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Ivy Lee is an acupuncturist, herbalist and energy healer. I found Ivy through Instagram where I have been following her for a while. She just continues to inspire me with her wisdom and all that she shares. You can learn more about her in this interview. Please welcome, Ivy.

Dear Ivy, will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do? I’m an acupuncturist, herbalist, and energy healer. I draw upon an expertise in Chinese Medicine from my ancestral roots and infuse other therapeutic modalities to create a multi-sensory healing experience. My specialty is in women’s health and I love to help women feel empowered in their body and in life.  

Why did you start to work with acupuncture / Chinese medicine? 
I grew up with Chinese Medicine from my family in Taiwan. Since I was young, I was very interested in learning about a variety of traditional healing practices. But being from an immigrant family, I felt the pressure of financial security and I went to work in corporate for many years. Then after a series of experiences I realized that I had a lot of knowledge and a unique gift for healing, and I felt a responsibility to share it with the world. That’s when I quit my corporate job and shifted to my path to doing acupuncture and healing work.

Can you tell what acupuncture is, and how it works? 
Chinese Medicine is based on a framework which sees that the body is intelligent and has an ability to heal itself. Symptoms and conditions are caused by imbalances in the body, so when the body is brought back into balance, the symptoms and conditions resolve. Acupuncture is one of the modalities within Chinese Medicine and it has been practiced for over 2,000 years. The insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body influences the physiological functioning of the body and promotes balanced flow of energy. 

Which experiences in your life have had a big impact on your own self-development?  
I had lived and traveled to over 30 countries by the age of 30. This had a significant impact on my self-development because it opened my mind. It offered me different perspectives in viewing the world and in viewing myself. It gave me an understanding of the many ways of being and the commonalities in human experience. It empowered me with the belief that I can create myself and create my life. 

Which books have changed your life?
I read a lot of books on Buddhism when I was young and that has influenced the way I navigate life.  “When Things Fall Apart” by Pema Chodron. “The Practice of Lojong” by Traleg Kyabgon. “Loving Kindness” by Sharon Salzberg. “The Sacred Path of the Warrior” by Chögyam Trungpa. And so many more. 

What do you feel the world needs more of?
Forgiveness. This is needed to break the cycle of anger, hurt, and suffering. 

Do you have some daily rituals that you do every single day?
Sitting with tea, quieting the mind and coming to stillness.

Which people have inspired you most in your life?
My mother inspires me in many ways, she embodies so much resilience and strength. She raised me with the values of integrity and honesty, to be true to others and most importantly to yourself.

If people want to learn more about you, or support you in any kind of way, where can they do this?
I am the founder of Luminae Wellness in Oakland, California. I offer acupuncture treatments in-person at my healing space and I also offer virtual healing sessions. Reach out to me through my website or Instagram @luminaewellness

Thank you so much for answering my questions, and for being such a beautiful soul and sharing all your wisdom and for bringing a higher vibration to this world!

Holistic & Spiritual living Inspirering people


Nicole Hemmer is a teacher, inspirational speaker and a writer with passion for spirituality and soul work. I met Nicole through Instagram, and she was just such a ray of positive light and inspiration right from the beginning, and such a kind and inspirering soul. Nicole has been travelling around the world, doing soul work, and has worked with many people from all over the world mentoring them and guiding them. Nicole also just released her very first book, Soul on Fire, which you can read much more about in this interview. Please welcome, Nicole.

Dear Nicole, will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do?

I am originally from Canada, lived in Europe the past 3 years and am currently based in Bali, Indonesia. I also traveled to 50 countries by the time I was 25 years old, and have had a strong fire in my heart for freedom and global transformation from a young age.

I am a teacher, inspirational speaker, writer, women’s empowerment mentor, and author. I’ve led international workshops, classes, sacred circle’s and retreats with hundreds of women around the world and did my Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology (the study of psychology, spirituality and consciousness). My passion and expertise is in inspiring women to step into their power, unleashing their soul’s voice in the world, soul embodiment and Divine Feminine Soul Leadership.

How did you first become interested in spirituality?

I first became interested in spirituality when I was 14 years old. I felt a strong hunger in my heart for spirituality and knew that my reason for being on this Earth was connected to this, and was a core component of my purpose. I also started to do yoga and meditation at this age, and was reading books on healing, the chakra’s, intuition, psychic abilities, eastern philosophy and consciousness. My mother was also open to spirituality and introduced me to crystals, colour baths, hands on healing, and personal development.

Which events in your life has completely changed your life?

Moving to Berlin when I was 25 years old changed my life, and was the catalyst for me to start doing the work with women that I was initiated and called to do. Living in Japan when I was 22 years old also changed my life, and brought me back to my soul’s essence and taught me what it means to be a woman in her feminine essence.

A paramount moment for me on my path was when my parents separated when I was 19 years old, and I entered a dark night of the soul period. During this time, I made the commitment to myself and vow that I would never allow any situation or circumstance to close my heart. I promised myself I would stay open no matter what throughout this lifetime, and always keep my heart open. To allow challenging and painful experiences to crack my heart open even wider, and allow pain and suffering to be the gateway to going deeper within myself….

Which books have changed your life?

Initiation by Elizabeth Haich

The Seven Wisdoms of Life by Shai Tubali

What do you feel the world needs more of?

I strongly feel that the world needs more love, presence and consciousness now more than ever. I feel that heart and soul aligned leadership in women is paramount in a time when the feminine has been denigrated and severely suppressed on the earth. Women need to step into their power and reclaim their voice. The earth is screaming for our help and support, and I feel it is my mission to be a beacon of expression for the Divine Feminine consciousness—to activate, ignite and initiate women into their soul and burning truth.

“I strongly feel that the world needs more love, presence and consciousness now more than ever”

What is your best advice for people dealing with self-doubt?

Self doubt is derived from the small self—and is not our true nature. When we connect to our Higher Self, that is rooted in Divine Confidence, Divine Knowing and Divine Trust—we live in unshakable confidence true to our soul. When we embody and connect to our soul, it is rooted in love and truth. Our small self is controlled by fear, lack and self doubt.

Do you have some daily rituals that you do every single day?

Everyday I place my hands on my heart when I wake up and when I go to sleep. I pray for people that come into my awareness everyday. I stay in an open state where I feel my inspiration and then take inspired action based on what I feel called to do. I love to spend time in nature. I love being in silence—for in silence I can feel and attune myself deeper to the wisdom and knowing of my heart.

What are your favourite practices to raise your vibration?

Some of my favourite practices to strengthen my energetic field is time in nature, time in water, and meditation.
I also love aromatherapy oils and rose water spray. Living here in Bali, I love to go to sacred water temples for purification and cleansing..

Which 3 people have inspired you most in your life?

Mary Magdalene, Elizabeth Haich, and Powerful Women Leaders of Light on this Earth that are fierce and true.

You have just released your first book, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Over the last year, I’ve been creating and birthing my first book entitled Soul On Fire: Divine Reminders on the Path of Awakening. This book is a sacred jewel of inspiration for any woman looking to deepen into her humanity—and her divinity. This project reflects my sacred work in the world and I am thrilled to be stepping forward with sharing it with the world…

The book contains transmissions and evolutionary adventures from my own journey, plus self-portraits captured during my travels around the world. My vision is by reading this book, you’ll receive an activation into your deepest truth and soul’s knowing. Whether you receive the words and images in this book as a meditation, or simply as sparkling soul musings, Soul On Fire will awaken, ignite and strengthen your remembrance and connection with the Divine in your own life.

Some of the chapters included in the book are: Authenticity, A New Earth and Feeling the Future, Living the Extraordinary, Beyond Fear, Pain, Warrior of Light, Natural Wild Beauty, Sisterhood, Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, Money and Abundance, Clarity, Mystical Knowing, The Higher Self, Inspiration…etc.

If people want to learn more about you, or support you in any kind of way, where can they do this?

They can connect with me on Facebook, or check out my website and subscribe to my – Soul Inspiration – newsletter that I send to sisters and women of light around the world. Or follow me on Instagram which is actually how Camilla and I connected! 😉

Thank you so much dear for answering my questions, and for being such a beautiful soul sharing all your lovely wisdom and for bringing a higher vibration to this world!

Thank you so much Camila for this interview and sharing this inspiration, light and positivity with the world. You are an earth angel. 😇

Health Holistic beauty & skincare Inspirering people


Alana Olivers is a very inspirering woman who I’m following on Instagram & Youtube. We have very similar interests, within health, skin, and the whole mind body connection. Alana works as a skin coach and is just such a positive person, and I am so happy to have created such a beautiful ‘online friendship’ with her, without even having met her in real life. I find Alana very inspirering, and she has so much knowledge within the field of skin & health, which she is going to share much more of in this interview.

Dear Alana, will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do?

I was born and grew up in Switzerland but I now live all over the world. I am a skin coach (I help others to make their skin look and feel its best) and I run my own company in Switzerland where we produce 100% natural, personalized, cruelty free, vegan skin care. My passion is to empower and help others see how amazing their bodies’ healing abilities are and to show them how much modern medicine underestimates what the body and skin can do all by itself, without any pills, just by giving it the right ‘fuel’ and treating it as a whole.

I am an introvert who loves to read books about health, the skin, the brain, genetics, epigenetics, psychology and the mind, who didn’t have a social media account until 24 years old and now tries to figure out how it works while still feeling weird in front of a camera every time 🙂 .

I believe that our health is the biggest wealth we have in life and that we should appreciate and respect our body and trust in its abilities and I hope to inspire others to see that the same way.

You share lots of skincare tips on your Youtube and Instagram, what made you become interested in skin? And, how did you gain the knowledge that you’ve learned?

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with something which made me spend a lot of time in the hospital getting treatments and surgery which ended up weakening my immune system massively. Apart from my completely weakened body, I started to get skin rashes and acne, my body overreacted to literally everything and no skin care helped. I tried everything from affordable to extremely expensive skin care, but somehow it just made things worse.

I started to look into the ingredient lists and I was shocked to find out how many chemicals were in there. I knew that there had to be a better way. I started to read all the books I could get my hands on about healing the skin and the body. I cleaned up my diet and my lifestyle as well as making my skin care myself to make sure I can control all the ingredients.

I decided to take courses in natural skin care, nutrition, holistic medicine, holistic healing etc. and I used every free minute to read everything about the skin and what influences its healing and wellbeing. Soon thereafter people started to take notice that my skin got much better and became interested in what I did, and I started to coach them with their own skin and through word of mouth I got more and more clients. That’s when I decided to make a Youtube and Instagram account to share what I love most with more people 🙂

What are your 5 best skincare tips?

  1. The foods you consume far outweigh the skin care you are applying topically, so make sure to heal your skin from within before spending money on something which can only (in the best case) help with the symptoms of your problem.
  2. NEVER be afraid of using oils on your skin. If you are choosing the right oil for your skin it will be the best thing you’ve ever done when it comes to skin care (and it won’t clog your pores)
  3. Be as gentle as you can and don’t overdo it with products (9 steps skin care systems were created by companies which want to sell you a loooot of products). Your skin was built to protect you from the world, it is an awesome organ and it just needs your support (not you trying to take over its job 🙂 )
  4. Never forget that your skin is just part of a whole organism, your body. You can never heal the skin without healing the body, and as soon as you heal your body, your skin will be healthy as well. 
  5. 80% of what you apply to your skin will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. So make sure that the skincare you apply only contains ingredients which you would also feel comfortable with if you would have to eat it.

What is 1 thing you have experienced that most people do not think about when they want to improve their skin, which actually has a huge impact on how your skin looks?

Definitely the gut health. The health of our digestive tract influences the health of our skin directly. Many of my clients are a little surprised to say the least when I ask them about their bowel movements since they booked a consultation which should cover their skin problems. But your gut is an organ which is responsible to eliminate (literally:P) everything your body doesn’t need and the digestive tract also has the vital job when it comes to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

If your gut is overwhelmed or constipated it can happen that part of your already digested food gets reabsorbed into your bloodstream which leads to inflammation which in turn can lead to acne and/or rashes and eczema. It is so important to take care of your gut health, to me it is the seat of our health, really.

If your gut isn’t healthy your whole body (including your skin) is out of balance. So, make sure to eat enough pre- and probiotic foods, avoid processed foods and junk foods and lower your sugar intake. After taking antibiotics make sure to use probiotics to bring the “good bacteria” back into your digestive tract.

Do you have some daily rituals that you do every single day?

YEEEEEES 🙂 ! I am all about rituals, I believe that without creating small rituals around the things you want to improve in your life nothing really happens. The habits which made the biggest difference in my life are:

I always start my day with a 10-20 minutes Meditation and I usually also finish my day like this (it is one of the best rituals I have every implemented into my daily life).

The second thing I do is that I start every single day with lots of warm water (I either add lemon, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar or some sort of tea to it, whatever I have on hand that day).

I also work out every single day since I believe that an active lifestyle is so important for a healthy body (and beautiful skinJ), I either run, go on a bicycle, go for a hike or do yoga.

Another ritual I have is that I read or listen to an audio book every day (usually before bedtime, and always when I commute) for at least 30min – 1 hour.

What is your skincare routine like?

My skin care routine is extremely simple. I use the oil cleansing method to cleanse my face in the evening. After that I always have a look at my skin and decide what it needs that day. That might just be some fresh Aloe Vera or a serum, or a mask, Vitamin C, or a product/DIY which contains AHA or BHA to exfoliate my skin (I only exfoliate my skin 1x a week). After that I just apply my 100% natural night cream and go to bed.

In the morning I usually don’t wash my face at all. I use some rice water toner (I have a recipe for that on my channel) and then I either apply some of my day cream (if my skin feels dry that day) or just leave it at that. Once to twice a week I go to the sauna and apply some manuka honey as a face mask. That’s basically it 🙂

You have also created your own skincare line. Can you tell us about the products you have created?

My Skin Care Company is based in Switzerland and is called “Natural Choices”. And this is exactly what the products are all about. They are 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan, they are free from  chemicals and preservatives as well as silicones and parabens.

I think our skin is so different from everybody else’s. That’s why all the products are personalized (that means a person comes for a skin analysis or has a skin coaching session with me and after that we choose each ingredient for each product specifically for that person and then creates a unique product).

The benefit of that is first of all that we can address the specific skin problems with ingredients which matches the specific needs of our client, and also that we can change the formulation once the skin starts to get better (as well as making adjustments for Winter/Summer time).

Which books have changed your life?

  • Super Genes (Deepak Chopra M.D & Rudolph Tanzi Ph.D.)
  • The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)
  • The Telomere Effect (Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn & Dr. Elissa Epel)

What is your best advice for people who are dealing with skin issues and are feeling insecure because of their skin?

For sure it is always hard to deal with skin problems just because it is usually not something you can easily cover up and everyone sees it so you feel exposed and judged, at least that is how I felt.

The most important advice I can give is to try to shift your perspective about it. It is not an easy thing to do, but it is truly life changing.

Don’t see the rashes or pimples or dry flakes as something your body does against you but as something it does FOR you. Try to see it as the language your body communicates with you. It tries to tell you that something is wrong, that for example your digestive tract or your liver is overwhelmed (breakouts, dull skin f.e.), or you don’t get enough sleep (dull skin, dark circles), or that your body is chronically inflamed (rashes, eczema, acne).

If you look at your skin problems from that perspective, then first of all you can figure out the cause for it and solve your problem at its root instead of just treating the symptoms, plus you enter into a much deeper relationship with your own body and will soon learn to read every sign it gives you and act accordingly.

Once you have been able to heal your skin you’ll be so much stronger and grateful for the process you had to go through because other people will never get the chance to learn this.

Which 3 people have inspired you most in your life?

Deepak Chopra

He is one of the leading figures when it comes to the body mind connection. His books introduced me to Ayurveda, to mediation and taught me how important our mindset is for the healing process of our body.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney inspired my whole childhood into my adult life until now. Not him directly as a person but his movies. I sometimes still find myself scrolling through Netflix ending up watching Mulan or the Beauty and the Beast. I am a Disney Girl :p

My Brother

My Brother and me went through a lot together and have an extremely strong relationship. He unknowingly teaches me new lessons every single day but the most important thing he taught me is probably that being yourself and to stand up for who you are is certainly not always the easiest way but that it is always worth it, and in the end the most rewarding.

If people want to learn more about you, or support you in any kind of way, where can they do this?

I am on Youtube (Alana Olivers), as well as on Instagram (oliversalana) and for sure if anybody likes to check out Natural Choices it’s and naturalchoices on Instagram

Thank you so much dear for answering my questions, and for being such a ray of sunlight that you are and for sharing your knowledge with such an enthusiasm and passion!

Thank you so much, I feel extremely honored 🙂  You are such a beautiful person!

Inspiration Inspirering people


Jeg beklager at der er lidt stille herinde, men lige for tiden går det meste op i lektier og bachelor skrivning. Men derfor er der jo stadig masser af allerede eksisterende indhold som i kan læse inde på bloggen. Blandt andet er der en masse interviews med forskellige inspirerende personer, bare se hvilke nedenfor.

Interview med David Jay

Interview med Mia Gardum

Interview med Emma Martiny

Interview med Stonemuse

Interview med Julie Bowall

Interview med Ida Blom

Inspirering people


Inspirering people

Inspirering People – Julie Bowall

I disse indlæg vil jeg lave små interviews med personer der inspirerer mig, fordi de lever af at lave det de elsker. Det er personer som jeg finder inspirerende og motiverende, og med disse indlæg, håber jeg at jer derude også vil kunne finde stor inspiration i mødet med disse mennesker.

Den femte inspirerende person er:

Julie Bowall

Skærmbillede 2016-03-14 kl. 10.51.06Julie Bowall blogger på bloggen HappyHealth., og så studerer hun psykologi. På hendes blog deler hun ud af en masse gode tips og tricks til hvordan man får mere sundhed og glæde i livet.
Lær Julie meget bedre at kende lige her.

Fortæl kort om dig selv:
Mit navn er Julie Bowall. Jeg er 25 år og bor i København med min kæreste. I min hverdag studerer jeg psykologi og arbejder på en klinik for ludomanibehandling. Ved siden af dette blogger jeg på HappyHealth. HappyHealth handler om “ægte sundhed”. I min optik er man ikke sund, hvis man ikke er glad. Bloggen er derfor fyldt med tips og råd til, hvordan man opnår mere glæde og ægte sundhed. På bloggen vil du læse om kost, træning, mine egne personlige erfaringer, mindfulness, sundhedsdebatter, opskrifter og interviews med eksperter.

Hvorfor begyndte du at blogge?
Inden jeg begyndte at blogge (for halvandet år siden snart), da havde jeg faktisk aldrig læst en blog selv. Min gode veninde havde dog bemærket, hvor meget jeg brændte for at dele mit syn på sundhed og forslog mig at kaste mig ud i blogger-universet. Min store interesse i sundhed stammer fra engang, hvor jeg selv stræbte efter sundhed og den perfekte krop på en sådan måde, der fjernede meget glæde i mit liv. Jeg var alt andet end sund. Min ”usunde sundhed” opstod i kølvandet på, at jeg mistede min far, og det blev en måde for mig at kontrollere de mange følelser på. Jeg har endelig lært i dag at fokusere på glæden, og jeg kan både se og mærke en kæmpe forskel. Jeg oplever dog stadig udfordringer, og jeg har fortsat meget at lære. At se hvor langt jeg selv er kommet, har gjort mig passioneret omkring at hjælpe andre. At blogge giver mig muligheden for dette, samtidig med at det styrker mig selv at dele min rejse med læserne.

Hvad inspirer dig?
Mange forskellige ting! Hvad angår min blog, finder jeg stor inspiration i andre sundhedsblogs, podcasts og ved at læse bøger. Jeg er blandt andet vild med de fleste bøger af Deepak Chopra. Rent personligt inspireres jeg mest af menneskene omkring mig. Dem, jeg holder af, er mennesker, jeg også beundrer og ser op til, og som jeg uden tvivl kan lære en masse af.

Dine 3 bedste sundhedstips?
1) Nok søvn! Jeg er desværre ikke en af dem, der kan køre derudaf på bare 6 timers søvn. Jeg skal have mine 8 timer for at fungere (tror min kæreste ville sætte stor pris på, at jeg kunne holde mig lidt længere vågen.. Og omvendt vil han langt hellere være sammen med veludhvilede Julie fremfor den trætte (hæhæ!). Søvn er uden tvivl mit sundhedstip nummer 1.

2) En god morgen. ”En god dag kræver en god morgen”, og jeg prøver derfor altid at spise et nærende måltid og ikke stresse for meget ud af døren. Derudover starter jeg altid dagen med at drikke et glas vand med citron. Det er udrensende, opkvikkende og godt for fordøjelsen.

3) Mig-tid. Stress er virkelig en af de største sundhedstrusler i dag, og jeg prioriterer dagligt ”mig-tid”, som kan være alt fra 10 minutters ro og stilhed, en gåtur, meditation, yoga, udstrækning, fodbad, oliebad eller hvad som helst, der, for en stund, renser mit hoved og tanker. Det giver mig en utrolig energi.

Dine 3 bedste skønhedstips?
– Søvn bliver igen min nummer 1 her. Personligt kan jeg i hvert fald se en kæmpe forskel på min hud og udstråling, når jeg ikke får sovet nok…
– Smil – det udstråler velvære og selvtillid, og hvis du ikke føler, du har det i forvejen, så kan det være med til at skabe det
– Drik en masse vand og spis mange grøntsage

Dit bedste råd til at blive glad?
Omgiv dig med mennesker, der giver dig energi og gør dig glad. Derudover, sørg for at have mig-tid. (Julie har blandt andet skrevet et indlæg omkring dette, kaldet “mig-tid”, læs det lige her).

Dit bedste råd?
Vent ikke på at lykken kommer til dig. Det gør den ikke. Alle er bogstavelig talt sin egen lykkes smed. Da jeg mistede min far, troede jeg ikke på, at jeg kunne blive rigtig glad igen. Der gik lang tid, før jeg indså, at jeg var den eneste, der kunne få mig selv tilbage til glæden. Selvom det ikke var nemt, har jeg lært, at alt kræver en aktiv indsats. Giv slip på bekymringerne og frygten for ”hvad nu hvis…”. De er kun til for at begrænse dig. Hav tiltro til dig selv og dine drømme. Det kan der kun komme noget bedre ud af.

Tak til Julie Bowall for at deltage i dette interview, du kan følge med i alle Julies gode tips inde på hendes blog lige her!

Du kan også læse interviews med blandt andet David Jay her, Emma Martiny her, Mia Gardum her og Michelle Nielsen her

Inspirering people

Inspirering people – Michelle Nielsen

I disse indlæg vil jeg lave små interviews med personer der inspirerer mig, fordi de lever af at lave det de elsker. Det er personer som jeg finder inspirerende og motiverende, og med disse indlæg, håber jeg at jer derude også vil kunne finde stor inspiration i mødet med disse mennesker.

Den fjerde inspirerende person er:

Michelle Nielsen (Stonemuse)

Skærmbillede 2016-02-18 kl. 13.26.40

Michelle Nielsen har livstilsbloggen Stonemuse og så er hun uddannet multimediedesigner fra Aarhus. Michelle tager de fedeste billeder, har den flotteste stil og skriver særdeles interessante indlæg.
Lær Michelle meget bedre at kende lige her.

Fortæl kort om dig selv:
STONEMUSE kan folk forvente en meget æstetisk modeblog, med stor stor fokus på det visuelle. Min blog er altid personlig men det er det visuelle, som oftest er i fokus. Det med den røde tråd er vigtigt for mig (og det er på tværs af alle de medier jeg benytter mig af) og det håber jeg skinner tydeligt igennem på bloggen.
Jeg er meget åben omkring mine ambitioner om at kunne leve af at blogge og blive selvstændig, så det fylder mere og mere på bloggen.

Hvorfor begyndte du at blogge?
Meget kedelig historie. Jeg startede på TEKO i Herning hvor der jeg skulle pendle halvanden time hver vej, så jeg startede en blog for at dræbe tiden i toget hver dag. Så blev jeg bidt af det og nu kunne jeg ikke forestille mig en hverdag uden min blog.

Hvad er dine fremtidsplaner?
Jeg vil gerne leve af mine onlineforetagender. Lige nu tjener jeg penge på min blog og min instagram og har jeg også nogle freelancejobs, hvor jeg arbejder med mediestrategier og produkt fotografering. Det er mange forskellige ting men jeg synes det er så sjovt – og jeg håber at jeg kan blive ved med det i fremtiden.

Hvad inspirerer dig?
Uh, det er der virkeligt mange ting der gør. Når jeg skal tage mig sammen om et projekt, så hører jeg en masse podcasts om inspiration og motivering. Ellers navigerer jeg ret meget rundt i blogland og der bliver jeg også inspireret af andre bloggere – der er efterhånden en god håndfuld seje blogs i Danmark, så dem klikker jeg ind på hver dag.

Dine 3 bedste sundhedstips?
Åh, det ved jeg næsten ikke. Personligt sørger jeg for at gå 10.000 skridt hver dag, jeg husker mine kosttilskud hver morgen og så drikker jeg rigtigt meget vand.

Dine 3 bedste skønhedstips?
Den er også svær. Husk at få sovet igennem hver nat, brug penge på at tage til frisøren engang imellem og så gør Moraccanoil altså underværker for ens hår.

Hvad elsker du mest ved at være blogger?
Netværket og fællesskabet! Jeg ville aldrig have drømt om at kende så mange (seje) mennesker inden jeg fik min blog. Når du møder en ny person, så kan man næsten bare altid finde noget at snakke om, hvis den anden person også har en blog. Det er så hyggeligt og næsten alle mine tætte veninder har blogs efterhånden.

Dit bedste råd?
Hvis der er noget, som du gerne vil opnå, så sig det højt. Der sker bare et eller andet når du tør sige hvad du virkeligt vil og hvad du drømmer om.

Tak til Michelle Nielsen for at deltage i dette interview, du kan følge med i hvad Michelle laver på hendes blog lige her!

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Inspirering people

Inspirering people – Mia Gardum

I disse indlæg vil jeg lave små interviews med personer der inspirerer mig, fordi de lever af at lave det de elsker. Det er personer som jeg finder inspirerende og motiverende, og med disse indlæg, håber jeg at jer derude også vil kunne finde stor inspiration i mødet med disse mennesker.

Den tredje inspirerende person er:

Mia Gardum

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Mia Gardum er dansk mode og livsstilsblogger fra Aarhus. Mia har desuden stort fokus på sund mad og en sund livsstil, og er igang med at skrive sin egen kogebog som udkommer til næste år.
Lær Mia meget bedre at kende lige her.

Fortæl kort om dig selv:
Mit navn er Mia og jeg blogger på GARDUM. GARDUM startede ud som en modeblog, men har siden da udviklet sig til at blive en livsstilsblog med plads til både mode, skønhed, opskrifter, interiør, debatindlæg og personlige refleksioner. Udover bloggen driver jeg også en YouTube-kanal og så er jeg igang med at skrive en kogebog, som udkommer til næste år. Udover alt dette er jeg pt igang med at skrive min bachelor i engelsk/kommunikation og så arbejder jeg som modeskribent på en avis.

Hvorfor begyndte du at blogge?
Jeg havde fulgt blog-mediet i rigtig mange år, inden jeg fandt modet til at starte min egen. Den afgørende faktor var mest af alt, at jeg var startet på et studie som hang mig langt ud af halsen. Da jeg vidste, at jeg nok ikke ville finde et andet studie, som kunne skabe den fremtid, jeg drømte om, valgte jeg at blive på studiet og så i stedet skabe et sted, hvor jeg kunne være kreativ og skabe selv. Og det blev altså til GARDUM.

Hvad er dine planer for fremtiden, og I hvor høj grad bygger det på din success fra din blog?
Lige nu kan det gå i rigtig mange retninger. Én ting er dog sikkert: jeg vil lave noget med kommunikation. Og så vil jeg rigtig gerne forsætte med at skrive, for det er min største passion. Bloggen har skabt sindssygt mange muligheder netop indenfor dette felt, og jeg er overbevist om, at jeg aldrig var endt der, hvor jeg er i dag, uden bloggen. Men lige præcist hvad fremtiden bringer, det er jeg ikke sikker på. Jeg er dog sikker på, at det bliver rigtig godt, og at jeg nok skal få succes med hvad end jeg ender med at lave. Det må man godt sige, ikke?

Hvad inspirerer dig?
Det kommer lidt an på, hvad det drejer sig om. Mode/interiør/skønhed bliver jeg inspireret omkring på Tumblr og Instagram. Men mine længere skriverier (som er min personlige favorit-del af bloggen) er inspireret af samtaler med andre mennesker, hændelser i mit liv og i verden omkring mig.

Dine 3 bedste sundhedstips?
Drik vand (gerne 1 liter inden morgenmaden), dyrk yoga (godt for krop og sind) og spis så uforarbejdet (og gerne vegansk, hæhæ) som muligt.

Dine 3 bedste skønhedstips?
Drik nok vand, farv dine øjenbryn selv (det gør en kæmpe forskel!) og brug en lysreflekterende concealer under øjnene (jeg er vild med Rimmels Wake Me Up Concealer – den er hammer billig!)

Hvad elsker du mest ved at være blogger?
Jeg elsker interaktionen med mine læsere og følgere! Jeg er vildt heldig at have ekstremt engagerede læsere, som gerne deler personlige erfaringer og historier, og jeg er så taknemmelig hver gang de giver lidt af sig selv. Det er så fedt at kommunikationen på især min blog går begge veje og ikke kun fra mig til dem!

Dit bedste råd?
Det er et stort spørgsmål! Det kommer nok lidt an på, hvad det handler om. Hvis jeg skal give mit bedste råd sådan i livet generelt, så må det være at prioritere sig selv over alt andet. Det lyder super egoistisk, men jeg har brugt en stor del af mit liv på at sætte mig selv i anden række, og det kommer der virkelig ikke noget godt ud af. Når man begynder at prioritere sig selv højest bliver man automatisk et gladere menneske med mere overskud og så vil man automatisk også være endnu mere værd for sine omgivelser.

Tak til Mia Gardum for at deltage i dette interview, du kan følge med i hvad Mia laver på hendes blog lige her!

Du kan også læse interviews med blandt andet David Jay her og Emma Martiny her.


En helt almindelig tirsdag

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Så i dag stod jeg op kl. 6.40 (som altid, da min kæreste skal på arbejde kl. 8). Så spiste vi lidt morgenmad og så min seje onkel blive interviewet til et nyt TV program der hedder ‘De Ukendte’, se det her.

Så tørbørstede jeg hele kroppen, og smuttede i bad og eksfolierede hele kroppen med en gang body scrub. Så lavede jeg mig en kop te, tændte mit nye duftlys fra IKEA (vanilje duft – så godt!) og gik igang med at læse lidt lektier til forelæsningen senere i dag (Corporate Communication – som jeg allerede tror er mit nye yndlingsfag!).

Skærmbillede 2016-02-02 kl. 10.06.49

Nu mangler jeg 6 siders læsning inden forelæsningen kl. 15.20. Og inden da, skal jeg have skrevet lidt på en ny artikel til, spist lidt frokost og så skal jeg mødes med nogle piger, for at sælge nogle af mine bøger fra sidste semester.

Skærmbillede 2016-02-02 kl. 10.07.13

Skærmbillede 2016-02-02 kl. 10.07.31

En helt normal, stille og rolig tirsdag.
Jeg er ret vild med, at vi ikke har særligt mange timer dette semester. Vi har masser af fritid, og hvis man bare strukturerer sin tid godt nok og får læst sine lektier – så har man masser af tid til andre spændende ting også.
Rigtig god dag til alle derude!

Inspirering people

Inspirering People – Emma Martiny

I disse indlæg vil jeg lave små interviews med personer der inspirerer mig, fordi de lever af at lave det de elsker. Det er personer som jeg finder inspirerende og motiverende, og med disse indlæg, håber jeg at jer derude også vil kunne finde stor inspiration i mødet med disse mennesker.

Den anden inspirerende person er:

Emma Martiny

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Emma Martiny er en dansk blogger, som også har udgivet kogebogen “Skønne salater & vidunderligt tilbehør”, samt har sit eget podcast “Martiny Podcast”. 
Lær Emma bedre at kende lige her. 

Kort om dig selv:
Mit navn er Emma Martiny. Jeg er 22 år og bor i fine Århus i en lille lejlighed sammen med min kæreste. Og så er jeg også veninde, datter, storesøster og alt muligt der imellem 🙂 Til hverdag studerer jeg på Journalisthøjskolen, og så blogger jeg på 6. år på Jeg ser min blog lidt som et personligt livsstilsmagasin, og jeg deler både billeder, tekst, video og lyd (i form af et nyligt startet podcast) om mad, mode, skønhed og iværksætteri samt tanker om det at være en ung kvinde i starten af 20’erne. En af mine store passioner er madlavning, og min første kogebog ”Skønne salater & vidunderligt tilbehør” udkom i 2015. Dette år har jeg min næste kogebog ”Herlig & ærlig mad” på vej, og den rammer boghandlerne til april.

Hvordan og hvorfor begyndte du at blogge?
Jeg begyndte min blog i gymnasiet, da jeg interesserede mig meget for at lægge make-up. Hver aften lagde jeg de vildeste makeup-looks, hvorefter jeg så vaskede dem af igen. Da jeg opdagede, at der fandtes blogs, startede jeg min egen, hvor jeg delte billeder af de forskellige looks. Og ja, så er bloggen sådan set bare vokset med mig lige siden, efterhånden som jeg er blevet ældre og har fået nye interesser 🙂

Har du altid ville lave det du laver i dag (karrieremæssigt)? 
Både ja og nej. Jeg har altid gerne har ville arbejde med mennesker og formidling, men jeg havde aldrig forestillet mig, at jeg ville kunne have nået at “udrette” så meget som blot 22-årig. Og så har jeg nok også altid vidst, at jeg gerne ville noget lidt anderledes, for jeg har har aldrig kunne se mig selv i et klassisk 8-16-job.

Hvad gør du hvis du mangler inspiration?
Det sker af en eller anden grund aldrig 😉

Dine 3 bedste sundhedstips?
1) Meditér
2) Spis flere grøntsager
3) Rør dig hver dag og sved mindst et par gange om ugen

Og lad så være med at bruge unødvendig energi på det! Stop med snakke/læse/spekulere over sundhed, og gør de fornuftige ting, du ved, er godt for dig. Du skal være sund, så du kan leve dit liv. Din sundhed skal ikke være dit liv.

Dine 3 bedste skønhedstips?
1) Lad være med at bruge mange penge på dyre cremer, der ikke virker
2) Undlad at vaske dit hår hver dag
3) Less is more – men rød læbestift er altid en god idé 😉

Hvad elsker du mest ved dit job?
At jeg laver aaaalt muligt forskelligt kreativt, konstant bliver udfordret og er i dialog med søde mennekser. Og at jeg tjener penge på ting, jeg ville gøre, selvom jeg ikke fik en øre for det.

Dit bedste råd?
More doing, less worrying. Find ud af, hvad du gerne vil og GØR NOGET VED DET. Som regel er det værste, der kan ske, at det ikke lykkes, og det er der aldrig nogen, der er døde af.

Tak til Emma Martiny for at deltage i dette interview, du kan følge med i hvad Emma laver på hendes blog lige her!