Are you an artist or a creative, and sometimes feel lack of motivation, feel uninspired, or do not believe in the work that you do? Then I have 4 very motivating and inspiring books for you to read that will give you back that creative spark!

The War of Art – by Steven Pressfield

This little wonderful book is all about breaking through the blocks and winning your own creative battles. It is divided into 3 parts ‘resistance’, ‘combating resistance’ and ‘beyond resistance’. And I’ll almost guarantee you, that after having read this you’ll feel more motivated than ever to get back to your writing, painting or whatever creative callings you might have.

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Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear – by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic by Elisabeth Gilbert is a book for creatives. Creatives of all kinds, whether you are a writer, painter, singer, and not only for ‘professional creatives’, but also for people who just practice being creative at home. It’s really inspirering, and gives you such a motivational spark to embrace curiosity and just start creating every time you feel that creative flow coming.

It’s also about overcoming the fear we might have that stop us from creating, which is such a shame, because as she mentions in the book, creating shouldn’t just be for coming up with a final result which we can ‘give’ to others or sell, creating should be something we do for the sake of the experience of creating something, because that is such a wonderful thing.

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The Magic of Thinking Big – by David Schwartz

The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz is all about how we limit ourselves by our beliefs. We can only achieve what we let ourselves believe is possible. He encourages people to think BIG!

Most importantly of all, he encourages people to ACT on their dreams & visions. Because without action, you will never reach your dreams. He uses this lovely phrase “Action cures fear“. It is such a great phrase, and something I can definitely recognise. Sometimes we work things up in our head, overthink and everything and we never get to do the things we want to do. However, as soon as we start, flow follows and we find that it really isn’t that hard, we just have to take action and begin.

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Light is the New Black – by Rebecca Campbell

This book is all about following what lights you up. Because by doing to, you’ll light up the world. This is a guide for a new generation of women who are here to light up this world (lightworkers, as she calls it). She talks about how we are in transformation into a new age, where everything we do must be an authentic expression of who we truly are.
This book is not for everyone, but if it calls you in some way, I’ll encourage you to read it.

Get it here: Light is the New Black – Rebecca Campbell *

Question for you: Is there any of this books you would want to read? Or perhaps you have another recommendation for creative beings? Then please share it, I would love to hear!

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