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Everything in life is about balance. Which is why balancing masculine and feminine energy is vital for your health and well-being ✨

We might be classified as ‘female’ or ‘male’ based on our gender, but all individuals have both masculine and feminine energies inside of them, and these needs to be balanced if we want to live a life in harmony and health.

If we are too much in our masculine (yang) energy, we’ll eventually burn out – as this is very much “go go go” energy, with focus on taking action and getting results.

Whereas if we are too much in our feminine (yin) energy, we’ll never get anything done as this is very much about resting, relaxing and nurturing.

Both energies are important in our lives, but we need them both. It’s all about balance. We need both the light and the dark. We need the individual and the collective. We need the warm and the cold.

Just think about this:

It’s all wonderful to dream and envision how we would like our life to be like (yin), but we also need to step up and take action towards achieving those dreams (yang).

It’s good to go out and socialize with others (yang), but we also need time to be still and tune in with ourselves (yin).

It’s good to move your body and be active (yang), but you also need to take time to rest, relax and let your body recover (yin).

Life is all about finding balance – and it will never be 100% perfect – and it shouldn’t be a goal to strive for the perfect balance. But you can learn to use the Yin and Yang energies in your life. If you have been working hard, then remember to take some time off to relax. If you have been too inactive for a longer period of time, take time to come up and move your body.

Always remember that we need both in our life to find balance ✨

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