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I’ve tried so many different natural deodorants that’s free from aluminium, and it’s certainly not all that does the job. But this is the best natural deodorant I’ve tried so far for sure 🌿🌿

Years ago I saw the documentary “The Aluminium Age“, which talked about how the aluminium found in many products today affects us and our health negatively. Most deodorants on the market contain aluminium, as this is what “blocks” the sweating.

However, some research have shown a connection between aluminium and alzheimers, breast cancer and the reason why so many people today have reproductive problems. That really terrified me, and even though many might say that there is “lack of evidence” between the connection between these things – I’ve probably always been more to the skeptical side, so I’ve personally chosen to go for a deodorant without aluminium for the past many years.

However, I’ll be very honest to say that I’ve tried my fair share of natural deodorants that did clearly not work for me. But now I’ve found one that definitely does the job! I’m still trying new deodorants, as I want to explore the market, but this one definitely does the job.

Another thing that really isn’t good about the conventional antiperspirant deodorants with aluminium, is that they block the sweat. Sweating is our bodies natural way of getting rid of excess heat and toxins. So when you go in and block your pores, you essentially “keep” the toxins and excess heat in your body – which does no good to your health!

So when you buy a natural deodorant without aluminium, you can still sweat, but it just prevents the odor that might come when you sweat. Sweating is natural, and is one of your bodies elimination systems – which is a good thing.

The natural deodorant that I’m absolutely loving is the “Real Purity” deodorant, which just works wonders, not just for me, but certainly also what I hear about from many customers in the health store that I work in

Do you use natural deodorants? Do you have one which you just love and swear by? I would love to get new recommendations and try others as well! 🌿

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Denne opskrift er tyvstjålet fra Lauren Singer fra Trash is for Tossers. Det er altså opskriften på at lave en naturlig deodorant. Jeg har selv lige lavet den, og er spændt på om den kommer til at fungere, hvilket jeg skam nok skal melde tilbage omkring.

Opskrift på deodorant
2 spsk arrowrod pulver (kan fås i helsekost butikker)
1 spsk natron
1 spsk kokosolie
1 spsk sheasmør
Få dråber af eget valg æterisk olie

Først blander du arrowrod, natron, kokosolie og sheasmør i en dobbeltkoger, og rører rundt indtil det bliver helt flydende. Så tilføjer du nogle få dræber af æterisk olie af eget valg, jeg proppede 2 dråber af tea tree oil i min, fordi jeg ikke er så fan af deodorant med for kraftig duft. Så hælder du det op i et glas eller beholder der kan lukkes, og sætter det i køleskabet i ca. 20 minutter indtil det er blevet hårdt. Så er meningen bare at man smører lidt af massen under sine arme og voila, så har man hjemmelavet naturlig deodorant!

This recipe I’ve completely stolen from Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers. It is a recipe for how to make your own natural deodorant. I’ve just made this myself the other day, and I’m excited to try out if it actually works, which I of course will report back about.

Recipe for deodorant
2 tbsp of arrowroot powder
1 tbsp of baking soda
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tbsp of sheabutter
A few drops of your own choice of essential oil

You start out by mixing arrowroot, baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter in a double boiler, and stir it around until it becomes liquidy. Then you add a few drops of essential oil of your own choice, I used 2 drops of tea tree oil in mine, because I’m not a huge fan of deodorants with a strong smell. Then you pour it up into a glass which can be closed, and put it into the fridge for about 20 minutes until it has hardened. Then you can just put it under your armpit and voila, there you have a homemade natural deodorant!

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