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I’ve had problems with my stomach throughout my entire childhood and teen years. When I was around 12-13 years old I got a blood test to figure out if I was allergic to anything, but nothing showed up, so I’ve never really gotten a clear answer to what was causing the problems. However, as I got older I started to notice when I got problems with my stomach. One thing that was sure was every time I ate creamed potatoes or ice-cream I could count on getting problems with my stomach. But it wasn’t until my twenties that I started researching about how dairy could have this effect on people. After having cut dairy out of my diet completely I almost never experience severe problems with my stomach anymore.

However, after years of having lived with a sensitive stomach, I’ve also looked into supplements and other things which can help my stomach function as good as possible, which is what I wanted to share with you today.

There can be many reasons for why you’re having trouble, maybe you eat too much processed food, maybe you’re gluten intolerant, or maybe, like me, you’re dairy intolerant. I hope you can find some useful information in this blogpost, and that it can hopefully help you if you are dealing with the same problems as I have.


Tips for a problematic stomach

Eat more fibers

Fibers are essential for a healthy functioning stomach (and body), so strive for eating more green vegetables.  Fibers add more good bacteria into your gut, and this is so essential for having a healthy body. You can fx choose to add a green smoothie into your daily diet every single day. I have a delicious recipe here, and here you can also choose to add psyllium husks or silicon supplement into it as well.


Get a supplement, or eat some probiotic food, like sauerkraut*, to get those good bacterias into your stomach, which helps the gut function better.


Psyllium husks

Psyllium husks (Danish: loppefrøskaller/HUSK*) have a high amount of fibers and they are good for the gut, and it is a very well-known supplement for people with stomach issues. So try adding this into your diet, either by putting it into your oatmeal, your smoothies or simply just mix it with water and drink it.

green smoothie and vitamins


Silicon (Danish: silicium/spisekisel*) is a supplement that helps keep the body healthy. It improves skin, hair, nails and your digestion. Silicon helps bind toxins in your body and transport them out of your system, which is what improves your digestion. You can get this supplement either in capsules or in powder form. I have the powder form and put a tiny spoon of it into my green smoothies, which I try to make every single day. In that way I both get good fibers and silicon.


Cut out dairy products

Try cutting out all dairy products for a while and see how you feel. Nowadays there actually is really no good reason for eating dairy products, you can find substitutes for these which won’t affect you. Now I only use ricemilk when I’m cooking, and when I’m out on a café I always get oat milk in my hot drinks.


Cut out gluten

If you have a feeling that gluten might be causing you problems, then try, just as with the dairy, to cut it out for a while and pay close attention to how you feel.


Relax and stress down

Being easily stressed, or very nervous and anxious can also cause problems. I’m for sure one of those people that have been easily nervous and which affected my entire body. Try to calm yourself down, take some deep breaths, meditate, learn that the worst thing that can happen isn’t really that bad.


Go to the toilet when you need to

This is so important, yet something so many people have problems with, especially girls I think. I guess most of you know the feeling of being out somewhere which is not in the comfort of your home and you need to go to the toilet (we’re talking nr. 2 here) and you seriously don’t want to out of fear that others might hear you, or it will smell or anything. Am I right? I’ve talked to so many girlfriends about how this is something we feel so insecure about, especially if you are fx dating a new guy or at school or work.
But we need to turn this around, and realise that every single person on this planet poops. It is a natural thing, and holding it in will only trouble your body and stomach even more.
Just think about it, poop is filled with all the excess stuff that there isn’t room for in your body – it is something that needs to get out of you, and holding it in will do no good for you or your body.


*Affiliate link has been used, this means that if you buy from this link then I’ll get a little percentage of the sale.



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Health Inspiration


It’s January and a new year, and there’s no better time to start getting into lots of healthy habits to live your best life! I fully agree that we are all different, and that it might not be in your interest to get into healthy habits, I completely respect that. But, I do want to say that if you want to feel better, look better, feel more energised and productive and hopefully also feel much better once you get older – then these are some of the tips that might help you achieve all of that!

Here you go, some healthy lifestyle tips:


Get enough sleep

Preferably 7-8 hours each night, and the best is to get to bed before 10pm. Turn of the television and electronics at least 1 hour before going to bed since the electric blue light disturbs your body and makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Read a book, or have a good talk with a loved one instead.


Eat alkaline food

Eat plenty of vegetables and beans! Especially the green vegetables (broccoli, spinach, kale etc.).

Highly alkaline food: 
– green vegetables
– green salad and seaweed
– potatoes
– sprouts, nuts and seeds
– sesame- and flax seeds
– almonds and brazil nuts
– pumpkin seeds and coconut
– garlig, turmeric and ginger
– avocado
– herbal teas, green and white tea
– olive-, coconut- and flaxseeds oil


Avoid acidic food

Meat, sugar, candy, sodas. If your body gets too much acidic food it creates an unhealthy and inflamed environment in your body where sickness, pain and overweight can grow.

Very acidic food: 
– meat
– eggs
– sugar and honey
– artificial sweeteners
– vinegar
– dairy products – especially cheese
– industrial processed food
– junkfood
– margarine
– frying oil
– candy and cakes
– alcohol
– black tea and ordinary coffee
– sodas
– fruitjuice
– energy and sportsdrinks


Drink lemon water 

When you wake up in the morning drink some hot water with the juice from half a lemon. This helps the digestion and it detoxes the body. After drinking this wait at least 1/2 hour before eating breakfast.


Drink lots of water during the day, but not while you are eating 

Drink 2 litres of water or more during the day, but not while you are eating since this disturbs the digestion process and the absorption of the nutrients from the food.


Chew your food thoroughly and eat slowly 

Chew your food until it becomes liquid before you swallow it. If you don’t chew the food enough, acid will be created in the body.


Exercise – move your body 

Move your body, get your pulse up and sweat out all the toxins from your body. Moving, fx through yoga, also massages your organs and makes your body function better and creates more blood flow and improves digestion. It also releases endorphins which is a “happy hormone”, which makes you feel happier.


Drink herbal tea 

Switch the coffee out with some herbal tea (fx green tea).


Mental health

Think happy and nice thoughts about yourself. Start to really love yourself and your body just as it is right now. Think that you want to take good care of your body by filling it with lots of healthy food, so it will be fresh and healthy all your life. Look yourself in the mirror each day and tell yourself that you love you <3


Do things that you love 

Read, relax, go for a walk in nature, dance, talk, go to a spa a sauna – do things that makes you happy and spend your time with people who makes you feel good and who you love.


Take care of your body 

Use natural products, and smear your body into oils. Drybrush your skin. Give yourself a nice oil massage on the body, in the face and your scalp Take a nice bath, scrub your skin. Just relax.


These were some of my favourite health tips for taking good care of oneself and ones body. I do want to notice that it’s all about balance. There’s no health in restricting yourself to only eat vegetables all the time, listen to your body and treat yourself once in a while as well, that is also healthy for your soul.
Please share some of your favourite health tips as well! 



Der er intet værre end ikke at kunne sove, eller at sove dårligt og slet ikke være frisk dagen efter – har jeg ret?
Og modsat, er der heller ikke noget der er meget bedre end at vågne og være helt frisk og veludhvilet efter en god nats søvn.

Men, skal man bare overlade det til tilfældighederne om man får en god nats søvn? Nej, ikke nødvendigvis. Der er utrolig mange ting du kan gøre for at forbedre din søvn, og mange er dem er små enkle ting, som alligevel kan vise sig at have stor betydning for dit generelle helbred. For søvn er afsindigt vigtigt hvis man gerne vil have et godt helbred og være sund og rask.
Manglende søvn er blandt andet blevet kædet sammen med større risiko for udvikling af depression, et forværret immunsystem og at man har nemmere ved at tage på i vægt.

Tips til en bedre søvn

Frisk og ren luft hjælper gevaldigt på en god søvn, og man siger at man gerne skal sove i et værelse som er mere til den køligere side end til den varme.

Man bliver bare altid lidt mere træt hvis man har været udenfor i den friske luft, også derfor ovenstående tip virker.

At få bevæget kroppen, gør også at du bliver mere træt, og derved har lettere ved at kunne falde i søvn.

Koffein er selvsagt noget som medvirker til at få dit energiniveau op, og det skal du jo helst ikke hvis du gerne vil kunne falde i søvn om aftenen. Skift derfor eftermiddagskaffen ud med en kop urtete istedet for

Lavendel te, lavendel olie eller en lavendel spray – skaf dig noget lavendel, da lavendel er en duft som er med til at berolige kroppen. Lav eventuelt lidt aromaterapi med æterisk lavendel olie, og en god kop te (uden koffein) om aftenen

Det blå lys fra henholdsvis computer, tv og mobilskærme er med til at forvirre vores krop og får den tværtimod til at vække ydereligere op og ikke falde til ro. Skift derfor computeren og tv’et ud med en god bog, snak eller lidt aftenyoga inden du skal sove. Du kan også sætte din mobil på ‘nat tilstand’ om aftenen, på den måde er lyset mere gult end blåt og er ikke lige så hårdt for øjnene. Sæt også gerne din mobil på fly-tilstand om natten, eller fjern den helt fra soveværelset, da strålingen fra mobilen også kan forstyrre din krop.

Har du andre gode råd til hvordan man kan få en god nats søvn? Så del dem gerne nedenunder i kommentarfeltet.


There is nothing worse than not being able to fall asleep or have a bad night’s sleep and not feel fresh at all the next day – am I right? And on the opposite, there is nothing much better than waking up feeling fresh and rested after a good night’s sleep.

But, should you just leave it to coincidence whether or not you get a good night’s sleep? No, not necessarily. There are so many things you can do to improve your sleep, and many of the tips are very simple things, which also can have a big impact for your overall health. Because sleep is extremely important if you want a good health. Lack of sleep is connected to a bigger risk of developing depression, worsen the immune system and makes it easier to gain weight.

Tips for better sleep 

1. Fresh air in the bedroom
Fresh and clean air helps tremendously on a good night’s sleep, and it’s recommended to sleep in a room which is leaning more towards the cold than the warm side.

2. Get outside in nature through the day
You always get more tired after having been outside in the fresh air, which is also why the above tip works.

3. Move your body
Moving the body makes you more tired and makes it easier for you to fall asleep.

4. Avoid caffeine in the evening
Caffeine is of course helping to get your energy level up, and therefore you need to avoid this in the evening if you want to be able to fall asleep. Switch your afternoon coffee out with a cup of herbal tea instead.

5. Lavender
Lavender tea, lavender oil or lavender spray – get some lavender, since lavender is a scent which helps to calm the body. You can, for example, make some aromatherapy with lavender essential oil, and make a nice cup of tea (without caffeine) in the evening and wind down.

6. Avoid screen lights before bedtime
The blue light from computer, tv or mobile screen is confusing for our bodies and makes it wake more up rather than calm down. Therefore try to switch the tv out for a good book instead, some talk or some evening yoga before going to bed. You can also switch your mobile to ‘night mode’ in the evening, in that way the light is more yellow instead of blue and is not as harsh for your eyes. Put also your mobile on flight mode in the night, or remove it completely from the bedroom since the radiation from the mobile can be disturbing for the body. 

Do you have other good tips to get a good night’s sleep? Then share them below in the comment section.

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Inspirering people


I dag ville jeg lige dele et super godt tip med jer! For en del tid siden var jeg hjemme ved min mor og klagede over at min ene trøje allerede så helt fnugget og kedelig ud, på trods af at den var relativt ny. Så kom min mor til undsætning med den smarteste lille ‘fnug fjerner maskine’, som man simpelthen bare kører over tøjet og så fjerner den alle de små ‘fnug’ som får tøjet til at se grimt ud. Intet mindre end genialt, for istedet for at ens tøj kommer til at se grimt og kedeligt ud, så kan man bare bruge denne maskine og så har man en trøje som er næsten så god som ny igen. Derved kan man altså passe på sit tøj og have det i meget længere tid!

Hvis du bare googler ‘fnugfjerner’ så kommer der en masse forskellige frem.

Today I wanted to share a super good tip with you! For some time ago I was home with my mom and I was complaining about one of my shirts starting to look fuzzy and boring, despite it was relatively new. So my mom came to rescue with this smart little ‘fuzzy remover machine’, which you just roll over the clothes and then it removes all the small ‘fuzzes’ which make the clothes look ugly. So genius, so instead of your clothes getting ugly and boring to look at, you can just use this little machine and then your shirts are almost as good as new again. In that way you can take care of your clothes and keep it for a longer period of time!

Food Health Holistic beauty & skincare


I dag tænkte jeg at jeg ville snakke lidt om æblecidereddike. Jeg er mega fan af naturlige ting som man har i køkkenet, som man kan bruge til sig selv og sin krop også. Og der er altså mange ting at finde i ens køkken, som også kan bruges til at gøre noget godt for ens udseende med. Du kan bruge banan, avokado, havregryn, honning i ansigtsmasker. Bruge agurker på øjnene, grøn te som skintonic, sukker eller salt til body scrubs og meget meget mere. Men i dag, skal det altså handle om æblecidereddike.

Det kan du bruge æblecidereddike til:
– du kan bruge det som en skintonic, efter at du har renset dit ansigt
– du kan bruge det til rens af håret (brug 1/2 spiseskefuld æblecidereddike i et glas vand og skyl håret med det når du er i bad)
– hvis du indtager det, så siges det, at det både kan hjælpe med at stabilisere dit blodsukker, sænke dit kolesterol og at det kan være beskyttende overfor kræft (læs selv mere her)
– du kan bruge det som mundskyl (bland 2 spsk æblecidereddike med 1/4 kop vand, og gurgle det rundt i munden i 15-20 sekunder)
– det kan hjælpe på fordøjelsen, tag en spiseskefuld eller to i et glas vand 1-2 gange om dagen
– rengøring af hjemmet (brug 1 del æblecidereddike til 9 dele vand, og brug dette til rengøring af hjemmet)

Gør du brug af æblecidereddike? Og har du andre gode idéer til hvordan det kan bruges?

Today I wanted to talk a bit about apple cider vinegar. I’m a huge fan of natural things which you have in your kitchen, which you can also use for yourself and your body. And there are so many good things to fin din your kitchen, which can also do good for your overall look. You can use a banana, avocado, oats and honey for face masks. You can use a cucumber for your eyes, green tea as a skintonic, sugar or salt for body scrubs and much more. But today, I wanted to talk about apple cider vinegar.

What you can use apple cider vinegar for:
– you can use it as a skintonic, after you’ve cleansed your face (1 part apple cider vinegar, 2 parts water)
– you can use it as a hair rinse (1/2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water and rinse your hair with it while you shower)
– if you take it internally, it is said to be able to help stabilize your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and protect against cancer (read more about it here)
– you can use it as a mouth wash (2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar with 1/4 cup of water, swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 seconds)
– it can help your digestion, take one to two tbsp in a glass 1-2 times a day
– cleaning your home (use 1 part apple cider vinegar with 9 parts of water, and use it for cleaning your home)

Are you using apple cider vinegar? And do you have other ideas for how to use it? 

Inspirering people

Organize your Things with This Tip


Jeg har lige et lille tip som jeg lige ville dele med jer, til hvordan man let kan organisere sine ting lidt nemmere, og så det samtidig ser lidt pænere ud, og tingene er nemmere at finde.

Tricket er ganske simpelt: gamle skoæsker!

Jep, skoæsker. Du skal simpelthen bare bruge dine gamle skoæsker, som nogle små organiseringskasser nede i dine andre skuffer og kommoder. Jeg er jo så heldig at arbejde i en skobutik, så jeg kan frit hapse skotøjsæsker med hjem – men de fleste skobutikker giver gerne nogle væk helt gratis, hvis du går ned i en butik og spørger.

Nedenfor kan du se ‘før’ billedet og ‘efter’ billedet. Jeg synes i hvert fald at det bliver lidt pænere, og mere overskueligt.

I have a little trick for you guys, about how you can easily organize your things a little easier, and also make it look a lot prettier, and make your things easy to find.

The trick is very simple: old shoe boxes!

Yep, shoeboxes. All you have to use is some old shoeboxes, which you can use as some small organizing boxes down in your drawers. I’m so lucky to work in a shoestore, so I can easily get some shoeboxes – but most shoe stores actually give these out for free, if you just ask them nicely. 

Below you can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture. I think it looks a lot better, and more organized.


Før billedet / the before picture


Efter billedet / the after picture

Har I ellers nogle gode tips og tricks til at organisere sine ting?

Do you guys any tips and tricks for organizing your things?


How to save money

Skærmbillede 2016-04-18 kl. 15.55.39Jeg synes at jeg har været ret god de sidste mange år til altid at spare op, måske det også skyldes opdragelse af min far som går meget op i at have styr på sin økonomi – hvilket jeg jo kun kan takke ham for i dag. Jeg kan godt lide at spare op, da jeg så kan bruge flere penge på de ting jeg virkelig elsker – og for mig, er det at rejse. Jeg vil tusinde gange hellere bruge penge på en ferie, end på tonsvis af tøj og byture. Der er man jo hver især forskellige, men jeg synes at man skal gøre op med sig selv, hvad man bliver mest glad af, og så bruge sine penge på netop det.

I think I have been very good at saving my money for the last couple of years, maybe because of how my dad has raised me to always have a good economy – which I am truly grateful for today. I like saving up, because that means that I can spend more money on the things that I truly love – and for me that is traveling. I would much rather spend money on a vacation, than on lots of clothes and party trips. But, we are all different, and I think you should decide with yourself what makes you the most happy, and then spend your money on exactly that.

Tips til at spare penge:
Hav et mål: gør op med dig selv, hvad du vil bruge dine penge på. Skriv det ned, hvis du for eksempel gerne vil spare penge op til at du kan komme ud på en større rejse – så skriv ned at du gerne vil ud på denne rejse, og hver gang du så skal til at foretage dig et impuls køb, så tænk på dit større mål, og hvad du ville blive mest glad for. Oftest hjælper det mig til at droppe at købe et stykke tøj eller andet, hvis jeg tænker på at hvis jeg istedet for sparer pengene op, så kan jeg hurtigere komme ud og rejse igen.

Brug kun penge på det nødvendige: man kan hurtigt komme til at købe en bluse, selvom man har 10 andre, eller at købe noget hurtigt frokost på farten, selvom man har mad hjemme i køleskabet. Selvfølgelig er det okay at bruge penge på andre ting end det højst nødvendige engang imellem, men nogle gange kan det hurtigt tage overhånd og så må man lige stoppe sig selv mens man er igang med det, og spørge sig selv om det virkelig er noget man har behov for.

Lær at sige nej til andre: noget af det jeg kan have sværest ved, kan være at sige nej til andre. Det kan være dine veninder der spørger om du vil med ud og rejse, eller bare med på en masse café ture – og det er jo også virkelig hyggeligt, og bestemt noget man skal tage tid til også. Men hvis du har et mål om, for eksempel som jeg har lige nu om at komme til New York, så nytter det ikke noget at jeg siger ja til en lille sommerferie tur med mine veninder, for så ryger der jo også lige en tusinde kroner på det, og New York ville dermed ryge længere væk. Så det er okay at sige nej tak engang imellem. Hvis nu det var en café tur dine veninder spurgte om du ville med på, så kunne du også foreslå at i istedet for splittede regningen og lavede mad sammen hjemme hos en af jer.

Tips for saving money:
Have a goal: decide with yourself what you want to spend your money on. Write it down, if you for example wants to go on a bigger vacation, then write down that you want to go to this specific destination and overtime you are about to impulse shopping, think about your bigger goal, and what would make you the most happy. It helps me to stop, for example online shopping, when I think about the travel I could go on instead, if I saved up those money.

Spend only on essentials: it is easy to go buy a shirt because it looks pretty even if you have 10 others, or to buy some quick lunch on the go even though you have food in the fridge. Of course it is okay to buy some impulse stuff once in a while, but some times it can get out of control, and you need to stop and ask yourself if you really need it. 

Learn to say no to others: some of the hardest thing to do for me, is to say no to others. It could be your friends asking if you want to go travel or go to a café – which is amazing and definitely something you should make time for as well. But if you have a goal, for example like I have right now about going to New York, then it does not work if my friends asks me if I want to go on a summer vacation with them, which would cost a lot of money as well, and then New York would just be further away. So it is okay to say no sometimes. And if your friends want to go to a café, then suggest instead if you could buy food and make dinner at home and just split the bill.

I hope you could use some of these tips and please let me know if you have any good saving tips!


Tip til alle te drikkere

Skærmbillede 2016-01-21 kl. 15.19.21

Okay, alle som drikker te – og nok i særdeleshed, grøn te – kender til dette. Kopperne bliver grimme. Jeg drikker så meget grøn te (nok minimum 2 kopper om dagen), og mine kopper bliver så grimme rigtig hurtigt. Det sidder bare så godt fast, og er svært at få af (jep, se selv ovenstående billede).

MEN! så var det at min fantastiske mor fortalte mig om et lille trick til at få kopperne rene igen. Det er det mest simple trick i verden og først tænkte jeg “ja, det lyder liiidt for godt til at være sandt det der” men det virker sgu!

Hvad er tricket så?
Du tager din ‘grimme kop’, fylder den helt op med vand og så propper du ca. 1/2 teske bagepulver i. Så lader du det sidde i lidt tid, og VOILA perfekte hvide kopper igen!
Er det ikke fantastisk? Mom is the best <3

Skærmbillede 2016-01-21 kl. 15.19.51(1/2 teske bagepulver)

Skærmbillede 2016-01-21 kl. 15.20.09(+ vand)

Skærmbillede 2016-01-21 kl. 15.20.21(Flot, ren og helt hvid kop!)


Barcelona tips?

Skærmbillede 2015-06-26 kl. 08.43.25

Min kæreste og jeg skal til Barcelona i Juli måned, og da jeg (eller min kæreste) aldrig har været der før, så er det jo lige med at finde ud af hvad man skal se osv. Så hvis I har nogle gode idéer til hvad man bare bør se, eller små hyggelige caféer, restauranter, butikker osv. så fyrer I bare løs, tager imod dem med kyshånd 😀

English translation:
My boyfriend and I are going to Barcelona together in July, and since neither of us have never been there before, we are trying to figuring out what to see there. So if any of you have some good ideas, cafés or restaurants we must try, shops etc. then just let me know, I’ll welcome all of the suggestions gladly 😀