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Today it’s going to be all about more sustainable Christmas gifts! Maybe you’ve already found most of the Christmas gifts, or maybe you’ve stopped receiving and giving gifts? Nonetheless, here you get some Christmas gift ideas which is a bit more sustainable. These are also great suggestions to give if you know of anyone being interested in zero waste and sustainability.

1. Experiences 
Get plenty of ideas for experiences to give right here.

2. Stainless steel straws
Stainless steel straws isn’t just pretty, they also help reduce plastic.

3. A wooden hair brush
A good wooden hairbrush is a lovely thing to give in a present, mainly to women.

4. Safety razor
A safety razor is a perfect gift for someone interested in “zero waste”.

5. A reusable to-go cup 
A reusable to-go cup is a cool gift, especially because there are so many different ones on the market. Fx are the ecoffee cup or the KeepCup some good suggestions.

6. A cool reusable bag 
Who doesn’t love reusable canvas bags? I’m in love with this one

7. Skincare in glass or tin
A lovely oil, a good face creme or a facial scrub in glass or tin, then it doesn’t get much better. Some good suggestions are brands such as Isangs or Voelve

8. A homemade bodyscrub  
There is nothing like homemade gifts, give your mom, aunt or sister a lovely homemade bodyscrub which they can use for real selfcare days.

9. A homemade bodylotion 
Another lovely gift to give is a homemade body lotion. If you want to give a really nice gift, then you can make both the bodylotion and the bodyscrub and perhaps also give a dry brush. It’s the ultimate selfcare gift.

10. Give a tree 
What is more sustainable to give a person who loves the climate, than a tree? At least I cannot think of anything more sustainable to give a person, and I’m sure anyone loving the Planet would love getting that as a gift.

11. Give a subscription
It can be a subscription for Netflix, Spotify, Mofibo, Yogavivo or something else. Of course the subscription should match with the person you are giving the gift to.

12. Reusable cotton pads 
Reusable cotton pads is a great gift. It’s a super simple way to save the Planet for more unnecessary trash, and they are just really pretty!

13. Soy candles 
There are so many lovely soy candles, and what is more Christmasy and cozy to give than candles? Just look at these here and here.

14. Organic bed linen
If you’re looking for some organic bed linen it can become an expensive thing to buy. Therefore it’s a perfect thing to give to someone who loves sustainability. Just look at these here and here.

15. Organic clothes and underwear 
Just like the above, giving organic clothes and underwear is a great gift idea. There are many lovely brands such as Organic Basics, Woron or Dilling Underwear.

16. Natural make-up 
Miild makes the most lovely make-up out of pure and natural ingredients, and the packaging which the make-up comes in is made out of 90% recycled cardboard.

17. Kindle
If you know someone who loves to read, then a Kindle is a perfect gift idea. A Kindle is kind of an “iPad”, but where you can only read books on it. It’s specifically designed to be small and handy, and the screen is designed so it doesn’t reflect lighting and it’s therefore perfect to read on.

18. Plants
Plants are always lovely! Give a plant which you know the person you are giving it to will love.

19. Giftcards
Give a giftcard to a place you know where the person you are giving it to will buy from. It could fx be a giftcard to study books if it’s a student, or a giftcard to a shop selling sustainable products if that is what the person is interested in.

20. Give money to a charity organisation
If you’re going to give a gift to someone who loves animals, then give the money to a charity which supports animals, or refugees or something else, and give a little card where you mention how the gift has helped someone else in need.

Do you have any other great gift ideas? And what is on your wishlist for Christmas?

Environment Sustainable Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


Many of us want to live a more sustainable life and take better care of the Planet. But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what more you can actually do in order to do this. That is why I’ve made a little list of things which I’ve found in my research for how I personally can strive for living a more sustainable life, and you might find some inspiration too. If you have more suggestions, then please share them below in the comment section so that we can all learn from them!


30 things you can do to live a more sustainable life:

1. Change your shampoo and conditioner to a shampoo bar and a hairtonic

2. Switch your ordinary cleanser to a soap bar

3. Switch to a menstrual cup instead of pads and tampons

4. Ditch the plastic straws and go without or use stainless steel or glass straws instead

5. Use a canvas bag when buying groceries, and say no to plastic bags

6. Switch to a safety razor instead of conventional plastic razors

7. Say no to junk mails

8. Buy secondhand when in need of new clothing, or support an awesome sustainable brand

9. Use reusable cotton pads for make-up removal instead of single-use cotton pads

10. Invest in your own water bottle and stop buying plastic bottles

11. Get a reusable to-go cup and bring it with you when you are going for a cup of tea or coffee to-go, instead of getting it in single-use to-go cups

12. Switch to a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic one

13. Buy soy candles instead of stearine candless

14. Make your own body lotion, or use coconut oil or another oil on your body instead of buying lotions in plastic containers

15. Always just strive for buying wooden, stainless steel or glass things instead of plastic

16. When buying groceries, stop putting vegetables and fruits in small plastic bags. Either just choose to ditch the plastic bag, or buy some small reusable bags which you can use again and again

17. Try soapberries when doing laundry instead of regular laundry detergent which normally comes in a plastic bottle

18. Make your own face masks, face scrub, body scrub etc. You can use many things from your kitchen for this; bananas, oats, honey, green tea, coffee grounds, cucumber etc.

19. Invest in quality pieces which can last you for a longer time rather than small cheap pieces which is going to break quicker

20. Make your own deodorant, or buy one in a tin container instead

21. Cut down on meat, or stop eating meat all together, since the agriculture industry is one of the world’s most polluting industries (plus there are lots of delicious vegan recipes out there!)

22. Give experiences when giving gifts, or try to make something yourself – fx a homemade body lotion or body scrub for your mom?

23. Switch to compostable bags instead of regular plastic bags in your kitchen

24. Try vegan food wraps for food storage instead of tin foil or kitchen foil

25. Rent books at the library before deciding whether you really want to buy them, or read books on a kindle

26. If possible, buy your things in bulk and bring your own containers to fill up to avoid packaging. If not, try fx to see if it is possible to buy fx rice in cupboard packaging instead of in a plastic bag, and go for that option instead

27. Turn off electronics and lights when you are not using them

28. Learn how to separate waste properly. Glass in the glass container, compost old food and flowers etc.

29. Use the bike, or walk, whenever possible

30. Buy things in season, and buy more locally. Fx eat root vegetables during Autumn, and strive for supporting local businesses rather than buying overseas since this is going to be shipped either by plane or with a ship and is a lot more polluting than buying locally


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DIY Sustainable & Conscious living Zero waste


Mit første DIY (do it yourself)-projekt under min zero waste rejse var at prøve at lave min egen tandpasta. Det var enormt nemt, godt nok kan jeg prøve nok så mange produkter af på min hud uden at være bekymret, men jeg må nok indrømme at jeg er lidt mere forsigtig i forhold til tandpleje, da jeg ikke tør at risikere at der pludselig er noget galt med mine tænder. Så jeg bruger den hjemmelavede tandpasta engang imellem, men jeg supplerer stadig med en købe tandpasta størstedelen af tiden (Aloe vera tandpasta fra Forever Living). Jeg ved dog at der er mange zero wastere som kun bruger den hjemmelavede tandpasta opskrift, og Lauren Singer har brugt den i årevis og har ganske fine tænder!

Men, hvis du også gerne vil prøve at lave din egen tandpasta, så følg med her!

2 spsk kokosolie
1 spsk natron
15-20 dråber pebermynte æterisk olie
En lille smule stevia pulver

Du blander simpelthen bare alle ingredienserne sammen i et glas og rører godt rundt, og så har du tandpasta! Pga. kokosolien som smelter ved for meget varme, kan den have tendens til at blive for ‘vandet’. Hvis det sker, propper du den bare ind i køleskabet i lidt tid, og så stivner den og bliver klar til brug. Jeg opbevarer normalt min tandpasta i køleskabet, og de dage jeg bruger den, husker jeg bare at tage den ud ca. 1-2 timer før jeg skal bruge den.

My very first DIY (do it yourself)-project during my zero waste journey was to try to make my own toothpaste. It was incredibly easy, but while I have no problems trying products on my skin without much concern – I must admit that I am a bit more cautious when it comes to dental hygiene, since I do not want to take any risk with my teeth. So I use this homemade toothpaste once in a while, but I still complement with using a bought toothpaste most of the time (Aloe vera toothpaste from Forever Living). However, I do know that many zero wasters are only using the homemade toothpaste recipe, and Lauren Singer has used it for years and have fine teeth! 

But, if you want to make your own toothpaste, then follow along!

2 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tbsp of baking soda
15-20 drops of peppermint essential oil
A little bit of stevia powder

You simply combine all the ingredients together into a glass and mix it well together, and then you have toothpaste! Because of the coconut oil melts at too warm temperatures, it can have a tendency to become too liquid. If that happens you can just pop it into the refrigerator for a while and it will stiffen and become ready to use. I normally store my toothpaste in the refrigerator, and the days that I use it I just remember to take it out 1-2 hours before I need to use it.

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DIY Sustainable & Conscious living


Denne opskrift er tyvstjålet fra Lauren Singer fra Trash is for Tossers. Det er altså opskriften på at lave en naturlig deodorant. Jeg har selv lige lavet den, og er spændt på om den kommer til at fungere, hvilket jeg skam nok skal melde tilbage omkring.

Opskrift på deodorant
2 spsk arrowrod pulver (kan fås i helsekost butikker)
1 spsk natron
1 spsk kokosolie
1 spsk sheasmør
Få dråber af eget valg æterisk olie

Først blander du arrowrod, natron, kokosolie og sheasmør i en dobbeltkoger, og rører rundt indtil det bliver helt flydende. Så tilføjer du nogle få dræber af æterisk olie af eget valg, jeg proppede 2 dråber af tea tree oil i min, fordi jeg ikke er så fan af deodorant med for kraftig duft. Så hælder du det op i et glas eller beholder der kan lukkes, og sætter det i køleskabet i ca. 20 minutter indtil det er blevet hårdt. Så er meningen bare at man smører lidt af massen under sine arme og voila, så har man hjemmelavet naturlig deodorant!

This recipe I’ve completely stolen from Lauren Singer from Trash is for Tossers. It is a recipe for how to make your own natural deodorant. I’ve just made this myself the other day, and I’m excited to try out if it actually works, which I of course will report back about.

Recipe for deodorant
2 tbsp of arrowroot powder
1 tbsp of baking soda
1 tbsp of coconut oil
1 tbsp of sheabutter
A few drops of your own choice of essential oil

You start out by mixing arrowroot, baking soda, coconut oil and shea butter in a double boiler, and stir it around until it becomes liquidy. Then you add a few drops of essential oil of your own choice, I used 2 drops of tea tree oil in mine, because I’m not a huge fan of deodorants with a strong smell. Then you pour it up into a glass which can be closed, and put it into the fridge for about 20 minutes until it has hardened. Then you can just put it under your armpit and voila, there you have a homemade natural deodorant!

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Holistic beauty & skincare Sustainable & Conscious living


Jeg er på det sidste begyndt at lave mine egne hjemmelavede produkter. Jeg finder det ikke kun ganske sjovt og hyggeligt, men ved at lave mine egne produkter ved jeg også præcis hvad de indeholder. På den måde kan jeg sikre mig at det jeg putter i og på min krop er så naturligt og godt for mig som muligt.

Husk på at din hud er kroppens største organ, og hvad du propper på den bliver absorberet ind i din krop. Du bør derfor altid prøve at gå efter så naturlige produkter som overhovedet muligt. Og hertil kommer de hjemmelavede produkter ind i spil. Her kan du nemlig tilføje lige nøjagtig de ingredienser du vil bruge, og ikke mere end det.

Der er mange produkter i dag som proklamerer at de er naturlige, og uden dit og dat, men kigger du ingrediens listen igennem så finder du hurtigt ud af at det indeholder en masse ting. Og oftest en masse navne som du slet slet ikke kender til. Dette kan du undgå ved at prøve at lave dine egne produkter. Og som sagt, så er det faktisk rigtig hyggeligt og sjovt.

Jeg er blevet mere optaget af mottoet “less is more”, og især når det kommer til hudpleje. Før i tiden har jeg altid brugt tonsvis af forskellige slags hudpleje rens, skrub, toner, serum, cremer osv. Men er nu kommet frem til at jeg for det meste af tiden bare bør lade min hud klare sig selv. Så nu holder jeg mig til bare at bruge vand, lidt sæbe engang imellem og olie til at fugte huden (hvis bumserne nærmer sig, dupper jeg lidt tea tree oil på dem, som er med til at udtørre dem).

Jeg skal nok dele opskrifterne på de forskellige produkter jeg laver med jer herinde, så i også selv kan prøve at lave dem.

Har du selv prøvet at lave dine egne produkter? Og i så fald, hvilke?

I have recently started to make my own homemade products. I find it quiet fun and cozy, and by making my own products I know exactly what is in them. In this way I can ensure that what I put inside or on my body is as natural and good for me as possible.

Remember that you skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it gets absorbed into your body. You should there always try to go after as natural products as possible. And this is where homemade products come into the picture. Because by making your own products you can choose exactly which ingrediens you want in the products, and nothing more.

There are many products in the market today who proclaims to be natural and free from this and that, but if you look at the ingrediens list you will find that they contain a lot of things. And often a lot of names which you don’t even know what are. You can avoid this by making your own products. And as I said, it is actually quiet cozy and fun.

I’ve become very fascinated by the motto “less is more”, and especially when it comes to skincare. Earlier on I used to use so many different products on my skin cleansing, scrubs, toners, serums, creams etc. But I have come to realize that it is better to mainly just let my skin handle itself. So now I just stick to using water, a little bit of soap sometimes and some oil to moisturize my skin (and if the pimples are coming, I just put a little bit of tea tree oil on them which will make them dry out).

I will of course share the recipes for the different products I’m making with you, so that you can try to make your own products as well.

Have you tried making any products yourself? Which ones?

Holistic beauty & skincare

Make Your Own Natural Face Mask – BANANA HONEY

I dag har jeg lavet en lille video til jer, hvor I får opskriften på en hjemmelavet ansigtmaske. Ansigtsmasken består af 1/2 banan, 1 tsk honning og 5 dråber citronsaft.

Denne ansigtsmaske er super god til hvis man har tør hud, da den går ind og fugter huden godt igennem. Derudover har den også en anti-aging effekt, og så hjælper den også med at bekæmpe bumser. Selv bruger jeg masken i ca. 10 minutter, derefter skyller jeg den af med vand og tager noget olie (mandel eller kokos) i hovedet.

Today I have made a little video where I give you the recipe for a homemade face mask.
The face mask consist of 1/2 banana, 1 tsp of honey and 5 drops of lemon juice.

This face mask is really good if you have dry skin, because it hydrates the skin. Besides that it also has an anti-aging effect, and it helps prevent pimples and acne. I use the face mask for about 10 minutes, hereafter I rinse it off with water and put on some oil (almond or coconut) in my face.