Do you want to Transform your Health & take Your Life to the next level?

Do you know the feeling of wanting to incorporate new healthy habits into your life, or wanting to start on the project you’ve been dreaming on for ages – but you just can’t seem to get started, or keep the habit going?

I want to help you with transforming your life and take your health, well-being and life to the next level! ✨🌿

By choosing to invest in yourself with a 3- or 6-month program you will give yourself a gift for life!

I will be there all along the way to coach you and to give you simple, efficient tips on how to improve your health and life. But more importantly, I will be there to support you and keep you accountable, so that you really get the motivation to start working on yourself and change your life!


A 3- or 6-month Holistic Health Coaching Program. This program is for you who have health issues that you want to work on, or for you have health goals that you want to reach.

Perhaps you struggle with digestive issues? Skin problems? Or you might have hormonal imbalances? Or perhaps you dream of getting more relaxed and just live an overall happier and healthier life?

If you feel like the above statements sounds like you, then this program is for you!

In this program we work on what you can do to overcome your health problems, and reach your health goals. Even though health might be our main focus, we are going to look at your life through a holistic view-point – meaning that both mind and body affect one another.

You should therefore be open to the idea that there might be other things, than just what you eat and whether you exercise, that affect your health and well-being. We will look at your body and your life as a whole and find out where we can work to solve the deeper issues at play.

What to expect?

I’m here to help, guide and support you all the way – but in the end, the progress you make is up to you. I’ll give you guidance & recommendations and be there to keep you accountable, but whether you actually take the action steps & are open to changing your mindset and habits – that’s all up to you.

But I’ll be be forever grateful to work with you & help support you in changing your life to make it your best life!


Over 3- or 6-months we will meet together 2 times x month (with 2 weeks apart) for 40-50 minutes per session. We will find a time and day that fits us both, and then we’ll meet at the same day and same time every other week.

I do coaching sessions in both English and Danish, so wherever you’re from and what language you prefer is all up to you.

I’m personally born and raised in Denmark and speak Danish fluently, but I have taken an English course in Oxford and done my entire Bachelor and Master’s programme in English, so I’ll be very happy to work with you if you’re not from Denmark as well.


The sessions will be done online through Skype, so you can sit from the comfort of your home. Get yourself comfortable, make a cup of tea and remember that this is YOU taking time to do something good for you! Enjoy every step of the way.

How much?

As I’m currently still studying to become a Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and am new to coaching I will currently be offering these sessions at a relatively low price – as my main goal right now is to get more experience with coaching, and of course – help you to reach your goals and transform your life!


You can either choose to pay in full, or you can pay 375 DKKR,- / $58 pr. session

*If you are interested in knowing more about the program and getting to know me better, then I offer free Health History consultations. Here we meet online for 30 minutes and go through your own personal health history, your health problems and your goals.

If you want a free Health History session, or want to sign up for 3- or 6-month program, then send me an email at: camilla.tromborg@hotmail.com with the title “Health Coaching Program” or send me a DM on Instagram ✨🌿