There are many ways to take of yourself. When we think of self-caring acts, we usually tend to think about going to a spa, or putting on a face mask. But taking good care of yourself can be done in many kind of ways 🙏✨

Taking care of yourself also means doing things in your every day life that makes your life better, makes you feel better and more at ease and peace. It means doing the things you have to do in a more loving, fun way.

Let’s take an example; you have to clean your house, instead of seeing it as a duty, and something you dread to do, change the way you look at it: see it as a time to put some of your all-time-favourite-music in your ears and dance around while you clean and tidy up, or perhaps you prefer listening to an awesome podcast? Or an audiobook?

Also think about it this way, cleaning up your house and decluttering is a self-caring act. Because when you have a space that you feel happy about, you feel better – and that is self-care.

5 Self-Caring Acts

  • Clean Your House
    As just mentioned, having a clean house, and a tidy space, can be the best kind of self-care. Because when you have clutter all over in your physical environment, it can be so hard to fully relax or get ideas and inspiration. Create a space where you feel good. And look at the act of keeping it that way as a self-caring act.
  • Meal Prep
    Mealprepping is such a self-caring act. Because by preparing delicious, healthy food in bigger batches, makes sure that you always have good, healthy food at hand whenever you start to feel hungry. Set aside some time each week to prepare a big batch of food which you can have for lunch or dinner for the next couple of days. This takes away daily ‘stress’ of having to find out, buy and make food, and just makes life so much easier.
  • Buy Healthy Groceries
    In connection to meal prepping, the act of buying loads of healthy groceries is such a self-caring act. Set time aside during the week to load your fridge with delicious, healthy food, so you always have good options available to you at home.
  • Take Deep Belly Breaths
    Take time to pause during the day and FULLY breathe. Make your stomach big, and fully breathe in fresh air, and breathe out. Often we tend to forget about the simple act of fully breathing during the day, and we just do these small shallow breaths. Just taking deep breaths is so vital for our health and all our cells in our body. Remember to take those small pauses during the day for yourself.
  • Minimise your To-Do List
    Having too much on your to-do list is the easiest way to overwhelm yourself and ending up not getting anything done, or just to keep disappointing yourself by never finishing all the things you have put on the list. This is not a way of taking care of yourself. Strive for only putting 3 big things on your to-do list during the day, and then if you accomplish more things – great, celebrate and be happy about that. But try to minimise your to-do’s and you’ll start celebrating the things you actually get done, which will give you more encouragement and energy to do more things!

Question for you: What kind of self-caring acts comes to mind when you read this? Do you do something that you have never thought about as ‘self-care’ before, but which actually makes you feel so good? Share and let’s all inspire each other! ✨

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