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Every year 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in our oceans.

Not only does this affect fish lives and corals, but this also affect our health, just watch this video with Zooey Deschanel encouraging you to bring your own reusable water bottle. But it is also just terrible to think at how much plastic there is lying around everywhere. This is not something I want to contribute to. I don’t want the Planet to be destroyed, I want to leave it just as beautiful as it was when I grew up to future generations – and most important of all – I want there to actually be a Planet which is possible to live on!

Therefore, I am trying my best to switch out so many plastic products in my everyday life as possible. I gotta admit, it ain’t always easy, especially not when it comes to buying food, but I try my best, and I hope that this blogpost can help you to see where you can try as well.

10 ways you can cut down your plastic use

1. Use a reusable water bottle
Instead of buying a plastic water bottle, invest in a reusable one which you can bring along with you and fill up wherever you go. This also saves you a lot of money.

2. Use stainless steel straws
Invest in some stainless steel straws instead of using plastic straws.

3. Use skincare and bodycare products in glass or without packaging
Have you ever thought about how much packaging beauty and skincare products come in? Go for glass or cardboard packaging instead, or buy fx soap bars and shampoo bars without any packaging.

4. Use a bamboo toothbrush
Ditch the plastic toothbrush and buy bamboo toothbrushes instead, which can be composted after they are used up.

5. Use glass or steel containers to store your food in
Invest in some glass or steel containers and prepare your lunch at home, and avoid buying take-away lunch in lots of plastic. Or, if you are buying take-away food, try and ask if you can get it in your own container.

6. Use reusable cotton bags
Bring a reusable cotton bag with you whenever you are buying groceries or anything else, and say no to plastic bags.

7. Buy in bulk
If possible buy your groceries at a bulk store, in that way you can avoid a lot of plastic. If you don’t have something like that nearby then try to opt for the plastic free options you have available, fx buy the single bell pepper without packaging, or the loose bananas and use your own reusable produce bags.

8. Go for loose leaf tea
I have a hard time with this point myself, but striving for buying loose leaf tea and use a tea egg to make your tea also saves the environment for plastic, because in regular tea bags there are small plastic parts in it.

9. Use a safety razor
Investing in a safety razor can also save you from having to buy plastic razors.

10. Use a reusable to-go cup of sit down to drink your coffee or tea
Get a reusable to-go cup, and whenever you are out and about then bring your own cup and get it filled, or choose to sit down at the café and just drink whatever you are having from a normal cup.

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Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


Hvis man drikker juice eller smoothies jævnligt, så har mange nok tendens til at have plastik sugerør derhjemme. Og antallet af plastik sugerør man smider ud kan godt blive ret højt, hvis man bare drikker et par smoothies eller juices derhjemme et par gange om ugen, eller måneden. Et godt alternativ til plastik sugerør kan derfor være genbrugelige sugerør, som du bare vasker og dermed kan bruge igen og igen.

Af genbrugelige sugerør kan man både få glas sugerør, eller rustfrie stål sugerør. Forleden var jeg i den hyggeligste lille butik på Jægersborggade (København), der hed gågrøn! Her købte jeg 4 rustfrie stål sugerør og en renser.

Min intention er ikke kun at bruge sugerørene derhjemme, men også blive bedre til at tage dem med ud, og huske at sige nej tak til plastik sugerør hvis jeg er ude på en café, og så istedet for bare bruge mit eget sugerør.

If you drink juices or smoothies regularly, then many might have a tendency to have plastic straws at home. And the amount of plastic straws which you throw out can get quiet high, if you drink just a few smoothies or juices at home a couple of times a week, or month. A good alternative to plastic straws could therefore be reusable straws, which you can just wash when you are done and use them again and again.

You can both get glass straws and stainless steel straws. The other day I visited a nice little store at Jægersborggade (Copenhagen), which was called gågrøn! (go green). Here I bought 4 stainless steel straws and a cleanser.

My intention is not only to use the straws at home, but also become better at taking them with me, and saying no to plastic straws when I’m out on a café, and instead just use my own.


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