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I was asked the other day about what to do when you start to feel overwhelmed in regard to school. I for sure feel overwhelmed from time to time as well, and whenever that happen I try to break down bigger projects into smaller tasks.

Break down big things into smaller, more concrete things

It’s really a simple thing to do, yet something we can often tend to forget about. You start with your big goal or project, fx I’m soon going to write my Master thesis, which for sure can seem a bit overwhelming since we’re going to write 120 pages in total, and that can seem very overwhelming when you haven’t begun yet.

Then you start to break down this big project into all the small components that the project consists of, fx:
– find a case
– read relevant literature
– take notes
– make surveys and interviews
– make a structure
– find relevant literature, answers etc. for each section
– write each section
– make references

Suddenly, instead of just thinking “I need to write this big project and I really don’t know where to start“, it gets much more manageable, and you can start to take 1 thing at a time, which seems less overwhelming.

Just remember to break things down int0 very small and manageable tasks and not too abstract things. Fx if you are in school and you are making a to-do list, don’t just write “read homeworks” on your daily to-do list – write “read chapter 5 in book X”. This makes your task way more simple and easy, and ready to work on.


This tip doesn’t only work for school projects or homeworks, it can also work for fx working out, planning a birthday, writing a book etc. Just sit down and figure out all the smaller steps you need to take in order to get to your bigger goal. Write them all down, and then take one step at a time. Once you have finished one step, then go on to the next and so forth. Eventually you will have finished the entire project/reached your goal!


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Work, read and a comedy show

skaermbillede-2016-09-08-kl-18-27-35Halløj! Lige en lille hurtig opdatering herfra. Den har stået på arbejde hele weekenden, og i dag står den på læsning hele dagen, indtil jeg i aften skal ind og se Anders Matthesens nye show ‘Shhh’ (hvilket jeg glæder mig meget til, den mand er simpelthen så sjov).
Jeg ønsker jer alle en rigtig god dag!

Hi! Just a little quick update from me. I’ve been working all weekend and today I have to read all day, until tonight where I’m going to see a comedy show by one of Denmark’s most famous comedians (Anders Matthesens), so that I’m looking so much forward to.
I just wanted to wish you all a great day! 


Much to do

Skærmbillede 2016-04-26 kl. 12.52.32Jeg beklager stilheden herinde i det sidste stykke tid, men weekenden var fyldt med teambuilding med arbejdet om fredagen, arbejde hele lørdagen og så blev jeg syg lørdag aften og har ligget syg siden da, øv øv. Og det er virkelig dårlig timing, for jeg har også travlt med at få styr på eksamensopgaverne lige for tiden. Men, det er der ikke så meget at gøre ved. Jeg glæder mig bare over de ting der er at se frem til – såsom tapas aften med mine bedste veninder på torsdag, familie fødselsdagshygge på lørdag og om kun 17 dage går turen til London med min dejlige kæreste! Jeg har lavet en fuld plan over hvad vi skal nå at se og lave i London, og jeg kan slet ikke vente med at komme tilbage til fantastiske England.

I’m sorry for it having been so quiet in here lately, but the weekend was completely filled with teambuilding with my work on friday, work all saturday and then I got sick and have been sick since. It is really bad timing, since I am busy with my exam assignments at the moment. But, nothing to do about that. I am just looking forward to the things I can soon enjoy – like having a tapas night with my best friends on thursday, familie birthday dinner on saturday and in only 17 days I am going to London with my lovely boyfriend. I have made a plan about everything that we are going to see and do in London, and I cannot wait to get back to wonderful England.

Hope you are all doing great and are enjoying your day!