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It’s Wednesday and time to look at some of the things I’ve found interesting lately, and wauw this week I have a bunch of inspirering videos for you! One about life and pressure and expectations, one about a plastic free supermarket, an inspirational talk by Peta Kelly and a good advice from Hannah McNeely.


If you have anything you would like to share – books, articles, videos, documentaries, music etc. then feel so very free to share them with me!


1. This little video about life and pressure was just so beautiful and so true! We all live different lives, want different things etc. and you don’t have to do something just because others are doing it. Do what makes you happy and do it when and where you want to

2. This plastic free supermarket in Amsterdam is pretty amazing, hopefully this will be the new normal within a few years!

3. This talk by Peta Kelly gave my goosebumps! So inspirering!

4. I agree so much with what Hannah is saying here!



I have 3 interesting things for you this week! If you have any interesting articles, videos, documentaries, books etc. then please feel very free to share them with me!


1. A very inspirational video by Peta Kelly (the Author behind ‘Earth is Hiring’, which I’m currently reading – book recommendation coming later)

2. Greenpeace’s new video called ‘Team Plant‘ is just the cutest and most awesome thing!

3. This adorable video of animals hugging humans is just the cutest thing ever. By seeing this you just get reminded of how big of a heart animals have, and that they truly have emotions <3



After my first skiing holiday, I got reminded again how amazing it feels to try something which might scare you and then being able to accomplish it. After the first day on ski with our ski instructor I was ready for a mental breakdown and could cry at the simple thought of having to try an even bigger challenge the next day. But, wow it feels so good when you conquer your fears and you do what you was afraid to do. It feels amazing. I could also just have said no to go on a skiing holiday with my boyfriend and his family out of fear that “I can’t do that”, but I chose to do it and tried it and I ended up learning it and actually finding it pretty funny.

I’ve had so many of these experiences in my life, and almost every time I challenge myself I get so happy when I’m out on the other side, and sometimes I might fail but then I realise that that wasn’t really that bad either – and I was so happy that I actually tried it.

To come up with another example – I’ve been asked to come and hold a speech about sustainable living together with Johanne and Emma from Sustain Daily, and my first thought was “oh no, I get so afraid when I have to speak in front a lot of people”. Just to give you an example, throughout my school years (primary school and high school) I could seriously consider not going to class just because I knew we were going to hold a presentation. I was seriously so afraid of it.

I’ve learned to live with that fear, not that it’s completely gone, but it’s gotten much, much better after having been through several oral communication courses and oral exams at my university, and now I know that the worst thing that can happen is really not that bad at all.

My best advice is, that if you never try it, you will never figure out if it is something you might actually enjoy. You might not enjoy it at all, but if you do not try it, you’ll never know and that’s a shame if it could be something that would actually end up being something you love to do.

It’s healthy to step outside your comfort zone once in a while and challenge yourself. I’m not saying; you need to become an adrenaline-junkie and go cliff diving all the time. Not at all. You know yourself best, and it might just be simple things, such as speaking in public, that really scares you – try to challenge those fears.

And just remember, that the worst that can happen, is really not that bad at all. People might laugh at you, or you might fall and hurt yourself. But so what? Everything will pass, don’t let that stop you from trying. And let me tell you, if you worry too much about what others might think of you – most people are too busy thinking about themselves, and if they laugh at you or say something not very nice to you, it’s most likely that they have an insecurity themselves.

I hope that this might inspire you a bit to go out and try those things that you’ve been wanting to try. Don’t be afraid to fail, you’ll only learn more and gain more from making mistakes and it will only benefit you. If you haven’t watched J.K. Rowling’s speech about failure, then go watch it right now – it is so good (I might be a bit biased, because I love Harry Potter and almost everything Rowling does, but I truly think this is so inspirational).

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Environment Inspiration Sustainable & Conscious living


motivational journal

There’s nothing better than feeling inspired and motivated to do something. Whether that be eating healthy, going zero waste or exercising regularly – am I right? But, this feeling of motivation can sometimes fade after a while.

I’ve found that the best way to regain your motivation (at least for me) is to either watch some inspirering and motivating videos or documentaries, or to read a book concerning the subject you want to regain your motivation upon.

Sometimes I can start thinking “does it really matter whether if I buy my skincare products in plastic?” or something like that. When I begin to feel like this once in a while, I know that it’s time to look at the things that got me into these values in the first place.

So, then I start to watch documentaries about how the environment is being destroyed by human actions, or I choose to watch inspirering Lauren Singer and how she makes living zero waste look so easily and fashionable – and not long after, I’ve fully regained my motivation and determination to do something about whatever it is that I want to do.

You might know what your values are, but it can be so easy in a busy everyday life to get distracted and start to not care that much about certain things – and therefore, I find it so important to keep yourself reminded by watching movies, documentaries, reading books or watching youtube videos which keeps reminding you of why you chose to do what you do.

A tip for you, is to write down:

– a list of why you want to do these things

fx I will not buy products sold in plastic, because I do not want to contribute to more plastic in the world

– a list of what you can do to improve within the areas where you are clear on your values

fx I keep a list of zero waste goals, and then one by one, slowly, I try to focus on a new habit and implement it into my life

– a list of movies, documentaries, books etc. which you know will inspire you

Keep this list for those days where you need a reminder, and just watch a quick youtube video that inspires you, or watch a bunch of documentaries


What is your best way(s) to regain your motivation? And which things in life excites you the most?




Har du nogensinde tænkt på, at vores liv er lavet af alle vores små hverdagsvaner?

Hvis du har en vane med at motionere dagligt og spise sundt, så har du en rigtig god forudsætning for at have en sund krop.

Hvis du har en vane med at tænke negative tanker om dig selv, så har du større risiko for at have et dårligt selvværd.

Hvis du har en vane for at at bruge stofposer istedet for plastikposer når du handler ind, så vil det på sigt betyde rigtig meget for hvor meget plastik du undlader at kreere i denne verden.

Se faktisk, så er det alle de små vaner i vores liv der har den store betydning for hvordan at vores liv egentlig ser ud.

Hvilket også betyder, at hvis du vil ændre noget i dit liv. Så prøv at ændre små ting og giv det lidt tid. Vaner tager tid at ændre (21 dage siges det ifølge undersøgelser), så vær tålmodig med dig selv.

Hvis du for eksempel gerne vil være sundere, men du drikker en masse sodavand, så prøv på at skær ned på det, eller skære det helt væk.

Hvis du gerne vil have et bedre selvværd, så prøv at blive bevidst om hvad du faktisk fortæller dig selv i dit sind hver dag, og ændre det bevidst.

Jeg er selv helt vild med Albert Einstein citatet, der lyder således: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (vi kan ikke ændre vores problemer med den samme tankegang we brugte til at skabe dem med).
Simpelt sagt, vi bliver nødt til at gøre noget nyt end hvad vi hidtil har gjort, hvis vi vil have et andet resultat end hvad vi har fået indtil videre.


Have you ever thought about that our lives are made up of our small everyday habits?

If it is a habit of yours to exercise daily and eat healthy, then you are pretty sure to have a very healthy body.

If it is a habit of yours to think negative thoughts about yourself, then you are more likely to suffer from a bad self-esteem.

If it is a habit of yours to use reusable canvas bags instead of plastic bags whenever you go shopping, then this will mean that you avoid creating a lot of plastic waste in your life.

So actually, it is all the small habits in our everyday life that has adds up and decide how our lives actually look like.

Which also means that if you want to change something in your life, then try to change some small things and give yourself time. It takes time to change a habit, so be patient with yourself.

Hvilket også betyder, at hvis du vil ændre noget i dit liv. Så prøv at ændre små ting og giv det lidt tid. Vaner tager tid at ændre (21 days is what research say), så vær tålmodig med dig selv.

If you, for instance, want to be healthier, but you drink a lot of soft drinks, then try to cut down on it, or cut it completely out of your life.

If you want to have better self-confidence, then pay attention to how you think about yourself in your mind, and consciously change it for the better.

I absolutely love the Albert Einstein quote that sounds like this: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them“.
Simply said – we have to do something differently from what we have done so far, if we want another result than what we have gotten up until now.

Health Inspiration


Jeg ville lige dele nogle inspirerende podcast episoder som jeg har hørt i den pågældende uge, måske det kunne være noget for jer derude også.

1. The Melissa Ambrosini show  – Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life

Dette er en fantastisk episode som handler om vigtigheden af at have en sund og funktionel tarm, da dette er fundamentet for at vi har det godt rent sundhedsmæssigt. Det er enormt spændende, og bestemt noget jeg skal lære mere omkring. Men basically, så handler det igen om at spise sundt og sørge for at din krop får det den har behov for.

2. The Melissa Ambrosini show – The Pill, Periods and Fertility with Dr Nat Kringoudis

Denne episode handler om naturlig præventionsmetoder, istedet for at bruge p-pillen og andet hormonforstyrrende. Man kan gå nok så meget op i sin sundhed, men hvis man fylder sin krop med p-piller stort set hver dag, så er det lidt dobbeltmoralsk, og det er hertil at jeg er kommet til. Så pt. prøver jeg at lære så meget som muligt om mere naturlige præventionsmetoder, så jeg i fremtiden kan føle mig sikker ved at stoppe med at bruge p-piller, og derved kan gøre noget super godt for min krop.

3. Martiny Podcast – Soloshow / En karriere med klare mål eller flow? 

Denne episode handler om det med at skulle vælge karriere i sit liv, og hvilket enormt pres at man kan føle at det er, og tankerne om ‘man vælger det rigtige’. Jeg synes at Emma’s syn på dette er lige nøjagtig sådan at alle burde tænke – ikke stresse over noget, men at følge det der føles rigtigt for en. Mange fine tanker, og især et relevant podcast for unge mennesker der enten skal videre fra gymnasiet, eller fra en videregående uddannelse.

I wanted to share some good podcast episodes that I’ve been listening to this week, it might be something for you out there as well. 

1. The Melissa Ambrosini show  – Heal Your Gut Heal Your Life

This is an amazing episode which talks about the importance of having a healthy and functional gut, which is the fundament for us feeling well and healthy. It’s extremely exciting, and definitely something I want to learn more about. More basically, it’s about eating healthy and making sure that your body gets what it needs.  

2. The Melissa Ambrosini show – The Pill, Periods and Fertility with Dr Nat Kringoudis

This episode is about natural prevention methods, instead of using the birth control pill or other hormone disturbing things. You can care so much about your health, but then fill your body with birth control hormone pills almost everyday, that seems a bit contradictory, right? And that’s what I’ve come to. Therefore I’m currently learning more about natural prevention methods, so that I in the future can feel sure and secure with stop taking the birth control pill, and thereby do something which is so much better for my body.

3. Martiny Podcast – Soloshow / En karriere med klare mål eller flow?  
(this podcast is in Danish)

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Jeg bliver lige nødt til at dele denne fantastisk inspirerende podcast episode med jer. Det er Melissa fra The Melissa Ambrosini Show, som jeg lige har opdaget og allerede er vild med, som interviewer Marie Forleo, som er et af de mest inspirerende mennesker, bare se hendes youtube videoer her!
Det var bare det, hav en rigtig skøn dag!

Lyt til podcastet her.

I just had to share this amazingly inspirering podcast episode with you. It’s Melissa from The Melissa Ambrosini Show, which I’ve just discovered and am already loving, which interviews Marie Forleo, who is one of the most inspirering human beings, just watch her youtube videos right here
That was all, have a wonderful day!

Listen to the podcast here.

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Jeg sad lige og fik en tanke. Forleden dag så jeg programmet ‘Når lægen flytter ind’ på DR2 (ja, jeg synes at sådan noget er spændende). Det handler om en familie hvor en dreng (det kan også være en pige) i folkeskolen er begyndt at tage lidt mere på i vægt end hvad godt er, og gerne vil rette op på dette. Familien får så en læge til at flytte ind hos dem i et stykke tid, og hun skal så se på hvad de gør ‘forkert’ i deres dagligdag, og hvad de kan gøre for at ændre på deres situation, for at hjælpe barnet med at tabe lidt kilo og komme i bedre form.

I de programmer jeg har set af dette nu, så går det hele tilbage til forældrene. Forældrene vil rigtig gerne hjælpe deres børn, men når de ikke tager med dem ud og dyrker motion, eller serverer godt med sovs og ingen grøntsager til aftensmad, så ligger ansvaret også hos dem. Det er interessant at se hvordan de stille og roligt finder ud af undervejs i programmet, at det er dem der egentlig skal ændre sig i dette program. For når de ændrer sig, så ændrer børnenes opfattelse af hvordan man skal leve også. Og på den måde kan forældrene være rolle modeller for børnene. “Lead by example”.

Jeg kender det også fra mig selv af. Man vil gerne ændre på noget hos nogle, og man kan blive helt frustreret over at de ikke ændrer sig og tager de gode vaner til sig. Men så prøv lige at væn den om og kig på dig selv først. Gør du selv de ting som du gerne vil have at den anden skal gøre?

Start altid med dig selv først. Og så vil forandringen ske. Tving aldrig nogle andre til at gøre noget. Det skal være deres eget valg, og de skal selv nå dertil hvor de ser, at det vil være godt for dem. Jeg prøver så godt jeg nu kan på at huske mig selv på dette. Selvom det kan være svært, og frustrerende til tider, så er det dog det man kan rykke andre mennesker med mest. At gøre det selv, og forhåbentligt inspirere andre derved.

I just had a thought. The other day I watched a tv show called ‘When the doctor moves in’ on a Danish tv channel. It’s about a family where a boy (or it could be a girl as well) in school has started to gain a little bit more weight than what good is, and wants to get back on the right track again. So the family gets a doctor to move in with them for a while, and she shall see what they are doing ‘wrong’ in their everyday life, and what they can do to change their situation, and help the child loose a bit of weight a get into a better shape.

In these programs that I’ve seen so far, it all goes back to the parents. Parents really want to help their children, but when they do not engage in physical activities with the children, or when they are serving them sauce and no vegetables for Dinner, the responsibility lies with them. It’s very interesting to see how the parents slowly find out throughout the program, that it’s actually them who need to change their habits. Because when they change, the children’s perception of how to live change as well. And in that way the parents can be role models for the children. “Lead by example”.

I also know this from myself. The feeling of wanting to change something in someone, and you can become all frustrated when they don’t take the good habits to them. But then just try to turn it around and look at yourself first. Do you actually do these things yourself, which you want someone else to do?

Always start with yourself first. And the change will happen. Never force someone else to do something. It has to be their own choice, and they have to get to that stage themselves, and realize that it can be good for them to change. I’m trying my best to remind myself of this. Even though it can be difficult, and frustrating once in a while, but it’s what can move others the most. To do it yourself, and then hopefully inspire others.

Happiness Inspiration


En lille inspirations video omkring glæde og lykke fra en dansker. Meget inspirerende! Ville bare lige dele den med jer. Rigtig god aften!

A little inspirational video about happiness and joy from a Dane. Very inspirering! Just wanted to share this with you. Have a really good evening!



Er der noget jeg er blevet lidt fan af, så er det at høre nogle gode, interessante og lærerige podcasts. Man slapper af på en anden måde når man sætter sig til at høre et podcast, end når man ser tv eller videoer. Man kan lave sig en god kop te og bare sætte sig i sofaen og lytte til det, eller man kan tage høretelefonerne i ørene og begive sig ud på en tur i den friske luft.

Her er mine bud på 3 gode podcasts, som jeg syntes var værd at dele med jer.

1. Martiny Podcast – Emma Martiny 
Emma Martiny har jeg nævnt herinde førhen, og jeg har også lavet et lille interview med hende som I kan læse her. Men, Emma er simpelthen en af de mest inspirerende kvinder jeg kender, og hun gør sig nogle fantastiske tanker om alle mulige forskellige ting. Så det er en ren fornøjelse at få lov at lytte med i hendes tanker via hendes podcast. Første sæson af hendes podcast handlede meget om business, blogging og seje kvinder – det var super fedt! Nu er Emma lige kommet ud med første episode af 2. sæson af hendes podcast, som kommer til at omhandle det at leve et mere holistisk liv, og endnu mere af hendes tanker. Jeg kan kun sige at jeg glæder mig til at lytte med.

2. The Life Coach School – Brooke Castillo 
The Life Coach School podcast er levet af kvinden Brooke Castillo, som er forfatter og livsstils coach. Den kvinde er så inspirerende, og hun har lavet over hundrede episoder af sit podcast. Hun laver både podcast hvor hun interviewer andre inspirerende mennesker, og episoder hvor hun bare snakker og deler ud af sin viden, som hun har tilegnet sig. Der er så meget brugbart og lærerigt information at få via hendes podcast. Fokus ligger på livsstil og selvudvikling, som nok er nogle af mine absolutte yndlings emner at læse, lytte og lære om.

3. The School of Greatness – Lewis Howes 
The School of Greatness podcast er lavet af manden Lewis Howes. Han er tidligere professionel fodbold spiller, verdens atlet, og bare en super sej mand, som inspirere en til at blive ved med at udvikle sig, og blive bedre og bedre. Hans podcast er blevet ranket som værende i toppen af Self-Development podcast på iTunes. Lewis Howes interviewer også en masse inspirerende mennesker, og deler ud af sin egen viden omkring selvudvikling og meget andet.

Så er der vidst ikke så meget mere at sige, end på med hørebøfferne og lad noget inspiration og motivation flyde ind i jeres ører! Rigtig god dag!

If there is something I’ve become a fan of, it is to listen to some good and interesting podcasts. You relax in another way while listening to a podcast, than you do when watching tv or videos. You can make yourself a good cup of tea, sit in the couch and just listen to it, or you can pluck in your earphones and go outside in the fresh air and listen to it.

Here are my suggestions for 3 good podcasts, which I thought was worth sharing with you guys.

1. Martiny Podcast with Emma Martiny 
This podcast is made by an inspirering Danish woman named Emma Martiny. The podcast is in Danish, so no further need for explanation here.

2. The Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo
The Life Coach School podcast is made by the woman Brooke Castillo, which is an Author and lifestyle coach. That woman is so inspirering, and she has made over a hundred episodes of her podcast. Her podcast contains episodes where she talks with other inspirering people, and episodes where it is just her speaking and sharing her knowledge and wisdom. There is so much useful and clever information to gain from her podcast. Her main focus is within lifestyle and self development, which is probably two of my favourite topics to read, listen and learn about.

3. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes
The School of Greatness podcast is made by the man Lewis Howes. He is a former professional football player, a world record athlete, and just a very cool man, which inspires one to development yourself and just become better and better. His podcast has been top-ranked within the Self-Development podcast category on iTunes. Lewis Howes both interviews inspirering people, and shares his knowledge about self development and much more.

Then there ain’t much else to say than pluck in your earphones and let the inspiration and motivation flow directly into your ears! Have a great day!