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Having a morning routine is a great way to start the day on a more calm and positive note, which can mean that the rest of your day turns out a lot better, than if you just jump out of bed and go straight to work. I’ve finally found a morning routine that is simple and easy, but also makes me feel so much better after I’ve done it, so today I want to share my morning routine with you.

If you are into self development, which you probably are if you are following along in here, then you might already know this, you will quiet possibly have discovered that many ‘successful people’ (read: successful in terms of reaching the goals they had sat for themselves, because we should not define success on X amount of money or anything like that, but rather on succeeding in reaching your own dreams) have morning routines. A morning routine sets you up for a great start to the day, and that great start has an amazing influence on how the rest of your day turns out – because if you start of well, you’ll fell happier and more at peace, and you’ll be ready for whatever the day brings you!

I’ve been trying for years to create a morning routine that I could stick to, but as a ‘vata’ person (read my blogposts about ayurveda if you don’t know what I’m talking about), I have a hard time sticking to routines – but, routines are actually what is really good for people like me, because it helps to keep me grounded and make sure that I actually get things done. And now I’ve finally found a morning routine which is simple, easy and manageable, and which makes me extremely happy and calm – it’s the perfect way to start the day!

My morning routine

Wake up

First thing first, I gotta wake up. During the week it’s usually around 6.30/7

Tongue scraping

Then as the first thing I go to the bathroom and I scrape my tongue with a tongue scraper. I scrape my tongue around 10 times.

Wash face & lotion

Then I wash my face with water and moisturise my face with some oil/lotion.

Tea & Affirmation Meditation

Afterwards I go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of green tea. I take the tea with me into the living room, get myself cozy under a blanket and find a random page in my book “You can!” by Louise Hay, which is a book filled with affirmations. I set my phone on the timer for 5 minutes and read through some of the affirmations and do some meditations with focus on these lovely affirmations – it’s an amazing way to start the day, and it really just warms and lights me up!

Here are some of my favourite affirmations:

“There are possibilities everywhere. I have an abundance of choices”

“I know I can create miracles in my life”

“My potential is unlimited”

“Life ensures that all my needs are met with abundance. I trust in life”

“When I forgive myself it becomes easier to forgive others”

“When I change my thoughts, the world around me changes”

“I am grateful for my healthy body. I love life”

Gratitude list

After meditation I bring out my journal and write around a page of all kind of things I’m grateful for, from the smallest to the biggest things. The most important thing is that I take time to really feel gratitude after having written the things down.


Around 3-4 times a week I also do some yoga after the above little morning routine, to stretch and connect with my body.

Then I make myself some breakfast, and finish off with brushing my teeth. It’s a really simple morning routine, and without the yoga it only takes around 20 minutes or so, but it really ensures that I start my day on a much better note than if I just went straight out of bed and onto what the day held.

That was my morning routine. Do you have a morning routine? Or would you like to implement one? Then try to start with just one thing you want to do each morning, and then you can always add more things on later.

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Jeg læste lige Melissa Ambrosini’s blog indlæg ‘ Magical Morning Routines‘ og blev særdeles inspireret til at få en mere fast morgen-rutine med ‘non-negotiables’ (dvs. ting man skal gøre, for sin egen skyld).

Mine morgener har nemlig altid været lidt løse og mest bestået af hvad jeg lige følte for den pågældende dag, hvilket man da også skal mærke efter og lytte til. Men, jeg har længe beundret de personer jeg ser op til i livet, som formår at dyrke både yoga, meditere og meget andet om morgnen. Og sådan vil jeg også være – så nu skal der gøres noget ved det. Måske du også kunne være interesseret?

Melissa’s første råd er først at finde ud af, hvad man gerne vil have at ens morgen skal bestå af – hvilke rutiner vil du gerne have inkorporeret i din egen morgenrutine? Skriv alle disse ting ned.

Derefter skal du overstrege de 3 vigtigste ting som du VIL gøre hver morgen, og som ikke er til diskussion. Det er disse 3 ting du altid skal prioritere højest, og alle de andre kommer efterfølgende, hvis du har tid til det.

Herefter skal du sætte tid af. Find ud af hvornår du står op, og hvor længe du vil (eller kan) bruge på din morgenrutine, og læg så en plan for hvornår du gør hvad, og i hvilken rækkefølge.

Jeg er elle vild med denne plan, og skal netop til at udfylde min egen plan. Jeg ved allerede at det jeg gerne vil gøre om morgnen er at få bevæget mig (måske i form af noget roligt yoga), udvist taknemmelighed i form af at skrive en taknemmelighedsliste og den sidste ting vil jeg gerne have til at bestå af at meditere.

Hvordan ser din ideelle morgen ud? Og hvad for nogle ting vil du kan have med i din egen morgenrutine? Hvis du allerede har en god morgenrutine, så vil jeg elske at høre om den – så skriv endelig i kommentarfeltet!

I just read Melissa Ambrosini’s blog post ‘Magical Morning Routines’, and got really inspired to create a more stable morning routine with non-negotiables (meaning; things you have to do, for your own sake).

My mornings have always been a bit lose and I have just done whatever I felt like on that specific day, which you of course also have to feel and do what feels right. But, I have been inspired by the people I look up to in life for a long time which succeed in practicing yoga, meditating and much more in the morning. And I want to be like that as well – so now is the time to do something about it. Maybe you could be interested in that as well?

Melissa’s first advice is to find out what it is that you actually want your morning to consist of – which routines would you like to incorporate into your own morning routine? Write all these things down.

After this you shall highlight the 3 most important things which you WILL do every morning, and this is not for discussion. It is these 3 things you should always prioritize the most, and the rest of the things you can do if you have time for it.

After this you need to put aside some time. Figure out when you are going to wake up, and for how long you want to spend on your morning routine, and then make a plan for when you are going to do what and in which order.

I love this plan, and I’m just about to fill out my own plan. I already know that what I want to do in the morning is first of all to move my body (maybe in the form of some slow yoga), feel gratitude through a gratitude-journal, and lastly I want to meditate. 

How does you ideal morning look like? And which things do you want to incorporate into your own morning routine? If you already have a good morning routine, then I would love to hear about it – just tell me in the comments!

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