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Sometimes we tend to think that we have to go invest in X amount of skincare products or supplements to take care of our skin, which of course also can do wonders – but sometimes it’s the very simple things in life, that we sometimes tend to forget about, that can do the biggest difference for our health and the health of our skin. In this blogpost I want to share 3 free things you can do to improve the health of your skin 🥑💕✨

3 Free Things you can do to Improve the Health of Your Skin

  1. Drink water
    So simple and so basic, yet something we can so very easily forget about in our everyday life. Dehydrated skin is not happy skin, so make sure to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated during the day

2. Breathe Deeply
Another so simple and basic thing, yet something so important. Many of us go through the day thinking about the next thing on our to-do list and that we have to do XYZ, and without us even noticing we have suddenly gone an entire day without taking a proper DEEP breath all down to our belly. Remember to take time throughout the day to take some deep, slow breaths. This brings more oxygen to your cells and your skin, and it activates your parasympathetic nervous system, which does wonders for your health and well-being

3. Eat plenty of Fruit & Veggies!
I know I sound like a broken-record about this – but eating plenty of fruits and veggies are SO important for your health, your entire body – and especially, for your skin’s health. Fuel up on food high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins. Go for all the colours of the rainbow, and eat plenty of leafy green vegetables! Your skin will love you for it! #skinfood

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Alana Olivers is a very inspirering woman who I’m following on Instagram & Youtube. We have very similar interests, within health, skin, and the whole mind body connection. Alana works as a skin coach and is just such a positive person, and I am so happy to have created such a beautiful ‘online friendship’ with her, without even having met her in real life. I find Alana very inspirering, and she has so much knowledge within the field of skin & health, which she is going to share much more of in this interview.

Dear Alana, will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do?

I was born and grew up in Switzerland but I now live all over the world. I am a skin coach (I help others to make their skin look and feel its best) and I run my own company in Switzerland where we produce 100% natural, personalized, cruelty free, vegan skin care. My passion is to empower and help others see how amazing their bodies’ healing abilities are and to show them how much modern medicine underestimates what the body and skin can do all by itself, without any pills, just by giving it the right ‘fuel’ and treating it as a whole.

I am an introvert who loves to read books about health, the skin, the brain, genetics, epigenetics, psychology and the mind, who didn’t have a social media account until 24 years old and now tries to figure out how it works while still feeling weird in front of a camera every time 🙂 .

I believe that our health is the biggest wealth we have in life and that we should appreciate and respect our body and trust in its abilities and I hope to inspire others to see that the same way.

You share lots of skincare tips on your Youtube and Instagram, what made you become interested in skin? And, how did you gain the knowledge that you’ve learned?

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with something which made me spend a lot of time in the hospital getting treatments and surgery which ended up weakening my immune system massively. Apart from my completely weakened body, I started to get skin rashes and acne, my body overreacted to literally everything and no skin care helped. I tried everything from affordable to extremely expensive skin care, but somehow it just made things worse.

I started to look into the ingredient lists and I was shocked to find out how many chemicals were in there. I knew that there had to be a better way. I started to read all the books I could get my hands on about healing the skin and the body. I cleaned up my diet and my lifestyle as well as making my skin care myself to make sure I can control all the ingredients.

I decided to take courses in natural skin care, nutrition, holistic medicine, holistic healing etc. and I used every free minute to read everything about the skin and what influences its healing and wellbeing. Soon thereafter people started to take notice that my skin got much better and became interested in what I did, and I started to coach them with their own skin and through word of mouth I got more and more clients. That’s when I decided to make a Youtube and Instagram account to share what I love most with more people 🙂

What are your 5 best skincare tips?

  1. The foods you consume far outweigh the skin care you are applying topically, so make sure to heal your skin from within before spending money on something which can only (in the best case) help with the symptoms of your problem.
  2. NEVER be afraid of using oils on your skin. If you are choosing the right oil for your skin it will be the best thing you’ve ever done when it comes to skin care (and it won’t clog your pores)
  3. Be as gentle as you can and don’t overdo it with products (9 steps skin care systems were created by companies which want to sell you a loooot of products). Your skin was built to protect you from the world, it is an awesome organ and it just needs your support (not you trying to take over its job 🙂 )
  4. Never forget that your skin is just part of a whole organism, your body. You can never heal the skin without healing the body, and as soon as you heal your body, your skin will be healthy as well. 
  5. 80% of what you apply to your skin will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. So make sure that the skincare you apply only contains ingredients which you would also feel comfortable with if you would have to eat it.

What is 1 thing you have experienced that most people do not think about when they want to improve their skin, which actually has a huge impact on how your skin looks?

Definitely the gut health. The health of our digestive tract influences the health of our skin directly. Many of my clients are a little surprised to say the least when I ask them about their bowel movements since they booked a consultation which should cover their skin problems. But your gut is an organ which is responsible to eliminate (literally:P) everything your body doesn’t need and the digestive tract also has the vital job when it comes to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

If your gut is overwhelmed or constipated it can happen that part of your already digested food gets reabsorbed into your bloodstream which leads to inflammation which in turn can lead to acne and/or rashes and eczema. It is so important to take care of your gut health, to me it is the seat of our health, really.

If your gut isn’t healthy your whole body (including your skin) is out of balance. So, make sure to eat enough pre- and probiotic foods, avoid processed foods and junk foods and lower your sugar intake. After taking antibiotics make sure to use probiotics to bring the “good bacteria” back into your digestive tract.

Do you have some daily rituals that you do every single day?

YEEEEEES 🙂 ! I am all about rituals, I believe that without creating small rituals around the things you want to improve in your life nothing really happens. The habits which made the biggest difference in my life are:

I always start my day with a 10-20 minutes Meditation and I usually also finish my day like this (it is one of the best rituals I have every implemented into my daily life).

The second thing I do is that I start every single day with lots of warm water (I either add lemon, ginger, turmeric, apple cider vinegar or some sort of tea to it, whatever I have on hand that day).

I also work out every single day since I believe that an active lifestyle is so important for a healthy body (and beautiful skinJ), I either run, go on a bicycle, go for a hike or do yoga.

Another ritual I have is that I read or listen to an audio book every day (usually before bedtime, and always when I commute) for at least 30min – 1 hour.

What is your skincare routine like?

My skin care routine is extremely simple. I use the oil cleansing method to cleanse my face in the evening. After that I always have a look at my skin and decide what it needs that day. That might just be some fresh Aloe Vera or a serum, or a mask, Vitamin C, or a product/DIY which contains AHA or BHA to exfoliate my skin (I only exfoliate my skin 1x a week). After that I just apply my 100% natural night cream and go to bed.

In the morning I usually don’t wash my face at all. I use some rice water toner (I have a recipe for that on my channel) and then I either apply some of my day cream (if my skin feels dry that day) or just leave it at that. Once to twice a week I go to the sauna and apply some manuka honey as a face mask. That’s basically it 🙂

You have also created your own skincare line. Can you tell us about the products you have created?

My Skin Care Company is based in Switzerland and is called “Natural Choices”. And this is exactly what the products are all about. They are 100% natural, cruelty free and vegan, they are free from  chemicals and preservatives as well as silicones and parabens.

I think our skin is so different from everybody else’s. That’s why all the products are personalized (that means a person comes for a skin analysis or has a skin coaching session with me and after that we choose each ingredient for each product specifically for that person and then creates a unique product).

The benefit of that is first of all that we can address the specific skin problems with ingredients which matches the specific needs of our client, and also that we can change the formulation once the skin starts to get better (as well as making adjustments for Winter/Summer time).

Which books have changed your life?

  • Super Genes (Deepak Chopra M.D & Rudolph Tanzi Ph.D.)
  • The Four Agreements (Don Miguel Ruiz)
  • The Telomere Effect (Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn & Dr. Elissa Epel)

What is your best advice for people who are dealing with skin issues and are feeling insecure because of their skin?

For sure it is always hard to deal with skin problems just because it is usually not something you can easily cover up and everyone sees it so you feel exposed and judged, at least that is how I felt.

The most important advice I can give is to try to shift your perspective about it. It is not an easy thing to do, but it is truly life changing.

Don’t see the rashes or pimples or dry flakes as something your body does against you but as something it does FOR you. Try to see it as the language your body communicates with you. It tries to tell you that something is wrong, that for example your digestive tract or your liver is overwhelmed (breakouts, dull skin f.e.), or you don’t get enough sleep (dull skin, dark circles), or that your body is chronically inflamed (rashes, eczema, acne).

If you look at your skin problems from that perspective, then first of all you can figure out the cause for it and solve your problem at its root instead of just treating the symptoms, plus you enter into a much deeper relationship with your own body and will soon learn to read every sign it gives you and act accordingly.

Once you have been able to heal your skin you’ll be so much stronger and grateful for the process you had to go through because other people will never get the chance to learn this.

Which 3 people have inspired you most in your life?

Deepak Chopra

He is one of the leading figures when it comes to the body mind connection. His books introduced me to Ayurveda, to mediation and taught me how important our mindset is for the healing process of our body.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney inspired my whole childhood into my adult life until now. Not him directly as a person but his movies. I sometimes still find myself scrolling through Netflix ending up watching Mulan or the Beauty and the Beast. I am a Disney Girl :p

My Brother

My Brother and me went through a lot together and have an extremely strong relationship. He unknowingly teaches me new lessons every single day but the most important thing he taught me is probably that being yourself and to stand up for who you are is certainly not always the easiest way but that it is always worth it, and in the end the most rewarding.

If people want to learn more about you, or support you in any kind of way, where can they do this?

I am on Youtube (Alana Olivers), as well as on Instagram (oliversalana) and for sure if anybody likes to check out Natural Choices it’s and naturalchoices on Instagram

Thank you so much dear for answering my questions, and for being such a ray of sunlight that you are and for sharing your knowledge with such an enthusiasm and passion!

Thank you so much, I feel extremely honored 🙂  You are such a beautiful person!

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I will just start out by saying, that just beginning to drink herbal teas will of course not solve all of your skin problems. The body and mind is so much more complex than that. But if you are already eating relatively healthy, moving your body, getting enough good sleep etc. and you still want to do something extra to help your skin clear up, or just do something good for your body, then here are 3 herbal teas which can help clear your skin.


🌱Matcha / Green tea

Green tea or matcha can help reduce inflammation in the body, and can thereby help with inflamed acne or pimples.
The difference between green tea and matcha, is that green tea is just the leaves in a tea bag, whereas matcha is where the leaves have been grinded into powder, and it is thereby more powerful than green tea. Just 1/2 a teaspoon of matcha powder is equivalent to 8-10 cups of green tea.

🌱 Nettle tea

Nettle (brændenælde) helps support healthy skin because it purifies the blood and detoxifies the liver, which helps your skin clear up. Nettle is also rich in zinc, selenium and vitamins B and K. You can also try to make a stronger version, called a nettle infusion if you really want to do something for you skin! The taste of the nettle is quiet strong and not the best, so it can be recommended to make a mix with another herb, fx rooibos.


🌱 Dandelion tea

Dandelion (mælkebøtte) supports liver function and the digestive system. Both of these are essential for gaining healthy and clear skin. Dandelion contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and vitamins B and C.

Personal favourites!

My personal favourites are green tea, matcha lattes or a nettle/rooibos mix! Especially green tea is my forever favourite. I have been drinking several cups of green tea almost every single day for the past 5+ years, and I just love it so much!



Have you tried any of these herbal teas? Which herbal tea is your absolute favourite?

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Inspirering people


Nu har jeg brugt disse produkter i 2 måneders tid – og jeg er vild med dem. Som jeg nævnte i dette blog indlæg var jeg elle vild med konceptet bag Sukin produkterne, som simpelthen er så naturlige som de overhovedet kan blive. Efter at jeg købte ansigts dagcremen og renseskummen var jeg også ude at købe natcremen et par dage efter, jeg er især blevet rigtig glad for renseskummen og natcremen.

Et er at produkterne dufter fantastisk, noget andet er at det føles så godt at proppe dem på huden vel og mærket at man ved at de er så naturlige som de er. Det er skønt! Derudover er produkterne rigtig gode til sensitiv hud, de går nemlig slet ikke ind og irriterer den på nogen måde. Så alt i alt kan jeg bare sige at jeg er super glad for dette mærke, og er sikker på at det er et som jeg vil bruge i rigtig mange år.

Jeg købte mine produkter i helsekostbutikken Helsemin, som har butikker flere steder rundt omkring i landet. Og priserne på produkterne er meget fair. Natcremen kostede vidst 160,- og de andre kostede omkring 80-90,-. Min kæreste syntes at 160,- var helt ekstremt meget for sådan en lille creme, men ift. andre cremer jeg har prøvet (som har været meget dyrere) så synes jeg slet ikke det er galt, men det er afhænger jo også af hvor meget man er villig til at investere i sådanne ting.

Now I’ve used these products for 2 months – and I love them. As I mentioned in this blog post I was really fond about the concept behind the Sukin products, which is as natural as they can get. After I bought the day creme and the cleansing foam I also bought the night cream a couple of days later, and I have especially been very happy about the cleaning foam and the night cream. 

One thing is that the products smell amazing, another is that it just feels so good to put on your skin knowing that they are as natural as they are. It’s so good! Besides that the products are really good for sensitive skin, because they don’t irritate the skin in any way. So all in all I can say that I’ve become so happy with this brand, and I’m sure I will use this product for many years.

I bought my product in a health store in Denmark called Helsemin. And the prices for the products are very fair. The night cream costed about 160 DKKR and the other products around 80-90 DKKR. My boyfriend thought that 160 DKKR was a lot for such a little cream, but compared to many other creams I’ve owned throughout my life which have costed a lot more, I don’t find this too pricy, but that all depends on how much you are willing to invest in such things of course.

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Jeg har længe let efter nogle hudplejeprodukter som var så naturlige som overhovedet muligt, og som indeholdte en masse gode ingredienser, og uden alt det dårlige. Som altid når jeg skal finde naturlige produkter, så researchede jeg løs på forskellige helsekost sider (jeg elsker helsekost butikker, det er ligesom en slikbutik for mig. Helsekost butikker og boghandlere, det er der jeg kan bruge masser af timer!). Anyways, jeg faldt over det australske mærke ‘Sukin‘, og begyndte at kigge nærmere på deres produkter. De er så naturlige som de overhovedet kan blive, og så er de 100 % veganske og tester ikke på dyr – fantastisk!

Men, jeg tænkte at mange mærker jo godt kan reklamere og sige alt muligt godt om deres produkter, men at de ikke nødvendigvis er særligt gode når det egentlig kommer til stykket. Så jeg søgte på brandet på youtube og fandt en masse videoer med piger der var oprigtigt glade for at bruge produkterne. Så smuttede jeg ind og klikkede disse to produkter hjem. ‘Foaming Facial Cleanser’ og ‘Facial Moisturiser’, en rens og en creme. De har også en natcreme, som jeg tænker at købe, hvis jeg på sigt bliver glad for disse to produkter.

Jeg modtog så produkterne i går og brugte dem selv samme aften, og jeg knus-elsker dem allerede. Selvfølgelig skal jeg lige bruge dem i lidt længere tid før jeg kan komme med en ordentlig anbefaling til jer (den vil komme!), men min hud føltes fantastisk efterfølgende, og den så også fantastisk ud hertil morgen. Bare et lille tip, hvis nogen af jer derude også har været på jagt efter nogle gode naturlige hudplejeprodukter!

I’ve been looking for some natural skincare products, which contain lots of good ingredients and without all the bad stuff. As always when I’m looking for natural products I searched on different health sites (I love health stores, it’s like a candy store to me. Health stores and book shops, that’s where I can spend all my time!). Anyways, I discovered the Australian brand ‘Skin’, and starting looking at their products. They looked as natural as possible, and they are 100 % vegan and they do not test on animals – amazing!

But, I thought that the brand might just be good at branding their products, and they might not be as good. So I searched on the brand on youtube and found lots of girls who was very happy with the products. So I ordered two of their products. ‘Foaming Facial Cleanser’ and ‘Facial Moisturizer’. 

I received the products yesterday and tried them in the evening and I already love them so much. Of course I cannot give a full review and recommendation yet, because I have to use it for a longer period (but it will come!). But just a little tip if some of you have been looking for some good natural skincare products!

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Hvis du har nogen problemer med din hud, om det så værende eksem, akne eller andet, så ville mit bedste bud på at klare det, være at prøve at spise mere plantebaseret. Spis flere planter! Broccoli, kartofler, søde kartofler, gulerødder, agurker, squash, tomater, peberfrugter, salater, bønner, quinoa, ris osv. Prøv at skær ned på mængden af fedt og forarbejdet kød, og mælkeprodukter. Hvis du mangler inspiration til hvad i alverden man kan lave af sunde opskrifter så ville jeg anbefale Annie Jaffrey’s ‘what I eat in a day’ videoer på youtube, de er super simple, sunde og lækre!

Indtaget af især mælkeprodukter, er efterhånden blevet så forbundet med hudproblemer, bare læs denne artikel.

Jeg kan også tydeligt se og mærke på min hud når jeg har spist ‘dårligt’, i og med at jeg får bumser og min hud bare ikke ser frisk ud, sammenlignet med når jeg spiser masser af sundt og nærende mad. Det er enormt fascinerende, for jeg kan huske at da jeg var mindre, læste jeg altid i forskellige blade og forskellige hudplejeprodukter, der sagde at det man spiste ikke havde den store betydning for hvordan ens hud var – det handlede om hvilke produkter man brugte. Det troede jeg fuldt og fast på, og investerede mere tid og penge i at finde de rigtige (og dyre) hudplejeprodukter, end jeg investerede tid i at lave sund og nærende mad.

Efter at jeg tilbage i 2012 læste en bog, som fik mig til at indse at mad og din huds udseende hænger sammen som pot og pande, har jeg siden da været enormt fascineret af hvor fantastisk at sund mad er, og ikke mindst, hvad du kan få ud af det! Du kan få en velfungerende krop, en sund krop, en klogere krop, en smukkere krop – så meget mere, bare ved at tage dig godt af din krop, og spise sund og nærende mad.

Jeg har efterhånden læst et hav af bøger og set et hav af dokumentarer omkring hvad man bør og ikke bør spise. Selv er jeg kommet frem til at jeg har det bedst hvis jeg spiser masser af grønt, og masser af ris, quinoa, bulgur, bønner, linser osv. Jeg får det skønt af det! Dermed ikke sagt, at dette er vejen frem for alle, men jeg synes at man bør tage sig tid til at sætte sig ind i hvad der er godt for en, og prøve sig frem. Gør det for dig selv og din krops skyld.

If you have any problems with your skin, that be eczema, acne or anything else, my best suggestion for you to handle it, would be to try to eat a more plant based diet. Eat more plants! Broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, cucumber, squash, tomatoes, peber bells, salads, beans, quinoa, rice etc. Try cutting out the amount of fat and processed meat, and dairy products. If you lack inspiration on what on earth you can eat of healthy recipes, then I’ll definitely recommend checking out Annie Jaffrey’s ‘what I eat in a day’ videos on youtube, they are super simple, healthy and delicious!

Especially the intake of dairy products, is nowadays well connected to lots of skin problems, just read this article.

I can easily see and feel on my skin if I’ve eaten ‘badly’, because I get a pimples and my skin just does not look fresh, compared to when I eat healthy and nourishing food. It’s completely fascinating to me, because I remember when I was younger and read all these different magazines and advertisements for skincare problems, where they all said that there were almost no connection between what you eat and how your skin looked – it was all about which products you used. I believed in these, of course I was a young girl who didn’t knew that brands would come up with false facts. I invested more time and money in trying to find the right (and expensive) skincare products, than I spend time on trying to lave healthy and nourishing food.

But then once in 2012 I read a book, which made me realize the connection between your food and your skin, and since then I’ve been hugely fascinated by how amazing healthy food is! By eating healthy you can get a well functioning body, a healthy body, a smarter body, a more beautiful body – and so much more, just by taking good care of your body and eat healthy and nourishing food.

Now I’ve read so many books and watched a lot of documentaries about what to eat and not do eat. I’ve come to the conclusion that by eating plenty of plants, lots of rice, quinoa, bulgur, beans, lentils etc. I feel the best! Thereby not saying that this is the right way for everyone, but I think everybody should take some time and do some research about healthy food, and found out what works for them. Do it for yourself and for your body.

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Natural Make-Up Products

Gennem de sidste par år har jeg prøvet at erstatte alt mit gamle make-up, med mere naturlige make-up produkter. Generelt bruger jeg ikke særlig meget make-up til daglig, normalt bruger jeg bare lidt mascara og en smule concealer til at dække urenheder eller mørke rander.

Men jeg ville gerne udskifte mit gamle make-up med noget mere naturligt, da det vi putter på vores hud – bliver absorberet af huden, og har du nogensinde kigget på ingrediens listen på dine make-up produkter? Meget make-up som man kan få i normale butikker indeholder en masse ikke-særlig-gode ingredienser, og det har du ikke lyst til at din hud skal absorbere. Så for 1-2 år siden opdagede jeg dette brand, som er et Europæisk et (Spansk), kaldet Benecos. Jeg fandt det i min lokale helsebutik, og det indeholder en masse naturlige ingredienser, og så er det tilmed nogle ganske billige produkter, win-win!



Throughout the last couple of years I’ve been trying to replace all of my old make-up, with some new more natural make-up products. I don’t really use a lot of make-up at all, normally I just put on mascara and a little bit of concealer to cover spots or dark circles under the eyes.

But I wanted to replace my old make-up with some more natural ones, because what we put on our skin – our skin absorbs, and have you ever checked the ingredient list on your make-up? A lot of make-up which you can find in your normal drug store contains a lot of nasty stuff, which you do not want to get absorbed into your skin. So 1 or 2 years ago I found this brand, which is a European brand (Spanish), named Benecos. I discovered this brand in my local health store, and they use some very natural ingredients, and the brand is very cheap as well, so win-win! 


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Give Yourself a Face Massage

Jeg ville lige dele denne video med jer. Jeg er begyndt at følge den så ofte jeg kan, gerne hver morgen. Så starter jeg lige dagen med at skylle ansigtet, tage noget olie i ansigtet og så ser jeg denne video og giver mit ansigt en skøn lille massage. Jeg synes virkelig det er skønt, og det er en dejlig lille luksus hverdagsforkælelse. Og så drikker jeg en masse vand inden da, og bagefter får jeg en kop kogt vand med citron og honning, skønt!

I just wanted to share this video with you. I started doing this facial massage as often as possible, almost every morning. So I begin with washing my face with water, then I put some oil on my face and watch this video and give myself a little wonderful massage. I really find it delightful, and it is such a wonderful luxury everyday treatment for your skin. I also drink a lot of water before doing it, and afterwards I like to finish with some hot water with lemon and honey, so lovely! 

Holistic beauty & skincare

Sådan får du sund og smuk hud

Skærmbillede 2016-03-04 kl. 11.05.01

Ja, så i dag har jeg planlagt dette indlæg om hvordan du får sund og smuk hud! Ikke at jeg er en ekspert, men jeg har læst utrolig mange artikler, bøger, set videoer, hørt foredrag osv. og de samme råd kommer igen og igen. Og jeg kan helt klart mærke og se en forskel på min egen hud, når jeg følger disse tips. Så dem ville jeg lige dele med jer.

Det at have smuk og sund hud har jeg altid været meget interesseret i, måske på grund af mindre ‘akne’ problemer fra jeg var teenager. Derfor har jeg altid følt mig aller bedst tilpas, når min hud var flot – og så er de tips til at få flottere hud, selvfølgelig også noget der også får dig og din krop til at få det bedre generelt!

Skærmbillede 2016-03-04 kl. 11.05.46

  • Drik masser af vand – nok det vigtigste tip!
  • Drik urtete (jeg drikker grøn te hver eneste dag)
  • Spist plantebaseret og farverigt
  • Få nok sunde fedtsyrer (nødder, avokado, chiafrø!)
  • Få dine vitaminer
  • Få frisk luft hver dag
  • Træn og sved
  • Rens dit ansigt morgen og aften, og hold dit ansigt fugtet

Skærmbillede 2016-03-04 kl. 11.06.30

Skærmbillede 2016-03-08 kl. 15.33.21

Skærmbillede 2016-03-08 kl. 15.33.41

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Skærmbillede 2016-03-02 kl. 13.56.12

I dag har været en rigtig ‘take care of myself and my body’ dag, og jeg elsker de dage. Jeg faldt engang over et citat som lød sådan “Take care of your body it’s the only place you have to live” – og det opsummerer meget godt det meste af min livsfilosofi. Jeg gør meget for at passe på min krop og sørge for at den har det så godt som muligt, da jeg gerne vil have en krop der fungerer optimalt hele mit liv.

Så først lavede jeg lidt yoga i dag (day 3 yoga with Adriene). Så så jeg nogle spændende youtubere og youtube videoer, og skrev en masse inspiration ned til fremtidige blogposts og videoer (lad mig endelig vide hvis der er nogle specielle blog post eller videoer som I kunne være interesseret i).Skærmbillede 2016-03-02 kl. 13.56.30Og så var det tid til at pleje min krop, så jeg startede med at tørbørste min hud og få gang i blocirkulationen og fjerne døde hudceller med min tørbørste fra det danske brand KarmamejuSkærmbillede 2016-03-02 kl. 13.56.45Så smuttede jeg ind i badet og eksfolierede min krop med min body scrub fra Avène. Skærmbillede 2016-03-02 kl. 13.57.06

Efter badet, smurte jeg hele min krop ind i min kokosolie fra Urtekram – og nu dufter jeg af en kokosnød! Jeg har lige lavet mig selv en dejlig kop grøn te, og nu er jeg helt klar til at få lavet nogle lektier. 

I må alle have en rigtig dejlig dag, og husk at passe godt på jer selv og jeres krop!

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