Everyday Happiness


(We finally got our kitchen back, after a bigger renovation, because of some water damage in the roof) 


(I received my course diploma from the online health course that I’ve been taken from AT WORK skolen)


(I’ve been all about the candles lately, and am slowly getting ready for Christmas!)


(Spend Friday at my parents house, and saw this beautiful sunset)


(Ate this colorful, healthy and delicious plate for lunch the other day)


(Spend Saturday evening volunteering in the Opera for DIGNITY, and saw Stine Bramsen, Oh Land, Benal and Karl William sing) 


(I had a lot of good intentions for how productive I was going to be this Sunday. I had planned to write on my exam project, go to the gym and make myself a juice – not one of those things happened, but I had the most relaxing day in a long time and watch some movies and relaxed with my boyfriend) 

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and weekend, and that you’re ready for this upcoming week as well!
All the pictures are from my Instagram account which you can find right here

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