youtube serie where she tries different things for a week, then you should definitely watch it, it’s fun and encouraging.



It’s Wednesday and you know what that means? Time to share some of the interesting things which I’ve found in the past week! I’ve found a lot of videos this week, both one about decluttering, an encouraging one and one about a brand! And also a little plastic free challenge.

1. From clutter to clarity TED talk. Love this TED talk (gotta admit that I love most TED talks), but this is a lovely talk about how decluttering your life can improve your life.

2. Meghan Markle’s encouraging speech at the UN Women conference is wonderful. I love it, not so much because of the equality topic (even though that is amazing as well), but mainly because it shows how individual’s small actions can make a huge difference.

3. Lee from leefromamerica is having a plastic free challenge, and I love her blog post about the challenge!

4. I’ve already written about Miild make-up a couple of times in here and on my Instagram, but if you want to learn a bit more about the girls behind the brand and their reason for starting the company, then watch this lovely video.

Have you found any interesting things the past week? Please share them with me! 



It’s Wednesday and time for sharing some things with you guys! I’ve found some highly interesting, and very different, things for you this week. If you’ve anything interesting you would like to share, please feel free to share them below in the comments.

1. An Inconvenient Sequel – this is Al Gore’s 2nd documentary (first one called ‘An Inconvenient Truth’), which is all about climate change and the horrifying situation we’re in. I need to see this as soon as possible!

2. Cathrine is hosting a New Year’s event with Marie from, come join if you want to start the new year with a fresh and healthy start!

3. I love this little experiment with girls wearing no make-up. How do you feel about not wearing make-up? I have no problem going to buy groceries, or just going for a walk, but I gotta admit going to school or work I always put on just a little bit of make-up

4. Have you ever thought about what you want to become when you die? Do you want to get burned or buried? I know for sure what I want to! I want to become a tree. I absolutely love the idea of turning myself into a tree when I die and thereby give something back to Earth and help the climate (I know death isn’t the most exciting thing to talk about, but when I came across this company I just knew that was what I wanted to do once that time comes – hopefully many, many years from now)



It’s Wednesday and I have quiet a few interesting things for you this week, which I’m really excited about! This includes a secondhand shopping guide, a book about menstruation and women’s cycles, a new cool upcoming Danish beauty brand and an awesome innovation created to take better care of the oceans!

1. Lauren Singer’s guide to secondhand shopping. This girl is so stylish, and just makes me want to go out and buy awesome secondhand clothing right away!

2. WomanCode! I’m currently reading this book and it’s awesome (a book review will come later), but for now you can watch this interview with the Author behind the book, and learn a lot more about cycles and menstruation

3. I’m pretty excited about this upcoming Danish beauty brand called Bueno Naturals. The products are going to be based on the oils extracted from the coffee grounds from the ‘mother company’ Kaffe Bueno (a coffee company). I mean, how cool is that?

4. Seabin Project is a genius concept, just check out the videos. These bins are created to put into the oceans, or harbours, and then it will remove trash from the ocean – I absolutely love it!

Do you have you any interesting things you would like to share? Then please share them in the comment section below, I’d love to explore new things! 

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It’s Wednesday and today I’ve some interested things for you guys which I’ve discovered lately, or been loving for some time!

1. As you know from last week’s ‘5 inspirering Instagrammers‘ I’m loving Lee Tilghman, and there is an hour long interview with her on the Glowing Up Podcast

2. Sweet Carolina Ellie is having a ‘foundation free’ workshop in December which I’m for sure going to attend!

3. The other day I heard a talk by Karen Pallisgaard, and she mentioned relaxing music by Niels Eje called MusiCure, and I love it!

4. I bought a gua sha and received it the other day, and now I’m doing a facial massage with it every morning and evening and I absolutely LOVE it!

5. Kombucha! If you haven’t tried kombucha yet, you’re missing out. This one is my current favourite.

What are some of the things/people/music/books/videos you have currently found interesting?



Så blev det onsdag, og jeg har fundet lidt interessante ting og sager til jer i denne uge, som jeg håber kan inspirere jer på en eller anden måde. Hvis i har fundet nogle interessante ting og sager (videoer, film, dokumentarer, musik, bøger eller noget andet) så del det endelig med mig i kommentarfeltet!

1. “Start with Why” TED talk af Simon Sinek. Vi skulle se denne video som lektie til en af mine klasser på universitet, og jeg syntes den var så god. Det handler om at firmaer ikke bare skal lave et firma for at tjene penge, men skal finde ud af hvordan de reelt skaber værdi – så vigtigt et budskab.

2. Lavendaire (Aileen) har mange fine og inspirerende youtube videoer, og denne her om ‘procrastination’ var særligt inspirerende. Vi kender vel alle det med at man skal nå en masse, men at man så ender med at lave en masse overspringshandlinger istedet? Her er lidt tips og tricks til at overkomme det problem.

3. Jeg vil lige anbefale NeoHippie’s blog. Jeg følger hende også på Instagram hvor jeg bliver inspireret til at leve en endnu mere naturlig livsstil gang på gang, og på hendes blog deler hun ud af en masse gode sager.

4. Nu vi alligevel har været ved emnet om overspringshandlinger, så er denne her video “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” simpelthen noget af det sjoveste (også endnu en TED talk, og dem kan man aldrig få for mange af, i hvert fald ikke hvis du spørger mig).


Then it became Wednesday and it’s time for some of the things I’ve found interesting, which hopefully can inspire you in some way or another. If you have found some interesting things (videos, films, documentaries, music, books etc.) then please share them with me in the comment section!

1. “Start with Why” TED talk by Simon Sinek. We had this video as a homework for one of my classes at university, and I thought it was so good. It’s about how companies shall not just make a company to make money, but shall think about how they create value – such an important message.

2. Lavendaire (Aileen) has many inspirering youtube videos, and this one about procrastination was really inspirering. I think we all know the feeling of having a lot of things we need to do, but we end up procrastinating instead? Here are some tips and tricks on how to beat procrastination.

3. I want to recommend NeoHippie’s blog (only in Danish). I also follow her on Instagram where she always inspire me to want to live a more natural life, and she shares so many good things on her blog.

4. Now that we have touched upon the topic of procrastination, I’ve also watched this video “Inside the mind of a master procrastinator” which is just hilarious (another TED talk video – you can never get enough of those if you ask me).



Så er det onsdag, og det betyder tid til at dele nogle interessante ting for den forgangne uge! Jeg håber at du kan finde lidt inspiration, og du må endelig dele nogle af de ting du har fundet interessante den sidste uge med mig i kommentarfeltet!

1. Jeg har skrevet en lille artikel for Sustain Daily om hvordan man kan gøre sit badeværelse lidt mere bæredygtigt
2. Jeg læste bogen “Hverdagsyoga for god søvn“* af Karen Pallisgaard, som er en fin lille bog fyldt med gode hverdagstips og yogaøvelser som kan hjælpe med at forbedre ens søvn
3. Til en af mine undervisningstimer på studiet skulle vi læse dette blogindlæg om hvordan man skriver et godt blogindlæg, og det fandt jeg jo meget interessant – måske der er andre bloggere derude der også kan få gavn af den
4. Jeg har købt mig en lavendel æterisk olie* og er begyndt at eksperimentere lidt med aromaterapi – hvis der er nogle der har nogle spændende bøger indenfor dette felt, så må i meget gerne dele dem med mig


It is Wednesday and that means time to share some of the interesting things from the past week! I hope that you will find some inspiration, and please share some of the things which you have found interesting the past week with me in the comment section!

1. I wrote a little blog post for Sustain Daily about how to make your bathroom a little bit more sustainable (in Danish)
2. I read the book “Hverdagsyoga for god søvn*” (Everyday yoga for good sleep) by Karen Pallisgaard (sorry, also in Danish) 
3. For one of my classes in school we should read this blogpost about how to write a good blogpost, which I of course found very interesting – maybe there are other bloggers out there who can benefit from this knowledge
4. I bought a lavender essential oil* and have begun experimenting a bit with aromatherapy – if any of you have read some interesting books regarding this topic, then please share them with me

*Affiliate links, which mean that if you buy from these links then I will get a percentage of the sale.