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It’s my birthday in a little over a month (I’m turning 24) and I’ve made a little birthday wishlist. I thought I would share it with you, perhaps you could find some inspiration for your own birthday or for a gift to one of your loved ones.

/1 Cork yoga block

/2 CIA towel from Viil-design

/3 Jane Kønig love tag” (as cheesy as it gets, I really want a love tag with me and my boyfriends initials)

/4 Sea grass basket for my ficus plant

/5 Black and white T-shirt from Organicbasics

/6  Pomegranate oil from Naturligolie



Christmas is coming up and I’ve been thinking about some of the things I’ve been wanting lately and I’ve put them on my wishlist. I’m trying to focus more and more on that the things which I bring into my life should be of good quality and be things which can last me for many years. I also try to focus on that thing such as make-up and skin products should be as natural as possible and good for the skin, and that the products that I bring into my life should be sustainably made and be produced of good quality materials.

Perhaps you can find some inspiration, either for yourself or, for one of your dear ones.

1. Miild Bronzing Powder

2. Miild Mineral Powder

3. Woron soft bra

4. Aiaya mini pouch

5. Yogamii leggings

6. Savemyface pillow

7. Evolve Radiant Glow Mask

8. Yogamii Strap top

What’s on your wishlist? 

Sustainable & Conscious living


Dette er et af mine bedste tips hvis man gerne vil spare penge, og undgå impulskøb! Lav dig selv en ønskeliste. Næste gang du føler en trang til at købe noget, en bluse, en ny vase, hvad du end føler trang til at købe, så gem et billede af den eller skriv det ned. Lad der så gå et par dage, uger, måneder, hvor du kan tænke over om du virkelig har behov for denne ting, eller lyst til den. Oftest vil man opleve at svaret er nej, du har ikke behov for det.

Selv har jeg en mappe på min computer som fungerer som min ønskeliste. Hver gang jeg så falder over noget som jeg godt kunne tænke mig, så tager jeg et screenshot af det, og putter billedet ind i denne mappe. Så kigger jeg i mappen fra tid til anden og revurderer om jeg føler at jeg har behov for disse ting eller ej. Hvis ikke, så sletter jeg dem. Nogle af tingene har jeg også stående, selvom jeg ved jeg vil have dem. På den måde kan jeg se hvilke ting jeg er igang med at spare op til.

Et simpelt tip, men som alligevel kan spare dig en del penge!

Nedenfor kan I se nogle af de ting som pt. står på min ønskeliste, og som jeg er igang med at spare op til:

Mason jars for containing smoothies to-go, or to store food in


Safety razor for shaving


Lady Comp computer for tracking menstruation cyclus


Ecocoffee to-go cup for coffee and tea on the go 


Stainless steel straws for smoothies, juices etc. (these I actually bought yesterday)

This is one of my best tips if you want if you want to save money, and avoid impulse shopping! Make yourself a wish list. Next time you feel the desire to buy something, a shirt, a vase, or whatever you feel like buying, then safe a picture of it or write it down. Then let it be there for a few days, weeks, months, and think about whether you really want or need it, or if you don’t. Often the answer is no, you do not need it.

I have a folder on my computer which functions as my wishlist. Every time I find something which I would like to have, I take a screenshot of it, and put the picture into the folder. Then from time to time I look at the folder and reassess whether I really want the things in there, or need them, or not. If not, then I delete them. Some of the things in there I know that I want to buy, and I have them in there to know what I’m currently saving up money for.

Just a simple tip, but which can definitely save you some money!

Above you can see some of the things I’m currently saving up money for.

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