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This past week has been filled with exam preparation, a cup of chai latte with Emilie, a meeting with Cathrine, work, celebration of having been together with my boyfriend for 5 years, talk and a walk with Ida, seeing my mom for a café date, been to the most lovely and touching yoga event and celebrated my dad’s birthday!
But, I don’t really have much pictures from all of the above since I’ve just been enjoying it and not taken any pictures. So, here are some pictures from my Instagram from the past week.

It’s been months since I last saw Emilie, so it was lovely to catch up again and talk about how everything is going!

I love how loose leaf tea, but to be honest this is just a picture of the loose leaf tea in my kitchen. I still have sooooo many tea bags, because I’m a bit of a tea hoarder, but I’m trying not to buy new packages (pay attention to “try”) and finish what I have and from then on only strive for loose leaf tea

I posted this picture on Instagram and asked for you guys’ advice on which shampoo bars you used, and WOW I got so many good suggestion for different shampoo bars, also a suggestion for no-poo and using morrocan clay to wash the hair with. I’ll experiment with some different ones, but I was so happy to get all the lovely advice! (If you want to read all the lovely suggestions, then you can find the picture here)

Saturday I was at a yoga event with Cathrine and Karen Pallisgaard in collaboration with Børne Hjernecancer Fonden (a Danish organisation raising money for science in brain cancer for Children). This was one of the most beautiful and touching experiences I’ve ever had. I’m a very sensitive being, but I can usually “control” myself when I’m out amongst other people, but not today. We had 1 hour of yoga with Cathrine, then 1 hour of meditation and yoga nidra with Karen and then Anette from Børne Hjernecancer Fonden ended it all with telling about how her daughter got diagnosed with a brain tumor and died, and that was the reason for why she founded this organisation. It was so touching, and I truly think it’s such a beautiful organisation she has created.

Happiness Personal


Hello everyone! It’s been a while since these everyday happiness update. Since last time I’ve written an exam, celebrated Christmas, relaxed and celebrated new years eve! Did you have a good Christmas and new years eve? And are you ready for this new year? I sure am!

I got this lovely little book about positive psychology in a Christmas present, and it is such a nice, quick and easy read, I think I want to read more of those “tænkepauser” books, such a good way to get a quick introduction to an interesting topic.

On the last day of 2017 I spend the day with 150 other people practicing yoga and setting good intentions for the next year. I was so happy to be a part of this, a big thank you to Cathrine and Carrotstick for creating this lovely event in the most beautiful setting (Brøndsalen, Frederiksberg)!

I’ve begun using my new Atelier Aarhus calendar for 2018, and I just love to fill it with great plans!

I’ve been doing a lot of relaxing and selfcare. I got a giftcard to Matas for Christmas, so I decided to try out this little cupping glass from Sard Kopenhagen, which I’ve seen Tine and Tanja recommend.

I’m so happy about how our kitchen is turning more and more zero waste and filled with beautiful glasses. Just look at this spice collection! Am I the only one loving it?

Before the new year I also bought a new plant. My boyfriend thinks our living room is turning into a minor jungle. What can I say, I just LOVE green plants!

Happiness Personal


Monday and time to look back on some of the happy moments from the past week!

On Tuesday I was out with Cathrine filming yoga videos all day – keep an eye out, exciting things are coming!

I received my Gua Sha from greenbeautysupplies and have been using it to give myself a facial massage every morning, and I love that little self-care ritual <3

I’m telling myself that this (dates, peanutbutter and peanuts) is a healthy snack, however, considering the amount of these that I’m eating, it probably ain’t that healthy any longer, but I just can’t help myself they are seriously soooo good!

I finally threw out my old, torn apart phone case where I kept all my cards in and invested in a beautiful cork wallet where I can now keep all my cards

How was your week?

Inspirering people


Så blev det mandag, og tid til at kigge tilbage på den forgangne uges glæder. Mens i læser dette, så er jeg i Thailand med min kæreste. Men jeg har planlagt en del indlæg, så der kommer lidt op på bloggen imens jeg er væk.

/Then it became Monday and time to look back at the past week’s pleasures. While you’re reading this I’m in Thailand with my boyfriend. But I’ve planned some blogposts so there will come something up on the blog while I’m away.

Jeg har mødtes med og drukket matcha latte med søde Emilie <3

/I’ve met with and had a matcha latte with sweet Emilie <3 

Dagen efter mødtes jeg med Ida og Carolina, og Carolina har lagt en lille opskrift op på en skøn te opskrift som skulle være god til huden på hendes blog, så den har jeg drukket nonstop de sidste par dage

/The next day I met up with Ida and Carolina, and Carolina have shared a tea recipe on her blog which should be great for the skin, so I’ve been drinking it nonstop the last couples of days

Lørdag var jeg til en skøn yin yang yoga klasse med Cathrine

/Saturday I was at a lovely yin yang yoga class with Cathrine 

Og så har jeg jo pakket til at vi skulle afsted til Thailand!

/And then I’ve packed for Thailand!



Så er det mandag, og tid til endnu en omgang af den forgangne uges små og store glæder!

/It’s Monday again and time for another round of the past week’s small and big joys!

Jeg var inde og se dokumentaren River Blue i  Empire Bio til et arrangement som Sustain Daily afholdte. Efterfølgende var der lidt bæredygtig tøj debat og after party hos Res Res lige overfor biografen.

/I went to see the documentary River Blue in Empire Bio which was an event hosted by Sustain Daily. Afterwards there was a little debate about sustainable clothing production and an after party at Res Res.

Jeg har vidst allerede nævnt et par gange, at jeg er vilde med de her sunde snickers. Forleden prøvede jeg at lave dem til små snickers kugler, dog uden chokolade ovenpå, og de var stadig mega gode!

/I think I’ve already mentioned how much I love these healthy snickers. The other day I tried to make some small snickers ball, but without chocolate on top, and they were still so good!

Jeg snuppede en Asthanga yoga klasse i DoYoga’s fine studie på Vesterbrogade – og det var skønt!

/I went for an Asthanga yoga class in DoYoga’s lovely studio at Vesterbrogade – and it was wonderful!

Jeg havde også besøg af sødeste Ida til te og croissant, snak og en god lang gå tur <3

/ I also got a visit from sweet Ida for a cup of tea and a croissant, some talking and a long good walk <3 

Jeg ved godt jeg er late-to-the-game, men jeg har først lige opdaget figner – og jeg er vild med dem!

/I know that I’m late-to-the-game, but I’ve just discovered figs – and I love them!

Søndag blev brugt på en masse forberedelse til den kommende uge (vasket tøj, meal prep, handlet ind og læst lidt lektier), men blev også brugt på ren afslapning, lidt hjemme yoga og masser af te <3

/ Sunday was spend with a lot of preparation for this week (washed clothes, meal prepping, bought groceries and read some homeworks), but it was also spend relaxing, some yoga at home and lots of tea <3

Hvordan var din uge?

/How was your week?



Så er det mandag, og tid til at kigge tilbage på den forgangne uges små glæder!

/Then it became Monday again and it’s time for another round of the past weeks small joys!

Jeg har læst lektier, masser af lektier – uni er startet igen for real

/I’ve read homeworks, lots of homeworks – uni has begun again for real

På grund af overstående grund, har jeg desværre heller ikke været så meget ude da jeg har siddet indendøre og læst lektier – men jeg fik set en smuk himmel denne dag!

/Due to the above reason I’ve unfortunately not had much time to spend time outside since I’ve been inside reading homeworks – but I did get to see this beautiful sky!

Som i kan se har jeg drukket masser af matcha latte’s og spist lækkert chokolade* mhmmm…

/As you can see I’ve been drinking lots of matcha latte’s and eaten delicious chocolate* mhmm… 

Jeg har delt nogle af mine favoritter til en rigtig selvforkælelsesdag. Har du haft sådan en dag for nylig?

/I shared some of my favourites for a real selfcare day. Have you had such a day recently?

Jeg var forbi til et fint event sammen med Cathrine afholdt af Wilfa & Aarstiderne ude på Fasangården. Her mødte jeg blandt andet de søde piger Emma og Mia fra Sustain Daily

/I was by a lovely event together with Cathrine held by Wilfa & Aarstiderne at Fasangården. Here I met the sweet girls Emma and Mia from Sustain Daily

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Så blev det mandag, og tid til endnu en gang af den forrige uges glæder. Én af glæderne har været at bloggen har fået helt nyt layout og design, og at man nu kan finde min blog i topbaren inde på Sustain Daily’s hjemmeside!

Then it became Monday and time for another round of some of the happy moments from the past week. One of the happy moments is that my blog has got a new layout and design, and you can now also find my blog at the top bar on Sustain Daily’s website

Jeg prøvede hot yoga for første gang hos DoYoga på Vesterbrogade i sidste uge og NØJ, jeg har aldrig svedt så meget i hele mit liv – men det føltes så skønt! Bestemt ikke sidste gang jeg skal til det!

/I tried hot yoga for the first time at DoYoga at Vesterbrogade last week and WOW, I’ve never sweat so much in my entire life – but it felt great! Definitely not the last time I do that!

Jeg har fundet en SKØN opskrift på gurkemeje latte, så jeg har drukket masser af kopper i denne uge! Opskriften kan findes på min Instagram lige her

/I’ve found a wonderful turmeric latte recipe, so I’ve been drinking many cups this week! The recipe can be found on my Instagram right here

Jeg delte også nogle af mine zero-waste badeværelsessager på Instagram. Er det bare mig, eller er zero waste sager ikke bare virkelig smukke og æstetiske?

/I also shared some of my zero-waste toiletries on Instagram. Is it just me, or isn’t zero waste things just really pretty?

Noget nær det bedste i denne uge, er at jeg fik købt mig en himalaya salt lampe! Den er ikke bare fantastisk smuk, men har også en række sundhedsmæssige fordele

/One of the best things this week was that I bought myself a himalayan salt lamp! Not only is it extremely beautiful, but it also has a range of health benefits 

I fredags var jeg et smut forbi Vegetarisk/Yoga festival sammen med søde Ida. Det var sådan en fin oplevelse – og vi har bestemt planer om at vende tilbage igen næste år!

/This Friday, sweet Ida and I visited Vegetarian/Yoga festival. It was such a lovely experience and we definitely have plans to return again next year! 

Endnu et billede fra Vegetarisk festival. Her ses Ida og jeg sammen med de BEDSTE veganske burgere fra Astrid och Aporna!

/Another picture from the Vegetarian Festival. Here is Ida and I with the BEST vegan burgers from Astrid och Aporna!

Hele lørdagen brugt jeg på at fotografere og filme til min kærestes forældres destilleri åbning, som du kan finde lige her! Og om søndagen fik vi endelig vores nye sofa (eller min kærestes forældres gamle), så nu har vi endelig en sofa igen!

/The entire Saturday I spend photographing and filming at my boyfriend’s parents opening of their new distillery, which you can find here! And on Sunday we finally picked up our new couch (or my boyfriend’s parents’ old one), so now we finally have a couch again! 



Det er ved at være noget tid siden at jeg sidst lavede en udgivelse af ‘everyday happiness’ (eller hverdagsglæde), men det vil jeg begynde på igen, for det er simpelthen noget jeg elsker at følge med i hos andre bloggere, og så kan jeg glædes over hverdagens glæder igen. Denne omgang indeholder også lidt mere af mine nye rutiner som jeg er blevet ualmindeligt glad for at have implementeret, og som måske kan inspirere nogle af jer derude!

It has been some times since I last posted an ‘everyday happiness’ post, but I want to start doing it again, because I love following these blog posts from other bloggers, and then I get to experience the joy of the experiences once again. This round also contains some of my new routines which I’m so happy about having implemented in my life, and which might inspire some of you guys!

Jeg har genfundet min glæde for wellness og selvforkælelse, og at passe rigtig godt på min krop både i form af ydre og indre pleje. Her har jeg for nyligt opdaget rasul ler gennem Carolina, og så er jeg blevet magisk fascineret af krystaller igen (noget jeg nok altid har været, men ikke helt har ville kendes ved i en lang periode. Men må indrømme, jeg har været trofast WITCH-blad fan i mine unge år, og alt hvad der har med magi og spiritualitet at gøre, er jeg bare virkelig betaget af).

I’ve rebound my joy for wellness and selfcare, and I’m taking good care of my body both internally and externally. I have recently discovered morrocan soap clay through Carolina, and I’ve also become magically fascinated by crystals again (something I think I’ve always been, but wouldn’t recognize for a long time. But I gotta admit it, I’ve been a WITCH-magazine fan throughout all of my younger years, and I’m completely fascinated with everything that has to do with magic and spirituality).

Derudover er jeg blevet helt igennem vild med yoga og meditation! Det er noget jeg har leget lidt med fra tid til anden igennem mange år, men nu kan jeg virkelig mærke at jeg er blevet elle vild med det. Også rimelig perfekt, når jeg nu skal til at være Personlig Assistent for fantastiske Cathrine, som netop har afholdt det fineste yoga retreat på Samsø!

I have also become completely in love with yoga and meditation! It’s something I have been flirting with throughout many years but haven’t gotten into something serious with, but now I can truly feel that I have fell completely in love with it. And what a timing, since I’m going to be a Personal Assistent for amazing Cathrine, who has just held a beautiful yoga retreat at Samsø!

Jeg er også blevet almægtig glad for gåture ude i den fantastiske natur, gerne med et inspirerende podcast i ørerne (for tiden er jeg elle vild med Awaken Radio af Connie Chapman, Sustain Daily Podcastet og The Melissa Ambrosini Show af Melissa Ambrosini).

I’ve also become truly happy with walking outside in the amazing nature, and especially with an inspirering podcast in my ears (at the moment I’m listening to Awaken Radio by Connie Chapman, Sustain Daily podcast (Danish) and The Melissa Ambrosini Show by Melissa Ambrosini).

Jeg er sørme også begyndt at juice lidt igen, men jeg mangler opskrift inspiration! Jeg kører nemlig i den samme (dog lækre) opskrift bestående af gulerødder, æbler og ingefær. Så hvis du har en god en, gerne en grøn en af slagsen, så giv endelig lyd!

I’ve also fell in love with juicing a bit again, but I need some new recipe inspiration! I’ve become stuck with the same old (yet delicious) recipe consisting of carrots, apples and ginger. So if you have a good one, especially a green one, please just comment! 

Hvis du ikke allerede har bemærket det, er jeg blevet ret fascineret af det der ayurveda (indisk lægevidenskabs filosofi). Min nyeste bog indenfor den genre er denne fine “et pukka liv” skrevet af Sebastian Pole som er grundlæggeren af te-firmaet Pukka. Den er fyldt med god viden, tips og tricks!

If you haven’t already noticed it, I have become quiet fascinated with ayurveda (Indian medicine philosophy). My recent read in this genre is this pretty book “A pukka life” written by Sebastian Pole which is the founder of the tea-company Pukka. It’s filled with awesome knowledge, tips and tricks!

Og så en af de største glæder! I fredags afholdte jeg mit første TRASH & TALK event med Clean Up Copenhagen. Vi var kun 3 personer, men vi fik samlet masser af skrald sammen, og så blev vi mødt af en masse mennesker der smilede, gav os thumbs up og kom over og roste os for vores arbejde. SÅ fedt! Så, hvis du vil med til det næste event, så hold øje med Clean Up Copenhagen’s Facebook side!

And now time for one of the biggest joys! This Friday I held my first TRASH & TALK event with Clean Up Copehagen. We were only 3 persons, but we collected a lot of trash, and we were met by so many kind people who smiled at us, gave us thumbs up and came over and said that we did a great thing. So awesome! So, if you want to join the next event, just keep an eye out for Clean Up Copenhagen’s Facebook page



Her er lige nogle gode minder fra den forgangne uge fra min Instagram. Min forrige uge var intet mindre end skøn, spækket med gode ting og sager! Jeg håber også at I har haft en skøn uge, og at den kommende uge er startet godt.

Here are some good memories from the past week from my Instagram. My past week was so wonderful and filled with good stuff! I hope that you’ve all had a wonderful week, and that this upcoming week has started in a good way.

Jeg bestilte en tur til Budapest sammen med min mor i juni, og en tur til Phuket, Thailand sammen med min kæreste i Oktober – og hvor jeg dog glæder mig!
/ I ordered a trip to Budapest with my mom in June, and a trip to Phuket in Thailand with my boyfriend in October – and I’m looking so much forward to it!

Mine forældre og søster var hjemme og spise aftensmad hos os, og efterfølgende tog vi til NOAH koncert i DR Koncerthus. Min mor havde købt disse fine blomster til mig <3
/My parents and sister came and ate Dinner at our place, and afterwards we went to a NOAH concert. My mom bought these beautiful flowers for me <3

I lørdags var min kæreste og jeg først ude og spise brunch sammen, og så var vi forbi et sted der hedder ‘Khora – virtual reality’, hvor vi prøvede noget ny teknologi, som er ret imponerende så virkeligt at det føles. Man får nogle specielle briller på og så er det som om at man er inde i et bestemt sted. Fx kom der en dinosaur løbende hen  imod mig, og jeg måtte faktisk flytte mig fordi det føltes så ægte.
/on Saturday my boyfriend and I first went out for a brunch, then we went by a place called ‘Khora – virtual reality’, where we tried some new technology, quiet impressive how real it feels. You get these special glasses on and then it feels like you’re in a different place. E.g. a dinosaur came running right against me and I actually had to move because it felt so real.

Samme dag som vi spiste brunch og prøvede virtual reality, det var jo dagen hvor solen skinnede helt fantastisk og næsten alle mennesker i København var udenfor. På vej ned til toget kom jeg forbi disse fine blomster som er et skønt tegn på forår!
/Same day as we ate brunch and tried virtual reality, was the day that the sun was shinning so much and all people in Copenhagen went outside. On our way to the train we passed by these flowers which is a wonderful signal of Spring!

Jeg afsluttede ugen med en tur i biograf sammen med min mor, min mors kusine og hendes mor, og her så vi La La Land. Jeg vidste ikke helt hvad jeg havde af forventninger til denne film, udover at jeg tænkte der måtte være noget der var godt siden den har høstet så mange Oscars hjem. I starten var jeg mest af alt bare imponeret over det æstetiske i filmen og brugen af farver – men efterhånden kom historien også ind under huden på mig. Historien om at følge sin egen drøm, og ikke hvad andre mener at man bør gøre – men at stole på sig selv og gå efter det man drømmer om. Noget så fint, og jeg kæmpede også lidt med at holde tårerne tilbage til sidst.
/Lastly I ended the week with a trip to the Cinema with my mom, my mom’s cousin and her mother, and we watched La La Land. I didn’t really know what my expectations was for this movie, besides I felt like it had to be somewhat good since it has gathered so many Oscars. In the beginning I was mostly impressed by the aesthetics of the movie and the use of colors – but after a while the story really got deep beneath my skin. The story about following your dream, and not what others think you should to – but instead just trust yourself and go after what you dream of. So beautiful, and I had to fight my tears in the end.

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Så er julen ved at være ovre, dog er der stadig ferie og det er skønt. Jeg blev sørme syg henover julen, og brugte meget af juleaften på at pudse næse – skønt. Dagen efter var jeg meget syg, så der lå jeg hele dagen på sofaen og så SKAM samen med min mor og søster (hvilket dog også var rigtig hyggeligt). I går var jeg til julefrokost med min familie, og senere i dag står den på Tivoli tur med min familie og min kærestes familie, simpelthen så hyggeligt.

Jeg håber at I havde en skøn juleaften, og nogle dejlige juledage, og at I har brugt dem sammen med dem I holder af.
På billederne kan I blandt andet se den fineste nye elkedel jeg har fået, samt en fin lille guld te ske/lukker, og derudover har jeg fået nogle skønne bøger og en masse andet godt.

Christmas is about to be over, yet it is still Holiday, which is lovely. I got sick during Christmas, and spend most of my Christmas eve sneezing – wonderful. The day after I was sick as well, so I laid on the couch the entire day and watched the Norwegian tv show SKAM together with my mom and sis (which was really cozy). Yesterday I had a Christmas lunch with my family, and later today I’m going to Tivoli with my family and my boyfriend’s family. 
I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas, and some lovely Christmas days, and that you spend them with those that you care about. On the pictures you can see the finest new electric kettle which I got, and a little golden tea spoon/closer, besides that I got some wonderful books and other lovely stuff.