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As I’ve already written about once before in here, the sustainable lifestyle magazine Sustain Yearly is running its crowdfunding campaign at the moment and now there’s only 1 week left!


More than 400 people have backed the project so far and the 100,000 DKKR is reached – but, they still need 20,000 DKKR. So even though they are so close to reaching the goal – there is still a little way to go yet. 

If you are considering buying a copy of the magazine then you should buy it now. It is an all or nothing project, since it is being run through a crowdfunding campaign. That means that they need to reach their goal (which is 120,000 DKKR before Sunday March 4th) or else all the money will just go straight back to those who have supported the project, and the magazine will not become a reality.

sustain yearly

If you are still wondering whether or not to buy the magazine, then I can tell you a little bit about what’s in it and why I think you should support it.

The magazine is made to inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle and it’s filled with inspirering articles, interviews, guides, recipes, beautiful pictures and so much more. If you support this project you can thereby help a sustainable lifestyle get spread out to even more people (not just in Denmark, but all around the world – because if funded, the magazine will be available in both Danish and English).


Buy your copy and support the magazine here. 


Have you already got your copy? Or are you still considering it? (then just don’t wait too long)

Happiness Personal


This past week was wonderful! I finally finished my last exam, and was able to just relax and as you read this I’m in France on a skin trip with my boyfriend and his family!

This week has for sure been lovely. As mentioned, I finished my last exam at my 1st semester of my Master, I finally found a delicious green smoothie recipe and have been drinking these A LOT (you’ll know if you follow me on Instagram), I went to see the movie Wonder with my mom and cried like so many times. I can really recommend it, it was so sweet and really shows how we are all battling with our own problems, and how we should never judge a person based on how they look, or how we might think their lives are, we should instead be nice and open and try to get to know other people. I wish all school children could watch this movie!

Friday I participated in Sustain Daily’s event for their kickstarter campaign for their new Magazine Sustain Yearly, which you can support here! Saturday morning I went to the airport and travelled to France. But, even though I might be in France for the next week, I’ve still planned some blogposts which are coming up for you!

How was your past week?

Just look at this cutiepie! I already miss her (my grandparents are taking care of her while we’re away on holiday, so I know she’s being spoiled and getting lots of love <3 )

I’ve been drinking macacao (cacao with maca, it’s good and stabilises hormones!)

I’ve been journalling and reflecting

I’ve been drinking 4 green smoothies in 4 days, and I intend to continue this lovely habit once I’m back home again from my skin trip! Ps, you can find the recipe on my Instagram, or wait till tomorrow where I’ll share it here on my blog

The beautiful Sustain Yearly magazine! Ps, I might have written an article in it, so I know I’m biased, but I LOVED the 1st edition, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the 2nd issue. Go support the magazine here!

Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living


Hvis du ikke allerede kender til Sustain Yearly, så er det et skønt magasin med fokus på hvordan man kan leve mere bæredygtigt hele året rundt. Magasinet blev udgivet for første gang sidste år i Danmark, og i år er drømmen at det skal udgives både på dansk og engelsk, så det kan nå flere mennesker.

Magasinet er fyldt med inspirerende artikler, interviews, opskrifter og meget, meget andet. Magasinet er så smukt, og er den perfekte “table book” hvis du spørger mig. Og, så har jeg måske også skrevet en lille artikel deri 😉

Men, magasinet bliver kun en realitet hvis det bliver støttet nok igennem kickstarter kampagnen. Du kan altså derfor gå ind og købe dig et eksemplar (eller flere, det er en skøn gave at give!) og derved være med til at støtte kampagnen og sørge for at magasinet kan komme ud til en masse mennesker og inspirere dem til at leve mere bæredygtigt.



Jeg håber at du vil være med til at støtte Sustain Daily og deres fine magasin. Hvis du køber magasinet igennem dette link* så får jeg en procentdel af salget, og du støtter derved både magasinets tilblivelse, samt mig.


If you don’t already know about Sustain Yearly, then I can tell you that it is a lovely magazine with focus upon how we can all live a more sustainable life all year round. The magazine was published for the first time last year in Denmark, and this year the dream is that it will be published in both Danish and English, to reach more people.

The magazine is filed with inspirering articles, interviews, recipes and much, much more. It’s such a beautiful magazine and the perfect “table book” if you ask me. And, I might have written an article in it as well 😉

But, the magazine is only going to be a reality if it gets funded through the kickstarter campaign. You can buy a copy (or more, it’s a lovely gift idea!) and thereby support the campaign and make sure that the magazine will become available for lots of people and inspire them to live a more sustainable life.



I hope that you want to support Sustain Daily and their beautiful magazine. If you buy the magazine through this link* then I’ll get a percentage of the sale, and you thereby support both the magazine and me.

Environment Inspiration Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


Today it’s going to be all about more sustainable Christmas gifts! Maybe you’ve already found most of the Christmas gifts, or maybe you’ve stopped receiving and giving gifts? Nonetheless, here you get some Christmas gift ideas which is a bit more sustainable. These are also great suggestions to give if you know of anyone being interested in zero waste and sustainability.

1. Experiences 
Get plenty of ideas for experiences to give right here.

2. Stainless steel straws
Stainless steel straws isn’t just pretty, they also help reduce plastic.

3. A wooden hair brush
A good wooden hairbrush is a lovely thing to give in a present, mainly to women.

4. Safety razor
A safety razor is a perfect gift for someone interested in “zero waste”.

5. A reusable to-go cup 
A reusable to-go cup is a cool gift, especially because there are so many different ones on the market. Fx are the ecoffee cup or the KeepCup some good suggestions.

6. A cool reusable bag 
Who doesn’t love reusable canvas bags? I’m in love with this one

7. Skincare in glass or tin
A lovely oil, a good face creme or a facial scrub in glass or tin, then it doesn’t get much better. Some good suggestions are brands such as Isangs or Voelve

8. A homemade bodyscrub  
There is nothing like homemade gifts, give your mom, aunt or sister a lovely homemade bodyscrub which they can use for real selfcare days.

9. A homemade bodylotion 
Another lovely gift to give is a homemade body lotion. If you want to give a really nice gift, then you can make both the bodylotion and the bodyscrub and perhaps also give a dry brush. It’s the ultimate selfcare gift.

10. Give a tree 
What is more sustainable to give a person who loves the climate, than a tree? At least I cannot think of anything more sustainable to give a person, and I’m sure anyone loving the Planet would love getting that as a gift.

11. Give a subscription
It can be a subscription for Netflix, Spotify, Mofibo, Yogavivo or something else. Of course the subscription should match with the person you are giving the gift to.

12. Reusable cotton pads 
Reusable cotton pads is a great gift. It’s a super simple way to save the Planet for more unnecessary trash, and they are just really pretty!

13. Soy candles 
There are so many lovely soy candles, and what is more Christmasy and cozy to give than candles? Just look at these here and here.

14. Organic bed linen
If you’re looking for some organic bed linen it can become an expensive thing to buy. Therefore it’s a perfect thing to give to someone who loves sustainability. Just look at these here and here.

15. Organic clothes and underwear 
Just like the above, giving organic clothes and underwear is a great gift idea. There are many lovely brands such as Organic Basics, Woron or Dilling Underwear.

16. Natural make-up 
Miild makes the most lovely make-up out of pure and natural ingredients, and the packaging which the make-up comes in is made out of 90% recycled cardboard.

17. Kindle
If you know someone who loves to read, then a Kindle is a perfect gift idea. A Kindle is kind of an “iPad”, but where you can only read books on it. It’s specifically designed to be small and handy, and the screen is designed so it doesn’t reflect lighting and it’s therefore perfect to read on.

18. Plants
Plants are always lovely! Give a plant which you know the person you are giving it to will love.

19. Giftcards
Give a giftcard to a place you know where the person you are giving it to will buy from. It could fx be a giftcard to study books if it’s a student, or a giftcard to a shop selling sustainable products if that is what the person is interested in.

20. Give money to a charity organisation
If you’re going to give a gift to someone who loves animals, then give the money to a charity which supports animals, or refugees or something else, and give a little card where you mention how the gift has helped someone else in need.

Do you have any other great gift ideas? And what is on your wishlist for Christmas?



Så er det onsdag, og det betyder tid til at dele nogle interessante ting for den forgangne uge! Jeg håber at du kan finde lidt inspiration, og du må endelig dele nogle af de ting du har fundet interessante den sidste uge med mig i kommentarfeltet!

1. Jeg har skrevet en lille artikel for Sustain Daily om hvordan man kan gøre sit badeværelse lidt mere bæredygtigt
2. Jeg læste bogen “Hverdagsyoga for god søvn“* af Karen Pallisgaard, som er en fin lille bog fyldt med gode hverdagstips og yogaøvelser som kan hjælpe med at forbedre ens søvn
3. Til en af mine undervisningstimer på studiet skulle vi læse dette blogindlæg om hvordan man skriver et godt blogindlæg, og det fandt jeg jo meget interessant – måske der er andre bloggere derude der også kan få gavn af den
4. Jeg har købt mig en lavendel æterisk olie* og er begyndt at eksperimentere lidt med aromaterapi – hvis der er nogle der har nogle spændende bøger indenfor dette felt, så må i meget gerne dele dem med mig


It is Wednesday and that means time to share some of the interesting things from the past week! I hope that you will find some inspiration, and please share some of the things which you have found interesting the past week with me in the comment section!

1. I wrote a little blog post for Sustain Daily about how to make your bathroom a little bit more sustainable (in Danish)
2. I read the book “Hverdagsyoga for god søvn*” (Everyday yoga for good sleep) by Karen Pallisgaard (sorry, also in Danish) 
3. For one of my classes in school we should read this blogpost about how to write a good blogpost, which I of course found very interesting – maybe there are other bloggers out there who can benefit from this knowledge
4. I bought a lavender essential oil* and have begun experimenting a bit with aromatherapy – if any of you have read some interesting books regarding this topic, then please share them with me

*Affiliate links, which mean that if you buy from these links then I will get a percentage of the sale.

Environment Sustainable & Conscious living Videos


Som nævnt herinde og på Instagram, så var jeg inde og se dokumentaren River Blue i Empire Bio i onsdags sammen med Sustain Daily. Den film gjorde virkelig indtryk på mig. For selvom jeg egentlig godt vidste, at “fast fashion” industrien ikke var godt, så havde jeg nok ikke rigtigt set med mine egne øjne hvor meget den egentlig forurenede planeten, og skadede de mennesker der producerer tøjet nede i bl.a. Kina, Indien og Bangladesh.

Filmen viste forskellige floder rundt omkring nær de fabrikker hvor tøjet blev produceret, og man så hvordan at alle de kemikalier de brugte til at farve tøjet med, løb direkte ud i disse floder. Dette er det præcis samme vand som lokalbefolkningen drikker af, bader i og meget mere.

Floderne var beskidte! Og, en af dem sydede og boblede ligefrem pga. alle kemikalierne.

Filmen gav mig lyst til på ingen måde at støtte op omkring den tøjindustri, i hvert fald ikke før de ændrer deres produktion af tøjet til noget der ikke skader hverken planeten, eller de mennesker der skal producere tøjet.

Men hvordan skal man så få nyt tøj?

Heldigvis er der virkelig mange fantastiske brands som har fokus på bæredygtig producering af deres varer, og på bedremode’s blog kan man finde en masse af disse brands. Som jeg selv har indset er en del af disse brands selvfølgelig en smule dyrere, men jeg er kommet frem til at jeg hellere vil købe mindre tøj og så investere i noget bedre kvalitet, og være sikker på at jeg støtter op omkring noget godt.

Og hvis man er i nød og på jagt efter noget billigt tøj, så er der jo et hav af genbrugsbutikker, loppemarkeder og salgs apps hvor man kan finde en masse tøj.


As I’ve already mentioned in here and on Instagram, I went to see the documentary River Blue in Empire Bio last Wednesday with Sustain Daily. That movie really moved me. Because even though I kind of already knew that the fast fashion industry wasn’t good, I had never really seen with my own eyes how polluting it actually is to the planet, and how it affects the people producing the clothes in fx China, India and Bangladesh. 

The movie showed different rivers close to these factories where the clothes were being produced, and you saw how all the chemicals they use for dying the clothes ran directly out into these rivers. The exact same water which the local community is drinking, bathing in and much more.

The rivers were so polluted! And one of them was actually bobbling because of all the chemicals.

The documentary made me want to never support this industry again, at least not until they change their way of producing the clothes, so that it no longer damages the Earth, or the people producing the clothes.

But how are you then going to get new clothes?

Luckily there are a lot of amazing brands which focus on a sustainable production of their clothes, and bedremode’s blog shares a lot of these brands. I’ve realized myself that of course these brands are a bit more expensive, but I will rather buy less clothes and then invest in something better, and be sure that I support something good.

And if you are on the hunt for some cheap clothing, there are so many thrift stores, markets and sales apps where you can find lots of clothes.

Read also:
Slow fashion and buying secondhand



Mit seje blognetværk Sustain Daily har fået dokumentaren River Blue til Danmark!

Dokumentaren omhandler hvordan at tøjproduktionen forurener Planeten, i Kina er fx 70 % af alle floder forurenede. Tøjproduktionen skader altså ikke bare miljøet, men også os mennesker på Jorden.

Jeg skal uden tvivl ind og se dokumentaren, og blive klogere på dette emne, så jeg har allerede købt en billet til visningen i København d.20. september.

Filmen bliver også vist i Aalborg i dag d.12. september og i Aarhus d.13. september. Du kan læse meget mere om filmen, og om hvor du kan købe billetter lige her.


My awesome blog community Sustain Daily has gotten the documentary River Blue to Denmark!

The documentary is about how the clothing production industry is polluting the Planet, and in China 70 % of all rivers are polluted. This industry does not only damage the environment, but also the people on Earth.

I am for sure going to watch it, and become a little bit clever upon this topic, so I’ve already bought my ticket for the show in Copenhagen on September 20. 

The movie is also going to be shown in Aalborg today and in Aarhus tomorrow. You can read a lot more about the movie, and find your ticket here.


Read also: Slow fashion and buying secondhand




Så blev det onsdag og tid til endnu en omgang at ting og sager som jeg har fundet interessante på det sidste. Jeg håber at du kan finde noget inspiration!

  1. Denne lille Sustain Daily artikel, om hvordan ens små handlinger også gør en forskel, er så fin og inspirerende
  2. Gurkemeje latte er jeg bare elle vild med for tiden!
  3. Min kærestes forældre åbnede deres helt eget rom destilleri i Roskilde i lørdags, og jeg filmede en lille film af åbningsdagen, som du kan se lige her
  4. Epsom salt er det nyeste af mine sundheds/helse køb, og du kan læse om nogle af alle de ting du kan bruge det til lige her
  5. Denne youtube video giver mig lyst til at pakke en rygsæk og rejse til Norge og vandre rundt, der er jo SÅ smukt!



Then it became Wednesday and time for another round of things I have found interesting over the past couple of weeks. I hope that you can find some inspiration! 

  1. This little Sustain Daily article about how your small actions also makes a difference is so lovely and inspirering
  2. I’m loving turmeric latte at the moment!
  3. My boyfriend’s parents opened their very own rum distillery in Roskilde (Denmark) this Saturday, and I filmed a little video on the opening day, which you can see right here 
  4. Epsom salt is one of my latest health buys, and you can read an article about all the things it can be used for, right here
  5. This youtube video makes me want to pack a bag and travel to Norway and hike, it is SO beautiful! 
Inspirering people Sustainable & Conscious living


I dag lyttede jeg til Sustain Daily’s podcast (som forresten er virkelig godt hvis du er interesseret i en bæredygtig livsstil, eller bare gerne vil lære mere om det!) episode 4 “dårlig samvittighed”. Her kom Emma Slebsager ind på et citat, der lød således “Jeg vil hellere være hyklerisk end kynisk“. Og jeg elsker dette citat!

Det går simpelthen ud på at man hellere skal vælge at tro på at man kan gøre en forskel hvis man tror på noget, end bare at opgive og gøre ingenting. Ved at gøre alle disse bæredygtige ting i sit liv, kan man måske blive anset som værende hyklerisk af andre. Men jeg vil hellere vælge at tro på, at mine små handlinger faktisk gør en forskel og måske kan inspirere andre, og dermed tro på at jeg kan gøre noget og bevare håbet – end bare at opgive håbet og vælge slet ikke at gøre noget.

Jeg vil langt hellere have at nogle måske synes det er ekstremt at skære kødet fra, at gå rundt med genbrugelige poser i tasken, at bruge stål sugerør istedet for plastik, at sige nej tak til plastik kopper osv. af andre bæredygtige tiltag som jeg vælger at gøre i min hverdag.  Det vigtigste er at jeg tror på og ved, at jeg faktisk kan gøre en forskel. Og så er jeg ærlig talt ligeglad med hvad andre tænker omkring det. Hvis jeg tror på, at disse små handlinger kan være med til at redde Jorden, så er dette med til at gøre mig glad, da jeg dermed føler at jeg bidrager til noget og hjælper verden på vej i den rigtige retning.

Så synes jeg egentlig at det er okay at andre synes, at nogle af mine valg er lidt “skøre og langt ude” – så længe at jeg gør ting som er i overenstemmelse med hvad jeg tror på. For hvis du tror på noget, så sørg for at gøre ting i dit liv som er i overensstemmelse med det du tror på – jeg kan love dig for, at det er den bedste følelse i verden!

Today I listened to a Danish podcast about sustainability called Sustain Daily. I listened to an episode where one of the girls mentioned a quote “I’d rather be a hypocrite than a cynic”. And I love this quote! It’s about that all the small sustainable actions you can do in your everyday life which you do as others might perceive as being hypocritical. I will much rather believe that my small actions actually make a difference, and maybe inspire other people and believe that I can make a difference and have hope – than just give up hope and choose to do nothing instead.

I will much rather be perceived as being a hypocrite for cutting out meat in my diet, or for using reusable bags when I’m buying groceries etc. or other sustainable actions which I chose to do in my life – as long as I believe that I can make a difference, then I actually don’t really care about what others think about it. If I believe that these small actions can help save the Planet, and that this makes me happy and I feel that I contribute – then that is what’s important.

So ya, then I actually think it’s okay that others see these choices as being “crazy or extreme”, as long as I do something which is in alignment with what I believe in. Because if you believe in something in your life, then make sure to make your actions in alignment with what you believe in – I promise you, it’s the best feeling in the world!


Environment Sustainable & Conscious living


Jeg må lige råbe højt omkring dette fantastiske magasin! Hvis du interesserer dig for bæredygtighed, eller hvis du gerne vil lære mere omkring det, så skal du kende til Sustain Daily. Det er nemlig et online blognetværk, der deler gode tips og tricks til at leve et mere bæredygtigt liv. Jeg er hovedkuls forelsket i hele deres univers, og følger med på både deres blog og instagram. Og, nu har de også udgivet et magasin! Et magasin fyldt med masser af god viden, og masser af tips og tricks til at leve et mere bæredygtigt liv.

Du kan læse artikler om zero waste, masser af små gode tips til hvad du kan gøre for at leve mere bæredygtigt, inspiration til bæredygtige podcasts, bøger og apps, bæredygtig mode og meget mere.

Så hvis i ikke allerede kender til hjemmesiden eller magasinet, så skynd jer ind og tjek det ud, der er så meget godt indhold at finde!