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garbage sorting

A year ago I did not care about garbage sorting at all, and it was never really something I had done before. I was used to just throwing everything I used into one big garbage can and then not think about the trash ever again.

But wow, things have changed. Ever since I discovered the whole “zero waste” movement, I’ve learned so much about trash and how it pollutes the Planet.


“Did you know that Denmark is the 2nd highest garbage producing country in Europe? With around 668 kilos trash per person per year in Denmark. Not really something to be proud of.


So, what is garbage sorting?

In all its simplicity, it means that you sort your garbage, instead of throwing everything into one big trashcan.


Why should you sort your garbage?

I will admit, it does take a little bit longer than just throwing everything into the same trashcan, but it makes a huge different. Because then it can be recycled and reused, instead of just ending up in landfill and pilling up.


How do you do it?

If you live in Copenhagen you’ll most likely have access to sorting your trash into: glass, metal, plastic, cardboard, paper, electronics and bio-waste (compost).
If you are in doubt about what category you should sort something into, then you can find information on this site, or join the Zero Waste Danmark facebook group and simply just write and ask, people are so nice and wants to help!


Souce: Danskerne er de næststørste affaldssvin i Europa 

Environment Inspirering people


Som i kan fornemme, så har jeg lidt svært ved at holde mig helt væk herinde fra bloggen. Dog bliver det ikke til vildt lange skriv, men jeg tænkte at jeg kunne dele nogle af de ting, og mennesker som inspirerer mig, og så kunne det være i kunne få lidt inspiration derfra. Forleden opdagede jeg Lauren Singer, som er en pige fra New York som lever ud fra Zero-waste princippet.

Det handler simplethen om at undgå at smide skrald ud og skabe skrald i ens dagligdag. Og man må sige at hun har gjort det godt, da alt hendes skrald igennem de sidste 4 år kan være i et mason jar-glas! Virkelig imponerende, og sindssygt sejt. Så langt tror jeg aldrig at jeg kommer til at gå, men jeg er allerede blevet en del mere bevidst omkring det hele og vil prøve på at forbedre mig på de områder jeg kan. Lauren har også en youtube kanal, og en blog, hvor man kan få inspiration. Men jeg ville lige dele denne inspirerende TED-talk hun har holdt.

As you can sense, I am not very good at staying completely away from the blog. However this will not be a very long post, but I thought that I could share some of the things, and people, who inspire me, and that you might gain some inspiration from this/them. The other day I discovered Lauren Singer, which is a girl from New York who lives by the zero-waste principal.

It’s about avoiding to throw out, or produce, any kind of trash in your everyday life. And you have to say that she is doing amazing, all the trash she has produced throughout the last 4 years can fit into a mason jar glass! Really impressive, and so cool. I don’t think I’ll be able to live as her, but I’ve already become a lot more conscious about how much I throw out and waste, and I’ll definitely try to improve in different areas. Lauren also has a youtube channel, and a blog where you can find lots of inspiration. But I wanted to share this really inspirering TED-talk she has held, with you.

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