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Toxins are small molecules, peptides or proteins that are capable of causing disease on contact with or absorption by body tissues. Toxins are something which affects you and your body’s health and you should strive for avoiding them as much as possible in your everyday life if you want to be as healthy as possible. However, it can be difficult in our age today, because we are exposed to toxins almost all the time without us even being aware of it. But, if you learn which things you can change in your everyday life in order to get less exposed to toxins, then this is a great way to begin if you want to live a healthier life.

Here are some of the different areas in your life where you should be aware of toxins.

Skin, body and hair products
Some of the first things to look at when trying to eliminate toxins from your life are all the products you use on your skin, hair and body. Such as shampoo, conditioner, cleansers, cremes, body lotions, toothpaste, deodorant, make-up etc. You can strive to buy products with more natural ingredients, or you can simple make your own natural products and in that way be completely sure that they only contain natural and pure ingredients.

Cleaning products 
This is an area many people might forget about when trying to clean out in their products at home. But this area is so important, since you clean everything with these products, the sink, your food plates, your kitchen surfaces where you prepare food etc. All these cleaning products that you use in these places will somehow get in contact with you as well.
Here you can find some of the natural cleaning products you can use instead.

Go for organic food and thereby avoid food which is sprayed with a lot of pesticides. Pesticides does absolutely nothing good for your body.

The clothes you wear is in constant contact with your body, and regular clothes is also full of chemicals. Therefore you should go for buying organic clothes if you really want to avoid as many toxins in your life as possible.

Have you thought about these things before? Or, is there any other area that you think should have been included as well?


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Sustainable & Conscious living


Denne dokumentar på Netflix burde alle se (lige så vel som alle burde se Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, What The Health og mange andre – oplysning er simpelthen så vigtigt!). Denne dokumentar handler nemlig om alle de skadelige kemikalier der er at finde i både rengøringsprodukter, krops produkter, make-up osv. som vi hver dag udsætter vores hud og krop for. Disse kemikalier går ind og kan have alvorlige konsekvenser, og de mistænkes for at være skyld i det stigende antal af astma-, autister-, kræftramte og at mange i dag har problemer med at få børn. Det er simpelthen så skræmmende.

Dokumentaren tager udgangspunkt i USA, og jeg er så heldig at bo i Europa hvor der heldigvis er kommet regler for hvilke kemikalier man må og ikke må bruge. Men dette er stadig information som alle burde få – og bruge den information til at begynde at tænke mere over hvilke produkter man bruger i sin dagligdag.

Som nævnt i et tidligere blogindlæg, vil jeg anbefale at man enten går efter så naturlige produkter som overhovedet muligt, eller at man prøver at lave dem selv. Så ved du præcis hvad der er i dem og at du ikke udsætter din krop for skadelige kemikalier som kan påvirke dig på sigt.

Everybody should watch this documentary on Netflix (just like everyone should watch Conspiracy, Forks over Knives, What The Health etc.). This documentary focuses on harmful chemicals which are found in cleaning products, body products, make-up etc. and which we expose our skin and body for every single day. These chemicals go in and have severe consequences for our health, and are suspected of being the reason for more people having astma, autism, cancer and the reason for many people having problems getting kids today. That is terrifying.

The documentary takes place in the US, and I’m so lucky to live in EU where regulations have been made when it comes to which chemicals it is allowed to use and not to use. But the documentary contains information that everyone should know about – and start to think about which products you use in your everyday life.

As mentioned in a previously blogpost, I will recommend using as natural products as possible, or make them yourself. Then you know exactly what is in them and you do not expose your body to any harmful chemicals which can affect you in the long run.