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Sometimes we can become very overwhelmed and feeling stressed by having too many things going on. At these points in time, it can be very helpful to have some practices to help you relax & tune into yourself, which can help calm your mind and nervous system. So today I want to share 3 of these practices with you, which I personally use to help to tune into myself, relax and calm my mind.


Yoga is an amazing way to help you to tune into yourself. Sometimes we spend too much time in our head, worrying, stressing, overthinking etc. And then it can be so helpful to come from our heads and into our bodies instead. Yoga is a form of practice which can definitely help you to connect your mind and body, and to help you calm down and help you to tune more into yourself.

If you want to calm down I can recommend some more restorative yoga, or Yin Yoga, which are very calming practices. However, sometimes moving your body some more can be exactly what you need, and when that is the case, you can look into trying some Hatha or Vinyasa yoga.


One of the easiest ways to tune into yourself is to meditate. You can literally meditate wherever you are. All you need to do is to close your eyes and breathe and just let your thoughts come and go. Just focus on your breath, tune into yourself and relax. You can also practice mindfulness, which is being present wherever you are – whether that be doing the dishes, cleaning the house, driving in train or anything else. Just be present, breathe and be where you are.

Be in Nature

Sometimes, one of the best ways to relax and tune into yourself, is to go for a walk, or just be, in nature. Just feeling the sun on your skin, feeling the fresh air in your hair, listening to the birds sing, feeling the ground beneath you. Just getting grounded and being present in the now.

Do you have any practices that always help you to relax & tune into yourself? Feel free to share them in the comments, and let us all inspire each other.



I’m going to take a little Christmas break from the blog, but I’ll be back again in the New Year!

The last couple of months has consisted of plenty of exams, finding a master thesis supervisor and handing in the contract for the master thesis, lots of work and finding Christmas presents, so to say the least, there has been a lot going on. I’ll therefore take a little Christmas break, and spend loots of lovely family time, reading some lovely books, watch some good movies (I’ve currently started a Harry Potter-marathon with my friend, so excited!), and just be present in this lovely Christmas time. Therefore I won’t make blogpost in here before we hit 2019.

But, sometimes it’s a good idea to unplug and recharge. This can give you new motivation, inspiration and energy. If you ever feel like you are getting tired of doing something- then try to take a little break. Most often I find that after a short period of time away from something I regain my motivation and inspiration and I am eager to start again.


Thank you!

So, I just want to finish this year off with saying a HUGE thank you to all of you lovely people following along! There have come so many new people along this year, and I’m beyond blessed and grateful for you all, and I’m so happy that you can find some inspiration here.

Please also always just let me know if there is anything you want to read about, or if you have any questions.

Now all I have to say is – Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I’ll see you all again in 2019 (which is a year I’m beyond excited about!) <3


PS, if you need some reading during the Christmas, then I have 2-3 years of content on this blog, so feel very free to browse through! You can read about the power of breathing, 7 cozy winter self-care practices, how to find your soul sisters, what a lady-comp is, my favourite health books, 10 ways to cut down your plastic use and so much more! 



I am going to take a little Easter break from posting in here, and will instead focus on relaxing, homeworks and creating new and good content once I’m back again.

I wish you all the best Holiday and hope that you take some time to either read some good books, watch some good documentaries, listen to some good podcastsmake your own skincare productstrying something new and fun, or do some selfcare <3

Just take some time to do whatever makes you happy!

Health Personal


I have promised several of you on Instagram an update on how everything is going with me quitting the birth control pill (I’m also having some lovely conversations with others doing the same thing, it’s so nice to be in the same situation and have someone to share it with).

So, it’s time for a little update on how everything has been going so far. And I’m well aware that it’s only been a short amount of time and that things can change quickly, but then I’ll of course update upon this if that happens.

The last day I took the pill was on November 14th 2017, and as usually my menstruation came a few days after, but that was just as anticipated because that would also have happened if I continued to take the pill. So I wasn’t really that nervous about the first menstruation. The one I had been a bit nervous about was the first “natural” menstruation. I have heard several stories where people go 1-3 years without getting their menstruation. And I certainly didn’t want that, because I view having my menstruation regularly as a clear sign of having a healthy functioning body, and that is what I want to have.

But no need to be nervous, my first natural menstruation came only 1-2 days “behind schedule” (according to my menstruation apps). I had a little bit of headache on the first day, but not as bad as it has been for the many past menstruations (crossing my fingers that this will only improve).

Have I experienced any symptoms?

I got my menstruation at the right time, and I still haven’t had cramps or anything. I’ve gotten a few more blemishes in places where I don’t usually get it, but not that many. So I cross my fingers that it won’t get worse, and I do my best to make my body function as well as possible, and I believe that over time this will improve my skin as well.

But one of the best things is that I can completely feel it on my mood! I feel so much happier and healthier now that I’m not filling my body with disturbing hormones. I want to listen to music and dance around, and I just feel so much better than I have done in a long time.


What I am doing to stabilise my hormones

Vitex supplement
As already mentioned I’ve been taking a supplement called vitex which is supposed to help you stabilise your hormones.

Maca powder 
I’ve also been putting 1 tsp of maca powder in my oatmeal every morning, this also helps to stabilise hormones.

I’ve learned a lot through reading the book womancode* and from an online workshop with Carolina, and one of the most important things when it comes to stabilising your hormones is simply learning to just relax. Don’t stress too much, take it easy and just relax. So, I’ve been drinking lots of tea, tried not to have too many things scheduled in my calendar and I’ve also just been laying on the couch and been relaxing completely.

Eating vegetables!
One of the best things you can do for your body to make it function as well as possible is to give it a lot of fibre! Eat a lot of vegetables, in a variety of colours (but especially those dark green ones such as kale, broccoli and spinach!). So I’ve tried to do some more meal prepping and made sure to eat plenty of vegetables. This is also one of the best things you can do for your skin!


So, what do I use for protection now?

You might wonder, “well, if you quit birth control and you are still in a relationship, then what do you use for protection for not becoming pregnant?“, Quiet simple and very old fashioned, condoms. I’ve also invested in a Lady-Comp machine (another blogpost about that another time), but it takes a little while before the computer really “knows you”, and therefore it will take a while before it says that it is safe to have sex without condoms. I should also mention that this machine is of course not protecting against unwanted sexual diseases and is therefore only recommended to use if you are in a committed relationship. If you are not, then condoms is of course the best way to protect against these kind of diseases.

I’ve also started to really try to learn more about my overall cycle through reading the book Womancode and through the apps Clue and MyFLO. I find it extremely interesting to try to live more in alignment with my own cycle, so I’m all about learning more about that and myself at the moment.

Questions for you: I would love to know if you’ve ditched the birth control pill as well? Or perhaps you’ve never been on it? Or if you are considering it? What have your experience with it been? Let’s talk about it!

*Affiliate links have been used, which means that I get a percentage of the sale if you buy through this link.



Så er det mandag, og tid til endnu en omgang af den forgangne uges små og store glæder!

/It’s Monday again and time for another round of the past week’s small and big joys!

Jeg var inde og se dokumentaren River Blue i  Empire Bio til et arrangement som Sustain Daily afholdte. Efterfølgende var der lidt bæredygtig tøj debat og after party hos Res Res lige overfor biografen.

/I went to see the documentary River Blue in Empire Bio which was an event hosted by Sustain Daily. Afterwards there was a little debate about sustainable clothing production and an after party at Res Res.

Jeg har vidst allerede nævnt et par gange, at jeg er vilde med de her sunde snickers. Forleden prøvede jeg at lave dem til små snickers kugler, dog uden chokolade ovenpå, og de var stadig mega gode!

/I think I’ve already mentioned how much I love these healthy snickers. The other day I tried to make some small snickers ball, but without chocolate on top, and they were still so good!

Jeg snuppede en Asthanga yoga klasse i DoYoga’s fine studie på Vesterbrogade – og det var skønt!

/I went for an Asthanga yoga class in DoYoga’s lovely studio at Vesterbrogade – and it was wonderful!

Jeg havde også besøg af sødeste Ida til te og croissant, snak og en god lang gå tur <3

/ I also got a visit from sweet Ida for a cup of tea and a croissant, some talking and a long good walk <3 

Jeg ved godt jeg er late-to-the-game, men jeg har først lige opdaget figner – og jeg er vild med dem!

/I know that I’m late-to-the-game, but I’ve just discovered figs – and I love them!

Søndag blev brugt på en masse forberedelse til den kommende uge (vasket tøj, meal prep, handlet ind og læst lidt lektier), men blev også brugt på ren afslapning, lidt hjemme yoga og masser af te <3

/ Sunday was spend with a lot of preparation for this week (washed clothes, meal prepping, bought groceries and read some homeworks), but it was also spend relaxing, some yoga at home and lots of tea <3

Hvordan var din uge?

/How was your week?

Health Holistic & Spiritual living


At have tid til sig selv, og tid til at lave lige hvad man gerne vil, er essentielt hvis man gerne vil have det godt. Hvis man ræser rundt fra det ene til det andet, kan det være svært at finde ud af hvad man egentlig gerne vil, og man kan blive helt stresset og udmattet.

Det kan jeg i hvert fald. Derfor prøver jeg så vidt muligt ikke at lave alt for mange aftaler hver evig eneste dag, men at prøve at have lidt fri tid i kalenderen, så der også er plads til ro, afslapning, fordybelse og selvforkælelse.

Mine bedste måder at slappe af på, og have mig-tid, er ved at:

– drikke en dejlig kop varm te
– fordybe mig i en spændende eller interessant bog
– gå ture udenfor i naturen
– lave yoga
– tænde lys
– lave noget lækkert og god mad (eller snacks, de her sunde snickersbidder er min all-time favourite snack for tiden!)
– drikke en god kop te eller kaffe latte med en god veninde, eller min mor, og bare snakke
– se spændende ting på youtube, eller en god dokumentar
– tegne eller male
– skrive mine drømme ned
– tage mig af min krop, ved at tørbørste den, give den et dejligt varmt bad, eller en god gang oliemassage

Hvad bruger du din mig-tid på? Og husker du at holde mig-tid? Hvis du har det med at glemme det, så vil jeg anbefale dig, at du bruger nogle timer i denne weekend på at gøre lige hvad du har lyst til, og husk at nyde det!


Having time for yourself, and time to do what you want is essential if we want to feel good. If you run around from one thing to the next, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually want, and you can get stressed out and exhausted.

Well, at least I can. Therefore I try my best not to schedule too many things every single day, but instead try to have some free time in my calendar, so there is also room for quiet, relaxing and some selfcare time.  

My best ways to relax, and have some me-time, is by:

– drinking a cup of nice warm tea
– dive into an interesting or fascinating book
– going for walks outside in nature
– doing yoga
– lid a candle 
– making some delicious and good food (or snacks, these healthy snicker bites are my all time favourite at the moment!)
– driking a cup of tea or caffe latte with a good friend, or my mom, and just talk
– watching interesting videos on youtube, or a good documentary
– painting or drawing
– writing down my dreams 
– taking care of my body, by dry brushing it, giving it a nice warm bath, or a lovely oil massage 

How do you spend your me-time? And do you remember to have some me-time? If you tend to forget about it, then I’ll recommend that you spend some hours this weekend to do exactly what you want to do, and remember to enjoy it!


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Det er en god ting at være produktiv og lave noget. Men det er mindst lige så vigtigt, at man husker på at tage sig tid til at slappe af og passe på sig selv. Derfor får du her 10 bud på måder at slappe af på. Jeg håber at det kan inspirere dig til at huske at slappe af og passe på dig selv!

10 måder at slappe af på:

1. Lav dig en dejlig varm kop te
2. Læs en god bog (blandt andet Better Than Before, Big Magic eller Langsom Livsstil)
3. Sæt din yndlings film eller tv-serie på
4. Mediter
5. Gå en tur udenfor i den friske luft, og kom tilbage i varmen og tag en lur
6. Lyt til et godt podcast (se mine bud på 3 gode podcasts her)
7. Tænd stearinlys
8. Tag en ansigtsmaske på
9. Tag et varmt bad, eller karbad hvis du er så heldig at have sådan et
10. Sæt noget afslappende musik på

It’s a good thing to be productive and do something. But it’s just as important, to remember to take your time and relax once in a while and take care of yourself. Therefore I give you 10 suggestions for ways to relax. I hope that you’ll get inspired and remember to take good care of yourself!

10 ways to relax:

1. Make yourself a nice warm cup of tea
2. Read a good book (it could be Better Than Before, or Big Magic
3. Put on your favourite movie or tv-show
4. Meditate 
5. Go for a walk outside in the fresh air, and get back inside and take a nap 
6. Listen to a good podcast (here are my suggestions for 3 good podcasts)
7. Light some candles 
8. Put on a facemask 
9. Take a hot shower, or spend time in a bathtub if you’re lucky enough to have one of those 
10. Put on some relaxing music 

Happiness Inspiration


Jeg er igang med at læse bogen Langsom Livsstil – Kunsten at få ro på af Karen Pallisgaard*, og jeg elsker den! Karen har nogle virkelig fine pointer, og kommer ind på det med, at mange har gang i et kæmpe præstationsræs, og vi føler at vi skal nå og skal gøre en hel masse på meget kort tid. Istedet sætter hun fokus på, at vi skal blive bedre til at finde ud af hvad der virkelig betyder noget for os og bruge tiden på det. Og at det er okay, ikke at nå tyve tusinde ting.

I dag mødtes jeg med sødeste Ida til en kop kaffe, og vi snakkede netop også om det med at tage det hele lidt mere stille og roligt, og at have mere fokus på det man har gang i. Vi snakkede blandt andet om, at vi nogen gange kunne have svært ved at skrive fx et blog indlæg, og i de tider, bør man måske egentlig bare lade være og gøre noget andet. For hvad godt kommer der ud af at jeg skriver et halvhjertet blog indlæg, som kun er skrevet ‘bare fordi man skal skrive noget’? Det kommer der intet godt ud af, hverken for mig, eller for jer der læser med.

Efter snakken med Ida, og mine tanker efter at have læst i denne bog, er jeg bare blevet virkelig inspireret. Inspireret til at slow down. Tage mig tid til at finde ud af – hvad vil jeg egentlig? Hvad gør mig glad? Man behøves ikke at finde svar på det hele, for det kan være svært. Men det er vigtigt at man sætter sig ned og virkelig overvejer hvad man egentlig vil bruge sit liv på.

Så hermed en lille opfordring. Tag det roligt og slap af. Fokuser på en ting af gangen, og husk på at verden ikke går under hvis du ikke når de tusinde ting du havde på to-do listen i dag. Find ud af hver der giver dig glæde, og brug tid på dette. (Og så vil jeg også bare lige anbefale denne bog, den er virkelig god og inspirerende!)

I’m currently reading the book Langsom Livsstil* (‘slow living’ I guess you could call it in English) by Karen Pallisgaard, and I love it! Karen has some really great points and mentions how people nowadays have focus on doing as many things as possible, and have the need for doing a lot of things in a very short time. Instead she puts focus on, how we should try to engage more in what really matters to us and spend our time on that instead. And that it is okay not to be able to do twenty thousands things at once.

Today I drank a cup of coffee with sweet Ida, and talked about taking it all more slow and relax, and having focus on what you are doing at the moment. We talked about how we can sometimes have a hard time writing fx a blog post, and in those times, you should actually just stop trying to write and do something else instead. Because what good will come out of a blog post written with only half of your heart just because you felt like you ‘had to write something’? Nothing good comes out of that, nor for me, or for you who are reading this.

After the talk with Ida, and my thoughts after having read this book, I just got really inspired. Inspired to slow down. Take the time and just find out of – what do I actually want to do? What makes me happy? You don’t need to have all the answers, because that can be difficult. But it’s important that you sit down and consider what you really want to spend your life on.

So just a little recommendation. Slow down and relax. Focus on one thing at a time, and remember that it is not the end of the world if you don’t get the thousands things on your to-do list done today. Find out what brings you joy and happiness, and spend your time on this.

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* This post contains an affiliate link 


How to Cope with Stress

Efter en uge med lidt for meget der skulle indhentes fra sidste uges forsømmelser på lektier og opgaver, kan jeg godt mærke at jeg er lidt træt oveni hovedet. Da jeg så satte mig ned i går for at læse til mit sundhedskursus, var emnet: Stress. Mange af tingene vidste jeg godt i forvejen, men alligevel var der nogle nye input, og så var det bare lige en god reminder om, at hvis man har gang i lidt for mange ting på én gang, så er det vigtigt at tage nogle små pauser engang imellem.

Hvis man føler sig stresset, så er der overordnet 3 måder man kan vælge at håndtere situationen på:
– forlad situationen
– lav om på situationen
– accepter situationen

Du kan altså enten vælge at forlade den situation du er i, som gør dig stresset og fjerne stressfaktoren på denne måde. Du kan også vælge at lave om på situationen, hvis det er noget der kan laves om på. Eller, hvis du ikke kan lave om eller forlade situationen, kan du vælge at acceptere at sådan er omstændighederne nu engang, og prøve at ændre din tankegang om situationen istedet for.

Med den i mente, efter at have set sundhedsvideo i morges, været i skole, og så gjort en hulens masse rent herhjemme, og ved at jeg skal arbejde hele weekenden – vil jeg nu sætte mig med min kop te, nogle gode YouTube videoer (jeg kan anbefale Emma & Mias videoer) og et godt blad og bare slappe MAX af. Kan I have en fantastisk weekend allesammen!



After a week with a lot to catch up on after last weeks vacation, I can certainly feel that I’m pretty tired in my head now. When I sat down yesterday to read for my health course, the subject was: Stress. A lot of the stuff I already know, but there was some interesting new stuff, and overall it was just a good reminder, that if you have too much going on, to remember to take some pauses once in a while.

If you feel stressed, there are overall 3 ways to deal with the situation:
– leave the situation
– change the situation
– accept the situation

You can either choose to leave the situation that you are in, which makes you stressed. You can also choose to change the situation, if it is something you are able to change. Or, if you neither can leave or change the situation, you can choose to accept that that is just how your circumstances are, and instead try to change your thinking about the situation.

With that in mind, after having watched my health course video this morning, been to school, and done a whole lot of cleaning in the apartment, and knowing that I’m going to work all weekend – I’ll now sit down with a cup of tea, some great YouTube videos and a good magazine and just RELAX. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Happiness Videos

Den perfekte afslapningsdag

Skærmbillede 2016-02-25 kl. 13.31.33

I går lavede jeg en lille video igen-igen (for jeg synes virkelig det er sjovt at hyggeligt at filme og sammensætte små videoer!). Denne video handler om hvad jeg elsker at gøre for at slappe af og have den perfekte afslapningsdag. Jeg synes det er noget af det vigtigste at huske at tage tid til at slappe af, det kan være at slappe af for sig selv, være sammen med sine venner, gå en tur – hvad end der nu gør, at man føler sig mere afslappet. Det er vigtigt at huske at tage sig tid til disse ting, da man så har meget mere overskud! Jeg er tusinde gange mere klar i hovedet til at lave nogle lektier eller en opgave, hvis jeg også husker at slappe af i løbet af dagen. Jeg duer ikke til at skulle noget hele dagen, jeg har brug for at slappe af og får dermed mere energi og overskud når jeg husker at gøre dette.
De perfekte afslapnings og hyggedage for mig indebærer:

  • En dejlig kop (grøn) te og nogle gode snacks (min favorit te er grøn te med citron fra pickwick, som vist i videoen)
  • Se youtube videoer eller se en god film eller dokumentar
  • Læse en god og spændende bog
  • Være sund og pleje min krop
  • Bruge noget tid sammen med de bedste i mit liv – kæreste, familie, venner.
  • Selvforkælelse, i form af hud og kropspleje

Jeg håber at I kan lide videoen, lad mig endelig vide hvad I synes om den! Og så ville jeg elske at høre hvordan I bedst slapper af og hvad I helst bruger jeres tid med!
Rigtig god dag!