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This past week was wonderful! I finally finished my last exam, and was able to just relax and as you read this I’m in France on a skin trip with my boyfriend and his family!

This week has for sure been lovely. As mentioned, I finished my last exam at my 1st semester of my Master, I finally found a delicious green smoothie recipe and have been drinking these A LOT (you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram), I went to see the movie Wonder with my mom and cried like so many times. I can really recommend it, it was so sweet and really shows how we are all battling with our own problems, and how we should never judge a person based on how they look, or how we might think their lives are, we should instead be nice and open and try to get to know other people. I wish all school children could watch this movie!

Friday I participated in Sustain Daily’s event for their kickstarter campaign for their new Magazine Sustain Yearly, which you can support here! Saturday morning I went to the airport and travelled to France. But, even though I might be in France for the next week, I’ve still planned some blogposts which are coming up for you!

How was your past week?

Just look at this cutiepie! I already miss her (my grandparents are taking care of her while we’re away on holiday, so I know she’s being spoiled and getting lots of love <3 )

I’ve been drinking macacao (cacao with maca, it’s good and stabilises hormones!)

I’ve been journalling and reflecting

I’ve been drinking 4 green smoothies in 4 days, and I intend to continue this lovely habit once I’m back home again from my skin trip! Ps, you can find the recipe on my Instagram, or wait till tomorrow where I’ll share it here on my blog

The beautiful Sustain Yearly magazine! Ps, I might have written an article in it, so I know I’m biased, but I LOVED the 1st edition, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd issue. Go support the magazine here!

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I’ve already been writing down in my journal some of my reflections for the past year, but then I thought that some of these things might be interesting for you out there to follow along with as well. Here are some of the things which have had the biggest impact on my life in 2017:


Zero waste

2017 was the year that I learned about Zero Waste. I had NEVER heard about this concept, before I came across Lauren Singer from trashisfortossers on Youtube, and I fell head over heels in love with the concept and how Lauren made it look cool while at the same time doing something amazing for the planet. So, I started doing a lot of researching about this and saw a ton of youtube videos and read blogposts about this concept and started to change things in my own life.

I’ve already changed lots of things in 2017, I have changed to a menstrual cup, a shampoo bar, I’ve started to change my skincare and bodycare products for products that come in glass or steel instead of plastic, I’m still using a reusable water bottle which I’ve done for many years actually, I’m using reusable cotton bags whenever I’m buying groceries, I’ve switched to bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic brushes and I’ve started trying to make a lot of homemade skincare products as well.

These are just some of the things which I’ve been changing, but the biggest one is just my mentality. I had honestly never thought about before how I could make a positive change in my life besides the usual advices such as”turn off the lights when you don’t use it” and “don’t shower too long”. It has encouraged me to really believe that I can make much more of a difference in my everyday life than I first thought possible, and I’ve also started to realised how I can show the world what I want to support by using my money. I’ve started doing a lot more research before buying anything new, I want the brands do be sustainable and ethical, and I especially want to support more local brands.



2017 was also the year where I learned to reach out to new people with the same interests as me. I gotta make a shoutout to Ida for making me more open towards this. Ida was the one asking me if we should grab a cup of coffee in the beginning of the new year. I gotta admit, I was kind of nervous about meeting something for the first time whom I had only been writing with on Instagram.

But this had probably been one of the most life changing things for me. Because I came to realize that it really isn’t that frightening. I mean, what is the worst that can happened? That the two of you don’t get along, well then you can just stop meeting up anymore. And wow how I’ve met some inspirering new people through Instagram and my blog. I’ve met Ida, which is now one of my very close friends. I’ve met Anna, Cathrine and Cirkeline. I’ve also met some of the girls from Sustain Daily, and become a part of Sustain Daily influencers thanks to Instagram. And I’m constantly thankful for all those commenting and messaging me on Instagram or my blog, I absolutely love connecting with like-minded people, it is truly amazing and inspirering. Thanks to all of you out there.



2017 has been one of the best years when it comes to my health both physically and mentally. I’ve learned a lot more about yoga, spirituality, ayurveda, hormones, the menstrual cycle and so much more! I’ve finally realized that the best way to be healthy is to have the connection between both the physical and the mental aspect. You will never be really healthy if all you do is eat strictly healthy, train all the time and just do things for the sake of your ‘outer appearance’ or physical health. Life is ALL about balance. It can be just as healthy for you to go on a café with your best friends, your loved one or your mom and just talk and eat a delicious cookie and drink a latte. Everything in moderation, but life is all about balance and it should not be about restricting yourself. Find out what makes you the happiest, and make sure to do these things regularly – life is made out of the small everyday things, and we should strive for bringing those small things into our lives as much as possible.
2017 was also the year I chose to stop taking birth control pills after having done a lot of research about how damaging this is to our bodies and how much it can affect our mood and our overall happiness, and I can already say after just 1 month without birth control pills that I’m feeling so much happier.


I feel unbelievably blessed for this past year and what I’ve experienced, and how my mentality has changed and for what I have learned. I want to take some days off from the blog for the rest of this year to take time to be with my family and friends (and work on some exams), and then I’m absolutely positive that I will return in the new year with lots of new content and inspiration.

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you out there following along, both in here and on my Instagram, and thanks for engaging – it means the world. If there is anything you would like to see more of in the new year, then share your thoughts and ideas with me! I wish you all the best Christmas and a Happy New year – see you very soon! (btw, I’m still going to post some things on my Instagram, but the blog will take a little break and be back in the new year).




Jep, lige så meget som jeg ville ønske at jeg kunne diske op med 5 blogindlæg om ugen, så må jeg indse at det ikke er en realitet lige nu. Vigtigst af alt lige nu arbejder jeg nemlig på mit bachelor projekt, samt skal også forberede mig til to andre eksamener, jeg har også et arbejde at passe, og så vil jeg også gerne få trænet og slappet lidt af.

Så derfor bliver det nok til en mindre pause herinde for en lille tid – men bare rolig, jeg kommer helt sikkert tilbage, og forhåbentligt med en masse ekstra energi når jeg engang er ovre på den anden side. Og måske der kommer et lille indlæg ind engang imellem. Jeg håber at i vil blive hængende, og have lidt tålmodighed med mig. Kan i have det rigtig godt indtil da <3

Ya, just as much as I would want to be able to write 5 blog posts each week, I just have to realize that that is simply not a reality right now. Much importantly right now is the bachelor project I’m working on, besides that I also have two other exams to prepare for, I have some work I need to do sometime, and I also want to get some exercising done, and be able to just relax.

So therefore I’ll take a minor pause in here for a little while – but don’t worry, I’ll be back again, and hopefully with a lot of extra energy once I’m out on the other side. And maybe a little blog post will be posted in here once in a while. I hope that you’ll keep sticking around, and have some patience with me. Until then – all the best to you <3 

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Hvis jeg kunne møde mit yngre jeg, og fortælle mig selv nogle gode råd, så ville det være dem nedenfor. Jeg ved ikke om nogen kan få noget ud af dette, men hvis det kan hjælpe en yngre pige, eller en voksen for den sags skyld, så var det værd at dele.

1. Stop med at tænk så meget over hvad andre tænker om dit udseende. Folk lægger mere mærke til hvordan du er som person, og hvordan du behandler dem og andre. Eller, nogle bedømmer dig ud fra dit udseende, men dem vil du alligevel ikke være venner med, så bare stop med at bekymre dig så meget om det.

2. Læs så meget som du vil! Også selvom du sidder i skolen og læser en moppedreng af en Harry Potter bog og en af drengene kalder dig for en nørd. Vær ligeglad og bare gør hvad der gør DIG glad.

3. Du må gerne være sårbar og vise dine følelser og sige din mening. Hvis du gemmer det hele væk og holder det inde i dig selv vil det på et tidspunkt blive for meget at rumme. Øv dig på at åbne mere op for dine venner og familie og fortæl dem hvordan du virkelig har det.

4. Stop aldrig med at drømme og tro på magi og fantasi! Det er okay at du stadig troede på julemanden som 13-årig, bare bliv ved med at være et barn og hav en levende fantasi så længe som muligt – ja, faktisk hele livet. Så bliver livet langt sjovere.

5. Værdsæt altid din familie, og vær evigt taknemmelig for at du har lært så mange forskellige personer og personligheder at kende igennem din kæmpe familie, det er en gave.

6. Det er okay at fejle. Faktisk bliver du stærkere af at prøve at fejle engang imellem, det er sundt at få lidt udfordringer på vejen. Bare prøv alt det du gerne vil, og vær ikke så bange for at det ikke går godt og bliver perfekt, bare kast dig ud i det.

7. Lad være med at forestille dig en hel masse ting og tænke mulige-scenarier i hovedet på forhånd så du bliver alt for nervøs og bekymret. Sket er sket, og tag det derfra, der er ikke andet du kan gøre og du ved ikke hvordan tingene udvikler sig eller hvordan folk reagerer.

8. Vær altid sød ved andre mennesker – ved alle du møder, du aner ikke hvad de har været igennem. Og hvis du begynder at dømme folk, så stop dig selv og prøv at snak med dem. Spørg ind til dem og deres historie og sæt dig i deres sted – når du bliver ældre lærer du nemlig at forstå stort set alle mennesker, og forstå at der er grunde til at de gør som de gør, selvom du ikke nødvendigvis forstår det eller er enige med dem.

9. Leg noget mere udenfor og nyd naturen og vær sammen med dine venner, det får du tusinde gange mere ud af, end at sidde på din computer eller at sidde og stene The Voice og MTV hele eftermiddagen.

10. Spis flere grøntsager, og lad være med at proppe dig med slik og kager til du får det fysisk dårligt. På den anden side, så gør det. For det er fordi du har proppet dig med de ting som barn, der til sidst gjorde at du har fået nok og at du derfor lever så sundt som du gør i dag.

If I could meet my younger self, and give some good advice, it would those I’ve written below. I don’t know if any of you can get anything out of this, but if it can help a young girl, or a grown-up for that matter, then it’s worth sharing.

1. Stop thinking so much about what others think about your look. People notice much more how you are as a person, and how you treat others. Or well, some people do judge you from your look, but you don’t want to be friends with people like that anyways, so stop worrying so much about it.

2. Read as much as you want to! Even though you sit in school with the biggest Harry Potter book and one of the guys call you a nerd. Just don’t care about it and do what makes YOU happy.

3. It’s okay to be vulnerable and show your emotions and say your opinion. If you hide it all away and hold it in, eventually it will become too much for you. Practice to open more up for your friends and family and share with them how you are really feeling.

4. Never stop dreaming and believing in magic and fantasy! It’s okay that you still believe in Santa Clause even though you are 13 years old, just keep on being a child and have a wild imagination as long as possible – well, actually for the rest of your life. Then life will be much more fun.

5. Appreciate your family and be forever grateful that you’ve gotten to learn so many different personalities through your giant family, that is indeed a gift.

6. It’s okay to fail. Actually you’ll get a long stronger by failing once in a while, it’s healthy to meet some bumps on the road. Just try everything you want to, and never be afraid of not being good enough or perfect, just throw yourself out there and try it.

7. Stop imagining all kinds of things and think ahead of possible-scenarios beforehand so you get all worried up and nervous. What has happened has happened, and there is not much you can do about it and you don’t know how things will turn out or how people will react. So stop worrying beforehand. 

8. Always be nice and kind to other people – you never know what they might have gone through. And if you start judging people, then stop yourself and try to talk to them instead. Ask about them and listen to their stories and try to put yourself in their shoes – as you get older you’ll actually understand most people, and see that there is a reason behind the way they behave and the way they think and do things, also if you don’t necessarily understand their point of view or agree with them.

9. Play outside some more and enjoy nature and be together with your friends, you’ll get much more out of that, instead of sitting on your computer or watching The Voice and MTV all afternoon.

10. Eat some more vegetables, and don’t fill yourself with so much candy and cake that you get physically sick. On the other side, just do it. Because it’s because that you’ve filled yourself so much with these things as a kid, that eventually led you to having enough and that is the reason why you are living so healthy today, and that you are so interested in health.

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Jeg er tilbage! Jeg har endelig fået afleveret mine to eksamener (Public Relations og Social Media Management), og er lykkelig, for jeg starter først skole igen i starten af februar, det er altså lidt vildt. Jeg har så mange ting jeg gerne vil nå, folk jeg vil se, osv. osv. Så det er skønt at have hele januar helt fri til alt dette. Jeg skal lige på arbejde hele weekenden, og mandag aften, men så er der juleferie!

Men, tænkte jeg lige ville komme med en mindre update, nu hvor jeg ikke har været aktiv herinde i alt for lang tid. Lige for tiden går jeg og drømmer om at lave et lille ‘mini kontor’ herhjemme. Pt. sidder jeg nemlig ved vores spisebord og laver lektier osv., hvilket egentlig også fungerer fint nok, men jeg vil enormt gerne have et lille sted hvor jeg kan sidde og føle mig ekstra produktiv, og som dermed kan være mit lille arbejdssted. Så jeg skal snart have købt mig et lille skrivebord (har allerede et i tankerne), og så have købt mig en stol dertil, og det er sådan set det. Så skal det måske dekoreres med et lille lys, og min kalender skal fast ligge på bordet. Ja, jeg har visualiseret det hele for mig, og tror at det bliver skide godt.

Nu til mine januar planer, for jeg har allerede mange ting jeg gerne vil, og tænkte at noget af det måske kunne inspirere jer, så dem får I her:

– læse ‘Better than Before’ af Gretchen Rubin
– læse ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ af J.K. Rowling
– læse ‘Linchpin’ af Seth Godin
(som I nok kan se, så får jeg ikke læst alle de fritidsbøger jeg gerne vil normalt når jeg studerer, så der skal pløjes bøger igennem nu)
– se Normann Copenhagen på Østerbro
– på Glyptoteket
– på Lousiana Museum
– få set en masse veninder
– på Cousins med min mor
– i genbrugsbutikker med min veninde, som lige har fået lejlighed
– få gået en masse ture
– undersøge hvor meget en altan vil koste at få lavet
– så småt begynde at forberede bachelor projekt

I’m back! I’ve finally handed in my two exams (Public Relations and Social Media Management), and I’m so happy, because my school first begin once in February again, it’s crazy. I have so many things I want to do, and people I want to see etc. So it’s absolutely wonderful to have all of January free for this. I just have to work all weekend and on Monday evening, and then it’s Christmas Holiday!

But I thought I would update you guys, since I haven’t been very active in here lately. At the moment I’m dreaming about making a little mini office in our apartment. Currently I’m just sitting at our Dinning table when I make homeworks etc., which is also working fine, but I really want a little place where I can just sit and feel extra productive, and which can function as my little working space. So soon I’m going to buy a little desk (I have one in my mind), and a chair for it, and that’s it. Maybe a little candle, and my calendar by the table. Yep, I’ve been visualizing this for myself, and I think it’s going to be so good.

Now for my January plans, cause I already have a lot in my mind, and I thought I would share it with you guys, if you could find any inspiration in it: 

– read ‘Better than Before’ by Gretchen Rubin
– read ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’ by J.K. Rowling
– read ‘Linchpin’ by Seth Godin
(as you can see, I never get to read all my hobby books when I study, so I want to read a lot of them now)
– see Normann Copenhagen on Østerbro
– go to Glyptoteket
– visit Lousiana Museum
– see a lot of my girlfriends
– on Cousins with my mom
– in recycling stores with my friend, who just got her own apartment
– go for a lot of walks 
– investigate how much a balcony would cost
– slowly begin preparing for the bachelor project



Skærmbillede 2016-05-03 kl. 14.17.44Skærmbillede 2016-05-03 kl. 14.18.14Det bliver ikke til så mange blog indlæg for tiden, da det er lige ved at være eksamenstid. Men, jeg har masser af idéer til ting og sager jeg gerne vil fortælle om og dele – så bare vent!
Indtil da, kan I jo holde øje inde på Instagram (@camillatromborg) hvor jeg jævnligt opdaterer med små billeder.
Noget helt andet – hvor er det bare SKØNT at vejret endelig er blevet godt, det gør bare så meget for ens humør og overskud, jeg elsker det!

I don’t have much time these days to make blog posts, since the exams are just around the corner. But, I do have a lot of ideas of things and thoughts that I want to share with you – so just be patient! Until then, you can always check out my Instagram (@camillatromborg) where I am updating pretty often. 
Besides that – the weather here in Denmark has finally become great, and it is wonderful! You just get so much for energy, I love it!