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I’m currently doing a 30 day yoga challenge. That does not need much explanation, it’s simply yoga each day for 30 days straight. But, I want to tell a little bit more about my experience with it!

I was inspired by Cecilie Blaksted and her weekly challenges, where she does something for an entire week which I found really inspirering. Cecilie also recommended this inspirering TED talk about trying something new for 30 days. I really wanted to get back into my yoga practice again, and saw this as a perfect opportunity for doing just that. Therefore, I decided to do a 30 days yoga challenge (because clever people say that it takes around 30 days (more precisely, 21 days) to establish a new habit).

I am now on day 28 (I started November 1st), and I’ve only skipped 1 day because I was simply too tired after work one Sunday. So because I skipped one day, I’ll instead just continue for 1 more day – luckily I have a Christmas yoga event with Cathrine on Saturday (1st of December), so that is just perfect!

So, how has it been?

It has really been great! I’m feeling way more motivated to move my body, and do things, and I just love the feeling of stretching my body. I guess I’ve always loved that, since I’ve been dancing for several years when I was younger, so it feels so good to do it regularly. And I’m for sure planning on doing yoga quiet regularly after this challenge is done.

What challenge did I follow?

I followed ‘Yoga with Adriene’s 30 days yoga challenge‘ (free on youtube), but in reality you could just choose whatever you want. Take a random yoga video each day, go to yoga classes in your local yoga center, or do freestyle yoga practice at home if you are more experienced. I really like Adriene’s challenge, since she is so down to Earth and gives several options if you do not feel like something hardcore and instead want a more chill pose, and her videos are very manageable since they range from 12-40 minutes, but they are not too long for everyday practice, which makes it much easier to keep it a daily routine.


I can for sure recommend a 30 days yoga challenge! Both if you are experienced with yoga and just want to get back into your practice again, but especially also if you are totally new to yoga, then this is a great way to get into it.


Have you tried a 30 day yoga challenge? Or, have you tried other challenges? I’m really hooked on trying new things for a week or a month. I’m considering a ‘no TV for a week’, ‘no sugar’, ‘go for a walk each day for a week’, ‘photo challenge’ etc. But I would love recommendations and inputs from you guys!


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Today I want to talk about the Power of Breathing. Breathing, it is usually something we tend to just take for granted. However, there truly is power in breathing. Not only have the power of breathing, ‘pranayama’, been well-known for thousands of years through yoga, meditation and Chinese Medicine, but the Western medicine has also done studies now proving the benefits of deep breathing.


Have you ever paid attention to your breath during different times of your life?

Perhaps before doing something you are nervous about, fx a performance or before an exam. You feel those small, quick breaths and it can almost come to the point where you feel like you’re going to choke because of your own unsteady breath. If you have ever been in an exam situation, you might have felt the power of breathing. Have you ever tried to put your focus on your breath and tried to breathe more slowly, and then you started to feel more relaxed? I know I have certainly done this several times, and it always seems to help and calm me down.

If you feel stressed, it might be because you are not taking the time to really breath deep. If you are feeling stressed, try to take just a few seconds, perhaps just 10 breaths, and really deep breath and slow. Take a really deep breath and fill your lungs with air, and take 10 of these breaths – and feel the change in your body and mind.


Remember to breathe. It is after all the secret to life” – Gregory Maguire


When you breath shallow breaths, the lowest portion of the lungs never gets fully filled with air. This can make you feel short of breath and make you feel anxious. However, deep abdominal breathing fill your lungs up with oxygen – and this type of breathing slows your heartbeat and can lower or stabilise blood pressure (Harvard Health Publishing).

Deep breathing can

  • help lower blood pressure
  • help lower stress
  • help with digestive problems
  • help with insomnia
  • calm you down


Breathing right is unquestionably the single most important thing you can do to improve your life. It will help you to live a longer more energetic and stress-free life” – Dr. Sheldon Helder


How to do it?

You can fx try to every night before you go to bed, to take 10 deep breaths. You can also try to add meditation or yoga to your life, or just some conscious breathing every single day.
It seems like such a simple thing, yet we often forget about it. I know I do, I tend to not breathe really deep, but rather small breaths, or sometimes I just discover that I’m almost holding my breath, especially if I’m working on something. So I find it so important to get a more mindful practice, and really consciously make an effort to take some full, deep breaths for my own health.


So hereby, a little reminder – the next time you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or you just want to do something good for your health, slow down – sit still and take a couple of deep breaths. Fill your lungs up with fresh air, and focus on your breathing – it really does wonders!


TED Talk: Pranayama: Extend Your Life by Extending Your Breath – Jim Kambeitz
Take a Deep Breath – Harvard Health Publishing
The Power of Deep Breathing – Mindbodygreen
TED Talk: The Hidden Power in a Breath of Gratitude – Rory Ledbetter

Health Holistic beauty & skincare


If you have been following along in here, you might know that my predominant dosha according to Ayurveda is ‘vata’.
I have written a longer blogpost before about what ayurveda and doshas are, and what the characteristics are for each dosha. But, today, I want to share some vata skincare tips with you.


Characteristics for vatas

You are most likely thin and have a delicate body type. You are prone to dryness, flakiness, dark sports, and premature fine lines and wrinkles (Hello me! Whenever it gets just a bit colder in, my skin are very prone to become dry).

Your skin type is normal to dry.


There are plenty of things you can do to ‘balance’ an imbalance. Here are some tips I’ve found, which can help your skin if you are predominantly vata.


Create routines

Try to create some routines and stick to them. Vatas are known for their creativity and tons of ideas, but they have a hard time sticking to things, even though they would benefit highly from this. Try to create some routines for yourself to get more grounded.

Get regular sleep

In connection with routines, getting a regular sleep is also so important. Try to go to bed at the same time each night, and you can also try to create a before-bed-time routine, something that relaxes you, calms you down and prepares you for sleep. That could be making a little evening skincare routine, with candles, slow music, followed by reading a book in bed with low lights.


Keep warm

Vatas freeze very easily (my boyfriend can vouch for this, I almost always have cold hands or feet). To balance vata it is therefore very important to keep your body warm. Wear warm clothes, gloves, scarfs. Eat warm food (soups, sautéed veggies). Drink herbal teas.


Gentle movement

Don’t over-exercise, but strive for more grounding activities. This could be yoga, walking, pilates, swimming, dancing, or shorter hikes.

Eat healthy fats

Healthy fats are so good for you and your skin, since these really moisturise your skin from the inside and out, and really keeps the skin hydrated. Healthy fats includes nuts, seeds and avocados.


Use gentle and moisturising skincare products

Use very gentle cleansers, so you don’t over-dry your skin. If you are a vata, you might know that feeling of very sensitive and irritated skin after having cleansed your face with a very ‘harsh’ cleanser – I do. For many years, when I was younger, I believed all those magazines telling me to buy this and that product to get rid of pimples etc., and all of the products were very harsh, so my skin for sure didn’t like that. After cleansing your face, you should moisturise it immediately after, to keep your skin hydrated. Look for warming and very moisturising products to use on your skin fx sesame, olive oil, shea butter and honey.


Cooked vegetables

Vatas need more warm, cooked vegetables. They do not do as well with raw vegetables, since this can help contribute to dryness and slow down digestion. Vatas usually already have slow digestion, so eating raw vegetables does not work that well for them. Try lightly cooking or steaming your veggies instead. Eating warm veggies is very grounding for vatas, which is exactly what they need. Warm veggies will also help warm them up from the inside and out.


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Happiness Holistic beauty & skincare


Winter is just around the corner, it actually snowed a little bit in Denmark the other day! That calls for lots of cozy times and self-care practices, to help with the mood and make the cold and dark Winter times a bit more enjoyable.


Here are 7 Cozy Winter Self-Care Practices

1. Drybrush your Skin

During Winter your skin tends to get a lot more dry. Something that can help with this is dry brushing your skin (preferably every day, or just before you take a shower). Dry brushing helps mildly exfoliate the skin and get rid of dead skin cells.


2. Use a Moisturising Body Butter

In coherence with dry brushing, what your skin would really love during the Winter is to get massaged into a really moisturising body butter after having taken a shower. I have a delicious and very easy recipe for a body butter right here, and you can also find a simple guide to it under ‘highlights’ on my Instagram.


3. Take a Footbath

Is there anything better than snuggling under a blanket, with a cup of tea, and a warm footbath while watching a good movie? I absolutely that I love this. Winter is the perfect time to give your feet some love, especially now that they are locked inside big boots for many months. I like to make a footbath with some epsomsalt and lemon juice.

5. Light a Candle

Winter time calls for candles. Am I right? It just creates such a cozy and comforting vibe to see candles lit inside your home.


6. Time for Tea

I can basically drink tea all year long, but Winter time especially calls for those warm drinks. Whether that be herbal teas, hot cacaos or a delicious smelling chai lattes. Pour yourself a warm drink, grab a blanket, light the candles and engage in a lovely book, your favourite movie or have a great talk with your best friends.

7. Yin Yoga

I might be a bit biased here, but Cathrine (my boss) has really showed me the wonders of Yin Yoga. Yin yoga is a very slow and deep yoga practice. You stay in each pose for 3-5 minutes, and you thereby get really deep into the stretches. It feels amazing, and it is so relaxing and it really calms you down. Yin yoga also calls for warm clothes and you usually finish off with a blanket over you in Savasana. You can either take a physical yin yoga class, or you can do it at home by fx using Yogavivo.


What are your favourite things to do during the Winter, to make life a little bit more enjoyable? Share them in the comments, and let’s inspire each other!


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Happiness Personal


The past week has been filled with lots of studying, great time with one of my best friends, coming home to valentines day to find that my boyfriend had bought me flowers and chocolate (so sweet, but I might have hinted it a bit too much, cause that is the first time in 5 years that that happens, nevertheless I’m so grateful and I love him so much) and I’ve been on a lovely yoga retreat with Cathrine on Samsø over the weekend <3

As you might have seen on Instagram, I’ve started tongue scraping and it’s incredibly satisfying once you first begin

I’ve also tried to make my very own face cream, and it turned out really well, it’s so thick and moisturising, perfect for dry winter skin!

I spend the weekend in this beautiful place (Mellem-Rummet) at Samsø on a yoga retreat held by Cathrine, and a lot of kind and loving people. We ate lots of delicious, healthy vegan food, practiced yoga, relaxed, drank herbal teas and just had time to just be. So lovely!

Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living


I have been looking for some new yoga clothing, because I simply just didn’t really have any good yoga clothing. And I do find it necessary to have some as I’m practicing more and more yoga nowadays. But as you might know, if you follow me regularly on my blog and Instagram, I don’t really want to support brands which do not take care of the environment and our Planet while producing their products. Therefore, I was very pleased to find the brand Yogamii.


Yogamii – Organic Yoga Clothing

Yogamii is a Danish brand which makes beautiful, organic yoga clothing. Their clothing has the GOTS certificate which means that you can trust that the clothing has been produced with care for both you, the environment and the people who produce the clothing. The clothing design is simple and comfortable and have been created with the intend of making you feel comfortable in whatever you are using the clothes for, whether that be yoga, exercising or just everyday life. Another amazing thing is that for every item you buy on their website, you also help support a girls orphanage in Arni (India) through the help of Danish Indian Child Care. I love brands who make sure to take care of the environment in their production and brands who support good causes as well.

I was grateful to be gifted the clothes on the pictures. I’ve also been trying out Yogamii’s clothes for a couple of hours of yoga filming with Cathrine and Yogavivo, and I feel absolutely comfortable in the clothing and I also think the design is very lovely. I can therefore definitely recommend you the brand.

I’m wearing a black strap top in x-small and black long tights in small on the pictures. 

Discount code

If you also want some organic yoga clothing, then I have a little discount code for you. In collaboration with Yogamii, I have a code for you which you can use on all of the items on Yogamii’s webshop. Thereby you can choose a pair of nice basic yoga pants, or a tank top or a warm blouse for the colder months or just for relaxing in when you are home. Or, if you know of anyone who is interested in yoga then it’s a perfect idea for a Christmas gift!

You get 15 % off on Yogamii’s webshop when you use the discount code “Camilla15”.

Inspirering people


Så blev det mandag, og tid til at kigge tilbage på den forgangne uges glæder. Mens i læser dette, så er jeg i Thailand med min kæreste. Men jeg har planlagt en del indlæg, så der kommer lidt op på bloggen imens jeg er væk.

/Then it became Monday and time to look back at the past week’s pleasures. While you’re reading this I’m in Thailand with my boyfriend. But I’ve planned some blogposts so there will come something up on the blog while I’m away.

Jeg har mødtes med og drukket matcha latte med søde Emilie <3

/I’ve met with and had a matcha latte with sweet Emilie <3 

Dagen efter mødtes jeg med Ida og Carolina, og Carolina har lagt en lille opskrift op på en skøn te opskrift som skulle være god til huden på hendes blog, så den har jeg drukket nonstop de sidste par dage

/The next day I met up with Ida and Carolina, and Carolina have shared a tea recipe on her blog which should be great for the skin, so I’ve been drinking it nonstop the last couples of days

Lørdag var jeg til en skøn yin yang yoga klasse med Cathrine

/Saturday I was at a lovely yin yang yoga class with Cathrine 

Og så har jeg jo pakket til at vi skulle afsted til Thailand!

/And then I’ve packed for Thailand!



Så blev det mandag, og sikke mørkt og gråt det er udenfor, men så er det jo dejligt at kunne kigge tilbage på sidste uges små og store glæder!

/Then it became Monday, and what a dark and gloomy weather it is outside, but then it is wonderful to look back at last week’s small and big joys!

Jeg har spist skønne rodfrugter.. mhmmm, dét og lækre græskar eller kartoffel supper er noget af det bedste spise på denne årstid!

/I’ve eaten lovely root vegetables .. mhmm that and lovely pumpkin or potato soups is just one of the best things to eat at this time of the year!

Jeg havde tænkt på jeg skulle samle kastanjer, men havde ikke lige fået gjort det – sjovt nok lå der en KÆMPE bunke på jorden nede ved stationen da jeg parkerede min cykel, så der samlede jeg lige en håndfuld op og tog med hjem 😉

/ I had thought about finding chestnuts, but haven’t gotten around to do it – but funny enough, then I found a HUGE pile of them lying on the ground at the train station when I parked my bike – so I picked up a handful and brought them home with me 😉

I torsdags var jeg inviteret til det fineste og hyggeligste event med MIILD make-up. Her mødte jeg søde Tanja og Tine som står bag mærket, og en masse andre søde piger, og lærte en hel del mere om deres skønne naturlige produkter

/Thursday I was invited to a lovely and cozy little event with MIILD make-up. Here I met the sweet founders Tanja and Tine, a lot of other sweet girls, and learned a lot more about their lovely natural products

Jeg fik også stjålet min cykel i sidste uge… det kommer ikke med som en af ugens glæder (tværtimod), men jeg fik smukke blomster af min søde mor, og jeg fik købt en ny cykel (som mine søde, søde forældre så mobilepayede mig beløbet på bagefter <3 )

/I also got my bike stolen… which is not a part of this week’s joys, but I got some beautiful flowers from my sweet mom, and I bought a new bike (which my sweet, sweet parents then mobilepayed me the entire amount of money afterwards <3 )

Noget der dog også hjalp lidt på at jeg fik stjålet min cykel, var at jeg endelig modtog min fine nye Atelier Aarhus kalender til 2018! Den er noget så fin, og jeg glæder mig til at tage den i brug. Jeg har jo haft deres kalender for 2017 og har været rigtig glad for den

/Something which helped on the fact that I got my bike stolen, was that I finally received my new Atelier Aarhus calendar for 2018. It is so pretty, and I’m looking very much forward to using it. I’ve had their calendar for 2017 and have been so happy about it

Så blev det lørdag og den startede ud med et skønt lille hyggeligt yoga event afholdt af Cathrine, og efterfulgt at smoothies, te-hygge og snak sammen med dem som deltog. Efterfølgende tog jeg hjem og slappede, og senere kom mine forældre og søster forbi til lidt te og hygge <3

/Then it became Saturday and that started with a lovely little yoga event held by Cathrine, followed by smoothies, tea-drinking and some talking with those who participated. Afterwards I went home and relaxed, and later my parents and sister came by for some tea and a cozy time <3

Søndag stod på endnu et skønt yoga event afholdt af Cathrine i samarbejde med OrganiCup (som jeg også har skrevet lidt om her). Det var sådan et fint event med en masse mennesker. Efterfølgende smuttede jeg og nogle veninder hjem til vores veninde til te, kage og fødselsdagshygge <3

/Sunday it was time for another lovely yoga event held by Cathrine together with OrganiCup (which I’ve also written about here). It was such a lovely event with a lot of people. Afterwards my friends and I went home to our friend for tea, cake and birthday celebration <3

Hvordan var din forgangne uge?
/How was your past week?



Så er det mandag, og tid til endnu en omgang af den forgangne uges små og store glæder!

/It’s Monday again and time for another round of the past week’s small and big joys!

Jeg var inde og se dokumentaren River Blue i  Empire Bio til et arrangement som Sustain Daily afholdte. Efterfølgende var der lidt bæredygtig tøj debat og after party hos Res Res lige overfor biografen.

/I went to see the documentary River Blue in Empire Bio which was an event hosted by Sustain Daily. Afterwards there was a little debate about sustainable clothing production and an after party at Res Res.

Jeg har vidst allerede nævnt et par gange, at jeg er vilde med de her sunde snickers. Forleden prøvede jeg at lave dem til små snickers kugler, dog uden chokolade ovenpå, og de var stadig mega gode!

/I think I’ve already mentioned how much I love these healthy snickers. The other day I tried to make some small snickers ball, but without chocolate on top, and they were still so good!

Jeg snuppede en Asthanga yoga klasse i DoYoga’s fine studie på Vesterbrogade – og det var skønt!

/I went for an Asthanga yoga class in DoYoga’s lovely studio at Vesterbrogade – and it was wonderful!

Jeg havde også besøg af sødeste Ida til te og croissant, snak og en god lang gå tur <3

/ I also got a visit from sweet Ida for a cup of tea and a croissant, some talking and a long good walk <3 

Jeg ved godt jeg er late-to-the-game, men jeg har først lige opdaget figner – og jeg er vild med dem!

/I know that I’m late-to-the-game, but I’ve just discovered figs – and I love them!

Søndag blev brugt på en masse forberedelse til den kommende uge (vasket tøj, meal prep, handlet ind og læst lidt lektier), men blev også brugt på ren afslapning, lidt hjemme yoga og masser af te <3

/ Sunday was spend with a lot of preparation for this week (washed clothes, meal prepping, bought groceries and read some homeworks), but it was also spend relaxing, some yoga at home and lots of tea <3

Hvordan var din uge?

/How was your week?

Health Holistic & Spiritual living


At have tid til sig selv, og tid til at lave lige hvad man gerne vil, er essentielt hvis man gerne vil have det godt. Hvis man ræser rundt fra det ene til det andet, kan det være svært at finde ud af hvad man egentlig gerne vil, og man kan blive helt stresset og udmattet.

Det kan jeg i hvert fald. Derfor prøver jeg så vidt muligt ikke at lave alt for mange aftaler hver evig eneste dag, men at prøve at have lidt fri tid i kalenderen, så der også er plads til ro, afslapning, fordybelse og selvforkælelse.

Mine bedste måder at slappe af på, og have mig-tid, er ved at:

– drikke en dejlig kop varm te
– fordybe mig i en spændende eller interessant bog
– gå ture udenfor i naturen
– lave yoga
– tænde lys
– lave noget lækkert og god mad (eller snacks, de her sunde snickersbidder er min all-time favourite snack for tiden!)
– drikke en god kop te eller kaffe latte med en god veninde, eller min mor, og bare snakke
– se spændende ting på youtube, eller en god dokumentar
– tegne eller male
– skrive mine drømme ned
– tage mig af min krop, ved at tørbørste den, give den et dejligt varmt bad, eller en god gang oliemassage

Hvad bruger du din mig-tid på? Og husker du at holde mig-tid? Hvis du har det med at glemme det, så vil jeg anbefale dig, at du bruger nogle timer i denne weekend på at gøre lige hvad du har lyst til, og husk at nyde det!


Having time for yourself, and time to do what you want is essential if we want to feel good. If you run around from one thing to the next, it can be difficult to figure out what you actually want, and you can get stressed out and exhausted.

Well, at least I can. Therefore I try my best not to schedule too many things every single day, but instead try to have some free time in my calendar, so there is also room for quiet, relaxing and some selfcare time.  

My best ways to relax, and have some me-time, is by:

– drinking a cup of nice warm tea
– dive into an interesting or fascinating book
– going for walks outside in nature
– doing yoga
– lid a candle 
– making some delicious and good food (or snacks, these healthy snicker bites are my all time favourite at the moment!)
– driking a cup of tea or caffe latte with a good friend, or my mom, and just talk
– watching interesting videos on youtube, or a good documentary
– painting or drawing
– writing down my dreams 
– taking care of my body, by dry brushing it, giving it a nice warm bath, or a lovely oil massage 

How do you spend your me-time? And do you remember to have some me-time? If you tend to forget about it, then I’ll recommend that you spend some hours this weekend to do exactly what you want to do, and remember to enjoy it!


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