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Did you know that you can improve your health simply by going for a walk? Inactivity is one of the biggest health threats to our society today. A simple way to combat this is simply to put one foot in front of the other and go for a walk. The benefits of walking is amazing, and this is what I want to share with you today!


Walking is such a simple thing, yet so effective when it comes to improving your overall health. I’ve previously written a blogpost about that ‘Sitting is the new smoking’, which you can read right here, which is all about how we in today’s society are way too inactive and spend too much time sitting, which is actually really harmful for our health.

And a way to combat sitting and being inactive – is simply, to go for a walk. Walking can actually help cleanse the lymphatic system – which is a system that helps to purify bodily fluids and improve your overall health. This system does not have a pump, and it is therefore necessary for the individual to maintain a regular amount of activity that will help move the lymph and cleanse the system. You can cleanse this system simply by engaging in 20-30 minutes walking – preferably outside in nature, since there is also a lot of benefits with being outside in nature; you get fresh air, you get some natural sunlight and just the visual of nature can be an instant mood lifter!

The Benefits of Walking

  • It boosts the immune function
  • It helps combat sugar cravings
  • It reduces risk of developing breast cancer
  • It can lower risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes
  • It strengthens your bones and muscles
  • It lifts your mood by releasing endorphins (the happy-hormone!)
  • It reduces the risk of depression and fatigue
  • It improves your posture
  • It can increase your creativity
  • It can improve your memory
  • It cleanses your lymphatic system


But, if walking doesn’t  sound like the funniest thing for you, then here is a few suggestions for how to spice it up and how to make walking a bit more fun! 

How to make walking more fun

  • Listen to a podcast or some good music while walking (my absolute favourite podcasts at the moment is The Food Medic, Martiny Podcast and Awaken Radio)
  • Go for a walk along with a friend and talk
  • Go outside in nature, in the forest or along the beach and enjoy the beautiful nature and fresh air
  • Drive to a beautiful place where you haven’t been before and go for a long walk, fx Møns Klint (I was there recently with my family and it was such a beautiful place)
  • You can also choose to make a little competition with your friends, children or whoever, about who can pick up most trash while going for a walk. A fun little game and such a nice little thing to do to keep the nature clean

How to sneak in more walking in your everyday life?

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator to your work
  • Choose to walk instead of taking the bike or the car to the grocery store
  • Go for a walk with a friend instead of sitting down at a café. You can just bring your own to-go cups with you and either make your own coffee, tea or whatever, or you can ask to get your cup filled at a café

So, don’t you just feel like going for a walk right now? Or maybe you can suggest to your friend that the next time you are going to meet up that you can go for a walk instead of sitting at a café.

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Som jeg snakkede om i min sidste video vlog, så vil jeg gerne starte et nyt koncept op, med at etablere sunde vaner. Vi har nemmere ved at vænne os til nye vaner, hvis vi går all-in i starten, og selvfølgelig prøver at holde det ved lige. Så jeg vil i det næste stykke tid, etablere en ny vane i en hel uge, og så gøre dette hver eneste dag i pågældende uge.

Det kunne være så sjovt hvis nogle af jer derude også gad at være med, og hvis I har idéer til sunde og gode vaner, så skriv dem endelig i kommentarfeltet.

Den første vane jeg gerne vil etablere er; at gå flere ture udenfor.

Både det at få gået noget mere ville være super sundt for mig, og det at få frisk luft. Derudover bliver jeg bare glad og lykkelig af at være ude i naturen, og se lidt solskin.

Så hver dag i denne uge skal jeg gå en tur. Det behøves ikke være mega langt, bare minimum 20 minutter udenfor (og meget gerne længere). Skriv en kommentar hvis I også vil gøre dette, det kunne være sjovt hvis flere gjorde det, og så kunne man snakke om når ugen er overstået hvordan det er gået, og om man har fået overholdt den nye vane.

Tanken bag, er at vænne sig til at gå ture udenfor. Dermed ikke lig med at jeg fremover skal gå en tur hver eneste dag, men at jeg kommer ind i rytmen og dermed kommer til at gå flere ture generelt.

Fordele ved at gå ture jævnligt:

En rask gåtur kan hjælpe med at skabe nye hjerneceller

Det stimulerer dit kredsløb og dine muskler, således at både kolesteroltal og blodtryk falder

Det vil styrke dine knogler, og risikoen for knogleskørhed kan falde med op til 40 % hvis du går jævnligt

Det booster dit immunsystem

Og meget mere, så der er simpelthen bare en masse gode grunde til at komme udenfor og gå en tur!

As mentioned in my last video vlog, I want to start a new concept here on the blog, about establishing healthy habits. It’s easier for us to establish habits, if we go all-in in the beginning, and of course try to do this as regularly as possible. So for the coming weeks, I’ll try to begin a new healthy habit and do it for every day for a whole week. 

It would be fun if any of you out there would like to establish the habits as well, and if you have any good ideas for healthy and good habits, please write them in the comment section.

The first habit that I want to establish is; to go for more walks outside.

Both walking some more would be good for more, and getting some fresh air. Besides that I become really happy when I’m outside in the nature, and seeing some sunshine.

So for every day for this week I’m going to go for a walk. It does not have to be super long, just minimum 20 minutes outside (and gladly for a longer time). Write a comment if you want to do the same, it could be fun if we are more people doing it and then when the week is over we could write together and talk about how it’s has been going, and if we have kept the habit for the entire week.

The thought behind it is to get used to going for walks outside. Thereby not saying that I have to go for a walk every single day afterwards, but by getting into the routine, I might go for more walks just in generel.

Benefits of walking regularly: 

A good walk can help create new brain cells

It stimulates the blood circulation and your muscles, so that both your cholesterol level and blood pressure falls

It will strengthen your bones, and the risk of getting brittle-bone disease will fall to up to as much as 40 % if you walk often

It boost your immune system

And much more, so there are so many good reasons for getting out for a walk!



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