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Lina and I connected on Instagram as we turned out to have the exact same passions. Lina is a Certified Mindset Coach and EFT practitioner, and she helps people ditch their fears and shine their light. Lina is from Lithuania, but I was lucky enough to meet up with her when she visited Denmark a couple of months ago, and I’m so inspired by her, and I’m sure you’ll find lots of inspiration from her as well in this interview. Please welcome, Lina.

Dear Lina, will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do? 

Of course! I’m Lina Skukauskė, a mindset coach and EFT practitioner helping women live more conscious and authentic lives. I’m really passionate about how our beliefs and emotions affect our reality and through deep inner work, I help my clients to ditch their fears and shine their light.

Though I work with people in a few different formats- online 1:1 sessions, Women’s Circles, and workshops my goal is always to create a safe space for connection, healing and deep exploration of how we can live the most joyous and fulfilling lives. Lives where we listen not to the outside norms, but first of all to our heart and soul. 

In personal life, I’m a woman who can’t live without creativity, whether that’s drawing mandalas, mixing up healthy plant-based meals, writing or taking photos (I worked as a professional photographer for 7 years and still really love photography). Spontaneous intuitive dance sessions, time with friends discussing all kinds of mind-opening topics (or simply laughing and goofing around) and being in nature make me really happy.

Can you tell what EFT is?

I sometimes jokingly say it’s magic! EFT (which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a combination of Western psychology and stimulation of certain acupressure points from Chinese medicine and it’s used to shift negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This technique can be used in a few different ways.

On the most basic level, it’s a quick and effective self-help tool to release negative emotions and stress. Though what fascinates me as a practitioner is a deeper level of EFT which allows you to do deep inner work to heal past traumas. And I don’t necessarily mean big traumas (though EFT is great and scientifically researched for serious issues like, for example, PTSD). With my clients I love working on smaller traumas- we all have negative experiences that affected how we perceive ourselves and during which we made certain subconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Negative childhood experiences, break-ups, being fired from a job, etc. – all of these leave negative consequences and diminish our confidence, inner peace, and self-love.

Our subconscious beliefs are thoughts that we often consciously know are not logical but we feel them to be true, things like “I’m unloveable”, “I’m stupid”. Through using EFT and rewriting our subconscious programming- the real cause of our “blocks” in life- we can change how we think, feel and act.

“Our subconscious beliefs are thoughts that we often consciously know are not logical, but we feel them to be true, things like “I’m unloveable”, “I’m stupid”

When did you first learn about EFT yourself?

Hm, I think the first time was in 2013. I saw Marie Forleo’s ‘Marie TV’ episode about EFT and thought that it’s interesting but I didn’t try it practically then.

The same year I was in one spiritual retreat where one of the things we explored for a bit was EFT. The lady who led the retreat asked for volunteers and I suggested myself. I experienced something that is not the norm but sometimes happens in EFT- “one-minute wonder”. I did some basic EFT about a phobia I had for about 10 minutes and never experienced it again. This, as I said, is not the normal thing in EFT but it does happen sometimes and it obviously got me thinking- how I could I feel one way for my whole life and suddenly feel like the problem doesn’t exist anymore?

I still didn’t get into a habit of using EFT, but then when I had it for the second time it really helped me- I used it to minimize my fear in a speleology trip (I’m not an extreme sports person, it’s a long story how I got into this trip!). It basically saved my trip and allowed me to experience awesome things I otherwise would have been too afraid to even try and since then I started using it on many other issues and later on went to study and got certified in it.

Which experiences in your life have had a big impact on your own self-development?

There were many- I think the starting point for me was when I became a vegetarian- it then started many other changes in my life- I quit using alcohol, changed my lifestyle and this led to a more conscious living where I started to explore how to create what I desire instead of feeling a victim of life’s circumstances. That eventually led to yoga and other practices and exploring spirituality and manifestation.

Some key things that definitely had a big impact on my own personal-development were traveling and living abroad- being immersed in other cultures allows you to see the world and yourself very differently, it’s both challenging and very rewarding.

Starting my own business- first unsuccessful, then two successful ones- definitely huge, too! I’d say starting a business is a massive learning curve and a constant personal growth journey that kind of never ends.

Trusting my intuition and diving deep to follow my passion and study personal development was really life-changing, too and I’m still on this journey, just the subjects that I’m studying are changing. After studying to become an EFT practitioner and a life coach I spent a year during which I was really focused on doing deep inner work to grow and transform myself, working with other EFT practitioners and coaches. I still remember this year as one of the best years in my life- definitely had its challenging moments but also so many joyful and freeing experiences!

And I wouldn’t be completely honest if I wouldn’t mention my divorce – last year was kind of a test of who I am and whether my practices really work… 
It’s easy to be positive and do the “right things” when you’re feeling well, but when you’re going through a difficult time it gives you a chance to meet yourself in a completely different way- who are you then?

I’m glad that after that experience I came out stronger, happier, and still kind instead of resentful. And definitely believing in my “toolkit” much more because I used all of the practices I know to get through that rough time 🙂 And since the divorce, I dove deep into studying everything about relationships and masculine and feminine energies and this, plus now being in a new relationship, is another wonderful chapter of personal development 🙂

Which books have changed your life?

I love reading and there are many books that were impactful! But there are few that I went back to again and again: “Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “Awaken the giant within” by Tony Robbins, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, “Light is the new black” by Rebecca Campbell. And Abraham-Hicks books!

What do you feel the world needs more of?

Understanding that they’re not only this physical body. Self-awareness. Kindness- to the planet, animals, and each other. 

Do you have some daily rituals that you do every single day? 

Each day (with very rare exceptions) I start my day with something I call morning rituals. What I do each day during those early hours is different and depends on my mood and where I am in my feminine cycle.

Some things that I choose from are: gratitude, doing readings with oracle cards to connect with Higher guidance, prayer, intuitive dance, journaling, reading through my big vision that I want to manifest, yoga or running, meditating, breathwork, EFT, or sometimes creativity- I LOVE how much inspiration is in those early hours when most people are still sleeping so sometimes I use this time to paint, draw or write.

I’m a huge believer in life-long learning so I also try to incorporate at least a bit of learning into my day- whether that’s studying material from some of the online courses I’m doing, reading or listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

Which 3 people have inspired you most in your life? 

Such a hard question! Probably Marie Forleo, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Rebecca Campbell, though there are so many inspiring people!

If people want to learn more about you or support you in any kind of way, where can they do this? 

I post regularly on IG and I’m on stories daily so you could check

My website is currently being re-designed but you can normally find me at

I’m on Facebook, too, but I use my personal account more than my page, so you could just find me there as Lina Skukauskė 🙂

Thank you so much dear for answering my questions, and for being such a beautiful human being and thank you for all that you share!

Thank you for this opportunity dear! I love your vibe and what you’re sharing with the world, too and I’m looking forward to another cozy meeting in Copenhagen 🙂

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