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Sometimes we do not follow our passions, our hearts, we don’t spend money on that certain book or course that sparks our interest, and we’re thereby inhibiting our own growth potential. So today I want to ask you; do you give yourself room to grow? 🌿🌿

Back in April I shared an Instagram post about how I was going to repot my plant, because it wanted to grow bigger – but it couldn’t because of the pot that it was in was too small. I wrote about how it’s important to give room for plants – and ourselves – to grow bigger; invest in yourself, take a course, go travel, move, get a new job etc. that will help you grow, because if you don’t give yourself room to grow and the space and capacity to do so, you will not be able to reach new heights.

Picture from my Instagram back in April (2020)

The beautiful thing is that that little plant that you see in the picture above, is now this new plant that you can see in the picture below:

Isn’t that just beautiful?

And I truly feel like, just like the plant has grown over the past few months – I have as well.

I had been wanting to take the Holistic Health Coach education for years, but hadn’t truly “allowed” myself to do so – until Summer last year, where I finally signed up for it – and I can’t even begin to describe my own growth and transformation over this past year. It has been full of ups and downs, but I’ve reached new heights that I would never have had, if I hadn’t followed my own heart and passion and decided to sign up for the program.

So hereby just a little reminder for you – to follow those small nudges, your intuition when it’s telling you to buy a certain book, invest in a course, go to a certain place etc. – follow your heart, and remember to give yourself permission to GROW! 🌿✨✨

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Establishing new habits can be difficult, as we are such creatures of habit who are just living on auto-pilot most of the time. So a trick to implementing new habits, is to bind your new habit to an already existing one 🌿✨

Perhaps you know the feeling – you want to start that new healthy habit! You’re all excited, and ready to just DO it! You remember to do it for the first week, then wupsi, you forget one day. Then two more, and suddenly you’ve forgotten about that new habit you wanted to implement, because it’s not a natural part of your daily routines.

So how exactly do you implement these new habits, and remind yourself of them?

First tip – write it down! Things are way more likely to happen if you write them down, and set an actual goal.

But second of all – bind your new habit, to an already existing one.

What does that mean?

It means that if you fx want to start using positive affirmations in your daily life, that you then tie that new habit to an already existing one – like brushing your teeth. You could fx put a post-it with positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror, and then when you brush your teeth, you could read them to yourself.

Or perhaps you want to start to start meditating, then tie that habit to your existing habit of making a cup of tea: after I make my morning tea, I will go meditate for 5 minutes.

This method is also known as “Habit stacking”, which says that one of the best ways to build a new habit is to identify a current habit you already do each day, and then stack your new behaviour on top. This method I got directly from James Clear’s book “Atomic Habits”, which I will highly recommend you to read!

So tell me, what new habit do you want to implement in your life? And which existing habit can you then tie it to? 🌿

Do you want to make changes in your life? Real lifestyle changes? It can be the hardest thing sometimes to do it all by yourself, therefore it can be so beneficial to have someone to support you and keep you accountable.

You can read more about my 3- & 6-month Holistic Health Coaching Programs right here 🌿🌿



The way you talk to yourself matters. It actually matters way more than you might have previously thought. Which is why becoming aware of your own self-talk is essential for your own health, happiness and growth 💕✨

The things we say to ourselves are running on repeat, and often times – we don’t even notice it.

We are not even aware of the things we say to ourselves in our head, because we’ve just become so used to it being that way.

But have you ever witnessed your own thought for just 1 day?

How often do you criticise yourself? How often do you talk down to yourself? How often do you blame yourself?

It’s so easy to talk really badly to yourself, when we would NEVER say any of those things to a friend or a child.

This is where the concept of seeing your inner child comes into play. Think about every time you screw up, you make a mistake, you do something you shouldn’t have done – how would you then speak to a friend or a child?

THAT is the way you should speak to yourself as well. Be kind, be patient, let it be okay to make mistakes, encourage your inner self, motivate, inspire yourself – don’t talk yourself down.

Our worst critics – are often ourselves. Which honestly, is sad. Can’t we turn that around and become our own best cheerleader? ✨


Take 1 day this upcoming week where you pay attention to the things you say to yourself in your head. Just notice the thoughts, become aware of what you go around in every day.

Now try to replace every negative thought you come up with, with a positive and more encouraging one 💕✨

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Do you know the feeling of setting big goals and dreams, but keep letting yourself down because you can’t stick to them? The key here is that small wins builds more self-confidence! 💕✨

“If you want to be responsible, keep your promises to others. If you want to be successful, keep your promises to yourself” – Marie Forleo

If you are like me, you are extremely good at keeping all your promises to others. You don’t like to disappoint people, so you always keep your promises to others – also if sometimes means not keeping the promises you’ve made to yourself.

Does that sound familiar?

But I have something important to tell you, of course we should stick to things we promise others – but it is just as important to stick to the things you promise yourself!

If you keep saying to yourself that “from now on I’m gonna do….” or “every day I’ll do …” – and then you keep NOT doing it, then guess what? You’re going to disappoint yourself more and more. You’ll keep letting yourself down. This will tear down your belief and trust in yourself, and your love for yourself.

And I know it can be the hardest thing sometimes to stick to the promises you’ve made with yourself, because then life comes around and you have too many things going on and then it’s easier to just stick to the obligations you have made to others, and then “skip” those you’ve made with yourself.

But the BEST thing you can do for yourself is to keep those promises you make to yourself! This will build your own trust and belief in yourself, it will boost your self-confidence and your self-love!

How do you do that successfully?

You start small. Like, really small. And I know this is so hard, because you’re probably really ambitious and have big dreams (I feel you, I’m the exact same – and I’m ALL about dreaming big and going after the big things). But if you fx want to implement a new habit, then instead of going from fx never practicing yoga, to saying “I want to practice yoga every day for 30 minutes!”, the goal is beautiful – but be realistic and start small and build yourself more and more up.

Start with saying that you want to fx practice yoga every morning for 5 minutes, or once a week for 30 minutes. Stick to this smaller habit for a while, and make it a successful experience for yourself

In that way you’ll feel empowered every time you accomplish that “smaller win”, and perhaps you’ll even start doing a longer practice now that you’re already at it – that’s just a win-win!

But my best advice would be to start small, and then build it up – and feel the self-love and your self-confidence boost along the way as you keep your promises to yourself! 💕✨

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This book is filled with so many amazing life advices, or “laws” of life. I will highly recommend reading “The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” if you into self-development and if you have a growth mindset ✨

The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth” is written by John C. Maxwell who is a bestselling author, coach and speaker. He is known as America’s #1 leadership authority and has trained millions of leaders from all over the world.

This book is filled with all the wisdom he has gained through his life, and the “laws of life” that he has come to explore.

The book is divided up into 15 chapters – where he writes about each “law” in each chapter.

There is so much gold in this book, and so much valuable knowledge and tips for life. I can highly recommend this book for everyone who is into personal development and growing as a person.

Find the book here: The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
*Affiliate link. If you buy through this link, this means that I get a small percentage of the sale)

Quotes from the book

“Life goals are reached by setting annual goals. Annual goals are reached by reaching daily goals. Daily goals are reached by doing things which may be uncomfortable at first but eventually become habits. Habits are powerful things. Habits turn actions into attitudes, and attitudes into lifestyles”

“You can visualise tomorrow using it as motivation to grow, but if you want to actually grow, your focus needs to be on today”

“If you want to grow, don’t try to win big. Try to win small”

“As we think in our hearts, so we become”

“Growth doesn’t come from staying in your comfort zone”

If you haven’t already noticed, I could have written waaaay more quotes for you, but I’ll try to keep it short – but I pretty much highlighted the majority of the book, because I was just so inspired when reading it!

I would LOVE to know if you have read any good books lately? Comment here, or write to me on Instagram! 💕

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Today I want to talk about the Power of Beliefs in connection to the two terms ‘placebo’ and ‘nocebo’. Perhaps you’ve heard about the concept placebo before? Perhaps you haven’t, I hadn’t until a friend mentioned it a few years ago, and then when I started to dive further into it, I was amazed – once again – of the power of the mind! 🧠✨

Placebo is when people’s belief that they will get better can produce a cure. The concept of placebo is used in medical research to figure out whether a drug is working. Then one group of people get the actual drug, and another group of people believe the they get the drug, but they actually just get a ‘sugar pill’, something that doesn’t do anything- Many trials however have now showed that the people who didn’t get the drug, but believed that they did – actually got better, just because of their own belief in it.

This is highly fascinating, as it shows the power of believing in something. Perhaps you’ve seen this concept demonstrated in the Harry Potter movies – in one of the movies, Harry and Ron is going to play a Quiditch game and Ron is very nervous, so Harry pretends that he pours ‘liquid luck’ (a liquid meant to give luck to the one who drinks it) into Ron’s cup. Ron ‘accidentally’ finds out and thereby believes that he’s now got some extra luck and he does absolutely brilliant at the Quiditch game. Hermione gets mad at Harry for cheating, until she finds out that he didn’t put it into Ron’s drink – Ron only believed that he did – placebo (Ps, Sorry for the Harry Potter reference, but I just love those books/movies) – and although this might be a fiction movie, the concept of placebo is a very real one.

But there is also the opposite concept of placebo, which is called nocebo.

Nocebo is when people can make themselves sick through their beliefs. This concept is especially important for medical advisors to be aware of – because the way they deliver the diagnosis to patients and tell about their ‘future’ can really make a huge difference in whether the patients believe that they might be able to recover, or not.

The concepts of Placebo and Nocebo truly shows how powerful our thoughts – and more importantly – our beliefs are. So if we can learn to actively use this knowledge to our own advantage, we have an even bigger impact on our health than we might have first thought we did 🧠✨

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If you are into Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics and how your thoughts and your vibration creates your reality – then this is definitely a book for you! Here is a book recommendation of “Mind to Matter” by Dawson Church

As Jack Canfield says it on the front-cover “As The Secret meets the scientist in Dawson’s work, the boundaries of what you’ve believed possible will be stretched far beyond your existing picture of reality” – and I couldn’t agree more with this.

I’ve lived by ‘the law of attraction’ / ‘the law of vibration’ for many years, but mainly out of belief – but this book takes it to the next level and really shows the scientific behinds thoughts/vibration changing physical reality – and it’s so fascinating! In simple terms the book is about how your brain creates your material reality.

I highlighted so much in this book and kept telling my boyfriend or dad, or whoever were around “you have to hear this!”.

So if you’ve heard about all the spiritual talk about law of attraction etc. but haven’t really been convinced about it, then this book will give you lots of science to make it more understandable and real.

Find the book here: Mind to Matter – Dawson Church
*Affiliate link. If you buy through this link, this means that I get a small percentage of the sale)

Quotes from the book

“Mind is able to change matter at the level of the very small – atoms and molecules. Scaling up, it can change matter at the level of cells, organs, and bodies. Getting bigger still, it can change social groups and even whole countries”

“This is the everyday superpower that you possess: second by second, you are changing your brain by the way you use your mind. The consciousness of your mind is becoming the cells of the matter of your brain”

“Each cell of your body has its own unique electromagnetic field”

“Change the field and you change the matter”

“Emotions are contagious in the same way infectious diseases are contagious”

“You are shaping the quality of cells your body produces with material inputs such as the food you eat and the water you drink”

Have you read any interesting books lately? As always, I would love to hear about it! And if you’ve already read this book, then let me know, what are your thoughts about it?

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Inspiration Self-development


We all have so much information available to us today, so the problem isn’t lack of information, it’s lack of action 🌿✨

We all have so much information available to us today, and you can Google most things – but knowing doesn’t change your life. Taking action and really implementing the things you learn is what will change your life.

Knowing doesn’t change your life. Taking action and really implementing the things you learn is what will change your life

Most of us know what to do if we want to become healthier, or if we want to get better grades, or if we want to reach a certain fitness goal etc. And if we don’t know it, it’s so easy to gain that kind of information today just by googling, or searching for it on youtube and within few seconds you can get 10 articles or a 20-minute-full-length video explaining you all you need to do to reach XYZ.

Your problem isn’t lack of information – it’s lack of action.

This is a harsh truth to face, because ‘lack of information’ means that you do not have the knowledge to know what you need to do in order to change your current situation. Whereas ‘lack of action’ means that you have not stepped fully into taking ownership over your own situation and taken the necessary action-steps to change it.

But changing your everyday actions can be hard, because we are a very habitual species. What we do on a daily basis is what we’ve learned when we grew up and changing your small autopilot actions can be very difficult.

This is what I’m so passionate about! Finding ways to change and improve your life. Finding small habits you can implement and really make part of your everyday life that will change your life in the long-run.

This is why I’m studying to become a Holistic Health Coach, so that I can help YOU turn your life around by changing your existing habits and implementing new, more empowering ones. I’m now over halfway in my coaching practice and can start to work 1:1 with clients. Working with a coach can help give you simple, effective strategies, as well as give you support and keep you accountable to yourself.

I’ve just announced a competition on my Instagram, where I’ll pick 2 winners who will win a 6-month Holistic Health Transformation Program with me! So if you want the change to win this, then go to my Instagram and participate before May 8, 10.00 AM (CEST)! 🌿✨

Inspirering people


Lina and I connected on Instagram as we turned out to have the exact same passions. Lina is a Certified Mindset Coach and EFT practitioner, and she helps people ditch their fears and shine their light. Lina is from Lithuania, but I was lucky enough to meet up with her when she visited Denmark a couple of months ago, and I’m so inspired by her, and I’m sure you’ll find lots of inspiration from her as well in this interview. Please welcome, Lina.

Dear Lina, will you tell us a little bit about yourself? Who you are and what you do? 

Of course! I’m Lina Skukauskė, a mindset coach and EFT practitioner helping women live more conscious and authentic lives. I’m really passionate about how our beliefs and emotions affect our reality and through deep inner work, I help my clients to ditch their fears and shine their light.

Though I work with people in a few different formats- online 1:1 sessions, Women’s Circles, and workshops my goal is always to create a safe space for connection, healing and deep exploration of how we can live the most joyous and fulfilling lives. Lives where we listen not to the outside norms, but first of all to our heart and soul. 

In personal life, I’m a woman who can’t live without creativity, whether that’s drawing mandalas, mixing up healthy plant-based meals, writing or taking photos (I worked as a professional photographer for 7 years and still really love photography). Spontaneous intuitive dance sessions, time with friends discussing all kinds of mind-opening topics (or simply laughing and goofing around) and being in nature make me really happy.

Can you tell what EFT is?

I sometimes jokingly say it’s magic! EFT (which stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a combination of Western psychology and stimulation of certain acupressure points from Chinese medicine and it’s used to shift negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. This technique can be used in a few different ways.

On the most basic level, it’s a quick and effective self-help tool to release negative emotions and stress. Though what fascinates me as a practitioner is a deeper level of EFT which allows you to do deep inner work to heal past traumas. And I don’t necessarily mean big traumas (though EFT is great and scientifically researched for serious issues like, for example, PTSD). With my clients I love working on smaller traumas- we all have negative experiences that affected how we perceive ourselves and during which we made certain subconscious beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. Negative childhood experiences, break-ups, being fired from a job, etc. – all of these leave negative consequences and diminish our confidence, inner peace, and self-love.

Our subconscious beliefs are thoughts that we often consciously know are not logical but we feel them to be true, things like “I’m unloveable”, “I’m stupid”. Through using EFT and rewriting our subconscious programming- the real cause of our “blocks” in life- we can change how we think, feel and act.

“Our subconscious beliefs are thoughts that we often consciously know are not logical, but we feel them to be true, things like “I’m unloveable”, “I’m stupid”

When did you first learn about EFT yourself?

Hm, I think the first time was in 2013. I saw Marie Forleo’s ‘Marie TV’ episode about EFT and thought that it’s interesting but I didn’t try it practically then.

The same year I was in one spiritual retreat where one of the things we explored for a bit was EFT. The lady who led the retreat asked for volunteers and I suggested myself. I experienced something that is not the norm but sometimes happens in EFT- “one-minute wonder”. I did some basic EFT about a phobia I had for about 10 minutes and never experienced it again. This, as I said, is not the normal thing in EFT but it does happen sometimes and it obviously got me thinking- how I could I feel one way for my whole life and suddenly feel like the problem doesn’t exist anymore?

I still didn’t get into a habit of using EFT, but then when I had it for the second time it really helped me- I used it to minimize my fear in a speleology trip (I’m not an extreme sports person, it’s a long story how I got into this trip!). It basically saved my trip and allowed me to experience awesome things I otherwise would have been too afraid to even try and since then I started using it on many other issues and later on went to study and got certified in it.

Which experiences in your life have had a big impact on your own self-development?

There were many- I think the starting point for me was when I became a vegetarian- it then started many other changes in my life- I quit using alcohol, changed my lifestyle and this led to a more conscious living where I started to explore how to create what I desire instead of feeling a victim of life’s circumstances. That eventually led to yoga and other practices and exploring spirituality and manifestation.

Some key things that definitely had a big impact on my own personal-development were traveling and living abroad- being immersed in other cultures allows you to see the world and yourself very differently, it’s both challenging and very rewarding.

Starting my own business- first unsuccessful, then two successful ones- definitely huge, too! I’d say starting a business is a massive learning curve and a constant personal growth journey that kind of never ends.

Trusting my intuition and diving deep to follow my passion and study personal development was really life-changing, too and I’m still on this journey, just the subjects that I’m studying are changing. After studying to become an EFT practitioner and a life coach I spent a year during which I was really focused on doing deep inner work to grow and transform myself, working with other EFT practitioners and coaches. I still remember this year as one of the best years in my life- definitely had its challenging moments but also so many joyful and freeing experiences!

And I wouldn’t be completely honest if I wouldn’t mention my divorce – last year was kind of a test of who I am and whether my practices really work… 
It’s easy to be positive and do the “right things” when you’re feeling well, but when you’re going through a difficult time it gives you a chance to meet yourself in a completely different way- who are you then?

I’m glad that after that experience I came out stronger, happier, and still kind instead of resentful. And definitely believing in my “toolkit” much more because I used all of the practices I know to get through that rough time 🙂 And since the divorce, I dove deep into studying everything about relationships and masculine and feminine energies and this, plus now being in a new relationship, is another wonderful chapter of personal development 🙂

Which books have changed your life?

I love reading and there are many books that were impactful! But there are few that I went back to again and again: “Women who run with the wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, “Awaken the giant within” by Tony Robbins, “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron, “Light is the new black” by Rebecca Campbell. And Abraham-Hicks books!

What do you feel the world needs more of?

Understanding that they’re not only this physical body. Self-awareness. Kindness- to the planet, animals, and each other. 

Do you have some daily rituals that you do every single day? 

Each day (with very rare exceptions) I start my day with something I call morning rituals. What I do each day during those early hours is different and depends on my mood and where I am in my feminine cycle.

Some things that I choose from are: gratitude, doing readings with oracle cards to connect with Higher guidance, prayer, intuitive dance, journaling, reading through my big vision that I want to manifest, yoga or running, meditating, breathwork, EFT, or sometimes creativity- I LOVE how much inspiration is in those early hours when most people are still sleeping so sometimes I use this time to paint, draw or write.

I’m a huge believer in life-long learning so I also try to incorporate at least a bit of learning into my day- whether that’s studying material from some of the online courses I’m doing, reading or listening to a podcast or an audiobook.

Which 3 people have inspired you most in your life? 

Such a hard question! Probably Marie Forleo, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Rebecca Campbell, though there are so many inspiring people!

If people want to learn more about you or support you in any kind of way, where can they do this? 

I post regularly on IG and I’m on stories daily so you could check

My website is currently being re-designed but you can normally find me at

I’m on Facebook, too, but I use my personal account more than my page, so you could just find me there as Lina Skukauskė 🙂

Thank you so much dear for answering my questions, and for being such a beautiful human being and thank you for all that you share!

Thank you for this opportunity dear! I love your vibe and what you’re sharing with the world, too and I’m looking forward to another cozy meeting in Copenhagen 🙂



Do you know the feeling of having lots of new habits that you want to implement into your life? But do you also know the feeling of not following through, and thereby you end up keep disappointing yourself and feeling more discouraged by not being able to establish these new habits? Then this blogpost is for you. Here we’re going to talk about how to establish new habits successfully 🙌✨

I bet you know the feeling of wanting to establish lots of new habits, but just not being able to follow through. I know I’ve done this so many times in the past. I’ve set lots of goals for myself, but hadn’t been able to follow through and thereby I kept disappointing myself more and more.

However, over the past 1,5 year I’ve really found the golden way to set goals and habits and being able to stick to them and fulfill them – which have not only made me much more happy, but also boosted my own self-confidence and trust in myself. And I want to share those tips with you, so that you can feel the same way!

  1. Identify Your Goal or New Habit
    First of all, you need to make it clear to yourself what it is you want to achieve, or what habit you want to incorporate into your life.
    Do you want to write a book? Do you want to make yoga a regular exercise practice in your life?

    Find out what it is that you want – and also, be very honest with yourself. Do YOU actually want it? Or is this goal or habit something society has conditioned you into thinking that you want. Tune into yourself and feel what it is that you really want.
  2. Now Take Your Goal and Break it Down
    Break your goal, or habit, into small bite-size pieces, so that it becomes very easy to take action on these pieces – rather than the whole pie.
    You might want to write a book, but if you have “write the book” written on your to-do list then you’ll too easily get paralysed over the big task that is, and you won’t really know where to start – which might lead to you not starting at all.

    Break down the big goal into smaller tasks, fx such as:
    Write a book (overall goal)
    Smaller tasks could be:
    – find out what it should be about
    – do research on the topic
    – divide it up into sections
    – write ideas for each chapter
    – start writing 1 chapter
    – then the next and so on
    – edit

    You see? In this way you have some very concrete action steps you can start on, and you know what each step entails which makes it much easier to begin!

  3. Take Small Steps
    We might want to establish many new habits; start running, make a smoothie every day, exercise x times a week, work on projects etc.
    This is all great – ambitions is wonderful! However, start small. Start with one habit, break it down and be consistent with it until it’s just part of your daily routine and it truly is a habit that you just do. Then once you’ve established one habit successfully, then you can start implementing another one.

    Don’t try to implement too many habits all at once. Rather start small and celebrate the small successes – in that way you’ll gain more and more confidence and self-trust that you’re able to accomplish what you set yourself to.

    For a process like this I can highly recommend finding a coach to help you set small, manageable goals and to help keep you accountable! Ps, keep an eye out, I’ll soon start opening up for working 1:1 with clients (feel free to send me a message on Instagram or comment below if you might be interested in it, or want to hear more about it).

So let me hear – which new habit do you want to establish in your life? Or do you have a big goal you want to achieve? ✨

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*Ps, I can highly recommend this book for more tips on how to successfully establish new habits!