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Do you treat yourself the way you wish others would treat you? Otherwise, now is the time to start changing that. You get what you send out, so start to treat yourself right 💕✨

I believe that we get what we send out, both when it comes to thoughts, vibes and intentions. So if you want others to treat you well, you first need to start treating yourself the way you want to be treated.

Why wait for someone else to do the little things for you?

Start to treat yourself right – do the little things for yourself.

Do you go around wishing that your man would buy you flowers?
Stop waiting, and go buy yourself some beautiful flowers that can light up your space and your mood every time you look at them.

Go book yourself a massage. Go get a facial. Go out on a nice café and treat yourself to a delicious latte or a lovely lunch.

Treat yourself.

Stop waiting for others to do things for you, and start to create your own reality and do the things that makes you happy, go to the places you want to and treat yourself 💕✨

Question for you: Are you good at treating yourself? Or is this something you want to become better at, and do more of? Then take out your calendar right now and plot in 1 thing you can do to treat yourself this week. It could be buying fresh flowers, booking a facial or going to a nice café

Holistic beauty & skincare


I’m all about self-care and doing things for your own well-being. But sometimes we can think that we need to buy this expensive face mask, go to a spa or spend money in order to take care of our self. That is so far from the truth. Here are 5 free things you can do for your own well-being 💕✨

“Remember to fill your cup, because you can’t pour from an empty cup”

Let’s just dive straight into it; 5 free things you can do for your own well-being

  1. Give yourself a Face Massage
    Giving yourself a face massage, or a body or foot massage is completely free. All you need is yourself. Use some oil for your face, and then put on some relaxing music, or do it while you watch a good movie. If you have a skin roller or a gua sha, you can use these tools as well to give yourself a lovely lymphatic drainage massage (search for this on youtube and you’ll find lots of demonstrations on this)
  2. Take a Foot Bath
    Use whatever bath salt, epsom salt or himalaya salt you have. Blend in a few drops of oils, and then just sit and completely relax and enjoy. Read a book, watch a good movie, or give yourself a face massage in the meanwhile.
  3. Go for a Walk in Nature
    This is so good for you. Yet something we can often forget to do in the midst of everyday life and to-do lists. But get outside. Breathe in the fresh air. Enjoy the sunshine. Enjoy the beauty of nature. The sound of birds singing. Just being present and grounding.

4. Do Yoga at Home
You can find so many online yoga videos online which you can use as a guide, or if you are already familiar with yoga, then just put on some relaxing music, roll out a mat and go with the flow. Move in a way that feels good for your body. Stretch it. Breathe. Feel whatever your body needs.

5. Meditate
Meditation is wonderful. It’s completely free, and you can do it everywhere. Just close your eyes. And breathe. Let go of any thoughts that might come up, just notice them and let them pass. Be present.

Question for you: What is your favourite way to take care of your own well-being? 💕✨

Holistic beauty & skincare


Why not turn something you do every day, into a loving practice? Today I want to encourage you to make your skincare routine a self-loving practice ✨

Skincare, cleansing, moisturizing, it can be a loving practice, or it can be ‘something we just need to get done’ in the evening. You choose. When you get home from work or school, why not do it right away, when you have time and aren’t too tired.

Choose to make your skincare routine a self-loving practice you have with yourself. Light a candle, make a cup of tea, put on some nice, relaxing music and spend a few minutes to really take care of yourself and your skin.

Give yourself a little facial massage while you put on oil or creme, take time to smell the lovely smells of your products. Take time to look yourself in the mirror, smile and show yourself all the love in the world. Take time just for you. Think about your skincare routine as another way to connect with yourself, and show yourself some love and kindness ✨

Holistic & Spiritual living


If you have been following me for a while, either here on my blog or on my Instagram, then you know how highly I value self-care practices. But what kind of self-care practices do I actually practice daily? I’m going to share some of my favourite daily self-care routines with you today!


A little while ago I shared this blogpost about my thoughts upon why I find self-care practices so important, and some tips on different practices you could start practicing in your everyday life.

But, what self-care practices do I actually personally practice daily? That is what I want to share with you today, and hopefully you can find some inspiration to sneak in some more self-care in your daily life.

My daily self-care routine


*Drink a cup of warm green tea

The first thing I do in the morning, is to drink a nice cup of warm, green tea. This is one of my favourite things to do. It is so simple, yet it makes me so happy. Just ask my boyfriend how happy I finally got the other day when it was finally ‘cold enough’ again to start drinking tea in the morning (because it has been so hot during this Summer in Denmark). There is just something so soothing and relaxing about a nice cup of warm tea, and I truly love that time of my day.


*Wake up early

Along with a good cup of nice tea, I really like to wake up early. Not that I need to get lots of stuff done in the morning necessarily, I just really like to have a slow, relaxing morning, where I can wake up slowly and eat and enjoy my breakfast without having to hurry and run out the door. This really makes such a huge difference for my mood. When I was younger I would rather sleep in, and then stuff some breakfast down my throat and run out the door – but then my mood would not always be the best. Nowadays I always plan to wake up at least 1,5 hours before I need to go anywhere, so that I can slowly wake up and start the day on a slow, lovely and good note.


*Have a lovely Skincare routine

I have always loved skincare and the whole practice of cleansing the face, moisturising it, facial massages etc. So I do my best to really take some time to enjoy this little practice in the morning and evening. It doesn’t have to be a long time, just 5-10 minutes of a relaxed time with just me and myself – a time where I really feel like I do something good for my skin and it’s a lovely way to relax and calm down, especially in the evening after a long day.

*Enjoy a Green smoothie

Taking care of myself also means taking care of my body and my health, and I’ve found the easiest way to do so is to get as many greens during the day as possible. It’s not always the easiest if you have a lot to do, but then I’ve found the most delicious recipe for a green smoothie, where I can thereby sneak in lots of extra greens during my day. You can find the recipe for my green smoothie right here – you have to try it!


*Spend time with loved ones

My day ALWAYS gets better when I spend time with my loved ones. Either friends or family. And luckily enough I also live together with my boyfriend and our cat. I am such a home-buddy, and I just absolutely love spending time with them – it makes me so happy and completely filled with love.


*Keep a Gratitude Journal

One of the best practices, which I’ve talked about a million times in here and on Instagram, is having a gratitude journal. I cannot express how much learning to be grateful for even the smallest things in life, has changed my life completely! So I strive for writing down a couple of things every single day that I feel grateful for – and then take a little second for every thing I write down, to really deeply feel the gratitude in my heart.


These are my personal favourite daily self-care practices. Do you also remember to take time to nurture yourself and your soul, and do what makes you happy? What are your favourite things to do? Feel very free to share them below in the comments!


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Happiness Inspiration

Work on Yourself

Citatet på billedet siger egentlig det hele. Men jeg vil alligevel gerne uddybe lidt. Der er mange mennesker der har tendens til at gå op i alle mulige andre, og andres liv, og selvfølgelig skal man vise interesse for sine medmennesker og vise omsorg og alt det der, men lad være med at blive smålig og irriteret eller andet over andre mennesker og deres måde at leve deres liv på. Det kommer der absolut intet godt ud af, hverken for dig eller for dem. Det er deres valg hvordan de vil leve deres liv, punktum.

Istedet for, så invester mere af din tid til at arbejde på dig selv. Start et livslangt projekt med dig selv. Lær dig selv at kende, udfordre dig selv, vær sød og rar ved dig selv, lær nye ting, udvid dit livssyn! Begynd at brug mere tid på alle de her ting, og det vil være det bedste du nogensinde har gjort for dig selv. Du skal være sammen med dig selv forevigt, og du skal være i din krop for evigt. Så, arbejd på at blive bedste venner med dig selv, og sørg for at du altid har det fantastisk i dit eget selskab.

Start nogle projekter, det kan være læse nogle selvhjælpsbøger eller nogle bøger der udfordrer dit livssyn – og husk for alt i verden at være åben når du læser nye ting. Eller begynd til en ny hobby, som jeg også har skrevet om i et tidligere indlæg. Overskrid dine grænser, gør ting du normalt ikke gør, eller som du altid har haft lyst til, men ikke rigtigt har turde. Prøv det. Flyt dine grænser. Rejs ud i verdenen. Dette er virkelig noget af det meste givende og lærerige i hele verden hvis du spørger mig. Jeg elsker at rejse, både det at se fantastiske steder i verden, men også at opleve andre kulturer end bare ens egen – det er mildest talt fantastisk at komme ud i noget som ikke er ens vante rammer, og få at se at andre ikke lever og tænker ligesom dig. Du kan lære så meget om dig selv, og om livet – hvis bare du selv er villig til at kaste dig ud i det, og være åben.


The quote on the picture actually says it all. But I still want to explain it a bit deeper. A lot of people have a tendency to care too much about others people lifes, and of course you should show interest for other people and show compassion and all that, but don’t get irritated or negative about other people and how they live their lifes. Nothing good will come out of that, neither for you or for them. It is their choice how they choose to live their lifes. 

Instead you should invest your time in working on yourself. Begin a new lifelong project with yourself. Learn to know yourself better, challenge yourself, be sweet and kind to yourself, learn new things, expand your view upon life! Start using more time on all these things, and it will be the best thing you have ever done to yourself. You have to be together with yourself forever, and be in your own body forever. So, work on becoming best friends with yourself, and make sure that you are always in a great company when you are on your own.

Start some new projects, it could be reading some selfhelp books or books that challenges your view upon life – and remember to be open when you read these things. Or begin a new hobby, as I wrote about in another blog post. Challenge your boundaries, do things you do not usually do, or things that you have been wanting to do, but haven’t had the courage to. Try it. Move your boundaries. Travel out in the world. This is one of the most amazing and life-giving things that you can do, if you ask me. I love to travel, both because I get to see amazing places in the world, but also that I get to experience other cultures than just my own – it is simply amazing to get out of your usual place, and get to see that others might not think and live the way you do. You can learn so much about yourself, and about life – if just you are willing to throw yourself out there, and be open.


It’s Not about You

Kender du følelsen når du ikke får jobbet til en jobsamtale? Eller når nogle aflyser en aftale, og du føler at det er dig den er gal med? Tro mig, du er ikke alene.

Hvis der er noget jeg syntes der har været hårdt førhen, har det været følelsen af, at folk ikke kunne lide mig, eller at jeg ikke var god nok. Men, det er jeg efterhånden kommet godt over, for jeg har lært (ved at høre fra andre, og have læst en masse om emnet), at det højst sandsynligt slet ikke har noget med en selv at gøre.

De fleste mennesker har så travlt med dem selv og deres eget liv, at de vitterligt ikke tænker særlig meget over dig og dine valg. Lad mig komme med et eksempel, jeg har efterhånden været til en del jobsamtaler, og i starten tog jeg det virkelig hårdt når jeg fik et nej tak fra arbejdsgiveren, om at jeg ikke fik jobbet. Men nu har jeg efterhånden også været til flere jobsamtaler hvor jeg er kommet til ikke bare 1. samtale, men også 2. samtalen, men alligevel ikke har fået jobbet. Jeg har fået at vide af arbejdsgiveren at jeg virkede rigtig god og passende til jobbet – men, der var bare en der passede endnu bedre. Og bare fordi en anden har en ting mere på CV’et som gør dem mere passende, betyder jo absolut ikke, at du ikke er god – husk på det!

Det er blandt andet også tanken om “åh nej, hvad vil andre ikke tænke”, der har afholdt mig fra at dele det at jeg har en blog på Facebook i lang tid. Jeg turde simpelthen ikke dele med alle dem jeg er ‘facebook venner’ med, at jeg har en blog. For bloggen er jo ret personlig, og jeg har sgu altid været lidt af en people-pleaser, og vil gerne have at folk kan lide mig. Men, jeg er efterhånden kommet dertil hvor at jeg tænker at jeg bare skal være mig selv, og gøre de ting jeg kan lide – og de mennesker som kan lide mig, de hænger ved, og de andre – ja, hvorfor skal man bruge tid på dem overhovedet?

Jeg har endnu et godt eksempel. Som nævnt i et tidligere blog indlæg læste jeg for nyligt bogen ‘Big Magic’ af Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth Gilbert ville gerne være forfatter, og sendte på et tidspunkt en novelle ind til et magasin, og de afslog. Der gik flere år, Elizabeth fik udgivet noget andet og hun fik sig en agent, og agenten sendte samme novelle ind til det samme magasin som havde afslået hende nogle år tidligere. Nu fik hun at vide, at de elskede historien! Det spøjse er, at det var samme person som dengang afslog hende, som nu elskede selv samme historie. Så nogle gange, handler det ikke om dig. Personen her har højst sandsynligt haft travlt med en masse andet, eller bare skimmet historien i første omgang og ikke læst den grundigt nok. Der er mange ting der kan have indflydelse på alting.

Så det jeg ville sige med dette indlæg er egentlig bare, at lad være med at tænk for meget over hvad andre mennesker tænker om dig. Gør hvad der gør dig glad, og vær dig selv! Så skal der nok ske fantastiske ting her i livet.


Do you know that feeling when you don’t get a job you’ve applied for? Or somebody cancels a date, and you feel like it is because of you? Trust me, you’re not alone. If there is something I’ve had problems with beforehand, it is the feeling of people not liking me, or that I wasn’t good enough. But over time I’ve learned to get over this, because I’ve learned (by listening to others, and reading about the subject), that most likely it has nothing to do with you.

Most people are too busy with themself and living their own lives, that they truly don’t think much about you and your choices. Let me give you an example, I’ve been to quite a lot of job interviews now, and in the beginning it really got me down every time I didn’t get the job. But now that I’ve been some interviews where, not only did I get 1 interview, but I got into the 2nd round as well, but still didn’t get the job. I’ve been told by the employer that I seemed really good and fitting for the job – however, there just was another one that fitted even better. And just because someone else has one more thing on their CV does not mean that you wasn’t good – remember that!

It is also the thought of “oh no, what will other think” that has kept me from sharing that I have a blog on my Facebook for such a long time. I simply didn’t have the courage to share with all of my ‘Facebook friends’ that I had a blog. Because my blog is quiet personal, and I’ve always been quiet a people-please, and have been wanting people to like me. But, I’ve come to a place where I’m thinking that I just need to be myself, and do the things that I like – and the people that likes me will stick, and does who doesn’t – well, why even bother? 

I have another good example. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, I just read the book ‘Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert. Elizabeth Gilbert wanted to be a writer, and she send in a novel for a magazine, and they turned it down. Many years passede, and Elizabeth got some things published and she got an agent, and the agent send in the exact same novel to the exact same magazine which had turned her down some years earlier. Now she got the answer that they loved the story! The funny thing is, it was the exact same person that rejected her story down the first time, which loved the story this time. And it was the exact same story. So sometimes, it just isn’t about you. The person had most likely been too busy with something else, or had just skimmed the story the first time and not read it thoroughly enough. There are so many things which you influence the outcome. 

So what I wanted to say with this post is; stop thinking so much about what others think about you. Do what makes you happy, and just be yourself! Then amazing things will happen in your life.